[Touching corner of stove gesture] Ow!

I tried to look away, Nichole O., but you’re right. I can’t.



  1. misscrisp says:

    Wait wait is this a puppy webcam!? Oh my goodness, lion cub flashbacks. There goes my productivity.

  2. Oh, THAT is just awesome!

  3. CoffeeCup says:

    Squirmy puppies. Check.

    Adorable blanket. Check.

    OMG PUPPIES!!!1!

  4. Maerlyn99 says:

    Are they Shiba puppies? They are evilly cute.

  5. Maerlyn99 says:

    OMG their momma just came and fed them. I’m not going to work this week…

  6. lesleyann says:

    OMG how funny! they were all attached and feeding, and mom decided to move! When she finally settled back down, some of the pups were still attached!

  7. Come on mom, settle down and let the poor pups eat!

  8. Gaah, they’re getting baths now!

  9. Just watching until I uh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………

  10. Legal way to hypnotize grown-ups.

  11. OMG puppies are all snoozing now with Full Bellies. Rats I missed the mom feeding them. I can see multiple trips to CO this weekend are in my new agenda,
    ; )

  12. Hi CO’ers, I have a completely off-topic question. Does “teh” mean “the”, and it’s just a clever use of the common misspelling when excited Overloaders are typing too fast, like “Look at teh puppies!”, or is it supposed to mean “too”, like “Those puppies are just teh cute!”. Or both?

    I is still just a novice speakler of Overloadese, but I majored in Pedantry in college, and I want to make sure I get things right…

  13. scooterpants says:

    oh hell no.
    that DID NOT just happen on a saturday night.
    ‘must go to bed now and have puppeh dreams and such…., zzzzzz hmmpphhh…snort grrrrrr’

  14. I like this! Puppehs!

  15. scooterpants says:

    the lil one at the bottom of the screen just had lil shakey sleepy quivers.
    i’m gunna be up all night with this.
    thanks COL.

  16. Awww…I want to know more about them! Where do these puppies live? What breed are they? Cute!!

  17. lurkingsmirk says:

    So cute! All puppies are asleep with their faces smooshed against the wall. Then one just got up and clambored over to smoosh his face next to his brother, which woke him up so he climbed over him and they essentially ended up switching places.


  18. D’oh! I thought the video wasn’t working until I saw the tiniest of twitching and breathing! Chunky sleeping puppies are too cute. One even has his face in another’s crotch..

  19. O.M.G! Drowsy puppies stumbling over themselves….WIN!

    @ Hibiscus: ‘teh’ means ‘the’.

  20. Oh no, I went to walk my dog in real life and one of the puppies moved and I was sad for missing it. This is real dangerous.

  21. OMG one just tried to get up and faceplanted. SO CUTE.

  22. Do….not…believe…it. (Say like William Shatner.) Would be great for some live feed puppeh huffing ACTION, need ’em STAT!

  23. They’re all very twitchy… Is that normal? Like, I know dogs twitch sometimes when they sleep, but these guys are doing it alot…

  24. A box pops up on my screen that says it is password protected channel. I do not have a password and can’t see it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  25. AlbertaGirl says:

    One of the puppies is having a dream, and every time he moves he kicks his sibling in the face! And there is one in the back who is sound asleep with belly up and paws up! You’re killing me here!

  26. Ok, you guys MUST be stopped. This is just too much for a mere mortal to withstand! Twitchy sleeping Shiba Inus are too anerable to be true… I am sure I will be back in a while to check on the bebehs…

  27. Not here, mgt. It’s working fine.

    They do seem rather restless but I’ve not been around actual puppies in a long time so I tend to forget how they sleep. One little guy keeps changing positions every few minutes.

  28. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Hey! I’ve been watching these exact puppies over on Ustream! I have a cam over there called Doxie Watch but it’s only on while I’m at work so I can watch my weiners 🙂

  29. Blyhagd, its perfectly normal for young puppies to twitch much more than adult dogs. It has to do with their nervous systems still being a work in progress.

  30. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    They’re all asleep right now, and I should be, pretty soon. Maybe I’ll check back tomorrow. Definitely.

  31. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    They’re all asleep right now, and I should be, pretty soon. Maybe I’ll check back tomorrow. Definitely.

  32. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    They’re all asleep right now, and I should be, pretty soon. Maybe I’ll check back tomorrow. Definitely.

  33. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    They’re all asleep right now, and I should be, pretty soon. Maybe I’ll check back tomorrow. Definitely.

  34. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    They’re all asleep right now, and I should be, pretty soon. Maybe I’ll check back tomorrow. Definitely.

  35. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    They’re all asleep right now, and I should be, pretty soon. Maybe I’ll check back tomorrow. Definitely.

  36. Jellybean says:

    They’re dreaming about the next time mom comes around, and the next time they get to outside and play!
    The PERFECT cure for the country’s economic doldrums. Natalie and Rashida are right!

  37. Dogbreath says:

    Oh dash it all. I go away for 30 seconds and now they’re all piled in a heap at the bottom of the screen! How’d that happen? Can’t take your eyes off these puppehs for two seconds! Even sound asleep, they’re always up to something!

  38. NoraMaria says:

    Oh dear. This just cost me the night. Der so fluffy and twitchy I can’t stand it!

  39. AuntieMame says:

    They look like little furry piglets. LOL!

  40. haha, there’s an itch going around xD Back legs and ears are meeting like crazy. There goes my weekend 😉

  41. This person is a genius. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? We’ve seen panda cams, tiger cub cams, there’s even the Jack’s Pond cam in Africa, but i’ve never seen a puppy cam before…it’s mesmerizing. It’s like you have to watch just to see what they’re going to do next.


  42. Whoever thought of this is a GENIUS. I was supposed to be going to bed nearly 23 minutes ago.

  43. You see that I am back already : ) Puppy cam is awesome

  44. Correction…Pete’s pond in Africa. Not sure where I got Jack from?

  45. This may be the only thing that will prevent me from staring at political and news blogs 24/7 for the next week and a half.

  46. hey, that’s my bohiney you’re snorgling there!

  47. Dexter Fishmore says:

    (nodding) This works. This works.

  48. Oh fine. I was all set for bed, when I thought I’d check in with CO for a quick dose of cuteness to send me off to dreamland. But NOOOO, there will be no sleep for me tonight! Not with this pile of sleepy puppies all snuggled up and wiggly on my screen! How can I possibly turn off the monitor now?! Too adorable to turn away. Oy.

  49. It looks like a Tetris game played with live puppies…hmmm, now there’s an idea…

  50. Look at all the twitching!!!!

    It’s cute till they get to be 80 lbs and kick you in the crotch in the middle of the night.

    Trust me.

  51. by the way, right now is one of the best viewing times for Pete’s Pond, in case anyone is interested:

    i kept scaring my roommate cuz of my random awws and squeals.. T_T

  53. aghhhh!!! that bunch in the corner started out as two puppies hugging, now there’s four of them all smooshing together for cuddles!! AHH THE CUTENESS!!

  54. Yeah. I’m sitting here watching, and my fiancee is in the background yelling “IT’S BORING! IT’S BORING!!!” while I”m cooing over one of the puppies having a dream – you can see it’s little legs twitching away… awww

  55. is it wrong that I want to tap the screen and wake them up?

  56. 1:15AM

    The pupulons are wrestling! I cannots look awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  57. OMG they’re sleep-wrestling!

  58. paws up and tocks exposed…i can’t even deal…

  59. AuntieMame says:

    Whoa! Hey! I just found full screen mode! Lurrrrve!

  60. ghee hee hee!! one has a leeeeetle paw pad twitching. awwww cuteness is overloaded. *ded of teh cute*

  61. Ohmy! I just watched one stubbular little loner toddle around by himself before deciding that darnit, he did not want to be alone anymore, and climb right on top of two of his siblings and flop down! hehehe

  62. I’ve got work to do. I can’t watch puppies all da– OMG!! Toe pads!!!

  63. 2:15AM EST
    (I’m awake because it WAS Saturday!)

    Ouchies, nursing while the mother is standing? That seems painful. Oh hungry hungry puppies!

  64. Puppies gettting fed by momma…. @1:15 a.m. Central Time

    And in related news: anyone up late, here’s more streaming video from Africa:

  65. AlbertaGirl says:

    Aaaahhh! Mom was nursing them, then stood up to move, and one hung on and went with her! Ow ow ow! And now there’s one poor little confused puppy lying there making nursing motions with his mouth wondering where the milk bar went.

  66. (singing)
    Liiive Puppieees
    Liiive Puppieeees
    Live Puppies are much fun!

  67. The day CO stood still.

  68. It’s the middle of the night, fer pete’s sake. Turn off the light and let them sleep..
    in a couple minutes..when I’m done watching.

  69. Ok, so now all of the puppies except one are all huddled together sleepingks, and the one is on the other side all to himself.. and there is a flurry of paw vibrating going on…

  70. Please tell me they are not sleeping in Puppy Conga Line formation. D=

    Just remember Meg if the world grins to a halt you have to take responsible for for.

  71. I need to go to sleep, but I want to see what happens next.

  72. No!!! Nothing is happening!!! I just get a slide pic of a dog. It says OFF AIR. I WANNA SEE!!! I WANNA SEE!!!

  73. Aww, Shiba puppies, and i came too late! Maybe they’ll be back on air tomorrrow. =)

  74. Nima Patel says:

    I get the same message Berthaservant. Did you figure out how to see the puppies. Tell me right away. I’m getting all twitchy waiting to see puppies.

  75. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    There are LOTS of puppy AND kitty cams.

    it’s NEVERending. This is how I spend most of my evenings. LOL yes, I have no life.

  76. This is the screen that I see, in either Firefox or IE. What am I doing wrong?? 😦

  77. CWDLady to the rescue!

    MGT — that’s definitely not the screen that most of us are getting. Question: whereabouts do you live? Lots of times, when I click links to video clips hosted by BBC, all I get is a message that “This video is not available in your country.” I’m wondering if this is like that.

  78. I live in Tennessee! Not even too far out in the country…

    I went to that site and signed up for an account hoping that would help. Alas, it did not. All their videos give me that same message.

  79. It appears to be my compy. I just tried it from another computer in the house and do not get that message. Hooray! However, it is off the air right now. Sigh.

  80. Heh, I read that as “I live in Tennessee! Not even too far out of the country”.

    Do you maybe have some sort of parental controls (for filtering WWW content) installed on the computer that’s asking for a password?

  81. Puppeh’s are off the air! NUuuuuuuuuuuUUUUuUUUUuuuuUUUU! 😦

  82. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the slide with “off air” showed up for me until I clicked the permalink link underneath the video. Then: live puppies!

  83. dragoness says:

    OMG! They need to have a “record” function so I can permanently get this last moment preserved!

    There were just two puppehs playing, sleepily chewing on each other’s muzzles, and nomming noses. Then….. puppeh sneeze! I think I’m scarred for life!

  84. PUPPIES UP AND SQUIRMING! (and squeakin!)

  85. Aaaah, Mommy’s back! It’s chaos, I tell you!

  86. Eep! Mums is trying to give teh puppehs baffs, but they are too busy drinkingks.

  87. Omg.. one squealed during feeding… I love this, who set this up?

    Last night I saw they were sleeping :D.

    Now momma’s feeding them.

  88. Oh they’re just DARLING!! I WANT, I WANT!! <3

  89. OMG!!! When I found them all sleeping in their puppy pile, I couldn’t tell that their shiba pups, one of my favorite doggies. LOVE ‘EM! And now they’re all whining so adorably…*heart attacks*

  90. ohnonichole says:

    omg! this was my first submitted link and i was sure i wasn’t yet quite up to scratch! i feel so … sunday-yummy cozy complete! yay puppycam!

  91. eww, somebody just pooped on the blanket!

  92. oh good, they’re cleaning it. HOORAY! new puppy blanket and little puppies magicaly being placed around!

  93. hahah. someone just took all the puppies out to replace the pillow lining, and when they were put back in they were all “WHOAH.” for a moment, recovering from the change.

  94. fuguemonkey says:

    New bed! Not sure if white is a good idea….

  95. I know! Change the blanket lining and the puppies are all sneef sneef sneef where are we??

  96. AuntieMame says:

    Shoot! Why did they turn the sound off (or is it just me)?

