Tick-Tock, ‘Tocktober’s Done…

… we know by the setting of the sun.
But there’s time for one more ‘tock, we see,
As snapped by Terry in D.C.

We thank all sender-inning folks
For giving us the butts of jokes.
But one month’s far too much confinement
So send more ‘tocks; that’s your assignment.

Mooning Lincoln? That's just WRONG, man.



  1. aahhhnn
    a perfect end to Tocktober,
    til next year…

  2. Haha the pic loaded from top to bottom, like a dramatic revealing of the duck ‘tocks 🙂

  3. NTMTOM harbors the spleen of a poet.

  4. cheesybird says:

    Yep, Ducky. I don’t want to look until Tuesday’s over either.

  5. Duck Tocks are all over DC.

  6. *sigh* I love it!

  7. I must agree. NTM is quite poetically spleenish.

  8. CoffeeCup says:

    I live near D.C.! ‘Tocks representing!

  9. why you call me a lame duck?

  10. Anne Boleyn says:

    NTMTOM for Poet Laureate!

  11. @CoffeeCup, then getcher tocks down to the National Mall– all those fountains and reflecting pools are full of duck tocks!

  12. @RevWaldo: Lame ‘Tock? 😉

  13. Very PRetty NOMTOM… drumms fingers on desk Tapps foot on floor.

    looks at clock… but where oh where are teh pets in costume obligatory Halloween post ..
    I know I know we can go over to MArthas site for these but Looking with big sad puppy dogs eyes and quivering lip… IT is AHlloween……. PWeese Pwetty pweese

  14. Opps sorry for the splling errors .. I am typing in front desk stealth mode!

    That was supposed to say Hallobleen

  15. …suuuuure it was. 😉

  16. ‘Tock to you next year!

  17. HEhehehe

  18. As always-duck ‘tocks. The best ‘tocks of them all.

  19. Holly Scoggins says:

    yep, that NTMTOM is spleenerific! In a poetic way…

  20. I spy, with my little eye, some of T[Ed.]’s work.

  21. what a romantic picture.


  23. I’ve heard that a duck’s tock has no echo…

  24. So “DC” stands for “Duck Caboose?”

  25. Who thinks it’s time that Nom Tom has his own entry in the glossary?

  26. Hibiscus: good point. Noted.

  27. No echo. Love it.

  28. Theo, Lincoln was a big man (eps. that statue!) He could take it.

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    A perfect ending to an all-too-short month!

  30. biscuithead says:

    Nice to see something utterly cute like duck ‘tocks with the always amusingly backward duck knees in such a beautiful shot taken in such tricky light.
    Well done.

  31. Ah, the melancholy beauty of autumn (tearing up)

  32. Selina's Mommy says: