Major Cheeks, Reporting for Duty

Did you know that Cute Overload has powerful new audience camera technology where we can actually SEE site visitors as they browse photos?

It’s true.

I bring this up to let "Jill M." in Ohio know this bunny can’t kiss her back.


Sir Cheeks-a-Lot, otherwise known as Macro-Bunny, originally uploaded by Danz in Tokyo.



  1. LEEPS!

  2. NOZE!


  4. oh, and i was so hoping for a furry peenk kees, too!

  5. keesy keesy keesy! Cheeks!

  6. If the bunny can’t kiss her back, can it kiss her front? How about the sides?

  7. Yes, this boonay is that tall. Any kiss would require backy bendy of the recipient’s head. Unless, of course, they just want to do schnozzle bumpees and in which case Sir Cheeks A’Lot would have to make the lowered accomodations.

  8. NADS!

  9. (by the way, I think I went to school with that Jill)

  10. CoffeeCup says:

    My bunny doesn’t have those cheeks…I think he might be a little jealous. But he does have the awesome furry neck roll. What’s this bun get in response? Huh?! Huh?!

  11. If McCain were turned into a humongous fluffy bunny he’d look like this– bun’s got the jowl-action down!

  12. Bun-bun moufs are SO CUTE! I just wanna flibber his leeps with my finger.

  13. Wait– what??!

  14. These are cheek-cheeks, as opposed to tock-cheeks.

  15. Jill! OMG it’s been so long! Are you like, married now with kids and stuff?

    OK yeah I’m totally making this up. I’m guessing your last name was never “Smith” and you don’t have red hair.

  16. Awww bunny Foo Foo! you are so keesable!

  17. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Looks like the bunneh’s a leetle hare-RUMPHee!

    Those closeup shots make it a bit more obvious!

  18. Oooh, his whiskers – they tickle!!

  19. How can you deny the superior cuteness of bunnies after a photo like this? Bunnies are the awesomest.

  20. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    ANOTHER furry face I just want to kiss!!!

  21. I feel so disapproved of.

    In a cute way.

    Lof how the nose and leeps are symmetrical.

  22. AWW i just want to nuzzle!!!

  23. Bun is saying “Look, even my nostril is in a state of disapproval!”

  24. Awww.. this is what heaven looks like. Soft bunny lips and whiskers <3

  25. I totally would’ve saved this shot for Nosevember.

  26. binky-mama says:

    Looks like me after I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Only I don’t believe I was this cute. I was, however, QUITE disapproving of the whole thing.

  27. But it’s ‘Tocktober, should Major Seymour Butts be in command?

  28. Gail (the first one) says:

    @binky: Me, too–espesh when I found out they’d sent me home with NO PAIN MED!!!

    Such a cute, disgruntled bunneh. There’s always that twinge of ‘shocked and appalled’-ness mixed in with the disapproval that kills me!!

  29. OMG! SO QTE!!!

  30. “If the bunny can’t kiss her back, can it kiss her front? How about the sides?”
    Not That Mike The Other Mike
    Tks, NTMTOM, I laughed out loud. And love Mr.Cheeks-a-lot.

  31. I think the best part is the little chin dimple.

  32. OH my goodness! I can’t believe that I got so utterly distracted by the puppy cam that I almost missed this opportunity of utter bunny cuteness.

  33. Raemie L. says:

    It’s a perfect shot of disapproval in that face, and I like the ears peeking out. ^_^

  34. *Salutes*, Major Cheeks. :o)

  35. When a person stars the day off badly all they need to feel better is to look at a picture of cute bunny rabbit.

  36. Elisha B. says:

    Teh qte!!! I suggest you add some animation on this one. My bun would be all up in your face just a smellin’ then disapprove ’cause you didn’t have carrots or somethin’.

    I just imagine that little nose going’ up and down… ahh, splode!!

  37. Muzzlenuzzle.