Winston reaches new levels of redonkulousness

When you woke up this morning afternoon, I know what your first thought was. WHAT did Winston go as for Halloween!? Well, I’m delighted to tell you that Rich and his beau over at FourFour delivered the redonk again.

Without further ado, it’s Winston as… Post Makeover E.T.!


Of course! Post Makeover E.T.! Makes perfect sense! [shaking head in disbelief]

Oh, and Rudy went as Elll-iii-ot.



  1. Has anyone checked on Rich and his beau to see if they’re OK this morning, with the look on Winston’s face they may look like a cast member from a Zombie film.

  2. Now Now according to Rich Winston was loving getting on his costum… of course Rudy was another story.

    Quick go to the site there are lots more photos there.

  3. That is friggin’ GREAT!

  4. This is just further proof that Weeenston has star quality, big time. He looks good (and convincing) in ANY part.

    And Rudy deserves an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

  5. Oh yes, our beloved Winston looks thrilled with his new look. LOL! Poor Winston…so misunderstood.

  6. Don’t miss Rudy, BTW. He is so cute.

  7. yankeebird says:

    Oh mercy the hovertext! Meg, are you a Project Runway fan?

  8. Winston and Rudy FTW! Best costumes ever.

  9. Hovertext win.

  10. Rudy and Winston are gonna kill those guys! And my boys are volunteering to help!

  11. No wonder poor Winston always has such a sourpuss expression. 🙂

  12. balamuthia says:

    Haha! The Blog post at fourfour is hilarious!

    “I’m so good to you. You don’t even need to check that for razor blades or anything.”

  13. *Le sigh*, poor Winston, poor, poor, Winston (snerk).

  14. That is frackin hilarious! Specially considering I wanted to dress one of my nieces up as ET in his Halloween costume (holes in a sheet :P) b/c she walks like him.

  15. Gail (the first one) says:

    Best Costume of Halloween 2008!!!!!

    What an awesome idea and Rudy is so cute, too.

  16. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Excellent use of the accessories wall and Loreal Paris makeup room.

  17. Red hooded sweeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaatshirt



  18. I sure hope Winston got something better to eat than slop on a paper plate or carrots when Halloween was over, lol.

  19. what makes me giggle is Winston’s perma-frown he he he

  20. Winston looks just thrilled! Hahaha…..

  21. I LUVS dees Keettuhh

  22. Janice the Crazy Cat Lady says:

    Winston’s expression is DA BOMB! I hope his humans sleep lightly.

  23. Winston kinda looks like Jabba the Hutt when he narrows his eyes like that.

  24. Winnie looks like the Olsen twins in that getup!

  25. CoffeeCup says:

    Poor Winston! Poor Rudy!

    I retract the ‘poor Winston’ now because apparently Winnie loved it! Rudy did not look pleased, however.

  26. saucy bernaise says:

    “I am Winston, and I disapprove of this message.”

  27. Space Cowgirl says:

    Oh noooo you di-in’t!

  28. Winston is a hamm. He loves being famous! Rudy, now, if looks could kill….
    Good thing they did’t try to put him on the bicycle.

  29. Look at that disapproving face…so disapproving.

  30. HA! the wall-eyed scowl!

  31. Michelle S says:

    I wished Winston would have trick-or-treated at my house last nite. :]

  32. He should have come over here. I would have catnapped him in a NY heartbeat (and absolutely NO guilty conscience, I might add. And at our house he would NEVER have to eat carrots, either.)

    I think he should have gone as EmPURR someone-or-other, though. The ET thing just doesn’t quite work for me.

  33. Does anyone know if Winstons “pets” (the people that live with him) are still alive? *snorts* that is too funny, but oh gosh, the cat is not happy and is plotting revenge which is why i asked about the humans.

  34. LMAO! That is so adorable! This is even greater than when he went as a Rice Krispie treat!

  35. Winston on the right, Michael Jackson on the left.

  36. momof2kitties says:

    Weeeeennstooooooonnn…phone hoooooome…

  37. momof2kitties says:

    LOL @ Dexter Fishmore.

    Carry On!!

  38. binky-mama says:

    I wanna kiss that smooshed face so bad!

  39. Oh Rudy, he’s a cutie.

  40. Oh, wow! That is hillarious! Love the blond curls and the little hat perched on his head. And what a face! With those narrowed eyes, that is a killer glare. I love you, Winston – kiss kiss. Did you get some treats for allowing this effrontery to your ultra-cat dignity?

  41. @Dexter: Fierce.

  42. berthaservant (in transit) says:

    Skip and Nads: those are the Winston and Rudy costumes for next year.

    Someday Winston’s going to write a book and I don’t think it’s going to be a pretty story.

  43. sigh. I just never *get* the fascination with Winston. Clearly I am lacking something. Now, Maru, with the boxes….CUTE.

  44. I luvs deees kitteh!!!

  45. Despite the crabby expression, Winnie must be at heart a very sweet kitty. Why else would he enthusiastically submit to such indignities.

    Rudy looks adorable in the red hooded sweatshirt

  46. Jennie Mello says:

    This is one of my very favorite hover texts ever. Thank you Meg. Love love love!!!

  47. OMG! I think Rich has finally done it! Winston is going to kill him. Ditto the first post, has anyone checked the welfare of Rich and co.?

  48. hamster-on-rye says:

    Ha-ha-ha “perma-frown.”

  49. Oh Winston – I’m in tears because of your tremendous level of discomfort….I can’t help it….LMAO!

  50. A vision of ugliness.

  51. Oh, Rudy! Shades of Mr. Picky! Poor, poor Rudy! Winston gets all the spotlight, but that Rudy — talkin’ ’bout your major (or even Colonel) disapproval! ROFLMAO!

  52. This is to fracking funny! I love the hovertext as well.

  53. OMG! Rich has finally done it, Winston is going to kill him! Ditto first post, has anyone checked the welfare of Rich and co.?

  54. That is the face of a cat who will pee in his owner’s shoes the very *minute* they take that getup off him.