Huge Saucer Eyes ‘n’ Paws Alert!

Forgive me if you’ve already seen this alert while driving down the highway. It’s our duty to warn you.

Two kittehs with dangerously large saucer eyes and particularly large paws are AT LARGE.

Please notify us immediately if you see them 😀

Detective Catherine T. B., that’s some damn good police work.



  1. Is that second cat watching a tennis match?

    I love the rouge on the cheeks. She’s a little beauty!

  2. i know there’s a “tiny ear” rule and a “disproportionate head to ear” rule, but should there be a “if your eyes are larger than your ears” cuteness rule?!

  3. Jane WineBox says:

    Kitteh No. 1 is obviously a genetic experiment – Sugar Glider crossed with a Scottish Fold.
    Kitteh No.2 is in such an aroused state! I agree, she must be watching a tennis match, played by mice.

  4. LULZ at the second one!

  5. Seven Paws says:

    Ackkkkkkkkkkkkk.So cute! Maybe TOO cute!

    And you must look at the other videos at the bottom of the page, the one with the cat at the computer watching herself is priceless.

  6. elliottsmommy says:

    not to men-shone the incredibly large and snorglable melon-noggins.

  7. Robo-kitty in video two.

  8. They are not of this world,
    alien kitty’s.

  9. I swear, I would be so much cooler if I was covered in fur and had long whiskers. No one could deny my cool factor then.

  10. Wow, check out the marmie fold linked from the first video. Turn your volume up for it: he’s flailing around and purring like a little engine!

  11. Darkflame173 says:

    I loveloveLOVE kittehs who have that manic, about to go completely bonkers look about them ^^ Those huuuuuuge pupils! That spaced out on the ‘nip craziness, what’s not to love!


  13. Darkflame173 says:

    Oh, and kitty #2? Future boxhab candidate….

  14. I was relieved when kitten in the top video finally turned over, because I was thinking, “It has been bred to such a level of facially-deformed cuteness that it CANNOT MOVE!”

    Second kitteh looks like a textbook example of lurkensproinger preparing for some serious mayhem.

  15. Squeee!!! Oh I must cuddle… I am in love!

  16. I remember seeing that first video here b/c I remember commenting that it looked just like an EWOK!
    Must have Ewok… Must… HAVE!

  17. Wow, it’s like a really bad (but cute) 50’s horror movie! Night Of The Felids.

  18. These are spooky lemur eyes!

  19. The second kitty’s eyes remind me of the Heroes character Maya, the one whose eyes go solid black. Freaky!!!

  20. oh man that first one is just too much i’m going to jump off my balcony now thank you.

  21. homermariner says:

    If those paws get closer, can we nom them? I love nomming my kitties paws when the stick them out of boxes and under doors. They never expect it!

  22. Beware of MegaPawz!

  23. They should be outlawed. Too Cute!

  24. My goodness, but that kitty in the bottom video has baby seal eyes! I think he may have sucked out my soul a little…

  25. It’s not recommended that you give your cat LSD

  26. goldenpuppy says:

    the second kitteh made me jump! i felt like laying on my back with the first kitteh and just casually chat.

    “why is the sky so blue, kitteh?”

  27. Ok, I’ll say it:
    The feeeeeeeeeetz!!!!

  28. Beth (in NC) says:

    Bwaaaaahhh!! I want!!! Can I have one please? It is actually my birthday!!!!

  29. I’m a sucker for a dilute calico.

  30. It like those creepy little kid painting with the huge eyes that always terrified me in the 70s.

  31. @ Beth (in NC): Happy Birthday from me (also in NC)

    Kitteh 1: I have no words

    Kitteh 2: @HorribleLicensePlates: Bwah, ha, ha!

    That is all:-)

  32. Wow.

  33. That first one looks exactly like Mort from Madagascar. “Do not be near the King’s feet!”

  34. Whoa, manga cats! Scary.

  35. Um, did you guys see the paw floppage on the first kitten? I mean, just laying there with the front and back paws all like, “soak in my magnificence”?

  36. Awww MAN, the pictures aren’t showing up.

  37. scooterpants says:

    ok, ok yah.
    they got great big eyes
    great big foots
    loud purring motors
    Its those dang Japanese kickin our butts again, in the cute dept.
    yep. rub it in, just keep rubbin it in.


  39. wee_squirrel says:

    Like a doll’s eyes…

  40. o.m.g. i do believe my retnas have just been burned out by an overwhelming and hypnotizing little set of kittah eyeballs! oh the humanity!

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, # 2 freaked me out for a few seconds because I thought that sound I heard was the kitteh’s head /neck moving back and forth.. finally I recognized it was the sound of “whatever” the human was scraping that the kitteh was watching .. whew. Thought the kitteh needed a chiropractor (that’s what I do when I hear a grinding sound on head turning).

  42. Omg first photo! Roly poly-o!

  43. Ahem – I meant to say *video. Not photo.

  44. Ahhh! Pawzillia! Run!

  45. Holy Crap, that second kitteh looks like it is on some powerful opiates! Time for a little more than boxhab, eh?

  46. milquetoast says:

    Hugomoungus soft paws and whiskers juxtaposi-SHONS!- dedleh combonay-SHONS

  47. Oh my! What HUGE eyes you have! 😀

  48. how did this one not get in the list:

    i’m not sure what the dealio is with the futuramic golilla, though. maybe it’s part of a boxhab program.

  49. My kitty, what big eyes you have!

  50. Sharon Wilson says:

    I wanna bop da paws!

  51. #2 is creepy. #1 is cute.
    #2, if they r scraping something, they do it right when dee kitteh is about 2 move itz hed. ????

  52. well, why didnt they put this in?

  53. huh? Agree?

  54. “They”? From where I sit, the Ultra Kawaii boys are the “they” here.

  55. What?

  56. Its BeiBei!