Sing it with me now; ‘flürg ghat diddly sko-ogan!!’

Please watch as this affectionate kitteh snorgles a horse and a mini Swedish chef sings in the background. Thank you. [Pulls curtain back to reveal insanity]

Why do I feel like putting together a Bînder bookcase unit, Ashley B.?



  1. falnfenix says:


  2. Been wondering when this would make it to CuteOverload.

  3. Aha. Love the falsetto.

  4. this is def the most mysteriously intriguing thing i’ve seen in a long time

  5. god i love kitties

  6. That voice renders me speechless (but not type-less).

  7. Anhhh! I love it when kitteh and ponies all get along. The song was over the top. I hope someone can tell me what it is from and what the words mean. I am guessing it is Danish?

  8. Repeat?

  9. Kitteh is super cute. Horse looks dissaproving, likely it’s the song :p

  10. tracyFlick says:

    Are you kidding me?

  11. Can someone please tell me why all of a sudden My CO pages are huge. I have to scroll side by side to read them or hit the apple key and the minus key to get them in frame. I use firefox (ver. 3.03) I changed my font and the size but that was not it. It does not happen with any other web pages just CO.

  12. David Eliason says:

    The song is in swedish and is a children’s song (from the 70s I think). It is about the bear in this comic

  13. momof2kitties says:

    I call repost! November 2007, to be exact!
    But, having said that, I want to be that kitteh. Minus the weird soundtrack.

  14. warrior rabbit says:

    Cat and pony are cute. Voice is…well, it’s really something else, isn’t it? Also, I’m with Estlin — I think this is a repeat. You should totally repost that indoor elk (or whatever) with the awesome catchy Finnish tune!

  15. Holy crow that cat is super duper cuddly lol! I love how the horse is “meh.”

  16. This is a repost. I am quite disappointment

  17. Carolina2 says:

    I am SO in love with this. I’d somehow never seen this before. It is probably the BEST thing I’ve ever seen. I would love to live on that farm (I’m assuming it’s a farm) I want!!

  18. I think the song is hysterical, lol. It reminds me of this old Disney songs tape I had as a kid… 1:08-1:19 he kind of sounds like one of the mice from Cinderella x3

  19. (the original) Mel says:

    I’m going to get so drunk and watch this again.

  20. And here all this time I thought horses hated kittehs. We have several kittehs and are moving to horse country…and assumed we’d instantly be ineligible for one. Hmmm, maybe not. 🙂

  21. Wow, it’s even ride barebutt………..I mean bareback.

  22. I think this is a rerun. But an excellent rerun.

  23. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Well, I hadn’t discovered CO in 2007 so I can’t comment on repostage, but that song… I had to turn the volume off. 😛

  24. Wow! The Swedish Chef on helium;)

  25. NoraMaria says:

    OH sho cute! This kitteh makes the horse look so soft and comfortable!

  26. Holy WUT? Where do I get this song? I’ve been looking for a way to get rid of unwanted house guests.

  27. Hey, I liked the song.. it was cute in a creepy way!

    But that kitty! Tail has just the right about of poof, prettuh fur, and oh, so happy!

  28. Except for the PONY!!11! and the stable and the big brush, it could be my house, esp. the song…….

    Sometimes I annoy my cats with silly songs. I just wish I could capture some of their reactions on film. Toooo phuny.

  29. Yeah, I remember this one too. And I’ll say the same thing (more or less) now that I said then — while the cat may like that horse, I’m pretty sure he’s rubbin’ and rollin’ because he wants the human filming him to put down the damn camera and PET him, already!

    Personally, I’d have filmed for about thirty seconds and then started loving on both kitty and horse. 🙂

  30. The stable cat used to do this with my Arabian-thoroughbred gelding all the time! He’d stand veeeery still when she fell asleep on his back.

  31. johnnyjohnny says:

    Great! Now the Swedes are kicking our asses.

  32. I sent this to a couple of my irony-loving hipster colleagues, and they declared it “possibly the greatest track ever”.

