Is it me or are Corgis getting EVEN STUBBIER!?

People, we’ve always known Corgis are basically a series of nubs, but the stubbiness is getting out of hand in recent submissions. I give you:

Exhibit A:
At first, things look relatively normal here—but let’s take a closer look.


Exhibit B:
As you can see this puppeh is mostly stubs, held together by a large mass called a "body".


Exhibit C: [Jury gasps]
See what I mean? He’s almost one large pup mass with six nubules (four ‘feet’ and two ‘ears’)


Exhibit D: [Jury dumbfounded at evidence]
This picture prolly explains it best. I imagine this guy can only slither across the floor at this point.


Estimated length of "feet" one inch TOPS. First two stubbular pics by Anastasia K. Bottom two nubbular pics by Chelsea L.



  1. All these corgis but no Her Royal Highness?

  2. so adorable 🙂

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Exhibit A has been reading the travel section of CO:
    His nubs are totally ready for boarding.

  4. ‘dorabulls

  5. practically a furry slug

  6. I think he’s got another er, “nubule” that you can see in the last pic.

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Waiting for squees from Katrina and Killer Corgi.

    I didn’t think the top pup looked particular corgiesque, but the other ones are definitely authentic. The nubbular, stubbular evidence is convincing. If the jury comes back with any other verdict, I will suspect jury tampering or something else Most Foul.

  8. SQUEEEEE!!! Tiny legs make any animal cute. And those earses! I must nom them off. BTW, in the owner’s defense, I THEENK that’s a pink blanket, not sweatpants. Whew! (80’s fashion close call)

  9. momof2kitties says:

    I agree with Warrior R. Bring on Katrina and Killer Corgi…

    I’m not a dog person, but even *I* can appreciate the nubbularness that is picture #4. Squeeeeeee!!!!!!

  10. Guaranteed corgi-tude in that first picture. She’s the bigger sister of exibit number 2 corgi (“Ruby”). And, alas, Naomi, those are indeed pink sweat pants. But the wearer is only 10, so we cut her some slack.

  11. Fantásticas ilustraciones y post me encanto su blog reciba un abrazo

  12. Janeyferr says:

    hehe nubby winky

  13. Oh, hello there everyone, hey, what’s n….. new?

    There be corguli, corgulae the plural of KILLER CORGI!

    Too cute, yes, although Killer herself seems to give less than an enthusiastic howl right now.

    The legs- are still cute, the ears- oh, those ears have been nommed so many times it isn’t funny, and tail- hold on- these ones don’t HAVE tails- but in the Killer Corgi model we have a great, think, moose-muscular, furry tail with white on the tip- (Killer is a lovely fawn color on top and a beautiful white on the bottom, I guess so sharks will look up and not find her), a tail just right for swaying the most perfect of fannies! Said tail wags right to left, up and down and, my favorite, circularly.

    Yes, the corgi seed and the corgi adult are just the cutest little bundles of (50lbs, actually) sweetness and ferocity in the land.(Yeyas, she is a bit portly). She barks like a biiiig doggie, too.

    If you wish to have every one of your pants from the knees down permanently covered in Corgi tweed, I recommend getting the seed-starter pack and growing your own Corgula.

    Available in tail-less models, but that just isn’t half as much fun as the full-figured Corgi.

    Thank you, Cute Overload!

  14. Oh, cripes, how could I forget

  15. I still maintain that stubs are cuter on Scottish Fold kitties, but these little guys are mighty adorabuhls!

    My mom wants to get one… I shall tell her to look for the stubs as a sign of corgi quality.

  16. Ah hahahahahahahaha!

  17. “corgulae” hahahahahhahahahahahahaha!

    Multum in parvo!

  18. aww look at those leg nubs.

  19. I actually gasped and yelled OH MY GOD when I saw the stubbular photos! TOO MUCH!
    I’m gonna ‘splode after that.

  20. Are you kidding me? Sweet Jeebus, that’s the most adorable thing ever!

    I can hardly take it! Must cuddle asap!

