Mr. Nosevember…IS BACK!

Ruhmemeber last year, People?

I know you do.

Mr. Nosevember is BACK.


Cindy L., you’ve ushered in the great month of November again. Thank you.



  1. mornin’, Peeps
    [sips tea]

    So, everybody still sleeping off their respective parties?

  2. Sooo sweet! What kind of pup is that I wonder?

  3. It’s an airhole in the blankie! Or a “don’t uncover me just deposit treats into the convenient treat depository with snout indicator hole” !
    He doesn’t have to uncover for acceptance of treats or come up for air.
    Did that make any sense to anyone else or do I need more coffee?

  4. So, we’ve gone from back to front, have we? 😉

  5. *poke*


  6. That’s it on the nose, Nekussa.

  7. Jennie Mello says:

    Nothing worse than being under the blankets and not being able to breathe. This blanket solves that problem. In style and great new winter colors.

  8. stubbedoo says:

    I totally snorted when I saw this picture.

    Now my nose hurts.

    Thanks CO!

  9. This is a perfect pose for any good dog. I like it a lot. Lots of memories of dogs I have had over the past 74 years.

  10. Perfect.

  11. Actually, after watching all those horror movies last night, he looks a bit like one of those ubiquitous hooded figures. In a pretty flamboyant choice of colors, though. One of the “Teal Brethren.” ;’)

  12. Very nice, very nice…”The Month of the SCHNOZZ”- ahhhhhh. Perhaps next year it could be Toesvember, just a thought…
    Have a great Nosevember, peeps!

  13. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Made Me go HA! Out Loud! Too cute . Happy Nosevember indeed :0)

  14. ‘cuse me but i thinks i “nose” heem.
    >>>>running for cover…

  15. Theo, What’s a party?
    Cute Nose.

    [If you’re asking me specifically — pizza, some campy old sci-fi DVDs, and a few silly guests. – Ed.]

  16. AuntieMame says:

    Nibble nibble squeeze squeeze pokey pokey BEEP!

  17. I could nom on that nose anytime.

  18. Killer Corgi actually jumped up on the bed this AM to wake me up, so I got hot Corgi breath at 7- (her usual time to woke me up is 5, so I guess I won on that score). Anyway, Corgulas have the cutest noses. I think “Cathy”s dog Electra is a corgi.
    I just adore noses.

  19. That’s my friend Bogart the mini doxie! He sure loves his blankie…

  20. “The Nose” Knows it is time for a change in the weather.

  21. i’m starting to get REAL worried about december…

  22. Katy, you KNOWS this nose? Awesome!

  23. I just nearly did a spittake with my chai. That pic is redonk!

  24. Maybe the shortest and simplest hover text ever — but it made me laugh.
    Who nose why? Guess I have a simple sense of humor.

  25. chenillehab? fleecehab? woolhab? whatever it is, this doggiepants needs it!

  26. I hope Mr. Nosevember is a “The National” reference… I would squee myself! <3 The National.

  27. scooterpants says:

    does not look like corgi nose.
    looks kinda like…hmmm…
    shiba nose!

  28. berthaservant (in transit) says:

    Ghost Dog. Jim Jarmusch rocks.

    [Heh, with Forced Whisketer as the Gronin… – Ed.]

  29. not look comfortable 😦

  30. What a sweet looking nose!


  31. vegas vickie says:

    [If you’re asking me specifically — pizza, some campy old sci-fi DVDs, and a few silly guests. – Ed.]

    Me toooooo knew there was more reasons why i like CO. lol
    Happy Nosevember!

  32. *sniff, sniff, sniff* 😀

  33. eikoleigh says:

    Such a sweet little nose!! I love it.

  34. GreyhoundMommy–It sure makes sense to me…Thanks for all the laughs!