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    This is the one I meant earlier, the classic that deserves a rerun. Moose in the hoose! (And catchy Finnish folk song.)

  34. muttluver says:

    *is in state of shock* That… that voice… it… it… that voice… my ears….

    And I think the kitty just likes the horsies hair. But I don’t have a horse or a kitteh, so don’t listen to me.

  35. Best… music… ever.

  36. Exellent rerun!
    Swedish as I am, I must say I laughed the most at your, well, “swedish” headline: “‘flürg ghat diddly sko-ogan!!” 🙂

    Gotta love that cat, though!

  37. Now that is a most excellent bottle brush tail.

  38. Lurve the negative-raccoon tailio!

  39. This is f-king great! Im from Sweden and the stuff he sings, and reading Bamse (the bear he sings about) when I was a kid just make it go over the top. Combined with the loving kitteh its just.. too much!! hahahahaha

  40. eikoleigh says:

    That is just adorable!!

  41. Well the catchy Finnish song from the Moose video is “Leva’s Polka” by Loituma from their CD “Things of Beauty.” But I’d love to get the music from this one. I host a world music radio show at Stanford University and I would totally play this on my show.

  42. i swear i’ve seen this on here before!!!!

  43. Diane, fwiw, I don’t think most horses could care less about cats. But most cats that aren’t raised around horses are completely terrified of their giganticness and FREAK OUT at horse encounters.

  44. I was laughing hysterically at the song when he hit the high notes that I had a hard time focusing on the kitty snorgle.

  45. Mary (the first) says:

    Love this..(remember it from last time but the good ones are always good for a repost for newbies) but can anyone who knows Swedish translate the song or, at minimum, the headline??

  46. The headline doesn’t mean anything at all. Well, sko means shoe, but that’s out of context.
    The song is basically about a Swedish childrens character named Bamse (see link ablove). He’s a bear, gets strong if he eats a special kind of honey and has a best friend named Lille Skutt who’s a white rabbit, etc etc. In the song the two meet a kittycat (kissemiss) and Bamse tries to get the cat to come along by offering a meatball and they go to grandmother’s (Farmor) house.
    That’s so stereotypically Swedish I shouldn’t even post this.
    The song is sweet, but a bit silly, doesn’t really say anything.

  47. Great–now I have coffee all over my computer….

  48. My ears are bleeding.

  49. This is why I come to this site when I’m PMSing.

  50. Um…I think I have to watch again just for that song! It kind of… well… mezmerized my ears – in a loopy kind of way!

  51. Gail (the first one) says:

    The song (and the comments) are killing me!!!!

  52. Yep, it’s a rerun (errrr…) that is, an encore presentayshe. Good call Estlin, good find Alison, good grief who SANG this one???

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    eeek why do I now have “sexy college girls ” on the left side of my screen? ACK!!

  54. Cuteness according to Werner Herzog? So disturbing and cute, at the same time.

  55. yes, people, it’s a repost, which is fine. What’s bad is that I KNOW it’s a repost. Means I’ve been around long enough…

    Oh, and poor kitty has something wrong with its right eye — hope it got better. It didn’t seem to bother the cat a whole lot… it was still rubbings its face into the horse’s back. Maybe it was allergic to horses. 🙂

  56. “Sexy Swedish Stable Cats!” would be more appropriate, don’cha think, M(tf)?

    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!* (in Swedish, of course)

    And isn’t the singer Bjork’s second cousin twice removed? (The Swedish one?)

  57. Oh yeah, and I notice that too, Shaz, and share your hope. Absolutely.

  58. You would probably think I was joking if I translated this for you, it’s crazy even in swedish 😛
    For example the lyrics tell us about a turtle named “Skalman” (= “Shell-man”) who apparently is so very tired, but it’s all sung as a child with a speech impediment would sing it…

  59. berthaservant says:

    Skalman — good call. This definitely has a “Stroszek” feel to it.

    I don’t remember it either but the proof is there, it’s a repost.

    Very, very, very odd. Love the kitteh snorgling the camera at about :58.