  21. The last two pictures kill me. SO STUBBYYYYYY

  22. I want one to snorgle so bad but my bf tells me not to snorgle the puter screen squeee!!!!

  23. Oh my gaaaaaawd, I love Corgis. All Corgi owners in NYC, be warned. I WILL pet your corgis excessively.

  24. Holy Ehning Pink Jellybeans! ‘Is that your fawn Cardigan on the floor, or is your writing implement not working?’

    ‘Ta, mate, my Pembroke.’

    [dodges pudding, and worse]

  25. The last one looks like they forgot the legs.

  26. ooooooooo stubby cuteness
    *drops ded*

  27. berthaservant back home says:

    This isn’t right, is it? I mean, can they really make them this way? It’s…it’s overpowering, really. Hypnotic. ….must…snorgle….corgi….

  28. seriously want to snorgle the stubbiness. that top one is killing me with the paws-up, tucked-leg qte.

  29. scooterpants says:

    omg. the tailio- or lack there of, of the tailio.
    SO adorables.
    i REALLY need one of these.

    oh, and i think those ARE pink sweatpants, but i also ‘think’ those might be young girls, (note the polish(or lack there of) in first photo.
    so iz ok.

  30. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Everybody’s got to learn sometime.

  31. Tewtally stubbular. I can’t say more. It would be too long.

  32. Don’t you mean SEVEN stubs there? (wink wink)

  33. Corgilicious stubbular slitherage, yeah that pretty much tops my weekend. With a little more beer, I just might be ready for Monday. Thanks, Meggles.

  34. Stubbular and Tubbular gutulance,

    Corgi Power.

  35. FurrierAndIves says:

    @ pny, you’re faster at mental math than I am. Meg miscounted. It’s SEVEN stubs. She forgot the nubbular tailio, Goooosssh!

  36. Erm, I think it’s EIGHT nubules in all.

  37. Those are my legs in my pants and if you knew how comfortable they are, you would want to wear them like me!

  38. I’m beginning to understand her Majesty’s amusement.

    Teeny legs! Biteable ears! Nuzzable nosies!

  39. that last photo is tooo cute for me to handle!!

  40. Where’s all the corgi nuffers?

    Amazing stubularity, btw ^.^

  41. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Love the pink nosicles… I’ve always loved Corgi’s, ever since a classmate of mine raised them. They are so floofy and sproingy (hers were, anyway).

  42. I must snorgi…er, snorgle corgi!


  43. eikoleigh says:


    OMG – these pups are so cute!!

    I want (another) one!!

  44. totalee puppy says:

    With apologies to the composer and to everyone else…Orchestra introduction, and we’re singing–
    “Ah love you, Corgi…
    Don’t let them take me away…
    Don’t let them handle you with their rough hands…
    We need to snorgle…I’d like to stay–with you– forever, and I’ll be glad.”

  45. Somebunny call the corgulance! I am ded of the heart-heart-heart attack! <3 <3 <3
    I have wanted a corgi for some time. Husband, like the jury, is very skeptical. He teases me that the poor thing is more SAD than cute, and it would not be able to jump up onto the bed and how d’ya like THAT for sad?
    I say NYET! Corgi cuteness is fully contained in the body as it is, and any addition of leg-longitude would be MESSING WITH PERFECTION. Plus, doggie is not allowed on the bed without express permission anyway.
    I hope -NAY, EXPECT!- to see a pup under this year’s christmas tree. ::crosses arms::

  46. p.s. Emma k, I have some very comfy sweatpants myself. So you are pardoned.

  47. p.p.s. Theresa, ::coughcough:: we weren’t counting THAT nubbule. . .

  48. Killer Corgi jumps on to the bed, no problem. We have a regular bed frame and the height is a regular bed.

    She also stands on her back legs when anybody eats chicken. It is just much too cute to bear,and she knows it.

    Warning, Corgis are very territorial. She walks the perimeter of our fenced in back yard every time she goes out. Ours hates other dogs-she attacks them and goes for the throat, and must be fended in or she will roam, and she has.
    Intelligent, always hungry, she has selective hearing, is furry and sheds like a German Shepherd in the Spring- Tufts of hair. Her tail is about 18 inches long, her back leg feathers have 4″ long furrrrrrrrr.

