Oh Yah, You Betcha! (wink!)

"… and in my travels, it’s been such a genuine thrill and honor to meet so many of you hard-working, down-to-earth, honest-to-Betsy, meat-and-potatoes, tough-as-nails folks, what I like to call the ‘real dogs’ that form the best part of this great country of ours.

"Why, over there, I can see Carl the Car-Chaser, and there’s Fred the Frisbee-Catcher, and Bob the Barker, and Steve the Snorgler, and Larry the Leg-Lover, and Ned the Napper, and Ted the Toilet-Drinker-Outer-Ofer …"

And golly, I'm just gunna miss alla ya so darn much!

Just six more days, Melissa F. the Sender-Inner …



  1. Can NTMTOM do no wrong? because it certainly seems as such. another winning post!

  2. OK, I’d vote for this pup!

  3. Ah, NTMTOM! You makin’ me laff today! Office-sharer is lookin’ at me like I’m ready for the padded cell! I just about snorfed my coffee! NO FAIR!

  4. divinebluesky says:

    I thought theo was the one living in Minnesota!

    [Honey that *ain’t* Minnesotan. Uff DA. – Ed.]

  5. Well, golly, I’d betcha’ he’d make a darn better runnin’ mate, for sure.

  6. Sorry, Mike. Your sentences are FAR too grammatically coherent to be authentic Palin-speak.

  7. OMG, “Bob the Barker” just great!

  8. Hahahahahahaaaa!!

  9. My fave is “Ted the Toilet-Drinker-Outer-Ofer …” Of-er – love it!

  10. @divinebluesky
    He’s speaking Alaskan, not Minnesotan.

  11. Stephanie C. says:

    What’s this pup’s name? I want to write it in on Tuesday.

  12. Heck yes I’m qualified to post on this blog! I can see my neighbor’s computer from my dog house, dontcha know.

  13. Also too, my opponent likes to pal around with Cats, and would redistribute the kibble in this great dog park of ours that we love more than our opponent

  14. you all are makin me snort out loud!
    but where’s his lipstick?

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    And let’s not forget Petey-the-Pooper, Susie-the-Squirrelchaser, Nicky-the-Kneehumper, Harry-the-Howler, Betty-the-Bellyrubber, and yeah, and doncha know – Tiny. I think that little guy is whatcha call a “Chihuahua Witness” or somethin’, but hey, that’s okay. That’s America’s dogs for ya.

  16. Can we keep politics out of this site, please? This should be a refuge from all of the other crap in our lives.

  17. Dexter Fishmore says:

    I would like to know if this pup agrees with the Bush Doctrine.

  18. Great lines, but a winking German Shepperd, my favorite breed of all time, slayed me!

  19. love it, non-tom, except the dog’s way too cute!

    let the humorless nuffing begin…

  20. Hello Kitty says:

    God I love C.O.!!! This post made my day, I totally heard S.P.’s voice instantly in my head while reading this. Great job NTMTOM!!!

  21. A beautiful doggie. What silky ears, what an engaging wink, and a truffle-nose! Rocking a rock-bottom wardrobe, too. 😉

  22. How much did this pup spend on collars?

  23. Thanks for ruining cuteoverload for me.
    I am an independent who comes to cuteover from a break from politics on both sides of the aisles. I guess even cute will have a party affilation now.

    [As long as you vote, and I mean whichever way your conscience directs you, then it’s cool. – Ed.]

  24. Hee! This is too cute, pic and dialogue… Very well done!

  25. OK, I’d vote for this pup!

  26. laureling says:

    Hahaha, pup is giving Tina Fey a run for her money.

    I want to kiss his nose and ruffle his ears!

    Silly nuffs, did you forget your senses of humor at home today?

  27. Seven Paws says:

    “And I’m good on foreign policy, I can see a Black Russian Terrier and a Siberian Huskie from my kitchen window!”

  28. He’s the man!

  29. I’m always amused (and faintly annoyed) when people come onto the site wailing about something “ruining” it for them. The site is not up to cater to specific people’s preferences, you know. Try and get over yourselves, ignore the entries you don’t like and appreciate the ones you do.

    The dog is adorable, and it made me laugh.

  30. so cute. winking dog does it for me everytime!
    And they forgot Joe the Jumper!

  31. I love it dogies wink. Do not like when Sarah Palin winks.

    While looking through Flickr explore today, I came across this gem: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mayphoto18/2973115828/

    Sarah Puplin!

    I’m sensing a theme among dog owners . . .

