Wokka wokka wokka? Wokka!

Wokka wokka, wokka wokka wokka.  Wokka, wokka wokka — wokka wokka!  Wokka wokka:

1/2 cup. wokka wokka
4 wokka Wokka Wokka, wokka
3 tsp. wokka wokka

Wokka: Wokka wokka wokka; wokka wokka.  Wokka, wokka wokka.  Wokka wokka wokka wokka, wokka, wokka.  Wokka wokka wokka, wokka wokka!


BEE-ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo — werp-werp!



  1. Christabel says:

    Finally something cute that I can stuff in my mouth!

  2. Wokka!

  3. CoffeeCup says:

    I actually read all of the wokkas in my head! One of your best NOMTOM, and so simple.

    And I want those..can we get the real recipe?

  4. geneticlemon says:

    Wokka wokka wokka wokka! Wokka wokka, wokka wokka wokka wokka wokka.

  5. AuntieMame says:

    I keep looking for Fozzie Bear. Wokka wokka!

  6. Abe Vigoda is alive!

    I want some of those cookies. They look yummy.

  7. yankeebird says:

    Liberace, Abe Vigoda, and Pennzoil? Three things I’d rather not think about together, thanks.

  8. By the way, those of you on sugar-restricted diets can substitute wokka wokka for the wokka wokka.

  9. Taki's mom says:

    “Werp Werp” – LOL!

  10. Auntiemame – me too! Did you know the voice of Fozzie Bear is also Miss Piggy? And Animal and the angry blue eagle guy. 🙂

  11. NTMTOM, your sense of humour escapes me… but you deffo get points for creativity and originality.

    Zany-ness FTW!! 😀

  12. muttluver says:

    Love the hoverscript. I have only to add: wokka wokka, Nom Tom, wokka wokka.

  13. What about the bonus fruit?

  14. muttluver says:

    Just looked back up at the picture: the orange one on the bottom is looking toward pacman! (Should that be as hilarious as I think it is?)

  15. (the original) Mel says:

    *screams like a girl*


  16. The only thing missing is Ms. PacMan… someone should put a little pink bow on the 2nd one!

  17. It’s times like these I hate sharing an office.

  18. I was waiting for Fozzie, too! Wocka, wocka!

  19. this might be the funniest post ever.

  20. berthaservant says:

    Inky! Blinky! Pinky! CLYDE!!!

    Thanks NTMTom!

    (ps Frank Oz does Yoda’s voice too)

  21. BeckyMonster says:


    The blue eagle guy is Sam the Eagle, one of my personal faves.

    I also agree that we need a Ms. PacMan and some bonus fruit!

  22. Berthaservant – knew that, I did. You gotta love a guy who talks like that. His regular speaking voice sounds almost exactly like Fozzie.

  23. Janeyferr says:

    i know a lass who makes cupcakes for a living. check out the cuteness of some of her halloween range: http://www.thecambridgecupcakecompany.com/images/gallery/mix3.jpg

  24. muttlover….only because the expression seems to be “OH CR#P!”

  25. Laughed my ASS off. (I’m standing up right now.)

    Best use of embedded URLs *ever*.

  26. catloveschanel says:

    and furthermore….

    Say, I’ve been off sugar for um, a day, I guess, but that sure reminds me of one of those big soft cookies with the pink icing, um, Uncle Ike’s? I’m pretty sure like to eat all of those.


  27. asianmike says:

    That was the most random link roll I’ve ever seen.


  28. (fine, fine… laughed my ‘TOCKS off, okey dokes?)

  29. Love how the orange guy second from the left on the bottom is totally aware of his impending doom…

    … except how can he be? He’s not glowing! Watch out Pac Man!

  30. That’s the best cookie theme ever! For an even more awesome presentation, you could put them on a black plate and use marshmellows for the dots in between. Maybe I’m taking this too far…

  31. MINI-marshmallows!

  32. KB in To. says:

    Coffeecup, the first wokka wokka is the recipe — http://www.joyofbaking.com/SugarCookie.html

  33. …and, and, and NECCO WAFERS for the power dots!

  34. @CoffeeCup: Regarding the recipe, the last link in the post (werp werp) leads to the blog post of the person who made the cookies, so you could ask there.

    But I suppose any garden-variety sugar cookie recipe would work fine for this.

  35. On a Pac-Man-related note, this graphic always makes me grin:


  36. If NTMTOM married Meg (I know she’s married, don’t interrupt) and they had children … I think the children would look like kittens and wear cookie pattern flannel pajamas in pastel colors, and they would get in trouble in school a lot for making the other kids laugh all the time. That’s what I think.

  37. Thanks for the link! We here at Popular Mechanics are HUGE Cute Overload fans! 😉

  38. what the … have y’all been smoking?!

