When Kittens and TP Collide

Will someone just take a toilet paper roll on a stand-alone pole and sell it as a Kitten toy already?

You can have that idea for free, Anissa. >•.•<



  1. faster, faster, faster, FAAAASTEEEER!

    also, bleen?

  2. Bluemenro says:

    Squee!! I have not even watched the video yet, and already I have this uncontrollable urge to give that no doubt mischievous kitteh the snorgling of its life!

  3. Ahh, for that nice bleen feeling!

  4. momof2kitties says:

    I love how the second kitteh comes in just as the lyrics say “welcome to the house of fun”. Let the rabbit kicking commence!

    It’s been an 80’s music kind of day for me, I was listening to “Come On, Eileen” at the hair salon this morning!

  5. Sometimes I wish I could do this to let off some steam. Probably wouldn’t be as cute.

  6. Kitten #2 has got pouncing down pat!

  7. How can something so evil be so cute all at the same time? Hmmmmmmmmm wonders steppy

  8. superboymom says:

    And . . . who is going to replace the MT roll? I guess it will have to be me, again. *sigh*

  9. Patricia Shapiro says:

    If you put the roll of T.P. on the holder in the other direction – so it feeds from the bottom, not the top, cats are MUCH less able to do this.

  10. I hope that was fast-forwarded or i have had too much caffeine today. Anyhow, cute!

  11. Let’s give credit to the tolerant cat-person who filmed it instead of stopping them!

    Helpful tip: Hang the toilet paper roll the other way around, with the end coming off the back. Then they can’t do that any more. (Of course, you should compensate by providing many other fun toys.)

  12. GENIUS soundtrack choice! Awesome kittens, too. Our two never did this when they were little, so we missed out. 😉

  13. Aww.. I wanted to see and giggle. The video’s gone! 😦

  14. I don’t agree with the reverse-hangin philosophy. Once kittens get the taste of TP on their kitty lips, they will stop at nothing to have it.

    I tried the reverse-hanging method with my kitten, and he still attacked the TP regularly. Except since he couldn’t really unroll it, he clawed and chewed and mangled it into millions of tiny pieces instead.

  15. Thank you, C.O…..

    I now have a 6-year-old little girl in hysterics. She’s played the vid 9 times in rapid succession so far, and I doubt she’s going to stop soon.

    Must find some kitten-approved TP for her to wipe the tears out of her lil’ blue eyes….

  16. It seems as though the video is “not available in my country”..

    People, who decided on a ban for Sweden from watching cats go apesh*t on tp?

    I just might have to shred some tp of my own.. or watch this kitteh go total Rambo on the poor roll of tp.

    Btw.. check it out at 0.16 when it gives us an innocent look and then go for the second kill.. hilarious!!

  17. Temptation? Buying ‘Party hats’?
    Nuffers not knowing what the song is about? Priceless!

  18. What a perfect song to go with this video : )

  19. Ah, toilet paper. The gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving …

  20. I found out while working at the kitten nursery at my local Humane Society that empty TP rolls are the cheap cat toy of choice. They love them. I tried it with my cat and she goes crazy chasing the little cardboard tube around the house.

  21. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Seriously one of the best vids ever!!! Love the song!!

  22. The frantic pace kind of reminds me of movies from the silent era.

    Also, the TP roll is the same size as the kitteh. Well, at first anyhow…

  23. mmmm, mmmmm, good to the last inch.

  24. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    This person has a bunch of other videos of these two kittehs at YouTube. Some of them have had me in hysterics, and I’m a long time past age 6….

    Still giggling at Perci discovers the ladder…

  25. balamuthia says:

    MADNESS <3 <3 <3 <3

    Plus adorable, mischievous kittehs!

  26. charliewabba says:

    to those who suggest hanging the toilet paper so it comes off the back, I say no no no no no, that is just WRONG. It’s just not right.
    Toilet paper must come off the front of the roll.
    Just like when you have two light switches for the same light fixture, they both must be pointing DOWN when the light is off. Anything else just WILL NOT DO!!!

  27. I checked out some of the other videos they had posted of these same kittens, and was pleased to see that these are the same “kittens who discover the crack under the door” video from a few weeks (or months?) back

  28. fish eye no miko says:

    charliewabba said: “Just like when you have two light switches for the same light fixture, they both must be pointing DOWN when the light is off. Anything else just WILL NOT DO!!!”

    Thank you. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s (semi-)obsessive about this…

  29. There’s, uh, a very good-looking Dell workstation in that bathroom?

  30. I pray to gods everyday my kitties never become obsessed with the toilet tissue. My first cat would shred a bit (yes, not unroll), but apparently it didn’t hold his attention long enough for him to get through the whole thing.

  31. wannadance says:

    looks like so much fun, envious…mine used to claw through a roll so that it would never be usable, same with paper towels. demon kittehs…

  32. Every year on their birthday I buy my kittens a big roll of cheap paper towels. When I get home from work it’s like snowdrifts in the living room. Best 99 cent cat toy in town.

