Hand Sandwich, My Favorite!

To caviar lovers, Beluga is a tasty snack, but to this baby Beluga, you’re a tasty snack.  This friendly little lady from the Vancouver Aquarium, less than six months old, loves getting her tongue rubbed, of all things. (More Vancouver Aquarium videos here)

Let’s give sender-inner Meighan M. a great big … oh, you know.



  1. … I don’t even know what to say.

    But, awww, Beluga!

  2. my bleening life to have a job like that!!

  3. Anne Boleyn says:

    Don’t you think it has to be a nursing feeling and the hand is a big pacifier? She’s just a baby after all.

  4. Just so we’re 100% clear, beluga caviar comes from the beluga sturgeon, not the beluga whale. Not sayin’ anyone didn’t know that. Just makin’ sure it’s clear.

  5. Gail (the first one) says:

    I was half-expecting her tailio to start going like when I scratch his back!!

    Did you see that PEEENK mouf? Too much!!

  6. Gail (the first one) says:

    Whoops, that should read …when I scratch my dog’s back!

  7. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Are those squeeks coming from bebeh?!

    My ears are bleeding, but it’s a happy bleed.

  8. mmmm spirit fingers.

  9. Floating blobbulence!

  10. What, no link to Baby Beluga by Raffi? Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  11. Some of the jobs we get to see here at CO!!!! They may night pay that well, but the happiness factor, just WOW.

  12. The sweetest face!

  13. cats 'r us says:

    “Baby beluga in the deep blue…aquarium!”

    Such a happy little whaleio!

  14. i want to put my hand in a baby beluga mouf too!!!!

  15. Wait, no one’s said it yet? Well, if I must…

    In Soviet Russia, Beluga eats you!

  16. That is just adorable… just what I needed on this melancholy toronto morn… i wanna hug teh whale!!1!

  17. I’ve always heard that killer whales like their tongues rubbed too. It comforts them for some reason.

  18. I wonder how old Beluga’s are when they get their fish eating teeth in? That’s still a wee little one! I’d have to jump right in the (freezing) water and give that calf a hug!

  19. “Let’s give sender-inner Meighan M. a great big … oh, you know.”

    A great big what? A great big “Thbbbtthbbtthbbt”?

  20. Dexter Fishmore says:

    We’re not gonna try to name this one, are we?


  22. Don’t you just want to give the wee one a hug? I love whales so much!!

    Here’s her birth video. Aww!


    And still photos too..


    And another of a beluga birth in Chicago.Yeah belugas!

  23. Egad! Who knew belugas had such pink mouths and tongues!

  24. Pontifex- I just couldn’t resist going to hear the Baby Beluga song-thank you!

    Just miniature blopitude and bobbling up and down- adorable!

  25. I wondered if she was going to snatch the guy’s hand and pull him into the water, as a sort of “playful” gesture. But I guess even little baby belugas understand not to do that.

  26. He needs a teething ring.

  27. And just think, some people don’t think they deserve increased protection!


  28. Apparently it tickles!

    We have a baby beluga at the Shedd here in Chicago, and the last time I went she was following her mom around and imitating mom’s behaviors during the show – like rolling over and trying to stick her flipper up. It was adorable.

    Momma got fish, and Bella got tongue-tickles. I’ll bet she was wondering if she’d like fish too.

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    I’m for increased protection, but for the animal’s sake. Politics does not factor into it for me.

    From a journalistic standpoint, the NY Times is hardly ever, ever fair. Seriously. They still write great stories, but anything relating to politics or environment brings out the claws.

  30. I was there when she was born! They came into the viewing room and told us that the birt was going to happen, and that we could stay – but they didn’t let anyone else in. It was “aw” with a teeeeensy bit of “omg ew” on the side.

    She’s an adorable little beluga! They always look like they’re smiling…

  31. ChibiKitten says:

    I actually got to go and see this little baby back in July. 🙂 She was just a wee little white sausage then.

    I pretty much squee’d the whole time (except.. silently, because we had to be super quiet in the nursery viewing room at the aquarium).

  32. momof2kitties says:

    It’s mini Splashy VonBeluga Whalehouser! Or maybe this one’s Splashette?

  33. CoffeeCup, the NY Times was just reporting the facts. Here are the same facts, as reported elsewhere:


  34. did y’all see the bubbles she blew underwater toward the beginning? Adorabulls!!

  35. <3 How adorable! This has revolutionized tummy rubs.


  37. berthaservant says:

    Garsh, you know, if only a certain governor could see just how cute they are, you betcha, I betcha she’d changer her mind about the government gettin’ involved in people’s lives and reforming the old boys network, you know, and drill, baby beluga, drill, that’s what people want. Also.

  38. Ayoooooogah! Cute Bellllluuuuga!


  39. splish splash! so much fun!! oh how much happiness these people gain!! <3

    I wish i could work with animals every day! i don’t think i would mind smelling like fish or poopie… ahaha….

    (well, i’m assuming that zoos and what not kinda do emit a distinct odor…)

  40. Everyone knows whales love handburgers. Explains the hooks-for-hands on pirates, dontcha know (they were whalers before beginning their plundering careers)…

  41. I love the sound of sloshing water. >_>

  42. Way super cool : )

  43. Beluga caviar comes from a fish called beluga a.k.a European sturgeon. The video is of a beluga whale. Whales don’t lay eggs (caviar) like fish do.

  44. Oh man am I jealous. Soooo jealous! Aaargh.

    I’m going to need a one hour video of this adorable beluga story please. One minute is not long enough

  45. Blorp!

  46. *thbptth*

    What a cute little blorp of joy!
    Such a cute Splashy McBlorpersons vonCutenstuff!

  47. cors that bebe want’s his tongue rubbed… he be lookin for mama milk!

  48. Just so we’re 100% clear, beluga caviar comes from the beluga sturgeon, not the beluga whale. Not sayin’ anyone didn’t know that. Just makin’ sure it’s clear.

    i did not know that, but it just finally clicked – how do you get caviar out of a whale? i googled it, and i learned something today. thanks, cute overload!

  49. So, as a volunteer with the Vancouver Aquarium, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t note that Baby Beluga’s new name is going to be announced tomorrow morning!


  50. I saw this blubbery baby girl this summer. soooo cute.

  51. SpazPizzazBrouhaha says:

    Awww. Cuuute. Y’know, I half expected that to be horrible and gory. That’s just hte kind of day I’m having. Lol.

  52. I absolutely LOVE beluga whales. Awww. This made my day just a bit brighter.

  53. “We’re not gonna try to name this one, are we?”

    I actually send CO the link for the contest to name her back when it started…oh well.

    Anyway, her name is Tiqa.

    “Tiqa is an acronym, picked from the words Tuesday, the day of the week the calf was born; Imaq, her father; Qila, her mother; and Aurora, her grandmother.”

    Here’s my pic of her…


  54. Kathy Cahill says:

    I know an elephant who likes her tongue scratched. She could just stand with her mouth open for hours! It’s a bit disconcerting to have your arm halfway up an elephant’s mouth, but very cool.