  97. Marymomma says:

    Dogpile!! 🙂

    Soooo cute, I was wondering what was going on when they were changing out the pillow, missed the poo moment thankfully. 😉

  98. Marymomma says:

    Awww only one awake puppy…

    “You guys are missing so much with all of this sleeping!! Wake up wake up wake up!!”

  99. ohnonichole says:

    yay! morning feeding time!

  100. fellow pedant says:

    @Hibiscus — urbandictionary is your friend:

  101. Fuguemonkey — I know those beds; they’re really easy to wash.

  102. Sorry we had the webcam off for a bit but we REALLY wanted the pups to get some sleep in the dark. Figure you guys could use some sleep too. 😉

  103. THIS is why the internet was invented.

  104. Right now there’s a nice view of some round, fluffeh, sleepeh ‘tocks.

  105. Conclusion: puppies sleep lots.

    That being said… I even like watching them sleep. 🙂

    @SFShiba – sorry if you’ve explained this before, but are you a breeder? Are these your pups or are they being sold? (I’m not asking to buy, just curious!)

  106. persimmon says:

    Shiba Inu puppies!

    I just want to stick my face right in the middle of that floofy puppy pile and huff.

  107. Okay, it says “on air”, but I’m only getting stills. I have to keep clicking on the “pause / play” button to see if they’ve moved.

    Anybody else having this problem? It was working last night!! 😦

  108. I’m having the same problem.

    I even reloaded flash player, but all I get is stills.

  109. Dogbreath says:

    Same problem here.


    My other problem is these big gray floofy kitty feet hanging off my computer desk, trailing over my keyboard and making it really difficult to type – anybody else having this problem?

  110. Me too!! Someone fixxx!!

  111. berthaservant says:

    Well…okay, now I can see the puppies, but this video player doesn’t work very well. The puppies only move occasionally (like still photos jumping from one to the next) so it’s not particularly cute for me. The rest of you enjoy.

  112. hmm… I’m just getting stills now too. sad 😦

  113. Somebody close poke them so I can see a wiggle!

    Aww, NM, let them sleep so they can grow up big and strong!

  114. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Mebbe the problem is that every single Cute Overloader in the universe is hitting their server…

  115. Yay! They’re back, with little tummies turned up!

  116. puglets rule says:

    I’m just getting still shots – is it just not working or maybe my computer? Help!

  117. Dogbreath says:


    it’s still not working for me either – just getting still shots –
    also I am still having live kitty interference with my keyboard here at home – floofy gray stretched-out hind feet have been replaced by chubby brown batting-at-fingers front feet – just a day for computer problems all around, I guess.

  118. wannadance says:

    pile o puppies seeking nips
    mom jumps out
    feets? no, tails? no,
    no nips. waddle, quiver.
    i am so sunk.

  119. Karen in Toronto says:

    Puppy Tetris, not so great acshully…

  120. since its a live cam, sometimes it lags. mine works on and off, right now its working perfectly.

    for once they arent sleeping.. lol

  121. Peeps, I think we’re overloading their video server a bit. You get stills when there are too many folks trying to watch the live stream at once, and it isn’t able to keep up. It’s still working, but it’s struggling.

  122. They’re soooo cute!! If you go to and go to the animals section, people have cams set of so you can see they’re animals… dogs, cats, all kinds of animals!! they’re so cutee.

  123. Can the mother leave the pen?

  124. puglets rule says:

    Thanks for the info Teho and it’s working for me now – OMG they are the sweetest floofy puppehs!!

    Dogbreath – I’d love to have that kind of comp. troubles! I get the calico slowly walking over the keyboard in front of the monitor and the two puglets wanting in my chair or just stinking up the study. I need some of that sweet puppeh bref NOW!

  125. ACK!!

    puppeh laying on back..check.
    tongue out…check.
    all feets up…check.
    other puppehs walking all over him…check.

    love the interwebs.

  126. johnnyjohnny says:

    Mom comes and goes. For the first couple days she did, at any rate. I’m surprised there is no sound today. There was in the beginning. you could hear the little ones squeaking and snorfing in their sleep.

  127. Why doesn’t MomDog stay with them, I wonder?

    (I don’t know nothin’ ’bout raisin’ no puppehs)

    sorry I missed the blankie change.

  128. One pup is really, um, ethusiastic when it comes to nursing. Yikes! Looks like momma’s got a pretty good pain threshold though.

  129. Agh!!! They were all comfy lined up and nursing then one crazy one decided to jump on them ALL!! Now they are all going nuts!

  130. These adorable puppies redefine the term “fatty boombalatty.”

  131. Aahn! The one pups is biting the other pups ‘tocks! In his sleep!

    5:00pm edt.

  132. ailuridae says:

    i can has shibu loaf? warm, snoozing shibu puppy loaf, pleeeeease?

  133. Is it sad that this melts my heart and makes me coo more than any human baby ever has?

  134. Why can’t I walk away? They’re all asleep, apart from dream twitches there’s nothing happening yet I can’t stop watching!

  135. Good God, peeps, six little loaves of precious!

  136. Sleeping again!! Puuuppies, wake up.

  137. platedlizard says:

    They sure sleep a lot. I guess they’re too busy growing to play 🙂 That’ll change in a couple weeks I bet.

  138. AuntieMame says:

    I keep thinking I should grab a few screen shots, but I have only 99GB of free space on my computer…

  139. This is a live feed? All they are doing is sleeping very still. At first, I thought the video wasn’t playing, but every now and then, a paw or ear will twitch!! 🙂

  140. uh oh, now one is licking another’s crotch.

  141. OMG. One of the puppies thinks another one’s penis is its mother’s nipple. Holy crap. I’ve never seen that before.

  142. Capt' Tightpants says:

    veeeeeeeeery inappropriate puppy touching alert.

    @5:52 pm EST, one pup mistook his brother fer his momma.


  143. Capt' Tightpants says:

    veeeeeeeeery inappropriate puppy touching alert.

    @5:52 pm EST, one pup mistook his brother fer his momma.


  144. Capt' Tightpants says:

    veeeeeeeeery inappropriate puppy touching alert.

    @5:52 pm EST, one pup mistook his brother fer his momma.


  145. Capt' Tightpants says:

    veeeeeeeeery inappropriate puppy touching alert.

    @5:52 pm EST, one pup mistook his brother fer his momma.


  146. Capt' Tightpants says:

    veeeeeeeeery inappropriate puppy touching alert.

    @5:52 pm EST, one pup mistook his brother fer his momma.


  147. Capt' Tightpants says:

    veeeeeeeeery inappropriate puppy touching alert.

    @5:52 pm EST, one pup mistook his brother fer his momma.


  148. Is that little puppy doing what I think he’s doing to its brother????

  149. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I see I’m not the only one witnessing the weird.

    Stop molesting yer sibling, puppeh!!

  150. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I see I’m not the only one witnessing the weird.

    Stop molesting yer sibling, puppeh!!

  151. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I see I’m not the only one witnessing the weird.

    Stop molesting yer sibling, puppeh!!

  152. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I see I’m not the only one witnessing the weird.

    Stop molesting yer sibling, puppeh!!

  153. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I see I’m not the only one witnessing the weird.

    Stop molesting yer sibling, puppeh!!

  154. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I see I’m not the only one witnessing the weird.

    Stop molesting yer sibling, puppeh!!

  155. &Hibiscus

    teh = the

    And it not CO in origin it’s Internet in origin. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites that use it.

  156. uh oh, now one is licking another’s crotch.

  157. This is a live feed? All they are doing is sleeping very still. At first, I thought the video wasn’t playing, but every now and then, a paw or ear will twitch!! 🙂

  158. For a while two of them were just gnawing one each other’s muzzles…

    The adorability factors were off the charts and the two pups ended up collapsing into a single black hole of cuteness.

  159. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG I want to spoon wit puppehs.

  160. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG I want to spoon wit puppehs.

  161. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG I want to spoon wit puppehs.

  162. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG I want to spoon wit puppehs.

  163. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG I want to spoon wit puppehs.

  164. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG I want to spoon wit puppehs.

  165. yay! it’s working again!

    do they sleep *all*the*time*?

  166. oh Meg, no you di’int

  167. Works for me!

  168. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Working now. There is SO much stubbular bellage going on!

  169. Live puppulance! OMG!!

  170. I just saw one NOM another one’s face 😀 😀

  171. Mommy just got goosed with a cold nose!
    Poor Mommy, of course she needs a break from those little marauders. 😉

  172. YAWNS YAWNS! Frolicking and then two minutes later, they all passed out!

  173. Okay. I have had this on for hours now, and I do not understand:
    How can they be cute and fuzzydorable at all times, on their pristine white beds, without ever pottying?
    Is there a potty area just off screen or something? Or does this explain all of the Privates-Cleaning that Mommy does?

  174. Awwww twitchingk in their sleeps!!!

  175. johnnyjohnny says:

    **Alternate Viewing Methods**

    You can open the feed in a new tab or window:

    Or you can watch from the pupp’s home page:

  176. Jennifer George says:

    They’re all nomming each other!

  177. scooterpants says:

    i’m thinkin this would be a great time for Meg,Theo amd NTMTOM to all tkae the fam’s to that All inclusive jamaican holiday they were thinkin of.
    so, ya’all go ahead, we’ll be fine here for at LEAST a couple weeks…
    no, no, ya’all go ahead now…
    dont worry bout us..
    shhhhh… they’re all wrigglin around again….
    giggle snort…

  178. scooterpants says:

    the really big one is sufficating the really lil one. someone come to the rescue. where’s mama???

  179. scooterpants says:

    slide show!!!!! what the *ell???
    not acceptable.

  180. wannadance says:

    nakey, mom does it. it is a fabulously clean bed, though. i want to lie down with then and be all cozy…

  181. Nakey – At this age the Mommy does all the “potty” clean up. You will see her licking the pups and the blanket at times. It’s her job to keep the den clean.

  182. WOW.
    Me mum was a saint, but she never had to do THAT with ‘er mouth, did she?
    (sorry, bin watchin’ Ricky Gervais standup again. Makes me think in tha’ accent, dunnit?)
    Seriously though, Mother’s Day was INVENTED for this sort of stuff!

  183. OMG, just sitting here with it running in the background and all of a sudden THERE’S SOUND! Little squeaky puppy sounds!!! squeeaall 🙂 🙂

  184. Gail (the first one) says:

    OMG, I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out which of my kittehs was sneezing or something!!!!!

  185. Why is it dark???

  186. returning, for the umpteenth time, to the puppy cam, enjoying the nomming and squeaking sounds, when suddenly the screen goes black, but the whining continues!!! eerie!

  187. ok, now the lights are back on, and it’s quite clear that one of the puppies is making a very determined but misguided effort to suckle. unfortunately mom isn’t there, and the unfortunate suckee is a sibling who can only yip in disapproval.

  188. Nevermind. It’s all better!

  189. What kind of superhuman self control do the owners of these little pups have anyway?! If I had a pile of squeeking little furballs like this, I wouldn’t be able to resist scooping them up and cuddling!

  190. Do we know where these puppies are located? (Kennel, home, vets, etc.??)

    How old are they? Names?
    I pretty much want to play 20 questions.. so as much information about these little snuggle puppies owuld be great.

    This is really interrupting my daily life.. but I love it at the same time.

  191. I am loving the play-by-play comments on here.

  192. The momma just came in for feeding time and the feed cut out!!! NOOOOOOOSE!!!!!

  193. PUPPIES!! Puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies puppies -BREATHE- puppies puppies puppiespuppies! I need a new FUZZY!!!!

  194. someone is scratching them I am SO JEALOUS!

  195. So we finally see a human hand in the picture, and the little pups scrambled over for some attention. The hand really put the size of these cuties in perspective! They are so tiny! I just love the one sacked out on his back in the top of the pic…I wonder how old they are?

  196. Oh wow. So much wiggly waddly cuteness in one place.

  197. The pups will be 3 weeks old on Tues (Oct 28th).

  198. 24 hours later….

    Someone really needs to do this with kittens, and in a different timezone so when the puppies are off-air I don’t go into withdrawal.