  60. David, Mari and Tina are correct, you can see Bamse, Skalman and Lille-Skutt here:

    Bamse and his friends are just as loved as for instance Pippi Longstocking and the Moomins.

    I can’t imagine how funny this must sound to anyone who doesn’t understand Swedish! ^_^

  61. Houdi'sMom says:

    @pny I’m with you. I listened to about 15 seconds of the song and had to turn off the sound. I love the cat, though, and the horse. I watched the moose clip from the link above and was totally fine with that song.

  62. Cute kitty and cute pony… together… it is simply TOO MOISHE!

  63. What the HAYLE is with the song?
    Blam, there go my brains, right out of my head. (splatter, splatter)

  64. Cuteness according to Werner Herzog?

    Ha ha, yes or the Dogma school , so true.

  65. That song is better than valium.

  66. I think it’s important to clarify that Bamse eats his grandma’s THUNDERHONEY to become strong, and also he hates bullies.

  67. Volume at 0 fixes it. 😀


  68. I don’t know what’s funnier, the song, the sound of me laughing at it, or the look my dog just gave me while I was laughing and I woke him up.

  69. I giggled the whole time because the song is so adorably cute. 😉

  70. Sahrawi Wife says:

    @Pinu * Same here!! Hannibal Looked at me like I have lost my Mind !! Sweet kitties , Horsies and Squeeky singing will make you laugh like a loony for sure Yall !! Thanks for the Laugh CO!!

  71. Kitty’s right eye looks infected =(

  72. It’s been a while since I laughed (out loud and a lot) while watching a cute overload video.

    okay okay, I did laugh over the trampoline boxer..

    I think it’s the music that did the trick.

  73. scooterpants says:

    oh good lord.
    the lepricahn-singing- person-whatever is incredibly irritating, WTF?(heck) I wanna stick a fork in my neck.
    the ponie is so cute and the kitteh, but the moozack, too much!!!
    pleeze save the kitteh and the ponie from further hoo-miliation from the singer of the song.

  74. That cat is codependent.

  75. scooterpants says:

    (the original) mel-
    did you pass out?
    cuz i’m waitin for you to post again… mid drunked-ness.
    i’ll just wait here quietly for ya…

  76. Yes, a vet visit STAT. Antibiotics clear up that eye PDQ.

    And Diane, btw, horses in general (and just about everywhere else, including, one assumes, Svensk) LOVE cats. Have you never heard of horses in the racing industry and their cats? Yep! It’s true! And lots of horses have stables cats as pals. 😉

  77. a repeat, but still worth repeating

    [Well said! Well said… – Ed.]

  78. Anne Boleyn says:

    And for you non Swedes out there, “Farmor” specifically means “father’s mother” (paternal grandmother). If it referred to the mother’s mother she’s be called “Mormor”, and paternal grandfather is “Farfar” and maternal grandfather is Farmor. I love that and now I’m missing my Mormor and Morfar 😦

  79. so_much_love says:

    That song just made my 5-week-old kittens actually freeze mid-murdering of each other and head tilt in my direction. Like, ‘wtf?’

  80. that’s my favourite song.

  81. That song makes the video 10x funnier. I giggled a lot.

  82. Also, Anne B, I often wish English family names were so specific!

    And lol @ ravmi.

  83. After that video, I had to step outside for a moment to reassure myself that I was still on Earth.

  84. I just had a stroke of genius and sang the title to the tune of “Play that funky music white boy” and it added a whole other level of surreal-ness and absurdity to this post.

  85. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Ok Yall I have officially made the first part of the song ,up to the first pause, my BOSS’s ringtone !! He almost fell out of his chair lauging when he heared it ! 🙂

  86. I generally start losing it at about 25 seconds in when the song goes “KISSILI KISSILI KISSILI KISS” or some such… and then the giggles last throughout the rest of it…

  87. ohhh god this horse feels soooo good… oh god i feel sooo good…mmmm camera you feel gooood… oh brush..

    am i the only on who thinks of peter(a la family guy) when he took ectasy (

    when i watch this?