  39. Definitely, MEGarde, they’d be the stuff of nightmares for teachers!

    Hehe, one of the links contained a link to an anti-theft lunchbag.

  40. fish eye no miko says:

    Erebella said: “Auntiemame – me too! Did you know the voice of Fozzie Bear is also Miss Piggy? And Animal and the angry blue eagle guy. :)”

    Sam the Eagle. And the guy’s name is Frank Oz.

    He also did the voice of Yoda in the Star Wars films. ^_^

  41. Where can I get pac-man and ghostie-shaped cookie cutters? cause I totally want to make these now.

  42. I love the links. I think I had a dream like this once right before a final in collage. Abe Vigoda being chased by kangaroos in Zippy the Pinheadland while Libarace played in the background. All that’s missing is Weird Al, a lot of talking jellybeans, and my cranky grandmother.

  43. bookmonstercats says:

    Great baking site, and how super to have the “cups” measured, because we don’t use cups over here, so I’ve never been able to use American recipes before.
    In my music room at home I have an amazing caricature of Jimi Hendrix’s head, made up of small guitars, a lovely limited edition print of a girl at a grand piano…. and a figurine of Animal, ‘coz he is the GREATEST,

  44. wokka wokka

  45. Yay! If anyone is looking, here is the ‘how-to’ on the cookies 🙂


  46. and the oscar for the best hovertext goes to…

    [Hmm, not this one, not for best hovertext. I mean, what’s one more wokka? But Mike definitely deserves *some* kind of award for this Pac-Man recipe post, I tell ya; laughed till I about choked… – Ed.]

  47. The little orange dude at the bottom looks so much like he’s looking into Pacman’s mouth and thinking “I do NOT want to meet THOSE tonsils!!”

  48. I had no idea Abe Vigoda was still alive.. humm…

  49. My nephew got a bag of googly eyes for his birthday. I can’t wait to see what he uses them for.

  50. an upside down tulip… who’da thought… creative people amaze me…

  51. Aunt Jenn says:

    LOL! That is possibly the most random collection of links! Great job!

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    Abe Vigoda appears regularly on Conan O’Brien. It is sort of amazing; I thought he was already pretty old when he was on Barney Miller. Also, if anyone’s seen Christopher Lloyd recently (that episode of L&O: CI), he now sort of looks like Abe Vigoda.

  53. OMG! Delicious! I must make them! In addition to adding a bow to one of the pacmans, I’d also drag out fresh fruit to serve with it!

  54. Cassandra says:

    Most hilarious part of this???? The complete randomness of the URL’s in the picture description!! Loves it!

  55. I don’t understand why people are saying the links are “random.” Don’t you discern the underlying unifying theme?

  56. CoffeeCup says:

    bookmonstercats, to convert any measurements from one unit to another (such as cups to quarts, for example) just type __ (measurement unit) to (measurement unit) in to Google, like 4 cups to quarts. And Google will give you the answer.

  57. SillyGirl says:

    oohh…NTMTOM I love you

  58. Are those…GINGER SNAPS?! I WANT THEM!!!!!!! Adorable side effect, as well as the sugar rush. YUMMY!

  59. wannadance says:

    did i just wake up after 50 years or something? what is this? is this on tv? is it a conspiracy? are those computer chips?


  60. OMG WANT.

    Hahahaha, I am SO making these for my co-workers. 🙂

  61. Theresa — and that would be The Party Inside Nom Tom’s Head?

  62. Gail (the first one) says:

    Cookies look DELISH!!!!

  63. Do they come in ginger-snap flava?

  64. @wannadance: Those aren’t computer chips, they’re cookies. Somebody baked them in Pac-Man shapes and put the photo on the blog linked below; that’s where I saw it.


  65. I second Theo’s vote – best embedded URLs ever.

    I don’t want to imagine what would happen if Meg and Nom Tom got married b/c I now want Nom Tom to marry ME.

  66. @Theo, of course, and they’re all dancing to “Word Up” by Cameo.

  67. Mike, congrats, you are officially Hot Property. Heh.

    Theresa, no matter where you say it, you know that there you are. 😉

  68. oh man how it all comes flooding back… “You try to put on those airs, and act real cool, but you got to realize, you’re acting like JESUS CHRIST MAN YOU’RE WEARING A M************ CODPIECE!?!!!

  69. Ow!

  70. Word up.

  71. Those ghosts have the most animated and expressive googly eyes I’ve ever seen.

  72. Bwa ha! Glad I’m not the only one who also thought of Fonzie bear. Love this post. 🙂

  73. I feel very slow — all I can think of is Fozzy Bear. All pennzoil references are lost on me. =[

  74. cookiemonster says:

    Is Penzoil a good source of omega-3’s?

