“A tiny plastic box! I must put my head in it!”

“OH NO MY HEAD IS IN THE BOX! HELP! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF! Oh look at this box! What a lovely place to put my head! NOOOOOOOO!”

The ongoing saga of Maru was written by Lucy, with video link by LurkerType!



  1. Ahahahaha this kills me. Her fur is very fuzzy so when she has that thing on smooshing the fur on her head it looks tiny compared to her body. Ahh what a special cat.

  2. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    Hilarious! Funniest post ever. I cracked up when he turned around at the end with his little face squished.
    Would a new kittehs in boxes category be appropriate?

  3. Cats are so insane, lol, I love this. I definitely think a ‘boxhab’ category is in order after this.

  4. Every time I would think my cats were smart, they’d do something like this and remind me that their brains are the size of walnuts. 🙂

  5. This (and the video of a big floofy cat somehow squeezing its way into a jar) always reminds me of one of the laws of cartoon physics: “A cat will assume the shape of its container.”

  6. Nikki Lamb says:

    His wee little meatball-head jammed in that container was TOO MUCH.

  7. I agree this is hilarious, but has noone noticed the meaty feets at all? Those paws???

  8. love the end “problem?? i don’t see a problem” lolol.. this is what happens when boxhab fails. ya move on to plastics

  9. LOL – these three videos have had me in stitches this morning…thanks for the the giggle…

    BTW have you seen this cute hamster video http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rfqNXADl3kU It’s pretty cute :o)

  10. berthaservant (in transit) says:

    This is all kinds of funny. I’m glad that the hoo-man took the box off at some point or else this would be ’nuff city.

  11. What a silly little fuzzball! I think he might be my new favorite internet puddy.

  12. I hope this box has holes. Beside that, it’s really cute.

  13. ROFLMAO!! I’ve now watched all three of these in a row, and my cat thinks I’ve gone insane. Thank you, CO!

  14. That kitty has a supremely fuzzy head. Love it.

  15. OMG!Fall on floor laughing! It’s the fact that the cat did it 3 times!! ha ha ha ha ha…….(and breath)!

  16. Oh, silly kitty! That was incredibly funny. The sight of a big fluffy cat with a teeny plastic head is too much- it should come complete with Homer Simpson “D’Oh!” sound effects!

  17. I assume that “Maru” rhymes with “BAROO”? ^!^

  18. To Nikki Lamb: “wee little meatball-head”


  19. That’s not a cat its a small horse, surely!?

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    You can always count on a cat to carry these things off with grace and dignity.

  21. They try to make me go to boxhab I say no, no, no…

  22. nola lola says:

    Sweet kitty. Hope the box has holes and that the “toy” is not there when the caregiver isn’t present. But, otherwise, a very silly, sweet kitty.

  23. I LOVE this puss! Can you imagine the hours of laughs and smiles he shares with his human. What a personality. Um….personality = crazy!

  24. darwin award!! seriously, can this cat be ever unsupervised?!?!

  25. @Mo: It’s not “personality” it’s cattitude!

  26. I think Maru and Winston need to make babies so I can have one. 🙂

  27. What gets me is he gets stuck, only to do exactly the same thing again, and again. It would be dangerous to leave this cat in the house alone with boxes

  28. His head is actually not little– it’s a pretty good-sized head. Then he crams it into that little thing . . . OMG

  29. I love how at the end he’s just walking around the room, lookin’ at the world through a little plastic box.

  30. “Zo, [in Freud specs and beard] yu haf zis kitteh vut THROWS itzelf into zer confined schpaces mitout a hope of catchink ein maus, back to, as it were, zer VOOM? Jah, voom mit a “B”.

    [Shakes head]: “die Katzeh ist ein Freak!! Boxhab! Schnell!”

  31. “What a maroon.”-Bugs Bunny

  32. I was giggling profusely as I watched this in bed on my laptop. My boyfriend, half-asleep next to me woke up enough to see it and said, in the cutest sleepy tone:

    “Ramming speed…”

    XD Made me giggle more!

  33. girlnextdoortn says:

    Most definitely funny, and I agree that if it weren’t for the nice owner who “saved” that GIANT kitty from the box, people would be going nuts all over the place.

  34. He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, is he? What a funny guy!

  35. essensual says:

    Now I have two favorite series: the Tale of Winston and the Tale of Maru. Awesommmmeeeee!!

  36. I love this cat. I love that he is such a box addict and his owners are great at enabling him. And don’t you just want to give him a big squishy hug?

  37. Cute, but…plastic boxes are dangerous. Unless there are holes in that thing, allowing air through, Maru could suffocate if she gets her head caught in there when nobody’s around! Please be careful!!

  38. This reminds me of a dog I used to have. One morning he stole a bag lunch off of the counter. He had the brown lunch bag stuck on his head, but when I walked into the room he just cocked his head and wagged his tail. He figured if he just acted normal I would not notice the bag stuck over his head!