  88. Michelle S says:

    hahah I love barn kitties <3 <3 <3

  89. That is the most whacked out song I’ve ever heard, and it will haunt my dreams. Good thing the kitty is cute.

  90. warrior rabbit says:

    “Bamse tries to get the cat to come along by offering a meatball”

    So it’s ‘I can has meatball’?

    Thunderhoney! LOL. Sounds like something from James Bond.

    [Yeah, no doubt… she’s one of the “bad” girls that ends up busting Bond out of the enemy compound after a quickie on the bigass slab of gold… – Ed.]

    And so_much_love, if you have two 5-week-old kittens, YOU HAVE TO SHARE! Pix! Vids! Stories of shenanigans!

  91. wait what says:

    Does this remind anyone else of that scene in “The Land Before Time” where Little Foot snuggles in the skin fold of his mother’s shoulders?

  92. Star-eyed says:

    My dog did not approve of this song, ran into the room barking like mad and trying to see if I was hiding somebody behind the computer..

  93. Cute and sweet; I had to play it with the sound off ’cause the Hubster is sleeping, so I haven’t heard the song yet. I love how the kitty changes positions about 2/3 through and pony kinda loses his balance. Kitty’s eye looks like my daughter’s after she has snorgled a cat – she is allergic. I think maybe a lot of the rubbing has to do with the eye’s discomfort.

  94. OMG the song is hilarious. The randomness of all the cute elements makes this video amazing.

  95. I absolutely love that voice, with all the falsetto and voice breaking and out-of-tuneism… And the kisseli is adorable.
    I suggest kisseli gets to CO glossary, it’s a brilliant word!

  96. Det ar mycket bra.

  97. cubbybutt says:

    I teach 2nd grade, and that Swedish elf voice is very close to the insanity I listen to all day.

  98. Bamse og lille Skutt
    hoppa ut i skogen
    då kom skalmann …
    snubla på en katt

    Bamse sa: kom hit! kom hit!
    kisseli kisseli kisseliss
    så ska du få en kjøttbulle
    når du kommer fram

    og så så dom farmors hus
    långt uppå kullen
    lille Skutt han sprang så fort
    hele vegen fram

    Då sa Bamse:

    Nu springer du for fort for fort
    vænta på oss andra
    vi har inga långa ben
    og Skalmann han er trøtt

    Kom in, kom in i stugan min
    då ska ni få eta

    Vill ni inta ha nån …
    stora stærka Bamse
    Nei takk, nei takk inte nu
    før jag er så mett

    Då sa lille husmusen
    Å nei, den er stulen
    Då sprang Bamse snabbt så snabbt
    fånga Jason katt

    Asji basji lilla katt
    du får vondt i magen
    inte hitta på nåt pus
    spring til farmors hus

    så va sagan slut

  99. cheesybird says:

    I think this is my favorite thing EVAH!

  100. Lynne: our late cat Spencer, though raised in a vet’s office adjacent to a barn, was never exposed to horsies growing up. But one day we took him to the barn to meet our pony, and this was the result:

    So while most cats probably would be all HOLY HECK WHAT IS THAT THING?…not all are 😉

    Said cat also had a lot of eye issues…nothing a little cream didn’t fix. I’m sure this kitty was just fine after some ointment.

  101. Giant og small leaps
    jump out in the forest
    then came skalmann…
    snubla on a cat

    Giant said: come here! come here!
    kisseli kisseli kisseliss
    so, you will few one kjøttbulle reachs you come forward

    og so so judgement grandmother’s houses long uppå the hill
    small leaps he ran as soon as entire vegen forward

    Then, giant said:

    Now, you run travelled forts traveled quickly vænta on us others
    we have no long legs
    og Skalmann he you trøtt trøtt

    Came in, came in in the cottage face then will you may eta

    Wants to you to occupy to have someone…
    big stærka giant
    Nei takk, nei takk not now før I you so mett

    Then, the small house mouse said
    On nei, it your stolen
    Then, giant ran quickly so fast to catch Jason cat

