Let’s Give ’em Somethin’ to ‘Tock About

Turtles are tockin’, tockin’ ’bout turtles,
This one needs Shoehab, would you believe it?


And then these bunnies, doin’ one-eighty,
Try to ignore it but they keep singin’…


‘Tocks just a little too round,
‘Tocks just a little too close,


You stare just a little too long.
Maybe you’re seein’, same thin’ we do darlin’.


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [stoats singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [hamsters singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How ’bout buttoooocks?


I feel so foolish, I never noticed
Your ‘tocks are bulbous, could you be posin’ for me?
It took this website to make me wonder,
Now I’m convinced that I’m goin’ under.


Thinkin’ ’bout ’em every day,
Dreamin’ ’bout ’em every night.
I’m hopin’ that they feel the same way,
But that’s impossible—’tocks can’t have feelin’s darlin!


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [frogs singing backup]
A little mystery to figure out
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [baby seals singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How ’bout buttoooooooocks?


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about babe,
A little bee butt to figure out.
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about,
How ’bout buttooooooocks? Ooh…


Listen to ’em baby
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [frogs singing backup again]


A little tailio won’t hurt ’em
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [baboons singing backup]


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How about love, love, spots, and love


Whoowhoo mmmm hey oohh whoowhoo
About love, love, love, love

How about they ‘tock about it? uh huh
‘Tock about love……..


Apologies to Bonnie Raitt. Take a bow, ‘Tocktober! Excellent pic spotting, Chief Sister Officuh.

Turtle ‘Tocks by Kasey S., Bun’Tocks by Debra R., elephant log ‘tocks by Sheri, Frog ‘Tocks by Mary Jo E., Sprawled Bunneh ‘Tocks by Heather R., French Bulldog ‘Tocks photo by Carolyn M. sent in by Carolyn C. NBC ‘Tocks by Elena A., Bee ‘Tockage by Uncle Andrew, Alpaca Night ‘Tocks by Julie K., Duck! Duck! ‘Tocks! by Melissa S., Pan-‘Tocks by Roxanne S., Giraffe ‘Tocks by Kellene F., ‘Phant ‘Tocks Sent in by Kate E. taken by Carolyn G.



  1. (the original) Mel says:

    I had a tock-gasm…OMG. I have to have a cigarette.

  2. *standing ovation*

    Meg.. you’re a genious!

    And so we say farewell to yet another tocktober.. like sands through the hour glass, so are the tocks of our lives!

  3. What a wonderful close to a brilliant ‘Tocktober, Meg. Thank you for a month that was chock full of ‘tock!

  4. What a fireworks to end ‘Tock-toe-ber. Thanks evah so moishe, Meg !

  5. The wee little heffalump butt and toesies ! Too cute !

  6. Brava, Meg! Brava! Ending hiney season with a booty opus.

  7. oaklandcat says:

    Meg, you’ve outdone yourself. 😀

  8. DaytimeDeb says:

    I saw two duck ‘tocks in the water — were they doing synchronized swimming or were they “tocking just a little to close?” Excellent song, Meg. I can’t get the tune out of my head now.

    Onward to Nose-vember…

  9. We’re happy tocking happy tock.

  10. Tocky tock tockaroo – well done on a fabby song – I luffed it 😀 Love the choruses sung by the aneemals too!

  11. That was truly epic, Meg. Brava!

  12. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    *crowd roars!* New heights of cute brilliance have been reached by Meg! I bow before you!

    Happiest of Tocktobers!

  13. Hon Glad-methinks we are dating ourselves, but
    tock, tock tock tock tock tocktock tock happy tock, talkin’ ’bout things you like to do….

  14. What a Tocktacular ending to the month!

  15. Tocktacular! Au Revior Tocktober.

  16. BRILLIANT Tock-tober finale!!

    I especially squee-ed at the baby heffalump struggling over the ji-nor-mouse log – adorable

  17. Pups'nstuff says:

    The only good one is the French Bulldog. Ok and maybe the llama….

  18. Awesome post. Now I want to go ring some stranger’s doorbell and shout “Tock or Treat!”
    ‘Course, it could get kind of scary if he took me up on the ‘tock part.

  19. Butt,I wanna see the front too!

  20. Katrina- yes we are, but if you don’t tock happy then you’ll never have a dream :}

  21. hysterical! I love the rabbit especially – it’s huge!!!

  22. Pic ten: I have but one comment…
    3 LEGS!!1!! WTF?!!!??

  23. BRILLIANT! I laughed all the way through it. I almost fell off my chair when I saw a second verse… and then, bee butt! Good grief! This is the best day of my LIFE.

  24. Wow, Meg, AWWWWWWW-some.

  25. Now that’s what I call a nice set of tock all-stars.

  26. ‘tock OVERLOAD.

    I think my fav is the turtle though. Precious.

