♡ Chmurka, CoverHam for the Cute Overload 2009 Calendar

It’s Chmurka, Supermodel CoverHam one of the SUPERHEROES of the 2009 Cute Overload Calendar.

(She’s Ms. January 2!)



  1. The hovertext just made my whole day. 🙂

    [We’re lookin’ out for ya… – Ed.]

  2. Sweet – I’ve got to get that calendar!

  3. Shes sooo cute!!!

  4. This little critter has brought us so much fun during her life – many thanks to her companion animal for sharing her with us!

  5. did i mention “chmurka” means little cloud in polish?

    well, now you know.

    and imagine… a sky filled with such little chmurkas!!!!!


  6. DustPuppyOI says:

    *sniff* I miss Chmurka although my favourite was this one: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2008/04/these-wedges-lo.html

    But the question is whether Piórko or Bułeczka will make next year’s calendar?

  7. Pink Kitty says:

    The hammie modeling next to the calendar is Bułeczka, which means “little bun.”

    And she’s nearly a dead ringer for Chmurka!


  8. I’m a bit confused by this…. isn’t Chmrka passed on? Did she get a calendar before she passed?

    You know, when that little baby passed, I cried and cried and cried… 😦

  9. Thank you Pink Kitty for clarifying that as I typed…

  10. What a sweet little doll! We were lucky to have her.

    btw, how do you make that little heart shape? I know how to do it in a Word document, etc. but that way doesn’t work in here.

  11. Silly Mama says:

    You mean people actually OPENED their calendars and LOOKED at the pages?! I’m keeping mine sealed until January 1st, ‘cuz if I open it, I’ll look at all the pages now and what fun would that be next year?!

    (Also, can someone tell me what hovertext is? Pretty please? Thanks!)

  12. Is that little Ham fresh from the bath? OMG!

  13. @Silly Mama

    It says, “I look kinda hawt ♥”. And I must say my ham looks kind of jealous.

  14. @Silly Mama: Hold your mouse pointer over the pictures, and you’ll see some words. We routinely hide a little extra joke here. 🙂

  15. Silly Mama says:

    I meant for someone to define “hovertext” but you did that, albeit in a roundabout way. I’ve got it now! Thanks, MegM!

  16. Silly Mama says:

    And thanks to you too, NTMTOM!

    Now, about this calendar opening thing…. :0)

  17. Oh sweet Chmurka! My fave was the “Don’t be sad Chmurka” video!

  18. cataddict says:

    @ Silly Mama: roll your mouse over the picture and a little text box shows up. That’s hovertext.

  19. Torture! Between this and Colbert’s I Am America desk calendar I just don’t know WHICH to get.

  20. Gah, the torment! Between this and Colbert’s I Am America desk calendar I just don’t know WHICH to get.

  21. “Hey! You cropped out my tail! That’s the best part!! Get my agent on the phone…”

  22. ButtaRumCake says:


    Er….I mean…


  23. Pussytoes says:

    Chmurka was like the Cindy Crawford of the ham world. Miss her.

  24. Silly Mama says:

    This “hovertext” thing is great! Do ALL pictures on here have that? It’s like rediscovering CO all over again!

    (I am such a twit to not have known about this. Yeeshe!)

  25. Cover Ham…
    On my birthday!♥

  26. Silly Mama, I’m oddly touched at your enthusiasm over the hovertext. I feel like I should congratulate you. Welcome to the FULL cute overload experience. Gosh, I remember my own first time accidentally discovering the world of the hovering text. It is like when Dorothy steps out into Oz for the first time, and the movie switches from black-and-white to amazing technicolour in an instant….

  27. @kasia – what a perfect name for the little ham!


  29. berthaservant says:

    Sillymama, I have NOT opened my calendar and will not do so until Jan 1.!!!! (Okay, MAYBE on the 31st).

    I will say that this is the rare misleading post, as it seems to imply that Chmurka is the hammie shown next to the calendar. My first thought was CHMURKA’S ALIVE!!! So, this is still cute, but disappointing. Can we maybe add the new hammies name to the cap-shun for clarity?

  30. Silly Mama says:

    And see the most embarrassing part is that I have seen “hovertext” mentioned around here before but I assumed it was some sort of LOLcats-type caption thingy that I, as a lowly CO noob, was not privy to, so I never bothered to ackshully ASK. Now that I have been enlightened, my life is complete.

    Party on, dudes.

  31. Silly Mama — we haven’t ALWAYS done custom hovers, but it’s been a regular thing for quite a while. I got the idea from Randall Munroe’s comic XKCD.

  32. B-Serv — Pyza has Bułeczka and Piórko in pictures:

  33. hahaha! i’m glad i’m not the only one who noticed that they cropped out the hamster’s porno tail! teeny weeny fake-out peenie!

  34. Um, to anyone who is offended by the mentioning of female genitalia, DO NOT CLICK on Teho’s link in his reply to Berthaservant.

    [Whuh? …um, Foxy, ain’t nobody talkin’ bout girly parts on that Flickr page. Maybe there was an edit? – Ed.]

    It made me howl, but it might not be up some people’s alleys. People’s alley? Not sure which is right here.

    And Berthaservant, I can’t click on your name anymore to get to your blog. Can you remind me what it was since that was how I got there before?

  35. Can’t wait to get a calendar and Jan. 2 is my birthday–I feel so special :o)

  36. Theo, she’s talkin’ about the comic.
    [D’OH. That link was in my reply to Silly Mama, though, not the B man… – Ed.]

    Cute Ham. Sad to hear she has passed on 😦



  39. That’s my birthday!!!! Ok, I need to get this calendar now!!

  40. totalee puppy says:

    Silly Mama…Enjoy your hovertext! When you ask, you get some real nice answers.
    your friend,
    silly puppy

  41. It’s late at night, and here I am craving tofu!
    There’s so moishe about
    Chmurka I will never forget

  42. I’m about to weep looking at this.

  43. Okay, I’m not weepy. It isn’t a Photshopped Chmurka. Don’t do that!

  44. You’re right, Teho, it totally was. So sorry, very long day at work.

  45. Hi, I am Chmurka’s owner – and I would just like to officially explain that the hamster posing next to the calendar Chmurka is my new (well not so new, actually – she’s almost 8 months old) called Bułeczka, who is very similar to Chmurka (not only in looks but also personality) and is almost like a New Chmurka to me 🙂
    Thank you for your nice comments! 🙂

  46. No prob, Foxy.

  47. Oh I’ve been wondering — Pyza — you’re clearly at least bi-lingual; can you help a midwestern American out with some pronunciations? I’m assuming “Chmurka” sounds pretty much like it’s spelled (Anglicized?) but “Bułeczka”… could you explain the crossed “l” if you don’t mind?

  48. There you go Foxy (and everyone else)…I’ve been lazy about including it. http://grandofwords.typepad.com.

  49. Whoa.

    Dude, my folks are out there visiting wine country right now; want me to see if they’ve got UCSB on their itinerary?

  50. Theo >
    Of course, I’lll be glad to help you out – Chmurka is pronounced H-MOO-RKA, whereas Bułeczka is pronounced BOO-WE(T)CH-KA.. it’s not that hard, is it? 🙂

    [Thanks, and NOW it’s not that hard. I was way off, though… – Ed.]

  51. Those tiiiiny fingers….oh, my starts and garters…
    That is exactly what I pictured you look like, Berthaservant. Cute as a button yourself!