    Asji basji small cat
    you may vondt in the MAG
    not getupto anything pus
    run til grandmother’s houses

    sow va the fairytale finished

  102. very cute, but let’s not forget that the cat is actually displaying that the horse is his property to the human, and these are not cuddles ^_^

  103. What a fine, full, fat tailio on the kitteh!

  104. Here’s the original cartoon:

  105. Since I’ve had this song stuck in my head since YESTERDAY, I’ve managed to translate a few lines. “Bamse and Little-Skut were hopping through the forest/Along came a turtle and tripped on a cat/Bamse said, ‘Come, kitty kitty kitty!'”

    I’d go on, but first I need to fortify myself with some of my Mormor’s THUNDERHONEY.

  106. what i heard:

    bleen bleenbleenbleen bleen bleen bleen


  107. Jewelz_4_U says:

    The video would not have been the same without the song, and the song would not have been the same without the video and thus I love them both. I really, really want to learn the song – it sounds like something I’d sing all day!

  108. OMG did anyone google up some pictures of the cartoon characters? *head asplodes* Wake up Amurrica! I mean, I can deal with the Japanese handing us our asses, but the Swedes must be laughing theirs off at our lack of cute-ability.

  109. Arrgh, I was watching the World Serious and
    I missed this! Gorgeous kitty and lovely horse, like the sweet horses I visited in Maryland last week.

  110. Ok so the translation up above didn’t make a whole lot of sense so I have returned to clarify…

    Bamse (name of bear) and Lille Skutt (name of rabbit) are walking through the woods and they run into Skalman (name of turtle) and they run into a cat and promise the cat meatballs when they arrive at Grandma’s house. Lille Skutt (being a bunny) runs ahead to get there first and Bamse says slow down, our legs aren’t as long as yours – plus Skalman is tiiired.

    Then they get to Grandma’s and she says come into my little cabin and I’ll give you meatballs with lingonberry jam and lots of icecream! Bamse, you can have some honey – but Bamse says no thanks, I’m too full!

    Then a housemouse comes out and says “Somebody stole the honey!” and it was Jansson’s cat! Bamse runs and catches him and tells him he’ll get a tummy ache, so be good and run along to Grandma’s house.

    See them all here:

    [Wait. Skutt eats *meatballs*?? That rabbit’s DYNAMITE… – Ed.]

  111. Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to sound like I was “uff da” who posted the translation – just that I had come back to the post after teaching you all about Thunderhoney.

  112. Swede, ha I know the translation’s crazy … it’s from an automatic Internet translator … they always come out completely insane but I thought it was funny enough to post, and in keeping with the overall surrealist mood of the video & comments. Thanks for the real translation!

  113. More international Cute!
    This video is my second favorite, after the moose, of all time on CO!
    More songs, more international cute, please!

    p.s. my inhaler is now empty- tusen takk!

  114. A meatball?!??! Ahahaha!

    How very… Swedish.

  115. What a snorglerific kitteh

  116. Nice vram horsehair blankie!

    Also love how the horse is all “meh” lol

  117. I was having a WEIRD morning, and logged on to CO for some perspective as always, this is JUST what the doctor ordered! I should send you all the money I save in therapy bills. Meg and NTMTOM are National Treasures! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  118. Teho too?
    Teho too!!!!!

  119. meatballs and ligonberry jam, LOL

  120. It’s swedish. Where i’m from… ^_^
    Its from a childrens book called “Bamse” I’ts a friendly bear that helps his friends, and gets extremely strong by drinking homemade honey his grandmother makes for him. Kinda like popeye.

    The cat is audroable, i love the look he gives the camera in the end… “he is mine!”

  121. what? WHAT??!?

    This sounds like Shari Lewis, Victor Borge and Topo Gigio all rolled into one surreal Swedish meatball.

    In other words, DELICIOUS.

