ACTUAL nomming sounds

OK, someone is totally making sounds into the microphone…right!?

Am I right, Magnets?!



  1. This postings a mess

  2. Awww!

  3. uh, is broken.

  4. For anyone who want to watch the video.

  5. Meg failed 😦

  6. Totally awesome video. That kitteh is definitely NOM NOMing. Thanks Becca.

  7. Totally.

  8. Thanks for the link Becca..that was crazy. reminds me of that soup commercial, “NUM..YUMMEH!”

  9. um…nice HTML..

  10. High-pitched nomming, isn’t it? sounds like Henrietta Pussycat.

  11. Becca posted the link…here it is again if anyone missed it:

  12. “Dubbed!” just doesn’t quite have the ring of “‘Shopped!”

  13. ngom ngom meowm nom nom nom ngom meowm meowm nom nom nom

  14. Complain much anyone? Just copy the URL out of the code, it’s not that hard to find.

    And I believe that it’s real! My cat purrs while she’s eating.

  15. the other Brenda says:

    I didn’t get anything. Is it me???????

  16. OMG, that is hilarious. It took me a second to realize those sounds were coming from kitteh!

    Those of you complaining about the code…CALL THE COPS! THERE’S CODE INSTEAD OF A PIC!!!

    Jeez, STFU and click on the link(s) posted in the comments until it’s fixed and quit yer bitchin’.

  17. What the hey?!??

    OK, this has to be some kind of HTML typo that I’ll be ribbing Meg about later; lemme see if I can reverse-engineer this…

  18. To me it all worked a-ok… hope everyone else gets to see this super-cute post in all of it’s super-cute finery! My cat does that too… not as extravagantly but she still does it!

  19. You guys come here because you supposedly love what Meg does, and you pounce on the slightest mistake. Absence of cute, ppl.

    Cute kitteh:-)

  20. Fixed now.

  21. This kitty must make some very interesting dream/sleep noises . . .


  22. This kitty must make some very interesting dream/sleep noises . . .


  23. That was spectacular! Any chance the sounds can be added to the CO Glossary under “nom”?

  24. All Hail Theo! Grand Poobah of HTML Fixin!

  25. Glossary updates ARE planned, and quite a few… I’ve just had this other project I’ve been working on lately too…

  26. Uh, is that my ex, moved on to another kitty/relationship? Cause he used to do the EXACT same thing with our cat!!

  27. Whoa, I’ve never heard a noise like that from a kitty! Mine purrs when he eats but he doesn’t sing!

    Gorgeous deck, Theo!

  28. “Mostly planked” heh heh heh

  29. Is that the CAT???
    They must laugh all the time!

  30. scooterpants says:

    that is NOT a cat noise.
    and i hope it gets the *hits all over your house for feeding it milk.
    what a dork.

  31. VegetarianViking says:

    Omnomnomnomnomnom… I believe it’s real. At least they can tell when the cat is burglaring the fridge again…

  32. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Except for the noise, two of my cats do the same thing with their paws…dipping them in the water bowl and primp!

    I’m on the fence as to whether or not the cat in the viddy is nomnomming.

  33. FWIW I think the nyahm-nyahms are coming from *behind* the camera.

  34. Yeah, those are definitely people-noises. They don’t quite match up with kitty’s slurpage. Plus, they sound like a person.

  35. Michelle S says:


    so sweet. I believe it’s the kitteh!

  36. Golden AKA Katrina says:

    That’s the cat. Totally. She’s purring while she’s licking.. mouth becomes open.. Purr becomes NOM. 🙂

  37. i’m joining the debate.

    i don’t believe that is a cat nohm nohm noise. i believe that is a person nohm nohm noise, like from the guy holding the camera. watch closely. it doesn’t match, especially right around 30 seconds when kitty mouth is closed but the nohm noise is happening.

    cute kitty though!

  38. Peeps, it’s TOTALLY a person making nomming noises for kitteh. Don’t we all do this (although sometimes I say “kronsche kronsche” or “slurpity glurpity.”)

    Love that paw dippin technique.

  39. Hahaha! That is so not the cat doing that, but totally hilarious! 😀

  40. Nah I totally believe it’s the kitty making those noises.

    I once helped a friend trim their cat’s matted fur and we fed her cheese to keep her happy whilst doing so. She’d be eating the cheese and trying to cry out in annoyance at the same time, and the resulting noise was totally “nyaam nyaaaam nyaaaam!”

  41. GoldenakaKatrina-How are you? I’m OK, it is good to read your comments.

    Do go to the video links and run “the funniest Cat video ever”. It is so funny.

  42. First time I watched it I thought it was the camera person until half way through the video.

    After watching it twice I’m feeling pretty confident its the cat.

    INSANE!!! I love it!!!!

