Maru the Kitteh responds to our allegations


We just caught up with “Maru”, the indulgent, box-loving kitteh we featured in the post below. We thought an intervention was needed. The conversation did not go so well.

Cute Overload: Thank you for coming forward after we found your YouTube video, Maru.

Maru: [Hissing sound]

Cute Overload: We know how enticing boxes are, and we are just trying to help—

Maru: [Multiple paw swipes]

Cute Overload: We brought a few of your hamster friends so that you could see how many folks care truly about you.

Maru: [Maru attempts to eat hamsters then proceeds back to boxes]

Special thanks to Jennifer G. who alerted us of Maru’s name and website in the Comments.



  1. what a cute little kitten! Love the spot on his nose!!

  2. Maru’s head in a plastic container shows how much he TRULY needs boxhab.

  3. This one. The best:

  4. I’m kinda thinking I’d like to try that now.

  5. Stephanie C. says:


    I know, right? Where’s a good refrigerator box when you need one? Darn them hobos.

  6. I love Maru! BTW, “maru” means “round” in Japanese, which would make sense since his head looks like a big round puffball.

  7. Wow, lurkertype, the head in the plastic container made me laugh till I cried. I can’t believe the head can squeeze in there. That cat must be part hedgehog.

  8. I love how Maru does the full body splay and slide! He/she is all into the slide action.

  9. Oh my lord, that plastic container video…

    “A tiny plastic box! I must put my head in it! OH NO MY HEAD IS IN THE BOX! HELP! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF! Oh look at this box! What a lovely place to put my head! NOOOO!”

  10. lurkertype – I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard at that one!

    It reminded me of Beetlejuice at the end when his head gets shrunken.

    That cat is serious awesome.

  11. The website makes a lot more sense if you run it through Google’s translator:

    “In other words, it was chosen as a whole, the funk king, that is.

    Tondemo will be inside, that is, that the strongest funk.”

  12. DaytimeDeb says:

    That splay just slays me.

  13. berthaservant (in transit) says:


  14. What a fat little ham! The splayed legs are the best!

  15. love the slide. 🙂 its all like “home run”!

  16. Karen in Toronto says:

    Ya know, if I had beautiful blond hardwood like that I’d be all sliding on my belly into boxes too.

  17. Between this film and the last, my sides hurt. Tooooo funny! Thank you! Remember to do that voting thing!

  18. girlnextdoortn says:

    That one was best.

  19. Maru is the apex of redonkulosity.

  20. It’s the absolute STYLE of the splay that gets me every time.

  21. Oh my god, my face hurts from laughing. I love how he sprawls out his back legs at the end of his dive!

  22. Those back legs just never stop being hysterical!

    I particularly like the last slide-“Well, I’m in here now, I think I’ll just hang out here for a second..”

  23. Love how his tail twitches after he slides for home.

  24. La de da, I meant to do this!

  25. Kitty ‘tocks! SQUEEEEEEEE!

  26. I think Maru rivals Winston as Cat King of the interwebs.

  27. I love the belly slide across the floor.

    My cat had a spot like that on his usually pink nose. It turned out to be cancer, and grew larger and larger, eventually bleeding at times. The vet would sometimes try to cauterize it, but no luck. :-\

  28. SAFE!

  29. silliest kitteh evar! winston has some serious competishe.

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    I vote for Maru for Cat King of the Interwebs. Speaking of vote.. I am hoping for a baby stoat pic tomorrow for us Amurrrricans. Oh and btw I wonder why they put a bell on Maru, they could just listen for the sound of boxes sliding…