  32. Steppy is also tired of the politics but this is way too cute. At least this dog can admit hes a dog. What cha say, ignore political comments and look at the picture and let your troubles melt away. Excuse me while I snorgle that part just behind his left ear.

  33. I’m a Yellow-Dog-Democrat, but happy to vote for black-n-tan dogs too!

  34. BeckyMonster says:

    James and Awen,

    Seriously, settle down and enjoy the silliness.

  35. and also I love when my two favorite things collide – animals and politics – here in the heartland where dogs and cats are the true Americans who love their country and so forth dontchaknow…

  36. berthaservant says:

    Dear sir or madam:

    I would like to protest in the strongest possible terms about the recent inclusion of political discourse in your cute animal themed weblog. It is a well known fact that civilizations decline in their power and prestige when the citizenry engages in tomfoolery which attempts to comically represent the intersection of variegated fields of study, to whit, the recent growth of “interdisciplinary” education in our institutes of higher education, the so-called “post-modern” influence in the world of the visual arts, academic conferences concerning so-called “popular” culture, and the artistic atrocity referred to colloquially as the “mash-up.”

    I fear that if we pursue this path of drawing comparisons between cute animals and popular culture any further, we run the risk of watering down our pure thoughts about what is and has always been and always shall be. Soon, we will have peanut butter and jelly sold in the same jar, dehydrated grapes coated in the milky extract of the cacao bean, Italian pizza pie adorned with tropical fruit, “westerns” in “outer space,” girls wearing mukluks and skirts, and television stars from one network guest starring on a television show on a rival network. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.

    Furthermore, I inform you that the broom handle recently inserted into my rectum will not be withdrawn under any circumstances, despite the pleas of my few remaining friends.

    If said post is not removed from my site within 24 hours you will feel the wrath of my cancellation and yet another sternly worded missive which I intend to file with the Secretary of State and the Department of Ending Nonsense.

    Yours, etc.

    Brigadier General Clyde A. Bruckman (Mrs.)

  37. berthaservant says:

    P.S. I just hope no one votes for the socialist! (I’m looking at you, maverick executive who took money from wealthy corporations and spread it around to people in your state who did nothing to earn that money).

  38. Ave Berthaservant!

  39. What, independents can’t find Palin’s wink-wink nudge-nudge superficiality disgusting? Please. Spare me. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

  40. Oh yeah. AWWWWW! Love winking doggies!

    And the hovertext is eerily accurate….

  41. the other Brenda says:

    I also like it when animals wink, but can’t stand to be winked at by humans.

  42. Wait, wait, wait. Dogs wink?

  43. BeckyMonster says:

    I seriously need to start using the phrase “to whit” more often. Mama likes.

  44. I visit this site several times a day to get away from the mean-spirited talk that is everywhere. I do not appreciate that the administrators are allowing such posts to be representative of what they consider “cute”. “Don’t like it, don’t read it,” is exactly what will happen. And I am crossing the Cute (?) Overload calendars off my gift-giving list. What you posted and what you allowed to stand in comments is NOT “all in fun.”

  45. Dexter Fishmore says:

    johnston45: I am very interested in your gift-giving plans and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  46. I heart you berthaservant. I heart you.

  47. J.45 — oh dear. I’m not *appreciated*. Le sniffle.

  48. Wait, wait, wait. Dogs wink?

    Sure, but they can’t look up.

  49. BeckyMonster says:

    Don’t cry little Theo, I appreciate you. My AND my sense of humor appreciate you.

    [Le snicker… – Ed.]

    Now please go on about the business of building YOUR OWN DING-DANG SITE WHERE YOU CAN DO AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT!!!

    J.45 – I give you, the door…

  50. I have been trying to decide who to vote for this year and this pup just got my vote!!! Thanks NTMTOM – this was one of your best

  51. saucy bernaise says:

    Guess were starting Nuff-vember a few days early (or is that “Oh-Noes”-Vember)? I like the political commentary through the pooch lens. Although it does give new meaning to fuzzy math – I’d scritch that math behind the ear any day!

  52. saucy bernaise says:

    It’s Sarah Paw-lin (groan).

  53. Holy crap! I know Melissa and this dog! What a surprise when I came to cuteoverload to ogle kittens and saw a dog that I know in real life!

  54. Oh, and for whoever asked above – this dog’s name is Potter! Write him in!

  55. Killer Corgi winks, and she has never wanted to borrow lipstick.

    S/he who has no whimsy has no place reading CO. Just a fact-o-life.

    Theo – je t’aime and Uff Da, you little minx!

  56. … “minx” ??

    [Le snort.]