  43. I think it is a person off camera. The noise is more something my dog would make than my cats.

  44. lucy's mommeh says:

    THAT was a great way to start the morning, nearly brought tears to my eyes. I think it WAS the cat!

  45. girlnextdoortn says:

    Not the kitty. Otherwise why did the people in the background stop making noises? Uhm, because one of them is saying ‘uhm num uhm mum”.

  46. Of course it’s the kitty!Don’t you guys hear the little anti mouse bell she’s wearing ?

  47. You can’t make up stuff like that. Really.

  48. Jeez, people . . . this is site to come to and enjoy warm, fuzzy escape-ism. The world has enough places to voice critism.

    So, my vote is IT’s THE KITTY!

    Oh, and my 18 year old furkid drinks a bit o’ milk quite often, too. No *hits throughout the house in all this time, so there! I guess cats are like us in the whole lactose intolerance thing.

  49. charliewabba says:

    I’m going to add my vote to the “It’s kitteh making the noise” tally. My bag-lady tortie cat Lily (bless her soul) used to make a noise like this (only much grumpier) while she ate. Hers was not so much a “nom-nom-nom” as a “grraah-rraah-rraah”

  50. OMG Theo, you’ve been cheetin on us with another blog!!!!!

  51. I don’t think it’s the cat. Mainly because when he gets closer, the volume doesn’t change. So, I’m pretty sure it’s the person holding the camera making the noise.

    Very cute video, though!

  52. I used to know a cat who would make pretty much this noise if she felt that someone was too close to her while she was eating. She couldn’t bear to stop eating, but she had to go “mrrrrlg!” threateningly to get the person to back off, and the “mrrrrlg”-ing combined with the eating mouth-movements made for sort of a “gnarmarmlarm” noise.

  53. I’ve never heard a kitteh make a noise like that! Funneh!

  54. lauraborealis says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s not the cat, but it’s still funny! The timing isn’t *quite* right. My kitteh drinks milk that way too (oh and scooterpants, it’s perfectly fine to let cats have milk as long as they have it regularly and in small amounts. Shame on you for wishing someone an ugly cat poo situation).

  55. Gail (the first one) says:

    I vote “dubbed”….there was nary an ear flicker amongst my kittehs. They usually get verrry interested with *real* cat noises!

  56. I had a roommate with a cat that made the exact same sound when eating. Where do you guys think the Nomnomnom meme came from, if not real cat nommage?

  57. Dobermama says:

    I dunno, I used to have a cat who would purr so loud while eating liver that it sounded like a nasal, “Grind, grind, grind.”

  58. Some of my cats purr while eating, too. I LOVE THIS.

    …schnitzel, baby.

  59. oh boy!!!!!!I LOVE the special effects!

  60. turbofloof says:

    Ugh – I just broke my own heart by going psycho on the boy of my dreams (prolly wasn’t meant to be anyway, but it sucks nonetheless,) and haven’t smiled in days because of kicking my own ass over and over again isn’t fun…

    Nomming kitteh broke the 72-hour frown-athon…

    *resumes pouting and self ball-breaking…*

  61. PAMELA BLACK says:


  62. OMFG. Laughing out loud for real! Thanks, I needed that.

  63. I place my vote towards real live kitty noises.

    If not, then whoever’s doing the ‘voice acting’ should work in cartoons, because that’s quite impressive. Why fake the noise anyway? I know, I know, there’s nothing that somebody, somewhere, won’t make up – but it’s a little bit random and not out of a cat’s normal range of noises.

    I had a cat who would go ‘Hronk hronk hromph’ while eating and purring at the same time.

  64. gravyboat says:

    That’s too awesome to be real.

  65. that’s about the funniest animal video evahr.

  66. What a funny kitty …

  67. Raemie L. says:

    I thought I heard suppressed laughter in the voice/sound from 0:17-0:21.

    Cat or human dubbing, the nomming sounds are funny.

  68. My cat used to make these noises and more when she’d eat when she was a kitten. So cute!

  69. Nomm….Nomm…….Aww! I really think the cat is making the noise! 🙂 🙂 😉

  70. Oh, I forgot. My kitteh soundz liek dis when hee eatz: Crrrrunch….Craaak…..
    Chrunk! Itz weewy cute!!!!

  71. KWAYSTIUN: What ees the kitteh nomming on? It totally sounded like it was dubbed at first, but then I remembered that my friend’s cat makes noises like that at me. o_O

  72. Infinity: It looks like Kitteh is leeckingk milk off his paws, making the Omnomnomming while he’s doing so.

    PS: Awesome spellingks of “kwaystiun!”

  73. Soooo cute! I showed my boyfriend, and he said that he had a cat when he was a child that did almost the exact same thing, which makes me think this must be real. It’s hard to believe though, because it’s so frickin adorable!