Lawdy, Was That Me?!

So sorry, y’all, I had a touch of the vapors!  Must have eaten some bad shrimp or something!  Goodness gracious, ah’m turning braht ray-edd from embarrassment, ah do dee-clay-uhh!

(fans self while giggling nervously)

Just pretend it never happened, Melanie H.



  1. Well I swanny!

  2. Wow, second!

  3. Aw, braht rey-edd so becomes you, m’dear.

  4. Capt' Tightpants says:

    *fans self while giggling madly*

  5. Ew, the shrimp ones are always the worst

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Miss Pink has been listening in on the polar bears talking about the birds and the bees:
    She’s wondering how she can hook up with those birds…

  7. Hmm, it’s too early to form a witty comment on a flamingo fart. I got nuthin. I’ll just let you guys do it. Thx & pass the coffee……..

  8. Classic Di eyes pose.

    Nice feather action. Next, we Flaminco!

  9. Whee! They get that way from eating tiny crustaceans.

  10. biscuithead says:


    You said ‘flamingo fart’.

    That was enough to make me giggle.

  11. Erebella: need the sweetner and the creamer? I’ll tell you a story.

    When I grow up, I would like to be the animal companion to a large (really big) flock of flamingo. (I don’t know the plural of flamingo-so I will pretend it it like ‘sheep’ and pluralizes itself.)
    Any way, a really large flock. And I’ll keep them sorta near my giraffe herd (who will also self pluralize, so I’ll have lots of ’em.) Yup, and a flock of Winstons, too.

  12. Actually, “the vapors” doesn’t literally mean vapors. It was used to refer to a number of things such as hysteria, fainting, or mood swings, sometimes even PMS.

    Soooo, don’t worry, little lady. If you just had the vapors, then that CERTAINLY wasn’t you! Musta been the cad standing next to you eating broccoli and brussel sprouts!! Ewwwwww!

  13. HAHA, “flock of Winstons!” Awesome, Katrina. Better have LOTS of food and fingers to nibble.

  14. Too many mint Juleps can have that affect.

  15. Thank goodness Ashley wasn’t there to see it.

  16. ok, that’s exactly what I needed on this cold gray Monday morning. Not much could have brought a smile to my face today, but thinking of a flamingo with “the vapors” cracks me up!

  17. OK… I can definitely picture all flamingos speaking like this! Thanks for making the zoo a permanent laugh riot from now on!

  18. knightofmonarch says:

    Better Shame then Pain

  19. **Stella!!!**

    She relies on the kindness of strangers.

    (that’s what this made me think of)

  20. Now, Miss Elizabeth, don’t trouble yo-self ’bout that. Why, truth be told, my own dear sainted muthah, may she rest in piece, was known to let go on occasion. Made for a frightfully awkward thanksgiving dinnah, if mem’ry suhves. You just pick yo’ pretty li’l head up and let me see them beautiful eyes, and we’ll just fuhget all about that….JEEZ, LADY, WHAT’D YOU DO EAT SKUNK VOMIT?

  21. Just blame it on the dog.

  22. Flamingos are so posh.

  23. To be such beautiful creatures they really are EXTREMELY smelly in real life. I cant stand the flamingo displays at the zoos, you can smell them all over the zoo. EWW>

  24. i hope people don’t start thinking that this is what “the vapors” means. i don’t want people getting the wrong idea about me. also, what genteel southern woman would admit to farting??

  25. Gail (the first one) says:

    What, somebody step on a duck??!?

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Ladies don’t fart. They fluff…

  27. What a lovely, elegant image in the photo!!

    And NTMTOM’s choice/ storyline is a BLAST (sorry about the pun, there)…

    Am also admiring the choices of the poster who plans to coexist w/ multple giraffes & flamingoes and WINSTON FOR PRESIDENT (oops, sorry, I let my enthusiasm get me distracted, there, for a minnit) … [catches breath & exhales cautiously]…

    Also: CJ’s description of flamingoes as “posh” captures pefectly the facial expression (can flamingoes be described as HAVING a facial expression??), mood, etc.

    C Overload is triumphant today. My thanks to the known Universe.
    Peace out

  28. Hehe…flaminco.

  29. Actually, “the vapors” doesn’t literally mean vapors. It was used to refer to a number of things such as hysteria, fainting, or mood swings, sometimes even PMS.

    Kari is right. It’s an old U.S. Southern expression used by lovely belles overcome perhaps by the heat of the day or possibly overexcitement from the amorous attentions of an impatient suitor. Oh, my, my!

  30. Leslie- you can have a season pass to my giraffe, flamingo and Winston-filled world.
    The original Winston looking at the flamingo with a certain look and not getting stepped on by the giraffes- stop by anytime!

  31. Phlatulent Phlamingo. Now wasn’t it worth all the effort of getting back here? I’m waiting for the puppies.