  57. haha
    Larry the Leg Lover!
    That one was cute. =3

  58. Just an FYI not all of us Alaskans shot everything we see, nor do we plan to move to Russia any time soon. And, since those missles in N.Korea CAN reach us, we are aware of what is going on in tne world. Palin needs to get a clue.

    Cute Dog, great state, great site. And NTMTOM rocks

  59. momof2kitties says:

    Once again, Berthaservant, you have slain me with your wit. I firmly refuse to believe that you can’t woo the woman of your choice.

    [Heck, *I’d* date him. Were I available. Which I’m not. – Ed.]

    I, for one, welcome our new doggeh overlord., Vote, vote, vote like a babeh stoat (for Potter!)

  60. DumBunny — Palin needs to get J. Crew. *snkr*

  61. Oh! This is MY dog!!! I’m so proud! His name is Potter, he enjoys hunting squirrels, eating socks, rolling in mud, and votes democrat. 😉

  62. Hmff, wish I were a Murkan so that I could vote too…I already vote vote voted like a baby stoat(ed?) in Canada, and there were no adorable pups to choose from. Only slimy gits. Hmfff! I should have written in NTMTOM on my ballot…

  63. Is a “git” like a baby goat?

  64. berthaservant says:

    Thanks. I’m workin’ on it. Someone in real life might actually be interested (and coincidentally she occasionally comments here, so I’m being coy).

    This one was easy, tho. Just rippin’ off Python.

  65. Jane Wine Box says:

    hahahaha…the Bush Doctine! A favorite of Max the Marker.

  66. In regards to the letter from Mrs. Brigadier General etc. etc. (i.e. Berthaservant): You mean the Department of Never Ending Nonsense, don’t you?
    At least, that’s how I read it.

  67. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    Okay, I gotta know:

    Berthaservant, were you rocking the army uniform, hat and mustache while you typed your missive above?

    yours, etc.

    plaid-shirt (once-removed)

  68. Robert Isbell says:

    and that’s insulting canines everywhere linking them to that inbred idiot.


  70. @Plaid-shirt lover, ask about the extensive pink tulle tutu below, too. Or too-too.

  71. brig. gen. berthaservant (mrs.) says:


    I resent your insinuation that the above missive contained an error. I stand by my initial statement which accurately reflects said department’s name.

    Now, to purchase a new riding crop! Come, Patsy….

  72. *applause for bertha’s.*

    Right. He’s gotten TOO SILLY. Move along!

  73. Jocularity, jocularity!

  74. Potter for President!!!

    Thanks, NTMTOM, that was hilarious. Pitch perfect!

    And yes, everyone, get out and vote!! (Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the results…… can you?)

  75. Not tryin’ to cause a new commentroversy, but isn’t this the kind of sexism that we all should abhor during the presidential campaign??? All the canine names are males… Where is Carla the Chewer and Rhonda the Roller?

    [Well “Larry” is actually short for “Larrissa”, but she’s spayed & doesn’t like to mention it, y’know… – Ed.]

  76. Whaaaal.
    This was all just TOO entertaining!!!

    You guys ALL rock! 😀

  77. If you can’t mock the candidates regardless of which one you’re voting for, the terriers have already won.

  78. >>Someone in real life might actually be interested (and coincidentally she occasionally comments here, so I’m being coy).< <

    Is it me, berthaservant? Is it me? Oh, please say it’s me!

    [I don’t think it’s you. But definitely no offense meant. – Ed.]

  79. >>I don’t think it’s you. But definitely no offense meant. – Ed.< <

    Well, poop. I was so hoping.

    I guess I’ll have to go back to hanging out down by the docks, looking for sailors with puppies…

  80. [whisper] I like Sarah Palin. I don’t think she’s a moron. [/whisper] I think the doggie is cute. I wish I had a dog to wink at me!

    *dashes away to avoid the flying tomatoes*

  81. Bertha servant, you have your choice of any single, unattached woman on this site! How do you feel about slighty overweight 50 year olds ;-} LOL!

  82. AuntieMame says:

    No need to whisper, Bookworm. Your opinion is as valid as everyone else’s.

    I finally got my mail-in ballot yesterday, and CO’s voting guide is as useful and informative as the one the State of Colorado sent, so I’m studying carefully.

  83. Larry the leg lover made me choke on my giggles. NOMTOM Nice Job! Berthservant as always clever and funny. And all the other excellent funny comments.

    I have been coming here for over a year and I love CO and Meg and of course all the cute funny comments by everyone. People complain but when you really go looking out there you find that CO is one of the nicest blogs.