    I can’t understand how puppies sleeping is so captivating to me but it is.
    Scooterpants is right Meg, you could go without posting anything new for weeks and we wont notice. xD

  199. omigosh. they’re having little puppeh dreams and woofing and kicking their paws…


  200. Had this page open all day long and came once in a while to check on the puppehs! omg the things I have seen here…life is beautiful!

  201. @SFShiba: thanks for the answer about their age. And thanks for the puppy cam!

  202. johnnyjohnny says:

    Thanks SFShiba!!!!!

  203. Raemie L. says:

    *squee* at puppies yawning and barking during sleep

  204. I have a six page paper due in less than a day and I’m freaking out because I’m looking at adorable puppies sleeping rather than typing my stupid paper. oh the cuteness.

  205. ahhhhh, shiba inu puppies. I am going to bed now but I will come back to check on you guys tomorrow. Miss you already!

  206. If there were a, (which there isn’t… *sadface*) THIS is what it would show.

  207. These puppies are not on Hawaiian time…

  208. Shibas are indeed very cute puppies and beautiful dogs, intensely loyal and possessing the most incredibly snorglable ears on the planet. However, before you invest yourself in one, you need to know that they shed mountains of fur twice a year, are very manipulative and jealous, and can take these things to a high degree. My daughter’s beautiful Shiba had to be put down after he attacked her baby.

  209. Someone please help me…why are the pups still not streaming yet? I didn’t think addiction would set in this quickly. *huddles in corner to deal with withdrawal symptoms*

  210. Chanpon — as of 10:40 AM Central (at least), they’re live & streaming.

  211. (they’re asleep, though)

  212. Feeding time!!!

  213. Nicolletta says:

    Puppy pile! *dives in*

  214. Yay! I finally got to see feeding time! Yay for being sick at home!

  215. @Foxtoy
    Kai says “I kin hear ’em, why can’t I smell ’em? Can’t touch ’em either”

  216. A song for the puppehs this morning!

  217. Ahn!
    11:44AM, PST:
    All are sleeping but one puppy in the middle, who is sitting up, yawning with his tongue out, and scratching his ear.
    Then he stumbles over to a tangle of his sleeping littermates and tries determinedly to climb over all of them, waking three who groan in protest and turn, bellehs up! Paws up!
    He knows what’s good. 🙂

  218. Boy that one pup is trouble. Everyone is trying to sleep and she’s all energetic and walking on their heads. She just started barking her tiny little wee little bark and the rest of them lifted their heads up like “WTF?”

    I am getting nothing done today……

  219. These little dudes nap HARD.

  220. PUPPIES! I keep hearing this whining noise, forgetting that I kept this window open. I thought something was wrong with my computer!!! hahaha

  221. violinanonymous says:

    I think someones hungry and trying to get milk from one of the other puppies. hahahaha

  222. OMG, that one pup was trying to “feed” off his sister!! Eeewww

  223. @3:22 two are picking on one!! agh!! i want to dive in and defend the under-puppy!!

    @3:24 glance back… oh yes, happy puppy world restored. and glorious snorgling pile in the center. no more chomping on cuteness.

  224. JediPirate says:

    I’m sure it was an innocent moment that only looked wrong, but omg. It was like watching a puppy orgy for a few minutes there. I think I need to scrub my eyeballs.

  225. Sleeping this way:

    So cute!

  226. This is EXACTLY WHY the terrorist hate us. Nothing is this wuvable or cuddly in Iraq.

  227. scooterpants says:

    is it possible that they have GROWN and GAINED WEIGHT in the last two days we’ve all been watching them?
    they are amazingly cute.
    I love it when one of them gets all wriled up and lets out a lil Bark! (sort of a bark anyway)

  228. Without a doubt, Scooter. It’s what they do.

  229. My name is Alexandra, and I am a puppyholic 🙂

  230. getting no work done…. can’t stop watching puppies…

    here comes mommy!

  231. Me too, Alexandra.
    Oh! The one with the dark muzzlepowshe keeps crying and yipping! Momma just left; I wonder if he didn’t get enough milk and can still hear her outside the basket?
    Noisy puppy!!!

  232. I want…no, I NEED a puppy pillow.
    Like, right now.

  233. It’s ok, nakey! the good thing is we are here to support each other, specially when momma leaves and the puppehs keep on yipping! life can be hard sometimes.

  234. Phshew, thank you Alexandra. And look, it is feedy time now. Mom laid down, everybody’s happy. 🙂

  235. hahaha. looks like mom busted outta there. now for some puppy romping! i love watching their wiggly adventures

  236. OMG I just saw a puppy yawn EIGHT times in a row. And then fall straight back to sleep.

  237. Is there a patch or some gum we can get for this? Cause I am seriously addicted to these lil dudes.

  238. tubbysnuggles says:

    I want to know HOW ON EARTH it can be that I don’t see people nomming on those puppies every 2 seconds. I couldn’t stand it! whose puppies are these and why aren’t they gobbling them up EVERY SECOND? GAH!

  239. Furbabies says:

    These pups have otter tails!

  240. @10:10pm EST
    3 butts facing 3 butts. So cute!

  241. Purple_phoenix says:

    It must be hard to be these puppies! Life must be a daily sturggle to survive….how I wish I could save them!

  242. needapuppy says:

    Ok, I’ve just seen the hand scritching them — these guys are super tiny. Cute!

  243. So cute!! Please keep this webcam on I love it!!! I look at multiple times a day.

  244. i love that puppies seem to have no qualms about stepping on top of each other’s heads…

  245. it also kind of sucks when your back legs are too stubby to perform a good ear scratch 😛

  246. it must also suck to have back legs that are too stubby to perform a good ear scratch…

  247. Awwwwww one in the lower right corner was sleeping alone then decided to go and snuggle with the rest of the pile of puppies! “Must keep warm!”

  248. Were these guys just given a pep pill? They suddenly have energy overload!

  249. How come the sound went away for the puppies? 😦

  250. RUH ROH! 9:06 PST

    Somebody made a poo poo! lol

  251. Oops, white bed is now twice soiled; and much squirming is trampling it in… ah puppies.

  252. uh oh one of the pups just pooped…. the rest are stepping all over the poop and spreading it around… someone clean it up!!

  253. Oh no, poopulence!!

  254. “you’re just too gooood to be trueee
    can’t take my eyes off of youuu
    you’d be like heaaaaven to touch
    I want to nom on those pups”

  255. someone’s takin the puppehs out

  256. they are cleaning it!! 😀

    ::scrolling, scrolling::
    Oh, okay. Is just poopulence cleanup. Puppies will be back soon, right?

  258. GREEN CUSHIONS! omg I love this group therapy!

  259. Fluffy green pillows!

  260. Must have been a poop pill, not a pep pill … and that’s what I call good service – it’s being cleaned now – ‘spect the puppies need to be too

  261. Ahhnnggg. All of the puppitudes have been carefully cleaned up and placed back on fresh green checkerboard by kind hands.
    Thank you, red-fingernail-polish lady! You are a blinding light of awesomenosity.

  262. dogpile!

  263. it’s a sleepy puppy pile!

  264. That was a really nice thing to tune into at different intervals during the day. Really relaxing and so sweet! I love the Shiba Inu breed.

    Is is bad that I’ve started naming them?

  265. I need my puppy fix!!!

  266. =( do the puppies ever get to play outside? Poor puppies, wouldn’t they enjoy a nice romp in the grass?

  267. scooterpants says:

    she is such a good mommy!
    i hope when they’re big enough we get to see some ‘playing in the grass outside’ shots of these little guys.
    the one little guy is trying so hard to nurse and he keeps sliding off the puppeh pile! ehn ehn ehn!!! hep me!

  268. scooterpants says:

    the little one didnt get to eat again.
    i’m getting worried now.

  269. Alexandra says:

    I’ve started naming the puppehs too 😀

  270. Aw, the stream is acting up for me today. It keeps stopping. I have to hit refresh. The odd thing is I still get audio.

  271. I feel lost when the puppy cam is down…. :~(

  272. AuntieMame says:

    Jeanne, maybe they’re a little young for that yet? (They’re about three weeks old, I believe their owner said.) I don’t know much about puppies, but until they’re old enough for their vaccinations, maybe it’s better that they’re kept inside for now.

  273. Yeah, puppies are really young – 3 weeks today, according to the owner! 🙂 Based on the sleeping patterns I’ve seen so far, any outside romp would unfold like this:
    *plonk* zzzzzzzz
    zzzzzzzzzzz (for 1 hr)

  274. scooterpants says:

    ffffwew! i’m so glad to see everyone having their dinner. i’m not so worried now about the little one.

  275. Face noms! FAAACE NOMMMS!!!

  276. scooterpants says:

    please to move this post back up to the top so’s we dont lose it.

  277. Melissa C says:

    when do they go potty?

  278. Silly Scooter… see that “Permalink” URL, right after “Posted by Meg” etc.? Just bookmark THAT in your browser. Otherwise there’s a URL you can bookmark right in the UStream feed, if you click on its menu options.

  279. scooterpants says:

    whenever they want. 🙂

    (I see neck munches!!! chomp, chomp, chomp, SQUEAL!)

  280. They can’t be three weeks. Puppies open their eyes at about 2 wks and these guys don’t have their eyes open.

  281. e-GAD but they grow fast…

  282. scooterpants says:

    ok fine.
    BUT. see the littlest one at the right top of the screen right now sleeping on the side of the (whatever) bed with his little head on his sibling?
    he is not getting enough food, and no one will let him sleep in the dog-pile, and he’s always left out of everything. so i’m thinking he should come stay at my house.

  283. scooterpants says:

    yes they do have their eyes open, but mostly not when they’re sleeping.

  284. scooterpants says:

    OMG I am TOTALLY obcessed with this.

  285. Lisa (one of several) says:

    one minute – pile of sleeping puppies…next minute mommie arrives and it is CHAOS!!!

    It was easier for me to give up smoking than it will be when/if puppy cam goes away….

  286. am i the only one that doesnt like to watch when its time for the puppies to eat? i feel bad for the ones that can’t get at it…. damn you darwin!! well, only when it comes to cute puppies… otherwise i’m a fan of darwin.

  287. OUCH! momma just nuzzled one of the puppies and he fell down!!

  288. What does the mom do when she is not there? is she watching her stories and talking on the phone with her friends?

  289. Gosh well…
    My name’s Ellie and I’m a puppyholic… I’ve started logging on to look at sleeping puppehs over 3 times a day…

  290. Thanks for sharing, Ellie. I can’t close the window and whenever I can I put it in full screen. My husband is giving me that look now…

  291. I am officially enrolling in a 12 Step Program to beat this Puppy Jones I’ve developed! I love it when the mom comes in, the puppies wake up, eat in a frenzy, mom leaves, they romp around in an adorable wrestling match, and then splat, they immediately collapse in a heap of snores… These puppies are an evil drug!!

  292. MelisaC, scroll up! I asked about potty time too and got the lowdown on how Momma takes care of it.
    Plus, yesterday we had a Pooping Incident. So maybe as they grow, their poops is growin’ too!

  293. OK. I was here ::counts on fingers:: 18 hours ago, and now they are SO MUCH BIGGAH! I think each puppy is 30% bigger than it was when I went to sleep last night!
    Why do they grow so fast? Can’t they have just a leeeetle bit longer to be fresh little puppyloaves?

  294. Thank you Ellie, Alexandra, and Nik. (CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP) We have a large group today. We’re here for you.

    A fellow puppaholic

  295. Oh but they are still very little! Someone came in and pet them and rubbed puppeh bellies! I am insanely jealous about this fact. They’re just a little bigger than said person’s hand. I’ve been watching for a couple of days now…And I would also like to just say- Hi I’m Lise and I’m a puppyholic.

  296. Lise and SPB, Welcome to Puppyholics Anonymous! It’s astonishing how fast these puppies get into your system…

  297. scooterpants says:

    someone DO something.
    Ellie- Three times a day???
    you’re a lite weight.
    I’m up to bout 20 times a day, and i cant stop.
    12 step program PPHHHTTT.
    I dont want no REHAB.
    You cant make me go.

