Meanwhile, over at the costume contest…

Stay-Puft™ Marshmallow Pup:


The Superfriends;


One Skeleton Sniffs Another Skeleton’s ‘Tocks:

And finally; "The Guinea Witch is In":


Wanna see more? Check out the Martha Stewart / Cute Overload Pet Costume Contest!



  1. Dawh! That last one kills meh (especially after this week’s South Park).

  2. Guinea pig pirate! OMGPON1ES!!!

  3. AuntieMame says:

    Ahahaha! (I didn’t know skellingtons had ‘tocks!)

  4. …skeletocks.

  5. AuntieMame says:

    Wasn’t that He-Man’s nemesis?

    [Nah, you’re thinking of that hoopy frood with the extra head… – Ed.]

  6. the Stay Puft doggie is HI-larious.

  7. It’s taking me so long to get through this pet parade over at Martha’s site. I’m having way too much fun gawking at every single costume. I’m not nearly half way through! Oh well, I’m having a blast!

  8. AARRRG! Me maties! I be snorglin’ the guinea pig! Anchors away ye scurvy bilge rat!

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Zaphod Beebletocks? But he’s so hip his bum fell off. So he doesn’t have ‘tocks, either.

  10. Aha! I’ve got you now! It was the plate captain at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, the one who didn’t bring the raprod, who was so unhip it was a wonder his bum didn’t fall off. Now if you don’t mind, there’s a little black panel on my black ship that’s got a black light which is lighting up black to let me know… something or other.

    Oh, that’s right — I should be in bed. Heh.

    Nighty now.

  11. but chichi, he was great ghostbuster!

  12. Avast!

    Pig Pirate Plunders Pumpkins!

  13. berthaservant says:

    What are “Halloween Purposes?” That phrase made my day!!!

  14. Oh the ‘tock bone’s connected to the . . . hey what is the ‘tock bone connected to, anyway?

  15. eikoleigh says:

    stay puff – hahaha

  16. DaytimeDeb says:

    Just got home after a long day, clicked on CO, and started chuckling uncontrollably…that Stay Puft pup just did me in!

    And about Skeletock — maybe the ‘tocks are where they keep their candy…but I really donna wanna know…

  17. gravyboat says:


  18. Lol at StayPuft, even though I had to have the hovertext ‘splained to me [old SNL skit from The Year I Didn’t Watch], and never knew that Superman wears chaps with his cape.
    Then bassettosaurii skellingtons, and lastly Santeria gugu juju to complete the four-four.
    Props for the props!

  19. snorglepup says:

    I don’t get the hovertext either.
    Love the dog!!!

  20. Gail (the first one) says:

    Ooooh, I like the bunneh in the pirate costume!!

    Wouldn’t a bunneh make a great Charles Laughton-as-Captain Bligh, “Mistah Christian!”???

  21. AAAGH!

    It’s a tie between the sailor pug and the skeletonic bassetts. The tailbones! THE TAILBONES, I tells ya!

  22. Ham dog! Ham dog! Ham dog! The dog with the ham costume is still THE BEST!!!

  23. The Stay Puft puppeh looks like he’s been indulging in too many marshmallows.

    Also, everyone on this board is completely hilarious(barring any nuffers who get on here and start complaining about becostumed pets). Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters all around!

  24. wasnt sta-puft from the original Ghost Busters movie? me thinks so.

  25. OMG… The Stay-Puft Marshmallow pup is the best I’ve seen yet! Hilarious, AND he looks so snorgleable!

  26. Love the Stay-Puft Marshmallow dog!!! Classic!

  27. Flavia A. says:

    Stay puft is the best there 😀
    Sooo cute.

  28. I cannot HANDLE the Stay-Puft French Bulldog…and the tongue!! AAAHHH! That is the cutest thing I think I have ever seen.

  29. I love the expression on the front skeleton dog. “Oh, WHY must he do this to me NOW!?”

  30. I love how just setting something on top of a guinea pig can make a costume. Cracks me up . . .

  31. Why is the Guinea pig witch wearing a pirate hat?

  32. I am the mommy of the pirate piggy. Mitzy was supposed to be a little fairy, but she pretty much chewed through her fairy wing!
    Her sister Beibei is a honeybee this year. 🙂

  33. The piggy is a pirate, not a witch. gah…..

  34. A HONEYBEE PIGGIE!! SQUEEEE! What an adorable idea!

  35. Re: Skele’tock check. Aft doggy is saying, “HeLLO?” [hello…hello…hello…hello] fore doggy is all, “That joke was funny the first eighteen times.”

    Re: “Halloween purposes.” Are they related in any way to “strategic sheep purposes”?

  36. I’m pretty sure I need about ten of those Sta-Puft Marshamallow Dogs, aysap.

  37. warrior rabbit says:

    Bee pig is adorable, momo!

    You have such cute piggies. 🙂

  38. I’d do anything for a piggeh

  39. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    momo – your bee piggy is the cutest one, yet!!!

  40. oh, no … the lead skeleton is about to get boned !

  41. catloveschanel says:

    Who ya gonna call?

    I’m so proud of myself, I didn’t look at Cute until 11am. I got all my work done, already. This past week has been bad, I’ve been looking earlier and earlier. Like 7:30 am.

    I think I need help. Who ya gonna call?


    Flickr set of the dog show/walk/parade that the stay-puft pup was in

  43. eikoleigh says:

    The bassett hounds are hilarious. Love that the tail is skeletal too…. haha

  44. I got better.

  45. None of these guys look too happy. Ah..the things they put up with for treats.

  46. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    Monglor: what do expect them to be doing? Grinning and laughing? Dogs don’t grin. It’s impossible to tell from these photos whether they like their costumes or not. But if I put my cat in one of these costumes it’d be torn off pretty quickly, so they can’t hate them too much.

  47. Dogs do SO grin!
    (Cats do the eye-squeeze thing instead.)

  48. Oh my gosh! I love the first one.

  49. I like the little guy in the Batman costume. I am
    SO buying T-bone-shaped dog treats for Hallowe’en

  50. That’s not “Sta-puff marshmallow dog”, that’s “Cracker Jack dog”.

  51. Dr Matt — then how do you explain the puffy white arms?

  52. That stay-puft marshmallow pup was in our local Halloween Howl costume contest and was robbed of first place by the red baron (a tiny dog in a cardboard airplane)!!!

  53. Let’s see… I can make a giant frame out of bamboo and cover it with black cloth, insert my 3 black german shepherds with red contacts… Cerberus!

    I kid. I would never put contacts on a dog.