Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE

People, BEHOLD the Cute Overload audience in a nutshell.

On the left, we have Sender-Inner Johanna B. On the right, her boyfriend. Please note Johanna is sporting a blog costume for Halloween of ‘Cute Overload’ and her boyfriend is wearing…. Slashdot.


I couldn’t make this up if I tried, People.





  1. very cute 🙂

  2. That is an unusual animal, all right!

    Johanna: Next year, put the hams in pants on your sleeves!

  3. I love the Obama pumpkin. I’m so pissed I didn’t think of that!

  4. Omg. That is adorkable.

  5. I love that they’re dressed in the colours of the websites too.

    I was a newspaper for Hallowe’en once. Similar costume.

  6. What a fitting costume combination! I know about Cute Overload because of my Slashdot-reading boyfriend (now husband). Remember the OMG PONIES!!!1! April Fool’s Day?

  7. I don’t usually love human pictures on this site, but this girl is definitely Cute Overload material. Even the boyfriend is geeky enough to be cute!

  8. Yes, bonus points for the Obama Punkin!!

  9. metsakins says:

    OH no, she didn’t!

  10. elliottsmommy says:

    omg, i’m so jealous of the obama punkin! i’m pissed, too, mrs chaucer’s pirate! of course, mine would’ve ended up looking like a drunkard’s crop circle, but, STILL. gobama, and go CO! 🙂 vote! vote! vote like a baby stoat!

  11. “drunkard’s crop circle” hee hee hee-that’s exactly what my homemade Obama sign looks like!
    Love the jack-o-lantern, love the costumes-you guys are too much!

  12. 1) what Obama pumpkin?
    2) hilarious costumes!

  13. nevermind, see the pumpkin! awesome!

  14. The colors of the outfits really makes the costumes awesome. Awesomely geeky, but still.

  15. I tried to dress up as The Drudge Report this year, but my headlines were so large, I couldn’t get through the front door.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week. 😉

  16. Lonely Cat Owner says:

    I wish I had a girlfriend 😦

  17. hehehe this is so adorable.

  18. Very clever!!!

  19. @ Lonely Cat Owner: Quick question…Where are you? 😉


  20. Since we’re talking about humans… guess what I got for my birthday this past weekend??????

    The CO Calendar!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! \o/

  21. ihatemondays says:

    i was going to be a cute overload person for halloween this year. i had the whole outfit planned out and everything, but the fabric paint i was using to draw a shirt had a different idea :p
    (it didn’t turn out well)
    i’m glad someone did it though! yay%Pr

  22. scooterpants says:

    Adorkable! HA hA HA
    I think they’re cute.
    Come on Honey! smile for the camera!

  23. scooterpants says:

    sender inner Johanna is very cute and ‘perky-friendly’ looking isnt she?

  24. Talk about geek chic.

  25. berthaservant says:

    I wonder if Johanna’s costume had hovertext by Theo? (Nice job Johanna and b.f. and OBAMA!)

  26. berthaservant says:

    And BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the “Yes on H8” blogads!!! Separation of Church and State, people. How’d you like the state to vote on YOUR marriage? How’d you like it if someone from another church passed a law saying you couldn’t marry who you wanted? NO ON H8!!!

  27. OH! Brinnann! Naughty!! 😉

  28. Hmm maybe I will go as Facebook next Halloween…. gives me ideas… 🙂

  29. Thanks everybody — you’re too sweet. I think “adorkable” is my new favorite word! And I know I should have gotten my cat in the pictures for the full effect, but she was pissed about the Halloween party already 🙂

    My Obama pumpkin turned out well but I can’t take credit for the idea, just the tracing skills — check out yeswecarve.com for more awesome Barack-O-Lanterns plus stencils to make your own. Halloween’s over but your pumpkin can still be topical for another day…

  30. Very cute and a fun idea. Makes me want to wear pink and yellow now!

  31. Lonely Cat Owner says:

    I’m in southern Europe, where men are (obviously?) supposed to be men, and not live with a cat they’ve rescued from the streets. If men do wish to have animals, then those men should have some manly “Ugly Overload” dogs. Oh, and drink lots of beer. (Men, not dogs.)