  298. scooterpants says:

    OH BTW Poeski-mama is gettin a break so they dont SUCK THE LIFE RIGHT OUTTA HER!
    Iz all good, she wont need the breast rejuvination surgery after this lil episode, since mamas parents are taking such good care of HER too.
    itz all good…
    (cept for the lil runt one that is trying SO hard! poor lil babeh)

  299. How about I always have this window open-so I can check in on the puppies. I’m trying to figure out how I can have it always on top while I’m working on the computer…*shifty eyes* Should I worry? Am I too far gone?

  300. Okay, so this was the first time I got to see Mom come in for mealtime – that wasn’t so much a feeding as a wrestling match! I can’t believe any of the puppies actually got much to eat….lol

  301. scooterpants says:

    Lise- talk to Theo.

  302. I – I’m not proud of this. It isn’t easy to say:
    I turned off Sleep Mode and my screen saver, so that I could have the puppies on full screen for hours, while I was across the room – sniff – reading my voter’s pamphlet. . . And voting.
    ::head in hands::

  303. Purple Phoenix says:

    I don’t think of this as an addction. I like to think of it as therapy. I am a over worked, over stressed collge student. Seeing puppy lofas helps me relax from a busy day hurding chickens, I mean children.

  304. Is anyone else hearing Donny Osmond from the 70s singing “Puppy Love”?! That should be the soundtrack to this video…

  305. Nik-OMG yes perfect song! and it is truly love! therapy …and addiction. But I am proud to say I went an entire 30 mins without thinking of the puppies! Upon realizing this, I of course, clicked on the window and all was right with the world again…Ok it was 26 mins but I wasn’t counting. They are so cute!! I-I do leave my house and the puppies, really I do… but then I talk about them and turn other people on to the puppycam. Could I be considered a dealer of sorts?

  306. Daphne Moss says:

    This is the most wonderful thing every!! Pile of sleeping baby dogs and then the two who aren’t in the pile get up and join the group…were they chilly?
    Man comes in and gently pets them, cuddles one and shows his pretty puppy face to camera, and now the whole group is sleeping again…dreaming making little puppy protest noises … and what the hell??? There’s like a dove cooing noise…and how are the puppies not suffocating each other in this pile of floof? DAMMIT! I need to get out of here and go home and now I can’t.
    Well, if Russia takes us over, you’ll know why …

    *hyp-MO-tized by the puppies*

    p.s. Peeps who take care of these floof-os… you are awesome good puppy parents!! Thanks for the cam…I think…

  307. They’re the cutest things!!!!

  308. read a few comments then took another look to say goodnite to sleeping puppies but THE MILK BAR IS OPEN awwwww
    virtual puppies-no mess no fuss but then again no wet noses and soft silky ears an no —-awwwww

  309. i just turned up the volume
    oh my goodness i can hear them
    suckling and whining and even burping!!!!!!!

  310. I am already thinking about the withdrawal symptoms once these little guys grow up – where will we get our fix … 😦

  311. Alexandra says:

    “They tried to make go to rehab and I won’t go go go”

    I want to share with you, my fellow PA members, that I went to the movies with my hubby and the puppehs were out of my mind for most of it! *smiles and nods* thank you thank you.

    The puppehs are, in fact, bigger today! awwwww *kissing 24 paws in her mind*

  312. There’s a hand playing with the puppies and someone whispering “Puppy, puppy, puppy…”

    Then a puppy gives a particularly LOUD puppy bark, and the someone exclaims, “Jesus!”

  313. I love you, disembodied hand and voice!

    *disembodied hand picks up solo pup and adds it to the puppy pile*

    Voice: “There you go, be with your brothers and sisters.”

  314. SFShiba — You’re the best puppy parents! It was so sweet to watch you gently pet the pups, move them over to their mom to be sure they all had a chance to eat, and then to watch them scramble over to the edge of the pen and look up waiting for you to pet them. Loved hearing your off-screen commentary too! You are very gentle and sweet with these little pipsqueaks!

    Thanks a million for the puppy cam.

  315. 🙂 ok, the person who put this on cute overload and those of you
    who posted other links to check out—Shame on you,
    shame, shame, shame,
    that’s right, hang your head low.
    i mean come on already!!
    how is anyone supposed to get anything done???
    lets see–work or watch puppies?
    clean the house or watch puppies? 🙂
    Please puppies, go to sleep so i can stop watching and get something done.

  316. Alexandra says:

    NOOOOO!!! OFF AIR!!! omg omg this is just a little taste of the withdrawals I will be having when the pups grow up and go make their own lifes…*bites her nails*

  317. Alexandra says:

    why oh why? I am sure alexa was just kiddin’!

    oh well sweet dreams puppehs! hope to see you tomorrow again! 🙂

  318. I don’t know if I love you or hate you for this. I am completely addicted to these ridiculously cute little fur babies… and now I want another puppy. Or six. SO CUTE IT HURTS!!!

    [Meg, meet Meg. Meg, Meg. So… either of you know any Margarets? – Ed.]

  319. Maerlyn99 says:

    See, I missed all this with my Shiba; he was nine weeks old when we got him. But the breeder gave me a video tape of him at about four weeks, and he was just like these little guys (only black and tan; these are reds and sesames). I wish I could have held him when he was tiny and snorgled him; he’s such a big brat now (he’s nine years old) that he doesn’t like to be cuddled; he thinks it makes him look wussy.

  320. I keep missing them I hope I get to see them again soon, last time I did see them they are growing very nicely. Our schedules don’t line up apparently.
    Foxtoy-Kai is perfectly beautiful! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  321. Ellie- Three times a day???

    I’m still hovering in the denial stage “whadaymean I don’t have a problem!!!”

    ps. the puppehs grew overnight?!!

  322. scooterpants says:

    i’m still very worried about the little runt at the top of the bed there by himself, someone needs to get him and hold him and hug him and make it all better. the other puppers obviously dont like him or something, and hes not real aggressive at feeding time.

    Mr Hand Person and MS Pretty Red Fingernails Lady- is that puppy ok?
    i feel so sorry for it, and am having a hard time reaching THROUGH my comp. screen to peek him up!

  323. Here’s something fun to do: when they’re sleeping in a pile (like now), stop the feed for a few minutes, then start it again. It’s funny to see how they’ve moved around, flipped over, etc.

    @Lise: Thanks for describing how big they are! When I saw that Mom was a Shiba Inu, I knew they had to be fairly small in comparison to her, but…not the same as a visual.

    I have to admit I also fret when watching Mom feed them. It’s a good thing I’m not there – I’d be constantly trying to Arrange Everybody and Mom would rightly want to bite me!

    ps I think my favorites are the ones with the dark snoots

  324. privacy tail!!! glorious privacy tail moment!! *sniffles* first privacy tail moment in this little fluff’s life… and i was here to witness it.

  325. Puppy Wrestling! We have front row seats! So funny!

  326. Wow, just a short time and some of those little pupples are getting quite chubbular!
    Dying to snorgle one of those fat little tummies!

  327. Alexandra says:

    I am in love with Shiba Inus now!

    Mr. Hand Person and Ms. Pretty Red Fingernails Lady, thank you so much for doing such a great job. I think we all are learning here a lesson on how to take care of lil’ puppehs and also how to be responsible. To breed dogs is a very hard work and you do it with love!

    I wish all breeders out there had such a talent, compassion and care.

    Gosh I am so moved right now.

  328. scooterpants says:

    all sleeping – shhhh.
    -whisperie voice- they have a tennis ball now (snort giggle) SO cute.
    I dont think they have even acknowledged it yet (too into the mama)

  329. DevinHelena says:

    Dear goodness! I haven’t been able to stop watching the little fluff balls!

  330. Yeah, I love it except when I see the runt get no food at all at a feeding session.

  331. wannadance says:

    once he hooks on, that runt does not let go. he’s the one who gets dragged around until he is so full, he just drops off into a sleep. so not to worry…

    waaaaaah. they’re growing up!!

  332. I am in love with the floofy puppies! I’d like to thank the people who take care of the puppies-You are amazing!

  333. First coffee of the day while watching these cutesters … not a bad start. Work, I’ll get to that in a while …

    Seriously, these pups are *inflating*.

  335. @ karlab: What do you mean stop the feed for a couple minutes and see how they moved? The fun part is keeping it running and watching them stumble around so you can see how they actually got into that predicament.

    Also I just watched one pup nomming another pup’s ear and was supremely jealous.

  336. When are they gonna introduce touch-cam – I so want to pet these guys!

  337. One woke up, tried to wake somebody else up, managed to wake up three and they all plopped back to sleep and it was over. *le sigh*
    Now somebody is banging something- a hammer, maybe, can’t see commenting. In going’ back in!

  338. flowerchild says:

    I love the little whimpers and sniffles. I wish I could smell their little puppy breath. What are we going to do in a few weeks?

  339. oh, flowerchild, I guess we will need to start a group therapy to overcome the massive Empty Nest Syndrome we will experience…

  340. Its so hard being the only one awake.
    Poor pup has tried licking his/her siblings paws but they just won’t wake up and play.
    Come here and give me puppy kisses instead, cutey.

  341. Purple Phoenix says:

    This is me not getting any work done…I hope you’re happy puppy loafs! You might be the cause I get kicked out of college!

  342. I love this puppy breed and have an adult male at home. Thank you so much to the kind people who let us be a part of these puppies’ everyday. But there is something else I think people should know (skip the rest of this post if you can’t handle sad news). This is the breed of dog that a few countries actually breed as food. Not third world nations with food shortage but countries where it is considered a delicacy. So sad.

  343. Alexandra says:


    no way…


    It’d be a delicacy for me to smell those paws!

  344. okay, we have one active little pup thinking … I wanna play .. hmm, I’ve tried snorgling his ‘tocks, squelching onto his face .. will pulling on his face work? … Waaah, wake up!

  345. flowerchild says:

    I am beside myself. I NEED to hold them. Road Trip!!!

  346. “Off Air”
    OMG. We are all, all doomed!

  347. But…but….what do I do when the live stream is down??? Why is it down?? What am I supposed to do when it’s not on? Who what where why?!? Must…find….activity….to…amuse…self…with…till…puppies…come…back….

  348. Oh, they’re back! LOOK AT THE GARGANTUAN PUPPIES! They are all growing leaps and bounds. I’m not worried for Runtycakes; he will be fine. 🙂

  349. With all that squirming and moving about, does it look like they don’t actually get much sleep? It’s like tiny little naps and then lots of getting woken up, no?

  350. offair??? sob sob

  351. Puppies are howling and yipping like crazy monkeys! =D

  352. scooterpants says:

    omg, they grew a LOT since i saw them yesterday afternoon.
    they’re gunna out grow that bed thingy soon.
    oh no,..then what?
    will Mr Hand Person move the camera to their new bigger better improved area? will we get to see who adopts them and get a vote in whether someone is even worthy of adopting one of them? I think we all have a huge investment in this now, and we should get to have a say in who gets our puppies and who can go fly a kite.
    shhh, all sleeping, i must have just missed mama coming in.
    so sweet…

  353. Crazyolcatlady says:

    War, famine, pestilence – nothing will destroy the world’s productivity like Puppeh Cam! Must be taken down!

  354. Alexandra says:

    awww they are sleeping today on their fluffy white cushion! I love the contrasting colors. I am in love with those tiny white paws, it seems like they stepped on white paint!

    I agree, scooterpants! I wish we could vote on who gets to adopt the puppehs. Can they show us on camera the possible candidates? 😀

  355. I hear big dog (mommy?) barking in background and it’s getting louder and more frequent. Are puppy nappers trying to break in? Oh noes!

  356. They are getting so big!
    I notice their tails aren’t sticking out so straight anymore! Starting to curl up a bit. 🙂
    I just want to bite their cuteness!

  357. Puppehs are awake. Feeding time!!

  358. scooterpants says:

    what is going on? so much cryingk and screamink!
    is it mama?
    or MR Hands Person? or maybe its MS pretty red fingernails lady?
    “throw us a bone here!” we cant see what’s going on! halps!

  359. Where is number 6??!

  360. Where is the 6th puppy? I hope he’s someplace safe and sound.

  361. Alexandra says:

    one… two… three… four… five…

    what? again

    one… two… three… four… five…

    where is the 6th puppeh???