  84. berthaservant, flattered says:

    Thanks again for the nice thoughts, peeps. We all deserve love (even Bookworm and the McCainiacs!) and we all deserve kittehs (or doggehs or stoats)!

  85. “CO’s voting guide is as useful and informative as the one the State of Colorado sent”

    Bwahahaha. Someone should run for Secretary of State on a kittens-and-pups-in-the-voter-guides platform. LAND. SLIDE.

  86. Awww, what a doll!

  87. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Bookworm: I agree, no need to whisper. We can disagree on insignificant things, like politics!
    @DumBunny: Thanks for the reminder to those of us in the lower 48 that all Alaska isn’t like Ms Mavericky.

    Meanwhile, such a cute doggie!!

  88. @Berthasbutler: We are not worthy! *Kneelsandplaces palmsflatonfloor*
    @NTMTOM: Where do you find these things, man? You RAWK!

  89. ThreeCatNight says:

    Berthaservant –
    Any affiliation of said Brigadier General to the Ministry of Silly Walks?
    Just askin’.

  90. What an adorable puppers!

  91. I check CO every day like so many others, for all the right reasons AND to get away from politics, but this is the first time I’ve made it all the way through the comments. Thanks, people, that was fun. Now everybody –> go VOTE! I did yesterday with a long line of early voters. It was great.

    BTW, have you seen upsidedowndogs.com? It’s hilarious!!

  92. azaleablue says:

    ‘Cuz I know what it’s like for all you Frisbee-Moms and Joe Milk-Bones out there!

  93. Very funny! Cute doggie. I love when my doggies wink at me. 🙂

  94. “No need to whisper, Bookworm. Your opinion is as valid as everyone else’s.”

    Awww thanks! It’s just that in today’s political climate, admiting to being a Republican and liking McCain/Palin and — dare I even say it — President Bush is akin to admitting that “Hey, that Mussolini guy wasn’t so bad. Oh, and by the way, in my spare time I eat babies and kick kittens.” :o)

    Winking dogs – now THAT’S the change we need! No more non-winking for oil!

    ……ok I suppose that’s enough. Political jokes: fail.

  95. Bookworm, as long as you aren’t sending me 25 emails a day telling me why my candidate is a terrorist, you can vote for whomever you want. I’m no hater. 🙂

  96. Bookworm — some people don’t consider themselves to be climates.

  97. @Gail: Are you serious about politics being insignificant?

    Cute dog – I feel sorry that he has to portray a wolf-killer without permission.

  98. homermariner says:

    Ugh, that is NOT an Alaskan accent. I’m from Alaska, and nobody talks like that. Palin is from Idaho. She talks like she’s from Fargo or the middle of Saskatchewan. But please please please don’t think all Alaskans are like her. I’m not saying I’ve never fired a gun, but I’ve never shot an animal. I am appalled by her and her views on everything. And I’m so glad to see a cute dog today! Yay happy mutt!

  99. HomerMariner — she talks like she’s from the MOVIE “Fargo”.

  100. temperance says:

    good one, thursday.

    that is one adorable winking dog, melissa.

    hello kitty- all i could hear in my head was tina fey as sarah palin.

    finally: as an independent who is sick of the election, i am oddly amused by C.O.’s political posts. go figure.

  101. You oughtta love The Daily Show, then.

  102. Jennie Mello says:

    I love it all so moiche.
    Now where is the super cute doggie that talks like Obama??

  103. Jennie Mello says:

    or smiles like biden??? 🙂

    [or smells like Teen Spirit? – Ed.]

  104. “some people don’t consider themselves to be climates.”

    I don’t get it? Do you mean climate like primate? Hmm…

  105. Best. Post. Ever. NTMTOM you’re a genius.

  106. yay, NTMTOM; yay, mrs. brig. gen [‘cept it’s spelled “to wit.”]; YAY, winkie dog and all hyphenated dogs; yay to the campaigns almost being over; yay to O masks outselling McC masks – nuff said.

  107. Oh wow I didn’t knew dogs could wink! Cool! xD

  108. Hey, you know, this is an angle I don’t think we’ve seen yet in the campaign. The pets of the presidential candidates. Obama doesn’t even HAVE a pet but promised his kids they can get one at the end of the campaign… all talk, right? Show me the puppy! McCain used to have a wooly mammoth apparently.

  109. Daphne Moss says:

    Love the dog, and always laugh at MNTHOM..(probably getting it wrong)…
    As for instinct to be sheepish for liking
    Bush still…
    I say, instincts should not be ignored…And I say it in the nicest possible way 😉