  27. Persephone says:


  28. That was not only epic, but also the best post ever. That rabbit is HUGE.

  29. bookmonstercats says:

    What a rousing end (fnar fnar) to ‘Tocktober. We had a tortoise once, who needed shoe-hab. He used to sleep in my dad’s slippers. If possible, he (the tortoise, not my dad)used to knock the piece of the fire grate that housed the pan that caught the coal ash aside and crawl into the ashes overnight.

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    eek, double post. Step in Teho. Ta ever so much.

  31. can we add the picture of the bee to the definition of “ehn” ??

  32. *applause*

    Very well done. 😀

  33. temperance says:

    truly ‘tocktastic. a veritable ‘tocktoberfest.

    now if i could just stop eating all the candy before the kiddies get here tonight…

  34. Balalaika Gap says:

    I haven’t laughed so hard at a post in a long time. Bee butt sent me over the edge. Yay ‘tocks!

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    Megster – Bonnie Raitt (one of my faves) couldn’t have done it any bettah!
    Keep on tockin’, girl!

  36. Bee ‘tocks?
    Peacock ‘tocks??

    This is insanely redonk. Totally satisfying. Absolutely genius.

    Hon Glad, count me in. Guess we’re all Happy ‘tockin here!

  37. I have to agree with the rest. A fantastic ending to ‘Tocktober. This has now become one of my favorite posts of all time.

  38. This is so stink’n cute! And mayjah celver! Love it.

  39. Meg, you are a GODDESS! The Goddess of CUTE! (Also of animal hinders, but that’s in the small print.)

    Backup stoats!
    Disapproving Hovertext!
    The rare Peacock-tock!

  40. This was completely over the tock.

  41. Capt' Tightpants says:

    *is giggling uncontrollably*


  42. (Happy Sigh)- it’s been a wonderful Tockober!

  43. michellemybelle says:

    That was breathtakingly spectockular!

  44. balamuthia says:

    Beetocks! So awesome!

  45. Best. Tocktober. Ever.

  46. So does this mean we’re ready for Nose-vember??

  47. Fantas-tock! Especially the baby elephant tock-tilt!

  48. Holey grand finales, Buttman!

    (guh… sorry, truly sorry…)

  49. Holy Finale, Batman! That was truly amazing, and I was also floored by the Bee Butt. Happy Halloween!!

  50. Welcome, Nosevember? Oh, the ant-ici-pation! Ants have what, a mandible- so no nose, right? Ah, if there is one, Meg will find it!

  51. Um, jinx, Kmira?

  52. That’s awesome. I giggled at: But that’s impossible—’tocks can’t have feelin’s darlin!

  53. charliewabba says:

    jumping up and down screaming and clapping.

    Bonnie Raitt, fuzzy butts, the most amazing combination EVER!!!

    I bow down before your genius.

  54. Spec-TOCK-ular ENDing!!!
    (stoats singing backup)

  55. AuntieMame says:

    Whatchoo tockin bout, Willis? It can’t be the end of Tocktober already!

    (Meg, you’ve been holding out on us, haven’t you!?!)

  56. Aww, now I’m bummed. Thanks.

  57. My favourites are the bee and the clumsy baby elephant.

  58. This. is. a. MASTERPIECE.

  59. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    I just farted. Seriously.

  60. scooterpants says:

    I’m all tocked out.

  61. Best. Post. Ever.

    Now I know what a peacock looks like from behind!

  62. PERFECT end to Tocktober!!!

    Now can we hav NOMvember?

  63. I loves me some baby elephants. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NEW WALLPAPER.

  64. BEEtocks ha ha ha ha ha ha sorry.

  65. auntmissjenni says:

    What an astounding< (PG-didn't make of that what I could!)Tocktober wrap-up! Multiple heffalump hineys?!! A bundle of bunny butts?!! Hiney Heaven! **splort**

  66. YOU, Meg, are a ROCK STAR! That was a spectacular post! I’m waving my lighter over my head screaming for more, *BUTT* alas, Tocktober has come to and *END* and is now *BEHIND* us. And I know that you have already begun *PICKING* ideas for Nosevember.

    [Meg actually *is* a rock star… or OK, maybe rockabilly? http://bootcuts.blogspot.com/ – Ed.]

  67. OMG the baby alpaca ‘tock is just TOO MUCH…so bushy!!!

    I demand someone record this song and turn this into a slideshow!

  68. Well, DAAAAAAYYYYY–yammmm! That there’s some fine rhyming, right there!

  69. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Nik! (And Erebella said “bummed”! Ehehehehe…)

  70. Aww man…. what a great ending to the month… it just kept going and going and… *tocks fade out in the distance… great job, meg*

  71. Hey, that frog looks like a green peeper!

  72. pepper, pepper. Must drink more coffee…

  73. That was definitely an awesome grand finale!
    And that is a LARGE rabbit (hare?). Wow.

    Of course, now I’m singing Bee in Your Bonnet…

  74. Possibly the greatest post ever.

  75. Elephantocks! I love how the little one can barely get over the log.

  76. Mary (the first) says:

    LOVE IT. And I love the song. Also the Happy Tock song. I also nominate “pick a little, tock a little,” .. pick a little in Nose-vember, obvy.