  362. wannadance says:

    number six was okay when sleeping a little while ago…maybe getting some extra? mom fed for a short while then got worried and left, looking for missing baby…


  363. FashionableNerd says:

    I was wondering the same thing, Ralph.

  364. Yippee! He’s back and red finger nail lady is petting him.

  365. FashionableNerd says:

    yay! Red Fingernails Woman to the rescue!

  366. Alexandra says:

    he’s back! he’s back!!!

  367. @Scooterpants-I agree do we have some say? I am in deep now! and then do we get to follow the puppies?
    AND where is the sixth puppeh?!?!! There’s a lot of screaminks!! I am worried-Oh good when the sixth puppy got back 4:11EST they stopped whining so much- maybe they missed him/her, like i did? Oh boy they’ve got a lot to say!

  368. scooterpants says:

    mama mama mama!
    shes there!
    and shes eating something.
    whoa! the babehs almost knocked her on her butt.
    whoa they’re getting agressive!
    too bad i missed Mr Hand and Fingernail lady,
    and there she goes! and all babehs accounted for. 🙂

  369. That one pup keeps crying! Hm. Now he/she is quiet, laying off alone. Puppy whimpering = very disturbing!

  370. Those little guys are just practicing their “Shiba screams” – a piercing shriek to let you know they are displeased.

  371. scooterpants says:

    wow. these people owe the company where i work a LOT of money.
    first there is my expert baby-sitting which runs about 2-3 hours per day.
    then there is my lack of getting anything at all done all day, which runs..well, ALL day since this posted. then there is my excessive use of the intranets and other such things like that.
    I figure if they give me ONE of those puppehs, it’ll cover all of my fees.

  372. scooterpants says:

    check the tocks up actions on the little runty-babeh right now.(top of screen, ass in air)
    its just to die for! so adorables!

  373. Awwwwwwwww… twitchinks in their sleep!!

  374. I think those pups have doubled in size since this time yesterday, and their little snouts are already much more pointy! No more smooshy faced puppehs!


    Ah, they grow so fast. . .

  375. Pup thoughts – I love playing, it’s so much fun, I am having a great time, I have so much … energy, so .. much … fun, …so …… much ……. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  376. Such roly-poly puppies. Thank you for letting us watch them grow.

  377. o.O I think one of the puppies got out, there is onley 5 right now

  378. 5 pups again 😦 I can’t take it … I need to know they are all okay!!!!!

  379. Where did puppy 6 go?

  380. flowerchild says:

    I’d like to request remote control access to the web cam. I need to scan the room for #6, pleeez.

  381. What’s going on!!!??? Why is the 6th puppeh so upset? Where is he/she? He keeps crying/yipping/screaminks (I’m not sure what to call it!) i need info!!
    @scooter what about MY internets babysitting fees? 🙂 or should I be paying them for the sheer joy and ability to wipe my mind clean of all my problems while watching puppehs play and romp and…..zzzzz

  382. I’m scared! Where da udder puppeh? I can hear him I think, crying. Somebody pay attention to him!

  383. 6th puppy, where are you? Why aren’t you with your brothers and sisters? Are you crying because you are alone? Please, return him to his nest. He’s obviously sooo upset.

  384. Oh baby puppy, I hope someone comes to the rescue quickly. I hate hearing his little crys for help.

  385. I am wondering where the other puppy is too. I can hear puppy cries and yelps and I can’t imagine where it is.

  386. yay! Welcome back indeed :)!

  387. A kind hand just put puppy back. I am so relieved.

  388. Is he back – I can’t tell, he might be .. it looks like 6 …

  389. Iz #6 back? I can’t see him. They’re all piled up.

  390. Oh good, he’s back. I was really worried with all those yelps but now all is quiet. I hate to think of the 6 pack ever getting separated.

  391. There are six. Mr kind hand person put the puppy back. Then the little screaminks lost puppeh explorer serenaded us with some more of his vocals 😉 and then climbed into the big furry pile!

  392. okay – now maybe I can get some work done while they sleep … I thought this was suppose to be relaxing – now I get worried and can’t relax until I see them all… I have it bad …

  393. Pups are going to need the super-duper-jumbo sized Rubbermaid tub soon. Mom can barely stretch out long enough to make room for everybody to eat at once.

    Or perhaps Mr. McRunterson could just come to my house for a bottle??????

  394. Holy smokes! I turn my back for 36 hours and the tiny little pipsqueaks have been replaced by much bigger pipsqueaks! It’s astonishing how fast they are growing. I need to see the Hands so I can get a better sense of perspective, but they are filling up their pen!

  395. I’m excited for a bigger pen. Put them in a little wire pen. he he… let them run and wrestle. I really want one of these guys at home. My shiba Kai is already in love with them too!

  396. scooterpants says:

    ok then…
    Lise- your babysitting fees are up to you to collect, i’ll give you an address and an account number at a later date, you may want to secure yourself an attorney. (bah ha ha)

    I think not. are you kiddin? there are MANY of us here that have had, and still have, a LARGER stake in the future of “MR Runtersons”(as you call him/her) so you have a fight on yer hands. I like to call the babeh ‘Squirt’ and that there is a cute name for a runt.

    MR. Hands and MS. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady-
    If you would be so kind, to let us know what your intensions are for future reference when you move the puppehs around and such, we would appreciate it so that all us adopted aunties and uncles dont all freak out, it would be very nice. You know you have allowed us all into your puppeh playpen, so now we all own a part of it and are of course , concerned about our charges.

    (-DUH note- actually you dont have to tell us anything, as long as you dont take them away. addiction is a terrible thing , getting DT’s right now just thinking about it.)

  397. Mr. Hands here – we;ll be moving them to a larger pen soon… and begin potty training. Yay!

  398. @SFShiba, a.k.a. Mr. Hands: Thanks so much for letting us watch the adorable puppehs being lovingly raised! I sure hope the larger pen is puppy-cam equipped?

  399. Alexandra says:

    I am so excited about potty training! I have learned here a lot! are Shiba Inus as hard to potty train as Jack Russell Terriers?

    *sits in front row with notebook in hand waiting for potty training lesson*

    Thank you so much, Mr. Hands!

  400. Mr. Hands, would you and Ms. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady like manicures? I’m sure we’d all by happy to see that your own “paws” are taken care of!

  401. Alexandra says:

    Isn’t it the sweetest thing evah that they put a ball inside the pen for the puppehs to get used to it?

    It’s like welcoming them to their future world! a world full of toys and fun!

  402. No kidding Alexandra! In no time, there will be squeaky toys, chewies and lots of romping! The Hands will have to hire a production crew with multiple cameras to capture all of the frolicking…

  403. OMG. Puppy cam, I love you.

  404. Alexandra says:

    *hugs Puppy Cam*

  405. Mr. Hands and Ms. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady,
    Thank you.
    Thank you so much!
    I know, we are kind of a handful. (And you’ve got your hands full already!)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us watch these pretty puppies grow!
    Ya I’m Addicted

  406. still off air… i’ve been waiting… for … 2 hours… sniffle… i’m wilting….

  407. Oh puppycam… I love you. This is the best thing to ever happen to the internet.

  408. Ah the puppehs moved into a new den – I spy a wee wee pad – potty training!

  409. Mr. Hands,

    Have the puppies moved into a new den or did you just move the camera angle? And I must say, your cinematography is exceptional. I like this angle–it feels like we’re in the den with them.

    I can’t believe it’s only been one week since the puppycam hit CO and changed our collective lives forever! This is definitely puppy herion–one time and you’re hooked…

  410. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Where are my….ummm…I mean the puppies? They are normally on by now. Not that I am needing to see them or anything. I can quit looking at Puppcam anytime I want. Really. I can.

  411. scooterpants says:

    oh check it out!
    they get a new play-pen area as well as their beddie-bye! they’re all so excited, SO cute!
    Mr Hands is making it so nice for them.
    Cant wait til the camera is set up for extreme puppeh viewing!

    me too, I CAN quit any time, I dont NEED it in any way, of course I could just cut down, and that’d be fine, but I dont think I have a problem or anything. and you seem perfectly normal to me.

  412. Oh Mr. Hands and Ms. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady, you’ve outdone yourselves! The Puppehs are movin’ on up! They now have their very own Puppeh Lanai! Love all of the romping room. I expect that it will be non-stop hijinks from here on out! I use the same red playpen for my bunnies and they have lots of room to bounce around.

    And on behalf of my little godpuppies, may I say, thank you very much for the room upgrade!

  413. Finally, pups are back on, live! BTW, for those who have never known a Shiba, they have the most incredibly gorgeous ears ever snorgled! My daughter had one and it was all I could do not to nom on his ears all the time!

  414. Purple Phoenix says:

    The Puppesh are in a new house! This calls for a house warming party!

  415. Alexandra says:

    Oh my god! look at their new play pen!!! I love watching them venturing out of their bed! 😀 way to go Mr. Hands! oh! momma is here! feedy time!!!

  416. Alexandra says:

    She is all like… “where should I feed them? out in the play ground or back in the bed/den?”

  417. Alexandra says:
  418. They have graduated!
    How exciting!!

  419. wannadance says:

    aiyeeeeee. they turning into DAWGS now…

    thank you for the post, mr. hands. ask pretty red fingernails lady to post too…

    your gazillion fans,
    are here.

  420. scooterpants says:

    huge pile’o pups all at the front end of the den thingy.
    can you imagine how hot it would be if you could stick your hand in between those puppehs! OMG! it would be heavenly.

  421. Lisa (one of several) says:


    Not that I am one of you people who are addicts – Scooterpants is right – I am normal so why should I quit watching if I don’t have a problem???? I would know if I had a problem…

  422. Lisa (one of several) says:

    I am ded now – there is a stuffed Jack-O-Lantern in with the sleeping puppies…

    My name is Lisa and I am a puppyholic….

  423. scooterpants says:

    the puppehs have a pumpkin toy! how cute is that.

  424. scooterpants says:

    nice Mr Hand gave them a pumpkin toy, they seem ‘less than interested’ though, just snoozing and snoozing and zzzzzzzzz….

  425. 5:02 EST. Action: puppy attacks pumpkin!

  426. wannadance says:

    400th post!

    […whut?? pfft – Ed.]

  427. Alexandra says:

    Happy Howloween everyone!!! 😀

  428. Happy 1st Halloween, babies! Thanks for making ours so special. I luv the stuffed pumpkin!

  429. Lisa(OOS): Welcome to Puppaholics Anonymous. We at the CO chapter of PA are here (literally 24/7 it seems) to offer support to our fellow addicts.

    I wonder if the puppies will now get to eat on their sporty new patio or of mom will only feed them in their snuggly little den…

  430. Look they are all around the pumpkin!!! this is the cutest howloween evah. Period.

  431. “…Each year the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the Most Sincere. He’s got to pick this one. He’s got to! I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be More Sincere than this one. You can look all around and there is not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see. . .”

    Hmm. It’s almost as if Linus was talking about THIS *puppy* patch!

    Happy Howl-o-ween little Pups!

  432. 5^^now8ing says:

    Lise – Whatcha gotta do is open the link in a new window, then size it, like, a third the width of your screen, & then open everything else @ 2/3 screen size…. Then, you can work in the 2/3 screen and still keep an eye on the babies. And no, I don’t have a problem at all….

  433. wannadance says:

    ed, well, it appeared that it would be the 400th post if i did it fast enough, but alas…

    i take it back, withdraw for the night, bowing and scraping….

  434. Hahahaha I am so glad I’m not the only one crazy enough to consider having to go back and forth btwn tabs an issue in glorious puppeh viewing land!
    @5^^now8ing thank you!
    I love the new den, the pupplets are growing *sniff* I’m a proud auntie. I am excited for more romping and baby puppy growls and woofs! I *heart* puppycam

  435. scooterpants says:

    wannadance- dont give it to the T. he lives for it.(he IS the master of his domain after all)
    YOU are the 400th. you are worthy.

    SO! now the puppehs have the pumpkin AND a new yellow unknown toy.
    good grief could they be more adorable? HOW could they grown so fast.
    We’ll be sending them all of to their new homes soon. How will we all handle it? I know I will shed some tears… but until then! bring on the pee pads!

