Death by Gossip

"… and Stacie and me were at the mall just now, and we found the cutest little tops, I swear to God you’ll just die when you see them, and she told me that Rhonda told her that she overheard Rachel telling Becky that Rachel’s husband had to sleep on the sofa the entire week because it was her birthday and she was really looking forward to getting the diamond pendant she’d been hinting about all year, but instead he gives her this big ugly upright vacuum cleaner, I swear it looked like something out of Star Wars, and then Becky said that’s nothing, let me tell you about the time Brad bought her the edible underwear for their anniversary, and …"

Yup ... uh-huh ... oh, really? ... yeah ... uh-huh ... zzzzzzzzz

The things we put up with, Dimitri P.


Mmm Mmm, Sanitary!

Delicious kitteh hair holiday cookies coming right up.

With tiny hairballs on top.



Eileen B., when the kitteh is in the mixer, make sure it’s on the low setting. Just like when kittehs are in the tumble dryer, they like a low setting.

Bon-bons, s’il vous plaît

Pleeeeeease, pass moi zuh bon-bons.

I need zem.

I need zem very, very, very moshe. [chomps own paw in distress]

This smooshed-face lethal cuteness found by Kaity J. >^•^<

So I crapped on the rug one time. BIG DEAL.

I can’t believe you’re making me wear these.

When you take these pants off, I’m gonna take a dump on your couch.


Petit Crappère brought to you by Kimberly P.

Worms in love

Cue the violins…

Cue the beady eyes…

Cue the loooooooooove…!

Don’t miss the second part of the worm soap opera, when one of the wormies takes a trip to the beach…

Nosevember, we hardly knew ye

What the heck just happened? It was ‘Tocktober like three days ago, and now Nosevember is on its way out the door!

Hamsters wearing yarmulkes in Christmas stockings are ON DECK!

Holy Schnozzles, photo finder NTMTOM! Nosey Fallow Deer! by johnmuk.


[Pat pat pat]

Thanks, Mom.


Sender-Inner Leslie, Let’s re-run this one on Mother’s Day, Okay? Burpalicious photo by Oliver Pietern. 

The Capybara Family Hits the Mall

"OK, kids, we’ve got a busy day planned.  From eight until eleven, we hit the department stores, and I’ll need you running interference for me at the sale tables.  Next, I need to stop by Just Hammers and get something for your dad.  At noon, we stop at the food court, and then you’re all getting your picture taken with Santa; try not to freak out like last year, Timmy.  All right, people — let’s move out!"

They're a lean, mean shopping MACHINE!

Try to stay out of their way, Brinke G.

Well, This Sucks

"Check out these road hogs, will’ya?  What’s the matter, lady — you and the kids skipped breakfast again?  Hoof it outta here, Squeals on Wheels, I got stuff to do today!"

Pay no attention, children, we're more equal than they are.

Let’s see if the peeps can milk some more jokes out of this, Johanna S.

A kitteh helps with post- Thanksgiving stomach pains

Oh, you have a stommie ache after eating too moshe?

Let me help… [knead knead knead]

OMG, H.L., I hope this stommie massage helps, ’cause we have a LOT more leftovers to get through…