  39. Haha, awesome! This made my day, thanks!!! I don’t think it’s stupidity, though, just a lack of wisdom probably…

  40. Michelle S says:

    Best video ever. I laughed the entire length of it. <3 Maru! CO's newest Celebkitty!

  41. caption: it’s the dog’s fault, he dared me to try and sniff the bottom of the box… but my dare for him is much much better!

  42. That cat is “special.” And darling. I just want to squish it in my arms!

  43. Hahaha the look at the end is the best part! I absolutely adore this kitty… so fat and squishy… However I do hope the camera man stopped filming at the end in order to take the box off his/her head – doesn’t seem like he/she would be able to breathe in there.

  44. I love this cat and he were mine I would TOTALLy be a box enabler.
    ps for the nuffs who seem to be lurking about the edges of the posts – shall I start making pudding now or are we all going to play nice?

  45. Jo: I’m going to be laughing about your comment all day!

  46. Poke holes in the bottom — kitty can’t breath dude!

  47. Things Cats Are:
    — adorable
    — fuzzy
    — often hilarious

    Things Cats Are Not:
    — masters of critical thinking

  48. I would say to those worrying about the lack of holes in boxes etc. etc. “no Sh*t Sherlock” the owners probably aren’t as dumb as you think they are.

    there.. that was my nuff, lol.

    and this kitty is soooo silly and fluffy and quite the comedian!

  49. object lesson in learning to live with our foibles

    (and why it’s so bleening funny)

  50. Yeah, that plastic box is way too small, there’s no way he can fit…………OMG!!!

    That has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on C.O.!! *still wiping eyes*

  51. I was laughing all through this one. Dribbled coffee and everything. Just barely saved the keyboard from the spew. This is, in official language, “Too Moishe”!

  52. This kitteh is the CUTEST! Glad his guardian is right there to protect, though. No tiny boxes when he is alone. I think he needs to go on a little diet, though.Hilarious video.

  53. OMG, Maru has the same markings as my wee kitten Peanut–right down to the pink nosicle! But Maru’s a big ol’ chubby love bug–will my little nutpea follow in his boxy footsteps?

  54. hope the put some airholes in that thing, otherwise we might have kitty aauto-asphyxiation.

  55. “I’m an astronaut! WEEEEEEEEEEE”

  56. Diane in LA says:

    It must be quite a responsibility to keep this poor addict from a final snuffing in a box…..since to this desperately sick kitty anything at all looks like a box. I fear this is a case far beyond the skills of the routine boxhab center.

  57. Ahahahahaha, that’s the cutest thing ever!

  58. CoffeeCup says:

    Believe it or not, nuffinators, cats are not entirely useless. And this kitty isn’t entirely stuck, either. Witness from :29 to :32 in which kitty extricates himself from the plastic box. Even if the owner wasn’t there, Maru could’ve done that anyway. I doubt the owners leave little plastic boxes lying around so Maru can get in them and not be able to break himself (herself?) out, but lets give them the benefit of a doubt.

  59. CoffeeCup says:

    * helpless. I meant helpless, not useless!

  60. Life sucks when you don’t have thumbs!!!

    And when your memory span is about 3 seconds.

  61. This cat is a treasure-gorgeous AND hilarious! What a fruit sandwich!

  62. I don’t think the cat is stupid, I think it likes the attention and has probably trained his owner to give him a treat after doing this :), and yes this cat needs to go on a diet.

  63. This video is adorable, the cat is being watched and protected, but PLEASE be careful about containers which can trap your pet’s head. My brother’s beloved Corgi died from suffocation inside a Pringle’s Potato Chip can. It was sad and awful. Animals can surprise us with the extent they’ll go to get food or to satisfy their curiosity.

  64. Maru Maru! I love Maru!

  65. Oh Maru, you really do have a box problem don’t you? *snerk*

  66. Wow, it’s amazing how tiny that kitty’s head actually is! LOL. I love how at the end he(she?) is all like, “Ok…I can’t get it off, so I’m just going to walk over here and pretend that I meant to do this. Yeah. That’s it.”

  67. Oh shmuffle. I love the part where the box is taken off and his fluffy head goes *whump*. But yeah, I would also be a little worried if he did this while alone at home.

  68. Reminds me of that Kids in the Hal skit, “Never put salt in your eyes”:

  69. LOL This made me laugh, and I shouldn’t be laughing so much because it hurts to laugh since I just got my wisdom teeth out…but this made me laugh. Too much!!

  70. I wonder if Maru and Weeeenston are long-lost cousins?

  71. Forget Maru, the (ginormous, and adorable, and silly) cat….. I’m amazed at how CLEAN those floors are! That’s the power of Pine-sol, baby!

    Seriously, they gleam. I’m in awe.

