All Hallow’s Art Crawl

Ah, good eeeeeevening.  [ominous pipe organ!]  Welcome, my esteemed guests.  [creaky iron gate!]  As some of you are no doubt already aware [flapping bat wings!] …today is a most auspicious day indeed.  [distant echoing howl!]  Yes, my pretties, the time is upon us at last!  Tonight, we shall celebrate:    [cork pop!]  [duck call!]  [whoopee cushion!]

If you would excuse me for just a moment.

(wait, wait, dude, we got a whole WAREHOUSE of foley effects, c’mon hey leggo HEY)
[dismissive door slam!]

A thousand apologies.  If I may resume?  *ahem* …tonight, once more, we celebrate:
Reality-Casual Friday.


Please help yourselves to hors d’oeuvres, which can be found in the plastic jack-o-lanterns, and as always, please avoid all eye contact with the Bunnilisk.  Shall we move inside?  It does appear that there is an unseasonable thunderstorm approaching…


Why yes, that is a Wachter.  I actually framed that one myself.  Thank you!  And if you flatterers would direct your attention over here by the rabbit cage, I just finished this one today — no, over here — don’t — not down there!  Oh for… didn’t I say?!


Tsk.  That’s more for the statue garden, then — though how we’ll find room for all of these is quite beyond me.  Hmm, perhaps that abandoned and oddly-zoned graveyard next door could be annexed… [contented carrot munching!]



  1. Teho-you have waaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands.

    But it is great!

    [See, that’s just it: I don’t. Otherwise I’d do more stuff like this, and *not* like this… – Ed.]

  2. Totally awesome….. RCF Rocks CO Yet again!!!!!

    Happy Halloween!

    BAt flies off bPAge… Door Creaks.. and Ghostly LAughter is heard in the back ground!

  3. Vlad the (kitten) Inhaler says:


    Everyone have a very fuzzy LOL-oween!!!

    {Stands behind door with those little hard candies everyone hates, waiting for the nuffers… ready to chuck it at their heads hard enough to do drain bamage with.}

  4. … Very appropriate for the occasion, though. I approve!

  5. whoa… staggers out… blinks at sunlight…

    I need a hit of Winston. He and this year’s costume (plus Rudy) are up!

  6. Gail (the first one) says:

    A stupendous exhibition of RCF in honor of Halloween!!!! (I bet the deck suffered for our amusement today!)

  7. fish eye no miko says:

    Yay for scary kitteh!

  8. Gail1 — heh, yeah, no staining today.

  9. I raise my Pumpkin Ale — salut!

  10. the other Brenda says:


  11. Yay!!!!!!!

    Amd now I pass you all a slice of Schwarzwalk Kirchetort!

  12. Damn, that should be SchwartzwalD!!

  13. momof2kitties says:

    Happy Halloween y’all!

  14. Exxxxxxcelent. Yessss.

  15. Karen in Toronto says:

    Oh, dear. I thought my hi-speed lite (as if) connection would help with these. Oh, well, maybe in the next life.

  16. sally-rah says:

    I’m confused by this post.

    [Welcome to my world! – Ed.]

  17. 260Oakley says:

    Oooh, I laughed so hard, candy corn flew out my nose. Talk about scary.

  18. Karen in Toronto says:


  19. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    @2600Oakley – hopefully you had been consuming candy corn, or that would truly be scary!

  20. I have been watching old horror movies on TCM ALL DAY. I am at a point where I am like “Torch-bearing villagers? Eh. Unspeakable ancient horror in the cellar? Whatev.”

  21. AuntieMame says:


    Fitting end to Tocktober. Now instead of barfing rainbows, people can fart PacMan ghosts.

  22. @AuntieMame: OMG I literally LOL’d out loud. “Farting PacMan indeed.

    Oh dear what a perfect end to a very bad day.

  23. I’m telling ya! Zombies, vampires, cobbled-together undead monsters, Vincent Price, evil houses going up in flames . . .

  24. yankeebird says:

    I’ve been going crazy (crazier?) for two days now re: the fox photo. I’m from Montana, and I’d swear that I’ve seen this photo a hundred times, but I can’t remember the photographer’s name.

  25. Yankee bird it was from a National Geographic film.,.. one of the stills I believe.

    THe Planet Earth set.

  26. Uh, I jut came back from a Halloween part ( hic..0) and that post made npoooo sense,m evenin my state) Happy Hallloween Perps!@

  27. uh, I mean Peeps!! 🙂

  28. I love you theo. I love you to pieces.

  29. Nads, it’s not the party. No worries.

  30. yankeebird says:

    @ Annie:

    Maybe that’s it. It’s been about a year and a half since I watched that. Thanks!!

  31. Yikes — that WAS scary. Especially the baby Marmie Monster!