The Bear From Ipanema

(a little musical accompaniment, if you please …)

Tall and brown and young and furry
the bear from Ipanema goes walking
and when she passes each bear she passes goes "aaah"

In the sea, he’s always waiting
He’d gladly give up hibernating
for when she passes each bear she passes goes "aaah"

Ohhhhhh, but he watches so sadly
Hooooww can he tell her he loves her
Heeeeeee would just give his heart gladly

But each day when she walks to the sea,
She looks straight ahead not at he …


May I have this samba, Melanie H.?



  1. Gotta love those Brazilian… grizzlies?

    Maybe these two are named Joao and Astrud?

  2. Very clever, Mike! You do man! (I wonder how many other people remember the song?)

  3. Oops. You DA man!

  4. *snikr*

    I bet everybody’s watching the puppies, tho.

  5. Hmm, maybe not.

  6. charliewabba says:

    You do know, don’t you, that this song is the universal cure for earworms?

  7. Ok, that was the cutest thing ever. Great shot, great lyrics. And yes, I sang it with the musical accompaniment.

    Sigh. My bearquest continues…but I love when ya’ll post bears on here. Thanks.

  8. Outstanding!!! Hopping over to iTunes now for Getz/Gilberto version. Can’t believe I haven’t downloaded this before. Complete oversight.

  9. Mike, you truly are da man.

    I sang along (w/o the need for accompaniment).

  10. Aww, if he gave her a fish . . .

  11. Brilliant! I remember the song. Is that a bad thing?

  12. Cute song! I hate bears though.

  13. berthaservant says:

    :: sashaying gently to the sounds of Stan Getz ::

    Ummm…NTTOMTOM with all due respect….

    Can I see the lyrix in the original Portugeuse, please? I believe the correct translation is…’Ahhhn!’

  14. AuntieMame says:

    Whenever I think about this song, I picture Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion singing it as they wait for Jean-Paul Sartre to answer the phone…

  15. “fraid not, berthabuddy- it is “ehhhhhnnnnnnnnnn”!

  16. Brilliant! Love this song.

  17. (the original) Mel says:

    This is a great post, but the best part is knowing that Bertha’s can sashay.


  19. “hey girlie, come over here” *bear whistles* “If you come here I’ll let you see my speedo…..”


    another bear bites the dust

  20. @Mikester: LOVE that song. Its makes me think of cool, sexy, European people and summer. So not what we have right now.

  21. When I was looking at this picture, that Orangina commercial popped into my head.

    And that’s just sad.

  22. Skip. That is SO not good. I used to, too. But not any more. C’mon –give bears a chance! 😉

  23. scooterpants says:


  24. Good picture, and GREAT lyrics! I just love Astrud Gilberto.

  25. Raemie L. says:

    I can has the Bossa Nova?
    “The dance of love”
    Now, was it the samba?
    Nyerhe, nyerhe, the bossa nova
    Or the tango too?
    Nyerhe, nyerhe, the bossa nova
    Don’t matter, it’s cute
    Yeah, yeah, the bossa nova
    The dance of love

  26. Ah, unrequited luff.

  27. Teehee, I love the bear head poking out of the water.

  28. ttmtom,
    the bear from ipanema no is the samba. is the bossa nova.

    ay yi yi!