  436. Nik – The Autralian chapter of PA wishes it could be here 24/7 too
    … and I need support, I’m in the wrong timezone and haven’t seen their new home … Not fair !!! Now I’ll be looking forward to going to work on Monday just so I can catch up with these cuties.

  437. Sherb – I hope you make it through the weekend!! Once you’ve got the Puppy Jones, you got it BAD!

    But don’t worry, the Cute Overload Chapter of PA is here for you. You can have an overdose of puppy adorability anytime you want to and see what you’ve missed!! Here’s how: It’s VERY exciting! Ever the proud parents, Mr. Hands and Ms. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady have ever-so-thoughtfully posted video clips on their puppy-cam website so we don’t miss a thing!

    Go to their show home page at and you’ll see a bunch of video clips. Click on any one of them and boom! Instant Puppy Fix!

    It’s amazing to see the pics side by side to see how our little babies are sprouting up so quickly!

    So Sherby, you just hang on in there this weekend–we’re in this together and we are definitely going to need a global intervention when, perish the though, these pups are adopted…*sigh* Gives me the SHIVERS just thinking about it!

  438. Look how big they are! Their faces have gotten even cuter, if that’s possible. I love the sounds they make, I feel like I’m snorgling them.

  439. Just saw their playpen. I was mesmerized. Could not do any work until they finished playing and fell asleep. This puppycam should come with a warning:-)

  440. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    oh wow! look at them reacting to sound much faster than yesterday! They are cuddling up with a salmon! why o why am I not that salmon?

  441. wannadance says:

    still haven’t seen the playpen…waiting, waiting…

    deep dark secret: i don’t even like dogs much, cat person here. but baby animals are wonderful, regardless…

    wants to kiss that baby elephants ‘tocks, even…
    hardcore baby gurgler..

  442. LoveShibas says:

    Oh – too, too cute! We have a Shiba and love Shibas. What is the crackling noise that’s been going all morning? A clothes dryer? A fireplace? At first I thought it was popcorn popping. Curiousity is getting the better of me and I can’t figure it out!

  443. auntsugar says:

    Its raining=sounds like popcorn!

  444. caught sight of the den/playpen-How Posh! They were romping about in the playpen and one of them was staying inside watching so cute! Then he joined them for like 5 mins playing and then everyone crashed-sleepytime!! *sigh* delicious little pups-I want to snorgle a belleh or six!

  445. Is there a specific time they get fed…? I feel I’m missing out terribly. *pets screen of sleepeh puppehs*

  446. So funny, puttin pink collar on squirmy puppy who only wants to play with the hands.

  447. Oooooo, look! The puppies are no longer nekkid! Mrs. Hands just gave the puppies sporty new collars! Wow, this is a weekend of major prosperity for the pups. First a bigger condo, and now stylish new clothes.

    Nice belly rubbing action, Mrs. Hands!

  448. Oh look, their getting their collars. Are you guys getting audio? I’m not.

  449. No audio. The hands were pointing at some of the collars, wondered if she were naming the puppies.

  450. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    no audio! awww beautiful collars! beautiful colors! now it’s going to be easier to name them! 😀

  451. scooterpants says:

    the collars usually indicate that they have been ‘chosen’ and have new forever homes.
    OMG. tears, choking now. i cant hardly handle it.
    MY BABIES!!!!! OH NOSE!!!!
    MR Nice Hands Man, can you verify ? They are all spoken for no? 🙂 such lucky peoples….
    such a sad ME.

  452. scooterpants says:

    they wont name them, that is for their new parents to do…
    OMG depression sets in.
    so sad, lonely… UGH.

  453. Hi all!
    Glad everyone is enjoying them grow up! Sorry about the service today – had the good ‘ole Windows “Blue Screen ‘O Death” and problems on UStream with the Chat function.

    Yes, we have names for them so that you can tell each apart from each other with the colored collars. Just noticed that some of the colors appear too similar on screen so we’re going to get a couple of different collars tomorrow. I’ll post the names via collars then.

    And yes, it’s raining here so I’ve muted the sound today so that you don’t hear “popcorn” going off in the background the entire time. 😉

  454. Mr. Hands,

    Thanks for being so thoughtful! The colors will make it so much easier for us to name them! By the way, Little Mr. Green seems to have an itchy right ear. Will you please give him a good scratch?


  455. MuchoMazel says:

    Dear Nice Mr. Hands: How come we see so little of the mother dog? Is she holding down three jobs to support her family? And why is she so restless when she does come to see them?

  456. scooterpants says:

    AH! every time i have gone and purchased a pure bred pup, that was still too young to take home, they have put a colored collar on them at the time, to designate MY puppeh. so i thought this was the norm.
    so please ,school us on the protocol. you name them then? so that they learn to come to you to a name?
    and then their new parents chose the name they want at a later time? i’m so curious, how does it work in your particular instance? (i’m favoring the runt, so needs to know)

  457. Okay,here’s the breakdown of the sex of the puppies according to their collars.

    Both pinks= assuming girls?
    Purple = girl.
    Red = Boy.
    Green = Boy.
    Black = ? please post if you know.

    I’ve been studying them to figure it out; puppy watching is consuming my days! So happy.

  458. Which one is the runt?

  459. scooterpants says:

    i think there is
    maybe Blue instead? (cant see for the folds of fluff)
    although like Mr Hand says colors such as pink/red and black/purple dont come across as well on the video.
    BUT regardless, I personally would like to name the Runt ‘Squirt’ which I think is just a cutie pie name, no matter what it’s collar color or gender is.
    so what do yo’all rest of the Aunties think about that?

  460. scooterpants says:

    i ‘think’ that runtie is at the right top of the screen (lighter colors, little adorable white paw paws) right now, with the dark colored collar on, maybe its blue? or black?
    but usually is by itself, right now all cozy in the corner.
    am I right MR Hand?

  461. Scooterpants, I like “Squirt” but I also am leaning toward “Squeak” (short for Pipsqueak). Either way, the name should definitely be adorable!

  462. If you can make out the current colors on your screen the breakdown is as follows:

    Girls – Purple, Pink, Orange
    Boys – Green, Black, Reddish-Brown

    We’re going to get some other more noticable colors tomorrow.

  463. They got collars!

  464. scooterpants says:

    ok hmm.
    i think i’ll just sit bcak for a bit and see how the ‘colors’ play out.
    i was way off!
    But, Three of each. is there nothing that is not perfect with this litter!
    its wonderful.

  465. SFShiba… this is the most adorable thing I have seen in my life. And this is the first I saw pupppies feeding. I’ve spent hours looking at that webcam 🙂 What are you going to do with them? BRILLIANT idea, just brilliant.

  466. Oh please please please what are their names?? 🙂

  467. Ahhh, 3 and 3 (so sweet). They could be named after the Brady Bunch, Thanks for clearing that up Mr. Hands.

  468. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Yay collars! I can’t wait to know their names!!!

  469. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    Can we call one Lupe? 😀 *kisses 6 snouts*

  470. Oh my goodness look at the little babies now! Remember a week ago when they were just furry little puppy sausages with tiny tailios that stood straight out? *le sweet sigh* I love the collars! Thank you Mr. Hands and Ms Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady you bring such great joy to our worlds (I think as member of pupaholics nyc chapter I can say that on our behalf)
    So..I have to share I was at a party earlier for my brother’s bday and it was at my mom’s I put on the puppycam! yes but I don’t have a problem *shaking my head furiously*
    I had to share this because at one point my 90 year old grandmother, an avid animal lover, who was hooked immediately, exclaimed in a cute squeaky old lady voice “Oh I love them”!

  471. I think yellow is the runt.

  472. Aw! They got collars and a toy or two!
    Wow, I can see myself in a few months when these pups are no longer in constant web cam veiw simply crying.
    I’m gonna watch these piggies grow!

  473. These guys are the cutest!! I went to bed once and I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I had to get back up and watch them some more. I think I must start my own local pupaholics chapter before I get into worse trouble. I can’t sleep without them!! Hellllllppp meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  474. We heard there was a little difficulty telling the difference between a few of the colored collars so we switched some out. Here’s the latest:

    Girls – Purple, Yellow/White, Red
    Boys – Light Green, Black, Blue

  475. Nik – many thanks for providing much needed support with the link to their home page – I *might* be able to get through next weekend without running on US time
    … sitting down working out how many hours until I can see their beautiful new collars …

  476. Mr. and Mrs. Hands – Thanks for the new collars! The Virginia Chapter of Puppaholics Anonymous is now in session…

  477. The 6 Shiba Inu pups (3 boys and 3 girls) will turn 4 weeks old on November 4th.

    – Autumn (Purple collar)
    – Ayumi (Yellow-White collar)
    – Amaya (Red collar)

    Above info from their website.

    – Aki (Green collar)
    – Akoni (Black collar)
    – Ando (Blue collar)

  478. What is the website’s address? 🙂

  479. Where are they!!!???
    Empty crate! 😦

  480. I only see 4 puppehs… where are other 2???!?! 😦

  481. LoveShibas says:

    Hi. Ooooooh! Don’t turn off the sound on account of the rain! It wasn’t bothersome at all; I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Much better to hear the squeals and baby Shiba screams and yaps and grunts. I can’t stop watching! These pups are so precious. And I feel so lucky I can turn around from my computer and go hug my own big Shiba on his sheepskin blanket. Thank you for sharing your sweet pups with us all!

  482. I’m not sure it’s proper etiquette to post the website, but if you google SFShiba you can find it.

  483. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    The Mexican Chapter of PA is now in session too. I want to send a hug to my fellow puppaholics and tell you that I think this is the best addiction ever. Thank you Mr. Hands and Ms. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady for being such amazing pawrents and for sharing it with all of us. I love the names and the collars! I am lucky too, for I can hold my Jack Russell Terrier and she enjoys watching with me the puppehs.

  484. Linda, Are you Ms. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady?! So nice to meet you! You and Mr. Hands are the best puppy parents! And thanks for letting us know their names. So cute!

  485. Hi Guys! No, I’m not MS. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady. I wish I was, though, because then I’d be able to cuddle with all the cute puppehs. I want to hold ’em. I can’t believe how fast they’re growing. So, so cute. I just figured out how to find their website from Mr. Hands “comments name – SFshiba”.

  486. Is it possile that they would be getting cuter? I think so, just adorable pups.
    Love the collars in the different colors.
    Such adorable bits of life and it is so comforting to see how happy they are.

  487. OMG! puppies are mauling the mama inu! feeding frenzy!!!!

  488. MuchoMazel says:

    Shiba Puppy Theme Song

    To everything
    (Squirm, squirm, squirm)
    There is a season
    (Squirm, squirm, squirm)
    And a time for every puppy, Under heaven

  489. Beautiful names for beautiful pups

  490. I’m so jealous, I wanna play with the puppies. How do the parents restrain themselves? I would be snorling 24/7.

  491. scooterpants says:

    ok , so who is actually Runtie ?(aka Squirt to me)

  492. scooterpants says:

    Mr Hands!
    the runt is the little girl! Ayumi! in the Yellow collar.
    am I correct?
    even so, she is my favorite!

  493. scooterpants says:

    ok heres mama again. poor mama, she is so patient, they’re just attacking her.
    holy cow! 🙂

  494. scooterpants says:

    am i the only one here?
    i must be a freak.

  495. OMG their universe has expanded!!

    I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten so fast!

    And I love their collars!

  496. scooterpants says:

    Mr Hands is sitting in the little play yard. petting them and playing with the ball.
    (I want to be Mr Nice Hands…. boo hoo.)
    my little baby is all hanging back in the nest box! (yellow collar girlie)

  497. scooterpants says:

    oh thank god Andrea is here.
    i thought i’d lost everyone.

  498. scooterpants says:

    no audio

  499. If there were audio, I bet it would be noisy, with Mr Hands leaving, mom coming in for a bit, then leaving too. Crazy pups, chasing mom all around.

  500. scooterpants says:

    Ayumi is having none of the peep pad stuff Mr Hands… (giggle , snort)

  501. scooterpants says:

    oh good. Patty is here too.
    i still want to hear them!

  502. I want sound! 😦

  503. scooterpants says:

    everybody back in the box!
    and heres lots of toys to play with! crazy puppehs! ha!