  33. Funny, when I was younger I was totally OCD over the roll being put so it comes out the back.

    Let’s never become roommates, charlie. 😀

  34. TurboFloof says:

    I love how the second kitteh is not discovering the TP himself, but rather discovering the kitteh discovering the TP.

  35. charliewabba says:

    @Yubi: ;D (snort)

  36. My sister’s two cats are 4 years old and she still has to keep the toilet paper roll in the cabinet under the sink.

    Have you ever been so desperate, you just had to pick up some of the unwound TP off the bathroom floor, because the cats had unwound the last roll?

  37. AWRIGHT. WHO stole that video of my Rani and her sister when they were kittens? And I’ll have you know, my Rani is a PURRformance artiste. Her TP installations are world famous. Or is that “infamous”???

  38. Gail (the first one) says:

    @charliewabba & Yubi: I’ve used this an example of how I *can* change–LOL! I had a roommate for awhile and I grew up where the TP went DOWN THE BACK. But roomie was raised DOWN THE FRONT. Eventually, I kind of came to accept that it was actually more convenient if it was DOWN THE FRONT. Thank G-d my mom can’t make it up my stairs and see it!! She’d be horrified.

    Redzilla, oh yes, I’ve been there!! In fact, I’ve been driven to ‘recycle’ Kleenex. Oh, the shame of it!!!!

  39. i’m with you Yubi Shines!

  40. momof2kitties says:

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes to charliewabba and fish eye no miko!!

    TP off the front and light switches must match each other. Two of my two-way switches are mis-matched and it makes me absolutely mental.

    We could all live together in our little ocd world. And all pillows must always be placed on the bed with the open end of the pillowcase facing out. Always.

  41. omg redzilla, my crazy cats got into the closet and attacked the economy pack of like 24 rolls of tp – totally shredded!!!!! SHREDDED! it was like a snowstorm when i opened the closet door. i felt so bad wasting it, i just couldn’t throw all the shreds away, so i put them in a bag and hid it under the sink. i’ve been using the shreds, one handful at a time, for weeks!
    the things we do for the environment…

  42. This is my first – and possibly very last – post on CO. The kittens are suspiciously eyeing me as I type, but I felt that this was the right and only thing to do over such an injustice. I think it is high time that someone systematically documented the atrocities committed by kittens on the environment (Gore, you must carry this torch if the kittens get me). Do they have no regard for the trees that sacrificed their lives so that one fat juicy roll of TP can be used for the sheer entertainment of kittens? I knew kittens were corrupt as soon as I laid eyes on their wide, helpless stare; their softly padded paws with hidden vicer like claws; and their biscuit-making-on-your-belly that puts you into a coma of cuteness. But this kind of greed; this kind of needless hunger for TP? Pure, reckless evil. And YOU. Buyer of TP. I hope you understand what you are doing. Can you even recycle and re-use the TP after that destruction? It’s time to wake up people. Kittens destroy the environment. One. Swat. At. A. Time. They are coming closer now…may you begin the revolution.

    [Hang on a sec… Gore is a Cute Overload reader? Wa-hey! Hi Al!!! – Ed.]

  43. 1) Thank you for reminding me to go listen to Madness like I totally should have been doing! . . . and
    2) So, my better half and I went on vacation and came back to our entire office floor covered in what looked like snow. This was, like, 12 sq ft where you couldn’t see the floor. We saw the kitten in the middle, we saw the mangled remains of a flat of tp, and we have always wondered what it might have looked like if we’d had a hidden camera . . .


  45. …in every sense of the word. Quite.

  46. revolution724 says:

    Perfect music.

    I didn’t read every comment, but they do sell plastic covers for your toilet paper roll that affix so you pull the TP out the top – exactly so that pets can’t have a field day unrolling the paper. Here’s an example: http://www.kidsafeinc.com/product/48413?meta=FRG&utm_source=GBASE&utm_medium=CPC&utm_content=&utm_campaign=

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    My Gemma discovered the TP in my bathroom recently. Except she rolls it INTO the toilet. So it obviously can’t be re-rolled and used. She only does this in MY bathroom. So now I have to keep the door closed.

    I vote for front-rolling too. Only semi-obsessive though.

  48. em–you are the nicest!

  49. berthaservant says:

    Madness FTW!

    And TP is better unrolled from the back (though I’ve never seen a determined kitteh stopped either way).

  50. LOL! Brilliant! God, I hope my Penny never learns about this trick o.o

  51. This video isn’t available in my country! *cry*

  52. man what a waste of tp

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Madness. How…

    fitting. 😀

    Espeshully with the mess they made!

    Oh..and WANT!!!

    The kittehs, not the TP.

