Turtle ‘Tock Fa-shons!

Flirty Shell Skirts are in this Winter, Laaaaadies!

The aptly-named photo tortoisetock, by the aptly-named Sugarbunzz.



  1. Weird–it’s so perfect it looks like a plastic mold or something, not actual live turtle ‘tocks.

  2. Will you be shelling out for one?

  3. -with the special tailio cut-out…

  4. Oh my gosh! That’s my Ben! Erm, I mean my son’s tortoise.

    Yay Ben!!!!!

  5. Another fine representation of Tock-toe-ber.

  6. Natalie, is Ben having some identity issues? What with the frilly skirt and all…

  7. Turtles are always so modest, covering their little tushies with their skirts (unlike some teens I know today). I love his little scaly feet!

  8. This ‘tock looks like it was made out of chocolate. No?

  9. 260Oakley says:

    A lady never shows her tailio in public. That’s what they tor-toise in school.

  10. And look – matching booties! What’s next, a pet snailio in a purse?

  11. Cute tocks! Tiny turtle tailios are terrific!

  12. Holy cow! Look at that manicure (pedicure?)! Are you sure Ben is a he and not a she, Natalie?? I’d kill for nails like that!

  13. Oh, and did I mention, it’s *launches into singsong voice* faaaaa-bu-lous!!!

  14. I love the little scrunchy leg warmers – very Jazzercise!

  15. To me, this one is only beat by the Rhinotocks, which was the BEST EVAR!

    Love Turtle Tock Fa-shons!

  16. Sahrawi Wife says:

    OOOHH!! Beautiful !! I have never seen a white turtle before !! Very cute indeed!!

  17. Need some lacquer for the nailios, too. May I suggest merlot for Autumn.

  18. Ben’s footsies look like the center of a sunflower-very twee!

  19. I wonder what those scaly feet would feel like against my tongue – I know that is weird, but I really want to lick them.

  20. what kind of tortoise is Ben?

  21. Ben turns around and says in an old man Jewish voice: “You were expecting maybe Ann Mar-grock?”

  22. Ben is a Sulcata, or African Spurred tortoise. 🙂

    I didn’t think he was real the first time I saw him, but as he grows, he will look more like a typical tortoise.

  23. Shell skirts are in this winter?

    Ah — Shelley Winters!




  27. He’s going to grow up to be really big! Wiki says 70-100 lbs!

  28. I don’t like tocks on animals…I’m glad we’re done with tocktober in a few days…

  29. Natalie- My friend has a turtle named Porsche, and it will live 100 years, we are told. (She is a herpatologist). They let Porsche run around the house. Ummmm, walk around the house so. They have a house turtle(tortoise)! I told them they should get a house rabbit, but they aren’t going for it- my advice is to get Ben a rabbit to play with. (Not that you asked, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see the two of them around the house? But then, it isn’t my house, I guess).