    I love my corgula and she is ok with strangers after a little while (a minute or two)She as never bitten a person. She is actually a fear-barker, and man can she bark.
    This is a Corgicentric household to be sure!

  49. Gail (the first one) says:

    Pic #4 is the best!!! Teensy-est little legs—I had no idea! (never been around any Corgis, thanks Katrina for the the info on Killer Corgi!!)

    I wonder if the real HRH Queen Elizabeth is a snorgler behind palace doors?? We shall have to ask our London correspondents to investigate…….

    (picturing cuteologists scaling the walls of Buckingham Palace and being detained by security amidst shouts of “What’s all this, then?!”)

  50. whoaw.. it so cute i can’t barely hug it that tight..

  51. Thank you for coming through again, CO! I was awwwing out loud and wated to reach into the screen and cuddle the puppies! I needed that!

  52. DaytimeDeb says:

    Gail tfo: You have never been around corgis? You poor deprived thing you! That’s like having never eaten chocolate. Never seen a sunrise. Never smelled a rose. Never… oh well, you get the idea. You must find a corgi!

    I have been known to stop my car and ask strangers if I could pet their corgi. I haven’t lived with a corgi since my teen years, and a girl needs a fix every now and then.

  53. Love those bunneh ‘tocks!

  54. Killer Corgi hates rideyinthecarcar, so, we don’t see a lot of new people.

    For two years now we have had a Corgi of the Month calendar-I highly recommend it for the corguless.

    This thread went to UCONN, where Killer Corgi’s bigger brother wrote back to me and swoooned at the cute.

    The ears are soft and pliable, and I can not imagine that the Queen hasn’t given a royal nibble or two, no,it would be impossible not too.
    Should anyone really want one, I’m here, I’ll answer andy and all Corgi-related Q’s.

  55. The last picture I poke in da belly wif my mouse. Poke poke poke! He’s so cute!

  56. Wow, so cute, I love these pics,Last week I got two cute puppies from near by pet supplies, they too cute…. i love to spend more time with them, so cuteeeeeeeee

  57. Ramji-best of luck with your little dogs seeds. I’m sure you’ll make an excellent companion animal. Tell us about your new little charges!!

  58. They are awful cute when still (a rare occurrence) but even better is the Corgi pup waddle!!! Too freaking adorable, like smiley bear cubs. My two (Devo and Ruby) are 13 and 14 years old and they are still about the cutest things on four legs.

  59. Aaaaauuggggghhhh *brain esplodes from cuteness*

    I am massively in love with corgis, and those nubbular little exhibits have me melted.

  60. natalie anne says:

    i want to ate ate ate, corgis and ba nay nays

  61. Elisha B. says:

    (shaking head..) People, people, people…dangerous overload of qte!!!

    Never cared much for this breed. But now, how can you not love this little fur ball:)

  62. Does Home Depot carry the Corgi tile inserts or is that Lowe’?

  63. I’m pretty sure this is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.

  64. LisaL I have exactly the same thinking as you!


    *So cute!*


    And the last photo I literally dropped my jaw, opened my eyes and said,

    “Absolute adorableness! I can’t take it!”


  65. So cute I can’t not hardly stand it…

  66. omg. this really takes me back. we got a corgi puppy when i was 5 and she was a stubbular little potato-face just like this one.

  67. katrina — i believe the welsh plural for corgi is “corgyn”. seriously!

    ok, so you live less than half an hour away from me AND you have a corgi? CO is magic. i’ve been obsessed with corgis from a very young age. i grew up with an extremely sweet and obedient little runt named Taffy, and my parents’ second one, bossy Bethany, just passed away this summer at nearly 15. this past week, my husband got to corgi-sit for our neighbors’ little guy, Homer (we had a horrible experience during which he was attacked by an off-leash dog, but he’s ok, thank goodness). corgi-sitting really took me back. i love my kitty to bits, but there’s just nothing in the world like a long, low, silly, smart herding dog to keep your spirits up.

  68. anner- Theo will give you my e-mail address if you wish to contact me- thanks Theo!

    You are welcome to come visit the Killer Corgi anytime.

  69. Pic #2 = a-cute paralysis. Needs ambulance here.