  32. misscrisp says:

    I went as a website too… or rather, a sort of overgrown LOLcat.
    I even had a squeaky cheezburger toy 🙂

  33. I like it that she included mr. globular piglet squid on there!

  34. Nice work, yous twos!

  35. whats the matter, Not That Mike The Other Mike, jealous of the traffic he gets?

  36. 1. Why did I not think to go as cuteoverload?? I’m sooo doing that next year. Or being a pretty pretty princess….we’ll see.

    2. First thing on my christmas list: CO Calendar. I have even pointed out to “santa” exactly where to purchase it.

    3. Lonely Cat Owner: You sound like an amazing catch! Too bad I have a bunny and live on the wrong continent! Still, an animal lover is a good thing indeed!

  37. AuntieMame says:

    So THAT’S the famous Johanna who seems to have a direct line to Meg’s post-this-picture-immediately-inbox! Nice job, you two!

    I’d have to think about which website I’d want to dress as. Hmm…

  38. The fact that this is tagged as Primates and Unusual animals is what sells it. hehe

  39. Pussytoes says:

    I thought the headline read: “Flatulence will get you everywhere.”

  40. Lonely Cat Owner- your days of being lonely are through-through I say! Stick with us, we like you! Who is your cat?

  41. Lonely Cat Owner, sadly I, too, and on the wrong continent. 😦 Deep South United States to be exact.

  42. Christine H says:

    Cute + geeky = WIN. I also love the word “adorkable”.

  43. Nyerhe, AuntieMame, not the same Johanna… But I’m sure The Other Johanna is just as cute.

  44. If Only... says:

    Lonely Cat Owner, I’m on the RIGHT continent… don’t suppose you’re tall dark and handsome as well as being a kitty rescuing superhero?

  45. Geeshe, is everyone who visits this site an Obama supporter? Not that I’m complaining… Vote Obama!
    No, seriously, vote for Obama.

  46. The Obama pumpkin is awesome as well!

  47. @Lonely Cat Owner – Man, wrong continent. Know that we like you, though! I love cats too, so don’t be ashamed! And who on this site doesn’t like cats? Honestly.

  48. barf.

  49. Next year they should swap. Hehe.

  50. …and Becca? [flips the bird]

  51. Lonely Cat Owner says:

    Here’s my calico sweetie, observing the dog across the street:


    She’s a lot prettier than I am, though 😉

  52. omg. they’re even color-coordinated with their respective blogs. i wish they’d come to my party.

  53. LCO — ooh, good use of macro mode. Very clean ears, too. 😉

  54. I loooooove this adorkable couple! Cutest people EVAR. Woot!

    And that is a very pretty kitty, LCO. I say you move to the States… looks like you could set up dates for every night of the week. 😀

  55. Furbabies says:

    What a novel idea! I really get annoyed when people are so damn clever. Why can’t I think of something like that?

  56. The important question is: how do you bill your advertising partners for the extra impressions this generated? Or is CO a CPA deal? =)

    [CO is CuteLabs, LLC. Sooo… I get that your question isn’t meant entirely seriously, but (and this is an educated guess, since it isn’t my area) I believe it’s based on the site traffic figures, at least in part. BlogAds and Google Ads simplify a lot of the ad administration, too. – Ed.]

  57. Catherine B. says:

    Awwwwww. With pigtails and everything! Good job.

    And I also like your pumpkin.

  58. I demand in the interests of fairness that you find a picture of a cute couple dressed as kittenwar and tmz.com standing in front of a McCain pumpkin.

    [Got a friend & a camera? A pumpkin? Are you speedy? And you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” – Ed.]

  59. Joyce "Pegleg" says:

    Weren’t we cheerleaders at Bard once upon a time???

    BSCQ, the Q stands for CUTE!

  60. (The advertising question was totally not-serious. I was talking about the views generated by them walking around with the ad spots printed out on their chests. Hah-hah the internet advertising ecosystem just isn’t funny. Sigh. At least it used to pay my bills?)

  61. OMG! PONIES!!!!!!!!!1

  62. OMG! CowboyNeal!!!!etc.!!

  63. Ya know… *I’ve* never even THOUGHT to go as Slashdot before.

  64. OMG Teho, I came *this* close to spitting potato soup all over my screen!

  65. Lonely Cat Owner says:

    By the way, I read Slashdot (and naturally, have Excellent karma over there).

  66. Rob — Department of Redundancy Department.

    (maybe go as Ars Technica or Digg, next year 😉