  72. Those are some serious FluffyPants(tm)!



    Maru deserves praise of the highest kind for preparing kittenkinds first expedition to Mars.

  74. happyhedonist says:

    oh dear.

    the tendency? funny. about the first 15 seconds. then, a slow feeling of impending doom descends: this person is teaching the kitty how to suffocate when unsupervised.

    oh dear. but once they realized it, they stopped – right?? RIGHT??!?

  75. CoffeeCup says:

    Cat is fine. Just deal with it. Really.

  76. Gail (the first one) says:

    You guys are killing me with the comments—-LMAO!!

  77. Allowing kitty to stick his head in a plastic container is not cool. Period. Open ended cardboard boxes are fine. Yes, these vids are supervised, but that may not always happen. And that would be sad for both the cat, and anyone who enjoys his other, safer cardboard container adventures.

  78. This explains the legend of the bonsai kittens. Obviously, the owner’s not going to allow this to continue but I love how he stalks off, all “I meant for this to happen.”

    Men and their egos.

    Does this remind anyone else of the immortal words “Get in the plane.”

  79. Yes, please continue to video tape your cat possibly suffocating. How stupid are you? And how ridiculous are all of you for thinking this is funny? (My answer = VERY)

  80. I…..LOVE….THIS….CAT!!!
    Too funny.

  81. Looks like one of those punnets you get strawberries in. You know … the kind with lots of big holes down the bottom …

    I giggled through this and I get a bit paranoid about my cat’s tendency to play in plastic shopping bags (she likes the rustle. Up until the point where she puts her head through the wrong gap and gets stuck … silly puss). That cat is NOT in any distress, or you’d see the plastic steaming up.

    So … giggle freely 🙂

    And don’t leave un-air-holed containers lying around!! 🙂

  82. this reminds me of a lovely memory wherein my kitten stuck its head in the top of a spent yankee candle… and could not get it off.

    about 20 minutes later of much scared yowling, bashing of glass encased noggin’ against everything it comes across, and scampering about of a handful of humans Frankie was released.

    only to have a ring of soot around his neck.

    which then required a bath.

    that was not a happy day for Frankie. I betcha his brother Ollie found it amusing, however.

  83. totalee puppy says:

    I like “ramming speed.”

  84. I luff this chubbalubb kitty

  85. I laughed so hard my 3 kitties came over to see what was wrong!

  86. The very end is the very best part. Hee.

  87. OMG *giggles insanely*

    That is so funny. What a mad cat. And so beautiful!!! I´m a sucker for tabbies anyways though… 🙂

  88. ROFLMAO!!!
    This is one crazy and funny cat. When he’s walking around, with his head in the plastic box, it’s too hilarious. That big body with a tiny head. Just really funny 😀

  89. Can’t believe his head actually FITS in that little plastic container. Then the expression on his face through the end of it… Hmmm.

    I laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes.

  90. I sense a “Boxhab” category being set up….

  91. This is how animals suffocate….

  92. 1st time
    HALP! Get it off get it off get it off
    2nd time
    HALP! Won’t someone please help me?
    3rd time
    Ah, screw it. I’m walking around like this all day.

  93. 1st time
    HALP! Get it off get it off get it off
    2nd time
    HALP! Won’t someone please help me?
    3rd time
    Ah, screw it. I’m walking around like this all day.

  94. Total. Cat. Comedian. I’ve never seen such a hilarious cat!

  95. did these videos get taken down? I can’t load them any more.

  96. I seriously just want to eat this cat up, or have him come to my house and teach my cats the same tricks.

  97. clairedeloony says:

    Maru is my new favorite silly kitteh. (My Mimi is my favorite kitteh, but she is not silly. And she’s brighter than Maru, although that’s not hard.)

    I’m going to watch these videos over and over today.

  98. Heh, thanks guys!

  99. JoÇelle Taschereau says:

    Ok, ce chat-là est vraiment trop con.

  100. JoÇelle — oui, j’ai connu des chats plus futés, mais j’ai également connu les chats qui étaient beaucoup plus stupides que Maru.

    (pardon; je ne parle pas français — c’est de BabelFish)

  101. Funny and cute, yes… But I would have liked to have seen that owner remove it sooner in the end… since this looks a little awkward for kitty’s breathing processes…

  102. oh my godddd that looks so bizarre hahaha i’m gonna pee

  103. This is so hilarious!! One of my cats, Loki, did the exact same thing a while back with an empty tissue box. My husband was able to snag a video of him the second time he did it…. Enjoy! 🙂


  104. Oh my God! I laughed till I cried.

  105. Um, you can’t leave this cat alone, evidently. =)

  106. heeheehee. silly kitty :3

  107. I agree with longtail: “yah, no, I like it this way. Totally meant to do this again. absolutely. This is the next big thing; someday soon everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is going to walk around with a box on their head.”