  504. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    Are the pee pads the white little blankets on their playpen?

    I am here scooterpants, been here all day… all week. No we are not freaks nor have a problem! My whole family is watching the puppies now too and also many of my friends! 😀

  505. scooterpants says:

    hi foxtoy.

  506. I want another sheeb!
    I love Aki.

  507. scooterpants says:

    good to see you ALexandra! MCPA!
    Scooterpants here PNWPA. 🙂

  508. scooterpants says:

    foxtoy- wha’s a sheeb?

  509. scooterpants says:

    oh, yes the lil white pads with the lt blue edges, puppeh pee pads (potty trainin aid)

  510. scooterpants – I would have been here but my work seemed to think I should be at a meeting, not watching puppehs – no sense of priorities at all!

  511. scooterpants says:

    hi sherb.
    cripes. where do you work??
    that’s just not right.

  512. Hi Sherb,

    Welcome back from the weekend! Hope you’re out of puppy withdrawal now that you’re back online…

  513. scooterpants says:

    some are a little peeved about their collars (my fav lil Ayumi for one, lots of itchin and jumping around when should be sleeping.) they’ll get used to it. part of growing up i guess. 😉

  514. Mr. and Mrs. Hands, can you tell us what their names mean? I assume they are Japanese for something, and I’d love to know…

  515. Nik – yes, it’s good to be back – but one fix doesn’t seem to be enough … I need to hear these little tykes, and see them feed, and see them play, and … and…

  516. Sherb – I know. I wish this was a “touch” cam too, so we could pet these guys! But then they would never get any rest, would they?!

  517. Scooterpants:
    A Sheeb is my little name for my Shiba Inus. 🙂

  518. I love their names. And their dark muzzles are so cute against their white cheeks.

  519. I’m trying really hard not to have a favorite (this is the only downside of being able to distinguish between them). I feel like a parent!

  520. warrior rabbit says:

    Blue and yellow are tussling. Too cute.

  521. westiemom says:

    I have been watching the darlings for so long! My, how they have grown!! They make me LOL, esp when I watch that little girl sleep on her back! I do wonder how you keep them from eating the housebreaking pads. My Westie pups always took great delight in destroying those things.

    Soon they will have homes and that we will sad but good at the same time! Thanks for sharing your babies!

  522. Thank you to puppy parents (the human ones) for making the effort to share these puppies with us.

    They will soon be 4 weeks old (election day – don’t forget to vote!!) and then soon they will be old enough to go to wherever they will go.
    I will miss being able to see them.
    They are so sweet.

  523. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    awww awww Mr. Hands is petting momma and playing with a little green frog! that’s so beautiful!

  524. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    yayyyy election time is here, fellow puppyholics! we have polls now. I just voted for my favorite girl!

  525. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    he he, just for fun, though. All of them are my favorite! 😛

  526. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    oh I am so jealous of Mr. Hands ( or should we call him Mr. Feet now? lol) right now!!

  527. Oh my God I want to be Mr. Hands right now (or Mr. Feet)!!!;) Surrounded by baby puppies! Oh they look so soft!

  528. Ok now I’m jealous of Mrs. Hands..sigh it looks like a slice of heaven

  529. scooterpants says:

    mama mama mama mama mama!
    she baaaaaack! getting aaattttaaacked!
    good mama!

  530. Sigh! I have no other programs open on my system, have 2 GB RAM, but can’t get the live feed to play. I have to refresh over & over but no joy of live action. Same whether I look from CO or the USStream site. *pout*

  531. Oaky, I just left it on and after about 5 minutes it worked, but they had stopped palying and are sleeepingsk now. I thiought the popcorn sound was the dryer running, but understand now it is the rain. I don’t mind it at all. I likes to hear the pups when they dreems!

  532. wannadance says:

    asleep again, mooshed together…
    how will we live when they go?


  533. I love how they “body surf” to get in the middle of the sleep pile. I was jealous when Ms. Red nails got to rub puppy’s belly while it was sleeping on it’s back. Her hand covered the entire belly, so cute.

  534. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    It’s amazing how much I have learned about dog behavior watching the puppehs. I understand my own dog much more now! Now I understand why she gets into licking frenzies sometimes and why she used to chew on my toes when she was a 2 months old puppeh! oh… life is beautiful!

  535. Auntsugar says:

    One huge pile of puppy’s! Little paws all over the place and the sound of rain on the roof. What a cozy site.

  536. I have learned more about dog behavior than I evah wanted to know, giggle! Twice when I have tuned in, puppehs have been testing the male appendages to see if they would yield milk, and Ms. yellow collar has been doing some detailed arse-licking. *peeks between fingers*

  537. Auntsugar says:

    Yah! Lunch!!

  538. Darn, they are getting fed now, but we can’t see it! I’ve never seen the other part of their pen yet. Lots of puppy slurping goingks on!

  539. Auntsugar says:

    When do they start on puppy food? I’ve seen them fed and poor Kiki has her paws full. Six starving young-uns grabbing and swinging on her.
    The pen is a wire fence in a circle with romping room in the middle.

  540. Auntsugar says:

    Hello Mrs. hands! Boy are we glad to see you!

  541. scooterpants says:

    ah. “zee rain drops, she makes the puppehs go ZZZzzzz…”
    I think they’re sleeping more now than they did when they were tiny tots.
    But they’re maniacs at feeding time its crazy!

  542. OMG – look at the gorgeous little pink belly poking out from the pile … sitting here still waiting to see their new play pen …

  543. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    They are like tiny little wolves… a pile of pinked bellies wolves… ahhhh

  544. Hey, I can hear the rain there, and it’s raining at my house…. Wonder where these pups are — maybe they are in my neighborhood!

  545. SFShiba=SanFran ?

  546. Hi fellow PA members, So there I was in a meeting today and completely forgot that I had the puppy-cam on (but quickly minimized when everyone started piling into my office). In the middle of a particularly important discussion, there were suddenly Yips and Squeaky Little Barks coming out of my computer and I was totally busted! Ha. Of course, we all then had to take a quick break to watch the puppies attacking their poor patient mommy, who had 6 little pups swinging from her stomach as she tried to walk around. Very hilarious. But as a result, I’m afraid I’m no longer an “anonymous” member of Puppaholics Anonymous. I was outed today by our little puppies…

  547. Oh my GOD!
    They’ve gotten bigger!

    Why does it seem like some of the posts are missing?

  548. It’s raining where I am too – but I know they are definitely not anywhere near me … 😦

    Nik – I hope you are walking proud!

  549. Hey there Sherb,

    I am not ashamed. I am a puppaholic and I’m proud of it!!

  550. Nik-That’s Hilarious! The squeaks have “outed” me a few times but I was haven’t really tried to hide it…I keep recruiting people whether they wish to be or not…
    But I don’t have a problem and I can stop at anytime *shifty eyes*

  551. Autumn is systematically harassing all her siblings!

  552. Ha ha. Little Autumn is being such a pest! She is trying to wake everyone up to play and they just keep grunting and going back to sleep. She just wants to play! So sweet.

  553. Lise–I know, I don’t have a problem either. I can quit this puppy habit anytime–in fact I’ve already quit at least 6 times today! Ha.

  554. It’s sweet how they lick/groom eachother, just like their mum does.

  555. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    I am embracing my puppyholism and enjoying it and spreading it and taking the most out of it. I won’t quit and I hope I can be watching when the puppehs go to their furever homes. I wish all addictions were this constructive!

  556. Ah yes Nik none of us have a problem…I too would like to point out that I have quit a few times today to do things, I function..just with a puppy screen in the background…see no problem 😉

  557. Hear Hear Alexandra! I’m a proud pupoholic as well! As far as addictions go..this is pretty benign…Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  558. Lisa and Alexandra, I couldn’t agree more! Here’s to healthy habits!!

  559. Auntsugar says:

    Aki! Leave your brother alone!
    (Sorry, couldn’t help it, I’m a Mom.)

  560. Mr. Hands,
    You’re the best! It was hilarious to hear your side of the “conversation” with the puppies: Puppies: “bark, bark, bark”. Mr. Hands: “Really?” Puppies: “Bark, bark, bark”. Mr. Hands: “Okay!”

    Very adorable!

  561. Nik – oh I missed that! – I need ‘puppycam alert’ to tell me when more cute action is happening 🙂 … I have someone sharing my office today so no sound is on …

  562. little autumn is super playful with her sleeping siblings.

  563. How did they double in size in a week’s time???

  564. Lisa (one of several) says:

    no puppies within view right now 😦

    they must all be out voting for Obama 🙂

  565. where did the puppies go 9:51???!!
    This is my election distraction!!!

  566. Whaaaaa!
    They’re out in the pen playing, and we can’t see them! 😦

  567. Feeding time!
    Poor Mama!

  568. scooterpants says:

    check them out- all cute and everything.
    they’re all getting so independent! (I’m getting all misty here) pretty soon they’re going to be all grown up! ); i so sad.

  569. Mr. Hands, and/or Pretty Fingernails lady, thanks so much for moving the cam so we can see puppehs in playpen! Too bad we can’t see all of both areas, hee! I know, picky, picky, picky!

  570. I’m so mad, my computer is having internet issues- wireless card is shorting, I think- so it can’t keep up the bandwidth to stream my fur addiction to me. Rawr! I jsut keep reloading, slow, but it keeps me sane.

  571. There’s a puppeh in a sunbeam! Awwwww!

  572. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    A sun beam in the den! that is so sweet!

  573. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    omg! Autum was scratching herself and yawning at the same time!

  574. My coworkers and I have given the puppies names. Here’s what we came up with:
    Blue – Petrie
    Green – Deeter
    Yellow – Scooter
    Black – Bongo
    Purple – Bubbles
    Red – Telulla

    🙂 Anybody else have names for them?

  575. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    I call Autumn Lupe 🙂

  576. I need Aki to be the 3rd in my family of Sheebs. I love him!

  577. scooterpants says:

    so Mr Hands-
    you never did tell me who the runt really is.
    i think that it is the little one with the yellow collar. Ayumi! my favorite!

  578. scooterpants says:

    oh darn off air.
    starting withdrawl symptoms.
    a lil panicy.

  579. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    here comes mommy! yummyyy

  580. Those are Shiba Inu puppies and they are wicked cute. I have two of my own. Im addicted to this webcam…

  581. scooterpants says:

    well. welcome to our world KristinF.
    there are 560 posts here, ya know?

  582. Is it off air at the moment for everyone – I need my morning fix and still haven’t seen the playpen !! But that is the cutest picture of 2 of those puppehs in the slideshow

  583. scooterpants says:

    oh my gosh Sherb! no kidding they are so photogenic with theri little cubby little faces and round little bodies! SO adorable!

  584. scooterpants – I am even more addicted and in love with these guys now I have seen that picture – they are such cute little love bugs!

  585. Sherb, I just can’t believe that you haven’t seen the Puppy Patio! It’s great, especially when they are zipping around like meteors. Occasionally, Mr. Hands will walk in and you’ll see his feet with the puppies scrambling for attention, their tailios wagging a mile a minute. So very adorable!

  586. Nik – with the number of times I look at these guys I can’t believe I haven’t seen it either – just makes me come back even more often 🙂 I bet they have a ball!

  587. Happy Birthday Beautiful Babies! I LOVE the new screen saver picture of Amaya and Ando when the puppycam is off air. It almost makes not seeing them bearable.

  588. scooterpants says:

    hmm. i guess i am confused.
    what IZ the dif between USA pacific daylight time and actual puppeh shiba time?? i miss them already..

  589. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    Miss you, puppehs!! *presses the reload button repeatedly*

  590. Maybe they are actually thinking of us – and starting our withdrawal process with a few hours here and there????? Just so we all don’t go into a deep, dark depression when new owners have adopted our babies …

  591. scooterpants says:

    oh sherb. that is SO not gunna work.
    i already miss them, and they arent even old enough to leave yet.
    but i’ll bet their new moms and dads will be coming to pick them out very soon.
    I HAVE THE HIGHEST OF EXPECTATIONS FOR THE NEW PARENTS. They MUST be PERFECT in every dog-lovin way. Dont care is they have lots of $$$, they must love the pup for its own self, not for any “oh gee I own a Sheeba” type stuff.
    That is all.