  122. Först en hälsning till er svenskar som verkar finnas här på Cute overload! Tjena!

    Most swedish children grow up reading and watching Bamse, so we are all totally brain washed with messages like “the ones that are very strong must also be very kind” and believing that honey (thunderhoney!) will give us superhuman strength 😉

  123. I can’t stop coming back to watch this video over and over and over again.

    What syndrome do I have?

  124. Paunchie: We actually eat meatballs with lingonberry jam, it’s not as strange as it may sound 😛

  125. I believe that’s called Stockholm Syndrome.

    [*SNÖRKT* — oh man, you SO win this thread! I need to go lie down… – Ed.]

  126. I think I’d rather have swedish pancakes with ligonberry jam….

  127. Meatballs and lingonberry jam is soooo gooooood!!!

    It´s a Swedish invasion! Next thing you know they´ll be posting “Höjdarna” stuff!

    (show for kids)

  128. I think the singer is called Britt-Erik. Which is very weird.

  129. This cat is horny. I think it would even rub against cactus.

  130. i think this is what the veggietales would sound like in swedish. the song acutually made my kitty extra snuggly!

  131. repeat – WHAT’S with that?

  132. AuntieMame says:

    I can maybe picture eating meatballs with jam. But the ice cream is a little bit much! (Please don’t give Dairy Queen any ideas!)

  133. Chicky, That was my problem too, I was laughing so hard I stopped paying attention!

  134. OMG!!!!?WHAT THE HELL?????

  135. Martha in Washington says:

    You can get Swedish meatballs with Lingonberry jam at Ikea!! I’ve had it and I like it!

  136. Has the person filming this never heard that you don’t walk behind a horse?!

  137. I think the reason I find this so very funny is because I imagine that that voice is the cat’s… Why that cracks me up, I have no idea. It’s ridiculous(ly funny).

  138. Also, I really like how spongy the horse seems beneath the kitty’s kneading. Almost like memory foam.

  139. Hahaa! I’m finnish, and I SHOULD know some Swedish, but I only got a couple of phrases here and there… so thanks for the English version. Helped to clear things out “a bit”.

    Small forest… meatballs…grandma’s house… long legs…BAMSE! Hmmh.

  140. Hahahahahahahaha…….this is possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen….I love it! The music was perfect for the video.

  141. If you really want to have a good time – press play and then scroll with alacrity down to Emilie’s lyrics and SING along OUTLOUD!!
    Loved ones will promise you anything to get you to STOP!

  142. Okay, so I had to replay the video just for the song. I love it, lol.

  143. compy-saur says:

    I love Swedes. Well, Scandinavians in general! They are such cool people.


  144. hamster on rye says:

    lol “memory foam” pony!
    that pony is so best-in-show…the cat is prosh…
    as for the song, when I heard it, I thought “AAAAl-vin…”

  145. I think the word “snorgle” has Nordic roots. If it doesn’t, it should.

  146. jazzkate, you’re so right — imagining it’s the kitteh’s voice makes it about 1000 times funnier!

  147. Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam are delish but: if you can’t get lingonberry jam you can substitute cranberry. The two berries are related and taste similar. YUM gonna make some right away!

  148. violetgreen says:

    Sounds like the tomte got into the glogg a little early. My ex was Swedish/Norwegian. I miss his family, culture & cuisine. Lovable kitty makes it all better.

  149. mewfymewf says:

    A tube of polysporin eye ointment will fix that infected eye up overnight. $5!

  150. Did anybody notice in the “related videos” – the horse trying to snorgle the kitteh, but getting carried away nomming its ears?

  151. O.O Omg… whats up with that voice….its Creapy…

  152. Another Swede says:

    It should be made very clear that although this is a song *about* Bamse, it is NOT an official Bamse song. I have no idea who made this song (or why), but it’s not a part of Bamse canon in any way whatsoever.