  54. awwww lol!!! 😀

  55. ok — here is Idea #249 (but who’s counting? 🙂

    about not letting the shredded TP go to waste … all ya gotta do, is use the shredded TP instead of styrofoam peanuts in the next few pkgs you send in the mail. Since the TP wasn’t used in any personal grooming/ cleanliness activity, there isn’t any sanitation concern…it’s perfectly lightweight & a better packaging choice environmentally than using styrofoam. Plus, the person who posted, surreptitiously using handfuls of TP for its orig. purpose … can go ahead & buy rolls of TP & shut them away behind doors without guilt.
    There, doesn’t everyone feel better? Win-win situations???
    You’re welcome 🙂

  56. Its not available anymore 😦

  57. Ok — helpful suggestion # 249 (but who’s counting? :))

    All ya gotta do is use the shredded TP for packaging in the next few pkgs you mail. Since the TP wasn’t used for the usual sanitary/ grooming functions, it’s not grungy. And it’s environmentally better for the purpose, than styrofoam peanuts … AND it’s perfectly lightweight therefore cheap on the postage costs.
    AND then you can go ahead & purchase additional rolls/ TP & close them behind your cabinet door, without guilt (as long as you buy additional cat toys).

    There. Does everyone feel better? A win-win solution?
    You’re welcome. 🙂

  58. OMG — SORRY!!!!!

    Truly — I looked at the comments list & reloaded it twice to be sure that my orig. paragraph WASN’T showing up … before rewriting it. Not trying to be pushy. Sorry it ended up posting twice, folks (feeling very guilty & sad 😦

  59. lol, yes, that so needs to be a kitty toy already! it was so cute and brought a smile to my face as the second kitty came into the picture and started wrestling with the other and finally the toilet paper broke off, game over. hehe.

  60. the only cat behavior modification I have accomplished, and because the video is so cute, I’m loathe to post it, but if you put an empty soda can on top of the tp, the kitty will soon stop shredding. I really felt that I took some joy of out my kitty’s life in doing so, but he also would eat a fair amount of the paper after shredding it, so I did feel it was in his best interests to stop.

  61. My darling ex-foster cat, Emerald, would do this all the time. Except, she would steal the roll of TP from my downstairs bathroom, bring it upstairs onto the rug, and proceed to shred it. She only did it at night or when I was gone…boredom, or a not-so-subtle attempt to get back at me for “abandoning” her. She’d always give the most disingenuous smile when I discovered it…

  62. Leslie — usually I spot & take care of duplicates fairly quickly, but for some reason this morning TypePad isn’t letting me log in. Anyway, don’t worry about it. (Oh — which version would you rather keep?)

  63. From the same kittys this video is awesome, especially the end


  64. If that is triple-roll someone is in BIG TROUBLE!

    TP down the back for LIFE

  65. Silent Meow says:

    I would not feel quite as terrible, being the environmentalist that I am, if I knew for sure that the TP that these kittens wasted is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is produced without the use of chlorine. I’d hate to think that this has wasted a tree. If the kittens would plant a tree after doing this, it would help.

  66. theo — thankyou — let’s keep version 1. Leslie

  67. Aww, what fun is that?

  68. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Shelly & Theresa: All I can imagine is the “kitty-happy-fun-time” that could be had by banging the metal roll cover repeatedly. At night. When Mom’s asleep.

  69. Note 2:04.

    Not that I have anything against cats doing this… I don’t have a cat but I don’t see a problem with it if it’s your cat and you don’t mind picking up after it.

    I was just suggesting an alternative to either putting the roll on backwards or hiding the toilet paper in the cabinet and forcing guests to be creative. 😛

  70. Using a roll of TP as a cat toy is not environmental. But having a cat is not environmental.
    A good environmentalist wouldn’t waste precious energy resources by viewing or posting on CO. But I’m an environmentalist.
    Illogical. Irrefutable contradiction. We are all human. We are all fallible.

    Does not compute.
    Does — not — compute —- Does —- not —- Daisy, Daisy, give me your answerrrrr. . . rrr CLICK!

    Good Morning, Dr Chandra. I am ready for my first lesson.

  71. Oh, scoobie-thank you so much for sending that in-I laughed very hard and I’m on my way to seeing it “a second time”=think Monty Python ‘Holy Grail’ at the Castle with zee Franche k-nigggg=atts.

  72. I’ve had either a brilliant idea or a truely terrible one, instead of making tp from trees why not use Catnip!

  73. lynn crago says:

    cute and loveable

  74. I’m intrigued by the PCU in the bathroom. They say a geek house has at least a computer in every room but I didn’t realize they meant EVERY room.

    Heck, why use the Sunday paper for light reading when you can surf for hours?

  75. staticgirl says:

    Top tuneage!!!!!

    *wants to listen to Madness now*

    Cuteness unbound…

  76. This video is no longer available 😦

  77. Still working, Lucas. Press F5 and try again.

  78. At my house we cal;l this a puff bed.