Google Hearts Us, They Really Do!

You had us at "hello," Google.  You had us at "hello…"


It turns out that we’re among Google Engineer’s favorite blogs.  Googlite Mike Knapp even made a button for us so you can quickly add Cute Overload to your Google Reader list.

Of course, by reading Cute Overload via a RSS reader you’re quite literally taking food (ad revenue) out of our mouths, but we’re reeeaaallly lazy too, so we can’t blame you.

We heart you too, Google.  In fact, we use Google Apps to run the place.  Well, only Mail, but that’s another conversation…



  1. misscrisp says:

    OK Awesome props, but I’ll be sticking around for the old school flavor, and clicking ads as I am wont to do, simply because I heart C.O.!

  2. In Spanish this is known as
    “el primerito.” Congratulations to Cute
    Overload! I corazón (heart)
    CO too…

  3. Make that “el segundito”…

  4. When I need to go to my “happy place” I go to CO! A smile in every page.

  5. re: food/ad revenue…

    That’s pretty ridiculous. Then either don’t provide a RSS feed, or put ads in your RSS feed. Don’t dog your readers for using a service that you explicitly provide.

    [Um, right. That’s like saying “don’t post anything, because somebody might look at it.” We’re allowed to want to earn money from the work we put in. And while merchandise (like the Calendar) does earn, advertising is really the way to generate income. This is true for all kinds of online content, including blogs like ours. So if you use a reader service that bypasses Cute Overload’s ads, well… that’s *your* choice, not ours. – Ed.]

  6. Um, @asdf, I think you’re lost. You must have wandered over from Grinch Overload. There has been no doggin’ around here (except maybe something involving corgis?)

    Now, on your way– scoot along home, now… toodles, cheerio, tchuss!

  7. asdf, you are evidently new here. CO luuurves its readers, and would never “dog” us. Unless they are very very cute puppies, and then they are welcome to dog me all they want.
    ‘Cause I don’t use an rss reader.

  8. Yeah, I’ve gotta agree with the person above me. I read CO every day — via Google Reader. Sorry, but I don’t have time to visit my favorite blogs individually. If you’re gonna bitch about people subscribing to your feed, don’t offer one. Or, maybe you could come into 200-almost-9 and realize that most people read blogs this way now.

    [I don’t buy your “most people”, but whatever. Like Sparky said, we know it’s an option and we don’t really blame folks for using it. I think it’s distinctly possible, though, that your opinion would be different if you were trying to make a living full-time from your blog. Smooches… – Ed.]

  9. You could always put the adds right into the RSS feed…

  10. berthaservant says:

    I don’t even know what an RSS feed is.

    And I believe it is called “THE Google?”

    Signed, still only half as old as McCain.

  11. warrior rabbit says:

    SoCalSis and Nakey, asdf isn’t new (and SoCalSis, asking asdf to leave? jeez).

    Sparky criticized readers who accessed CO through a service that CO makes available. That is asdf’s point, and a valid one at that.

    I thought Sparky’s complaint was impolite, too, and I don’t even use a reader. But then I’ve been here several years and I’ve never once clicked on an ad, so I’m sure he’s unhappy with me, too.

  12. Yeah, I agree Sparky was a little impolite. I’d even guess that the post wasn’t 100% to boast about Google liking them but to on some level mention the RSS issue too. No more subliminal posting!

  13. You can embed ads with your RSS feed. For instance, check out the feed from or I see their ads all the time on my Google Reader.

    People are increasingly subscribing to blogs because of the sheer number of sites people want to keep up with.

  14. That post is EXACTLY how I found you and I haven’t looked back. Your blog is GREAT!

  15. Two things I love here:

    1) hovertext is teh LOL

    2) the other clicked link is MAKE ZINE! (I also like EvilMadScientist and Instructables)

  16. the calendar made this week’s women’s world magazine too…

  17. You all realize that Sparky was using Sarcasm …. not serious….. it was a joke Sheeesh…
    Okay it is Monday so all of you go get your mocha carmel latte with a double shot so you can feel better.

  18. Candy Apple says:

    You also could have said they had you at “Hello World!” – a programmer’s joke.

  19. Affirm the power of Google!

  20. AuntieMame says:

    Relax, peeps. Sparky was joking. I’m sure they aren’t trying to live off the CO revenue…

    [Well, *some* of us might be. Ahem. – Ed.]

    In any case, some of us aren’t smart enough to figure out how to use RSS, so there will always be some of us who still come the actual site.

  21. I read CO via RSS and visit the actual site… I click on the entries I want most to read and go directly to them so that I can view them better/comment/bookmark for future squeeage.

    Trust me, y’all still get just as much ad revenue from me as anyone else viewing the site. And, as several people have noted, if you really wanted to, you could still put ads in your RSS feed.

    (Incidentally, I started with the feed reading because it was taking a really long time to load the front page at the end of a week because of all of the pics — so by using my feed reader, I’m probably also using less bandwidth. 🙂 )

  22. Huh. Another blog I read recently made a similar comment, re: “Feed-readers are stealing my hard-earned ad revenue!” and I found it quite off-putting. I like to READ blogs, but have no interest in clicking on the ads. It never dawned on me that I was suposed to feel bad about this until, well, now.


  23. Crackjob — you do understand that that’s not the same as what Sparky wrote, right? Advertisers want you to click on their ads only if you *want* to. If you *don’t* want to, that’s perfectly fine; you know where to find them, should you change your mind.

  24. OK, here’s an example of RSS that nobody has even the vaguest of possible gripes about: the “Live Bookmark” option in FireFox. I use this constantly. Basically it means when I click on my “CuteOverload” link, instead of going straight to the CO frontpage, I get a drop-down menu of links to the 12 most recent CO posts. Then I can click on any of those to go directly to it — and it’s the *whole* post I see, with the ads & comments & everything.

    So even if we WERE saying “RSS is bad” (we’re not), it ain’t ALL bad.


  25. I know. I am just a hapless blog reader, though, and was taken aback that I was being made to “feel bad” about conveniently reading my fave blogs in my Google Reader. Y’know?

  26. That’s really awesome! Grats!

  27. Wait…what’s “Design Milk”??

  28. I´m sure you´re looking at putting your ads in the rss feed. That´s where the future is… I can´t live without my Google reader.

  29. Sorry, people. It was meant as a joke. I use NetNewsWire for all my blogs. If we were really serious about it, we’d truncate the RSS feed posts, forcing you to click through to see all the animal goodness. We’re not doing that, though, because that sucks!

    Ultimately, we will insert ads into the RSS feeds, but the current options are subpar, which makes the website eyeball far more valuable than the RSS eyeball.