    Here’s the actual theme tune from the old Bamse cartoons:

    It’s instrumental, so you don’t have to worry about funny Swedish words, apart from the written credits. 😉

    Also, ANYONE who’s Swedish will instantly recognize this song (the theme tune, not that monstrosity in the cat-and-horse-video). If you want to verify if someone’s actually Swedish, don’t ask them to hum the Swedish national anthem – ask them to hum the Bamse theme tune. 😉

  153. violetgreen: Haha, right on! Tomten should probably put away the glögg before someone gets hurt…

  154. Another thing that I consider very swedish indeed: “Tornado” by Galenskaparna & After shave.
    So here is a little song that I hope most of you swedes remember, and a cute dog 😉

    And “Ronja Rövardotter”!

  155. That is just deliciously adorable. It reminds me of how my cat acts around the dog.

  156. Ok, another swede here, I feel this deserves a full explaination.

    Bamse is the worlds strongest bear, champion of the weak, the poor, and the very very small. He gets his superpowers from thunderhoney, which his grandma (farmor) cooks for him. Farmor lives with a cat and a mouse. If anyone but Bamse eats the honey, they get a terrible stomachache for three days.

    He has two best friends, Skalman (Shellman) and Lille skutt (little jumper). In this song, the whole gang is going to visit grandma, and get the cat to come along by bribing it with a meatball. Lille skutt jumps on ahead. Bamse asks him to wait, because Skalman, being a turtle, is tired.

    They get to grandmas, and eat lots. Bamse doesn’t want any honey, because he’s full. The cat runs off with a jar, and they have to stop him, because if he eats it, he will get the dreaded tummyache. (Tummypinch, in swedish. Weird, I know.) They catch the kitty.


  157. *whew* That’s a relief. My own translation skills were failing.

  158. Wowie this thread has lots of comments! I just went to the horse nerbling his cat and accidentally munching his ear (no seriously hurt) it is very funny.

    Inska deeska dinska din-Bork Bork Bork!

  159. hahaha wow…
    at the beginning it sounds like the lollipop guild from the wizard of oz. the song goes on to become more chipmunk-esque. very interesting, and hysterical, especially late at night and (as others have suggested) imagining the singing to be kitty’s voice.

  160. I’m finnish, and I do know some swedish… The lyrics posted abowe are NOT swedish but norwegian. Swedish doesn’t have the funny O with a slash (/), and they say “och” not “og” amongst other things… So no wonder if some of you who di know some swedish couldn’t quite understand the written lyrics. I think the song was in swedish, tough.

  161. It’s as some already said NOT the original song of Bamse but rather the Onkel Kånkel distorted version of it. At least these lyrics are completely “childproof”. Onkel Kånkel has also made songs with Bamse theme, but perhaps I should stick with the childproof theme and not mention the titles. Search Google if you wish to listen more, probably YouTube and otherwise facts in English are here at Wikipedia:

    Here are the lyrics to go with the song above:

    Artist: Onkel Kånkel
    Title: Bamse o Lille Skutt/Bamse saga

    Bamse och Lille skutt hoppa’ ut i skogen,
    då kom skalman trampeli svamp, snubbla på en katt.
    Bamse sa kom hit kom hit,
    kisseli kisseli kisseli kissemiss,
    så ska du få en köttbulle när vi kommer flam.

    Snart så såg dom farmors hus långt upp på kullen,
    Lille skutt han sprang så fort hela vägen flam.
    Då sa Bamse “Nu springer du för fort för fort, vänta på oss alla.
    Vi har inga långa ben o Skalman han är tlött.” Tlött…

    Kom in kom in i stugan min så ska ni få äta,
    köttbullar med lingon på o glass i stora lass.
    Vill du inte ha nån honung stora starka Bamse?
    Nej tack, nej tack inte nu för jag är så mätt.

    Då sa lille husmusen “Honungen e stulen!”
    Bamse sprang så snabbt, så snabbt, fånga’ janssons katt.
    Ajsing bajsing lilla katt du får ont i magen.
    Inte hitta på nåt bus. Spring till farmors hus.

    Så var sagan slut…

    (I blame my years as a student/dormhouse living)

  162. I’m in TEARS!!! What the heck-ola is up with that freekin’ song?!

  163. I’ve bookmarked this video and come here whenever I’m having a crappy day LOL