  77. divinebluesky says:

    Excellent post! I luuuurve ‘tocktober. For those of us who have ‘tock withdrawal after this wonderful month ends, could we have a ‘tock category?

  78. Wow. That was amazing. I loves them all.

  79. biscuithead says:

    Someone needs to send this link to Bonnie Raitt.
    I think she’d be tickled.

  80. Freakin’ amazing. I clearly heard Bonnie Raitt’s voice singing all of those ‘tock-tastic lyrics. Meg, you rock.


  82. Those are simply the most fantastic mouse-over tags I’ve ever seen. If looking at bird butt at work can get you fired, I’d have lost every job I ever had. Wait, that sounds dirty. Meh, oh well.

  83. Genius. The duck-‘tock hovertext caused me to spew my company issued/employee prepared coffee all over my manager approved ergonomic keyboard. :p

  84. Or she could be tockled. Good idea 😀

    Bravo Meg & Co!!

  85. CoffeeCup says:

    There’s an insane amount of buntocks in this post. So. Much. Disapproval. Can’t. Take. It. Guh.

  86. momof2kitties says:

    Methinks mama and bebeh elephant need to have they trousers dry cleaned. They’re a little baggy in the bum area.

    Brilliant songsmithing there, Meggie. Simply BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

    *replaces Triangle Man earworm with Ms. Raitt. Splort!*


    *please don’t tell my wah-wah…*

  88. bravooo!! bravoo!!


    take a bow Meg. 🙂

  89. the bee was the best

  90. I love the floofy alpaca tocks ! Look like big wooly pillows. Not that I’d rest my head there…

  91. berthaservant (in canada!) says:

    Bravo Meg!!!! And AGAIN with the brillo hovertext!

  92. BRAVA!!!! That was so, so inspired. You made my day!

  93. Jenn in IL says:

    Oh. My. God.

    First, that bun is fanTOCKstically huge.

    Second, I laughed MY tock off! The singing (in Bonnie Raitt’s voice in my head) combined with the crazy hovertext had me giggling uncontrollably.

    Meg, you win at LIFE. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE.

  94. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    You just improved upon one of my favorite songs… *sigh* LOVE IT!

  95. So much fun singing your song in my head while scrolling through.. I would have belted it out loud, but I’m at work…

    You’re adorable as always.

  96. I LOVE IT!!!

  97. Brilliant! But pleeeeease stop calling them Turtles when they is Tortoises!!. Turtely different 🙂

  98. Sharon Wilson says:

    The baby elephant thinks he’s Bambi! Mother’s all: “Okay, now the other one!”

  99. Is it sad that I recognize the place where the ‘Cock’Tocks picture was taken? I think I even recognize that peacock! 😀

  100. Brilliant!!! My favorite part is the bottom of the baby elephant’s little footsies…

  101. Now that’s what I’m tocking about!

    I’m totally going to miss Tocktober. 😦

  102. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Tocks for the memories …

  103. The only thing we are missing is some redonk donk badonkadonk.

  104. I snorted at the photo of the bebeh-funt, tripping over the log.

  105. Such a RUMP-us!
    ‘Tock about butts!
    From turtle to ‘phaunt
    The place has gone nuts!


  106. Way to close out Tocktober!!! Kudos!!!

  107. yumyumjanitor says:

    You’re the best in the biz.

  108. Are you sure you aren’t Dutch? The word “reet”, (sounds almost the same as Raitt) means ‘tocks!

  109. “Your ‘tocks are bulbous” is quite possibly the best pickup line EVAR.

  110. catloveschanel says:

    I love that song by Bonnie Rait-‘tocks and you got each nuance. Well done! bravo!


  112. BlueDressDevil says:

    OK, I’m sitting here hardly able to breathe with tears of laughter running down my face. Bonnie Raitt’s got nothin’ on Meg!

  113. Goodbye TOCK-TOBER!

    Hello NOSE-VEMBER!

  114. Out of control.
    And love those peacock tocks and bee tocks.

  115. Peacock!
    Bee tock!
    Froggy in a tree tock!

    Theo needs some sleep tock.

  116. darkshines says:

    “How about buttocks, ooooooh” Lol!

  117. Why am I LOLing over the baby elephant on the log? For some reason it strongly reminds me of my grandbaby…ok, I’m officially sick!

  118. Best. Post. EVAR.

  119. Guess what?
    Elephant butt

  120. jennycupcakes says:

    thats a tortoise butt, not a turtle butt! and yes, it matters!!

  121. gravyboat says:

    Baby elephant butts!!!

  122. Tocks a lot says:

    BUM-ble bee heeheeeheee