  592. Maybe our little puppies are out voting now. Maybe that is why they are off air? BIG withdrawal symptoms over here in Virginia!!

  593. Just read on the pups main site that the stream is down due to a political ad being put on there by UStream/Google without Mr Hands agreement … I am not even in the USA yet the election is having a major impact on my day … 😦 pups and politics should NOT be mixed!!!!!

  594. Oh dear! I can’t wait for the election to be over so we can see our little puppies again! Sherb, you’re absolutely right–there should be a separation of pupppies and state!

  595. I miss you puppies.

  596. AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa--nakey says:

    I heard that they are going to give the puppies out to the 6 top note-leavers.
    Um, alphabetically by name.
    So, yeah.

  597. Auntsugar says:

    Is that true? I would be a good puppy mommy! Which one do you want?

  598. OMG, autumn was sleeping with her arm around her blue brother. It looked like they were hugging. I wish I could freeze frame that moment forever.

  599. !!!!puppies!!!! says:

    Obama wins, and the puppies are back. It’s a good evening!

  600. AND he promised his kids a new puppy for the White House! I wonder if they’re thinking Shiba Inu?…

  601. … seeing the puppies again feels sooooooooo good … *sitting here trying to inhale their smell through the screen*

  602. Welcome back puppies!!

  603. I am seeing (and hearing) those cuteiful puppehs in their playpen at last!!! Totally awesome!

  604. I’m so relieved to see the babies again–whew! That was a long time without them. But they’re back on the air and All’s Right With the World…

  605. OMG!! I may have just seen my MOST FAVORITE puppy moment of all time on this webcam. Mr. Hands moved the camera down so we could see the pups “up close and personal” and one of the cuties went right up to the camera and started licking the lens! How hilarious! Mr. Hands just cracked up and had to move the camera back up and out of reach…


  606. They’re becoming huge and fluffly, I want one soooo baddddd

  607. scooterpants says:

    what a goof you are.
    these puppehs arent going to be given to anyone.
    these are Pure Bred Shiba’s.
    I’m almost positive they will be For Sale, if they are not already spoken for. (and WHO wouldnt LOVE one?, no matter what the cost!)

  608. scooterpants says:

    oh my gosh
    everyone is getting up and tottling out to the play yard to check something out.
    tails -a -waggin!
    how cute!

  609. Little Autumn just cracks me up. She is such a little instigator! Every time I tune in, if her siblings are asleep, I can count on Autumn to be wiggling around, nibbling on ears, legs, noses, trying SO hard to get someone to play with her!! She is a riot!

  610. scooterpants says:

    is autumn the green collar?
    i seem to see that little one causing a lot of ruckus in the sleeping den.

  611. scooterpants says:

    oh man.
    there is an all out brawl in the den now! wow what vicious beasts they are-
    uh oh, somceone is really screaming!

  612. Autumn is the one in the purple collar, but Aki (green) and Ayumi (yellow) seem to be little troublemakers too! One of the three of them is always trying to play or tussle. Such sweetpeas.

  613. scooterpants says:

    ugh! big mean brute puppeh is chewing the heck out of poor little Ayumi! and shes screamin her head off.
    ooo- i wanna help her!

  614. scooterpants says:

    ah, all sleeping now. and Mr Hands is rummaging around in the (garage?)
    sounds like hes cleaning up or moving stuff around.
    and maybe pouring dog food.
    where has mama been?

  615. scooterpants says:

    ah! there is mama and nice red fingernail polish lady, tell her ‘that’s not a good idea (to go out in the play yard to feed them)
    so shes back in the little den, getting totally molested by her ravinous little babies. holy Cow!

  616. Ayumi has been biting a sleeping Aki, and he woke up yelping in pain. They must be getting their teeth. Poor mama bear, I hope they start on solid foods soon .

  617. They are getting so big (no longer puppy loaves, sigh). Confession, sometimes when I really want to pet them, I use my computer cursor to “pet” them on screen. (BTW, I had to be really careful about how I worded that so I didn’t sound like a pupophile, just a pupoholic.)

  618. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA rep.) says:

    Awww I missed the puppehs! and I miss momma too. By the way, what’s momma’s name, Mr. Hands? she is such a patient angel. I love her too!

  619. Scooterpants – I know. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

  620. My goodness! This is a SPECTACULAR wrestling match! They think they are wolves…ha.

  621. A plate of food! They are officially growing up…*big sigh*

  622. 6 Puppies + 1 Dish == Exponential Cute.

  623. j-hilarious-I do the same thing! But my cats have been getting lots of “puppy pets” too. One of them is hugely pissed though that these pups are getting so much of my attention! Today has been an awesome day for puppy watching but that could be just yesterdays withdrawal talking…

  624. Man these puppies are cute! I want to pet 6 puppies at one time 😦

  625. scooterpants says:

    so did anyone recognize what the puppies were eating ?
    i’m so glad to hear that they are starting on some supplemental food other than mama, she seems like shes just about ‘done with THAT’

    Nakey- Of course ! dream away ! 🙂 I actually think these puppies have been in my dreams since I because addicted to watching them.

  626. scooterpants says:

    oh my gosh
    these guys are all SO agressive.
    what beasts! constantly chewing on ‘someones,something’ youch!

  627. scooterpants says:

    i dont think that wire fence is going to keep
    anyone contained for very much longer! ha!
    oh good1 feeding time!
    eating right out of a bowl loke big doggies!

  628. Ahn! Mom is walking around the pen, and she’s followed by a crowd of pups with noses up, trying to get some milk on the run!

  629. scooterpants says:

    so. now i am alone in my puppeh watchin.
    mr hands is playing with the babies, i am so jealous.
    its so adorable. mama is really about done with them, they’re ready to move on about now, maybe a week or so more of nursing, then, its on to their new homes.

  630. scooterpants – you are not alone. I am finally getting my fix after not being able to watch them at all yesterday. I have been so busy watching, I haven’t been reading 🙂

  631. The puppies are playing!!!

  632. scooterpants says:

    OMG theres mama.
    poor mama, that looks a little painful. oh! and mr hands putting stuffed fish on the puppeh pile, (hes so clever)

  633. scooterpants says:

    oh my gosh. so much screaming and squealing! they are so rough with each other!

  634. Y’all know this got reposted, right? It’s the second post from the top right now, on the front page.

  635. OH my!! Thank you Mr. Long hair for being such a nice poopy trainer! Looks like even a their age they listen to you very well! There is nothing better than good poops!

  636. scooterpants says:

    there are huge lay offs being done at my work today
    the puppehs are a nice distraction, but its still terrifying.
    Mr Hands, please to pass me a puppeh to hug. );

  637. Poor Akoni is just trying to sleep but little Amaya insists that he be her chew toy. It’ll be sad when they are separated. I hope they’re adopted as pairs.

  638. Poor Akoni is just trying to sleep but little Amaya insists that he be her chew toy. It’ll be sad when they are separated. I hope they’re adopted as pairs.

  639. Scooter my best thoughts are with you.

  640. Best use of Company Time Ever!! I cannot stop watching these little bundles of cute. Sleeping puppies…I want to put them on crackers and just eat them up. I love the puppies!! How 1 will get up and just plop on the others to change sleeping positions and move them all about… Too Cute!!

  641. Theo,

    Thanks for the notice about the re-posting. I’m looking at it in both places, but since we’ve established our own network of Puppaholics Anonymous over here several weeks ago with the original post, it’s hard to post over “there” with all of those Johnny Come Latelys who have are new to the Puppy Jones biz… This post seems to be for the Old Addicts! ha.

  642. Dude, little Autumn is tough. Amaya and her were play wrestling and she was pretty dominant the entire time.

  643. OMG, Autumn just beat up her brother Aki too. I see her strategy, she just pounces on top of them.

  644. Dear PA chapter members, (Sherb, Nakey, Lise, Lisa OOS, Scooterpants, etc.,) support group meetings are now being held on the C.O. main website, where they have re-posted the puppy camera…See you over there!

  645. Mr Hands with Long Hair, thanks for the entertainment tonight! The oups are gorgeous and it is clear you guys love your animals. We know it will all come to an end within a week or so. Before it is over, I just wanted to say thanks to you, Pretty Red Fingernails Lady, and the CO staff!

    Those silly hopping, wrestling, wiggling babes have really made me laugh!

  646. The pups are getting so big! All these messages about how they will be leaving for their new forever homes soon makes me sooo sad. I don’t ever want to say goodbye. But I have to admit, I have invested so much time adoring these pups online, I think I have abused my puppy cam privileges.

  647. OMG, I hate it when I hear them cry and can’t see what’s going on. Mr. Hands, you are so good with the pups. Thank you.

  648. I haven’t seen them in a couple of days, they’re soooo big!

  649. They pups are so active now (very busy play schedules.)

  650. Thank you for the close ups of Aki and Ando. And when they all turn their heads in the same direction when spoken to is so sweet. Opphh, Amaya just toppled over.

  651. Ooo I saw a past clip and the puppies were starting to eat solid food (I think so..) or it could be water. They’re still so fuzzy and adorable!

  652. Amaya is so cute. She loves to sleep on her back!

  653. omigosh, “we” are famous! ok not me or you… but the puppies!! in time magazine!! c’mon! splendid!!,8599,1858007,00.html

  654. i just have to say … woah… can i seriously be the only one left posting here? im sad…

  655. well, since that is in fact the case, i think i win. i get all the puppies!!!!







  656. don’t want puppehs to leave 😦

  657. i love to check in on them. i think a lot of us will miss them.

  658. I check in on the puppies a few times a day and I will miss them when they are gone.
    All of them are so beautiful and alert.

  659. They got a new carrot toy and it is almost as big as the pups are.

  660. awww…Ayumi is like the instigator with fights! Just picking on the others left and right but then the mom came in to feed and she just got attacked by all of them. these pups are adorable!!!

  661. @ smo – thanks for the link to the article!

    Today I’ve seen only 4 puppehs. Methinks two have left for forever homes.

  662. Their ears are standing up!!

    Patty P: ): sad to see
    them go!! is it 8 weeks already?

  663. i see five puppies!

  664. I see six!!! phew! we get a little more time with them.

  665. I haven’t left you all here at puppyholics anonymous! I’ve just been watching from the motherload (quicker access and what not). Nik-I know i didn’t really want to comment on the new post with all the johnny come lately’s either -I mean we’ve been faithful for a while now…Harumph! But I guess as long as they appreciate the cuteness…I still feel like we’re the Real adopted parents. Hmmm I think I’m definitely gonna need help when they go….

  666. Hi guys, I been posting on the newer post. They have been viewed over 3 million times! Best loved pups.

  667. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA) says:

    Hey, fellow puppyholics! I have been watching the puppehs from the motherload too. There used to be a nice chat room… but is not there anymore… why?

    Love the carrot!

  668. Oh! Oh! All six there now, all they are all wrestling in a big pile, have the bed turned back, but no sound, waaaah!
    Love them pups!

  669. One more time now… don’t forget there’s a more recent re-posting here:

    (really I ought to close the comments on *this* post & re-direct everyone to the newer one for commenting, but what the hey)

  670. Oops, sorry! I didn’t realize there were two diff ones.

  671. Purple Phoenix says:

    It’s 1 a.m. where I am right now and the pups are having play time. It must be very noisey at the house at the moment.

  672. I think that there are 2 different message areas – I go to the same place on CO each time but I don’t always get to the same message area.
    That may be why it doesn’t seem as if there are as many comments.
    Always see the puppies though.
    They have what looks like a new squirrel toy now.
    All 6 are still there tonight – sometimes I don’t see all 6 of them and then I wonder; but tonight I have seen all 6.
    I am too attached I think. They are so adorable except when they bite each other and I hate to hear them cry and yelp because it hurts.

  673. One of the puppies just pooped and started eating his own poop. Yuk.

  674. omigosh everything is being torn to SHREDS!!! but the carrot is still safe, whew!

    btw, this little guys are … no longer little guys. big doggies now!

  675. They’re soooo big now! Still adorable though ^.^

  676. I see a guy going in there to play with them! Looks so fun 🙂

  677. my heart is breaking.

  678. they’re more?!?!