  75. AquilaLorelei says:

    Pennzoil is a brand of motor oil here in the US–don’t know where y’all are… 😉
    Anyhoo, Nom Tom, the sound is BWOCK-ip_
    Really. Picture that sound in your head. It’sright, right? I was just thinking about Pac-Man last night, funny enough. A while ago, one of my friends showed me a YouTube video of all these office workers wearing Pac-Man sandwich boards and running around their building in “formation”. ROTFLOL.
    (No, don’t ask for linkage, it’s been a while since I’ve *seen* it, mind you…)
    And the sound is BWOCK-ip, TRUST me–which reminds me, I too was looking for Fozzie Bear. LOL.

  76. Great post. The silly links remind me of when my dad used to read me bedtime stories with all the wrong words on purpose. I would laugh and laugh and my mom would get annoyed because it was supposed to be bedtime. 🙂

  77. Other Mike, I want to ride the roller coaster in the amusement park inside your head.

    Theo?! Tockless?! In Tocktober????!!!! Get thee to a tockery!

  78. AAAAAHHHH!! Takes me back to the day…….high school, big hair, leg warmers, Duran Duran….oh wait, that’s coming back isn’t it? Lord I hope not, leave the 80’s where they are. Okay maybe bring a few things back, but not leg warmers or big hair!

    Great post!!! Thanks!!

  79. Babs — I go’ bettah…

  80. Ermine — LOL @ “Fonzie” Bear

  81. BeckyMonster says:

    Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care,
    Ride by the people as they stop to look and stare.
    Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quick now,
    So come on baby tell me what’s the word?

  82. BeckyMonster says:

    Couldn’t help myself. I was moved by the spirit of Cameo and all the middle school dances I ever went to…

  83. Yeah, they should’ve made the second one a Ms. Pac-Man, or even Baby Pac-Man for those who remember that game. And I will perhaps be the only person ever to admit I used to watch the short-lived Pac-Man cartoon, and this cookie set needs to have the family dog, Chom Chom in there.

  84. That’ll be cookie sheet 2.0, Chanpon. 😉

  85. Beedleydeedillydoodillybodily,boodily,heedley,doodly,woodliy,woodliy,woodily,thurp
    (Sung in descending order of any scale you wish)
    I only got to play a couple of times, but this is what I remember-I wasn’t very good at it, apparently, if this is all I remember besides the Wokka.
    Thanks again NOMTOM!

  86. And thus, via random comments on an even more random post, the great costume idea of 2008 was born: Larry Blackmon’s outfit in “Word Up”.

    Seriously, I love you people.

  87. I didn’t know Abe Vigoda was alive, either.

    I’m partial to this lovely, um, lady? (well it is a Roo, after all). It be a submishe for a caption contest: http://kangaroos.org/kangaslep.html

  88. I meant to say it SHOULD be a submishe….

  89. WokkaWokkaWokka says:

    Number wokka, Aquilalorelei, cookiemonster was wokking a pun. Second, no need to be wokky about how you spell the sound pacman wokks. It’s a cute post!
    “If there’s wokka we can use it; we need to dance! We don’t have no time for wokkawokkawokk romance! ~Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance for me! WOKKA, come on baby tell me what’s the wokka..”

  90. I really, really want to eat those.

    All of them.

    In one sitting.

    Stomachache be damned. Coloured icing makes me greedy.

  91. OH BTW, that’s not a codpiece, that’s just the proper protective gear for pudding hockey games.

  92. I LOVED the links (especially on the ingredients list)!!! Your site makes me happy. 😀

  93. my favorite wakka: moose jerkey. this is the funniest post ever

  94. Kiralylany says:

    I couldn’t resist, I made the cookies yesterday (bonus fruits included) and arranged them appropriately. Even though the comment is in Hungarian, the picture speaks for itself…

  95. This is the most redonkulous post ever! love it!

  96. Roo caption: “Grass: not just for breakfast any more.)

  97. Poor Abe, his obit’s going to read:

    “No really. We’re serious. Dead serious. No, we’re not kidding.”

    I’m another one who thought of Fozzie at the title.

  98. Percentage of cookie that resembles Pac-Man: 75%

    Percentage of cookie that does not resemble Pac-Man: 25%

  99. Kiralylany — well done! Maybe reduce your oven temperature a little, though, next time.


  100. *sobbing with laughter*

    p.s. wokka

  101. Kiralylany says:

    this was my first time baking, so any suggestions are more than welcome 🙂
    Next project: Tetris cookies!!!

    [Oooh. Good choice. Don’t skimp on the tall skinny pieces; there are never enough of those… – Ed.]

  102. A. Non Ymous says: