Crawlin’ up a paper towel

—Oh yeah—

Stickin’ out my tongue

I’m only a centimeter long

—Oh yeah—

But I’m still havin’ fun


Peter E-M., Tell "Hermie" that Vegas just called.



  1. hi i’ve been away and missed CO so much!

    love this little guy…

  2. momof2kitties says:

    Hermie is crawlin’ up to say Welcome Back to ashagato! He’ll be there by sometime tomorrow afternoon.

  3. “Merrrowwww” (that’s what Gary would say)

  4. Amanda H. says:

    Holy Moly! Thank you so veddy monsche for posting a pitcher of a hermit crab. I love them SO and have 4 little ones at home. They are severely under-appreeshed as cute pets.

  5. exactly what body parts are we looking at here???

  6. Hermie, that shell is so you.

  7. Wait a minute, where IS its tongue??

  8. balamuthia says:

    Is that the new fall line of HERMES shell I see?

  9. What the…? Is it Friday already?

  10. Yes, can it be Friday? pleaseandthankyou. Nice shell hermie.

  11. aaaah!!! he’s really cute!!! tthhhbbbttt indeed!!

  12. my cat wants to kronche heem! too cute for teh kronchings!

  13. Welcome back Ashagato!

    This is a redonkulous critter and say a merry “Thhhbbt” right back! How big is he? Is he really THAT tiny? OOOOOOHHHHHHH!

  14. Welcome back Ashgato!

  15. scooterpants says:

    googlie eyes! i luf him!

  16. seriously, wheres the tongue?

  17. Oh-so cute! Does anyone know what these little fellers eat, and what they like to live in?

  18. I, too, am not quite sure what is what on this little guy. lol! 😛

  19. why you eyes me?

  20. Stephanie says:


  21. The shell is nice, but those are two of the most generic, non-cute flagella I’ve ever seen, and look at that week carpus! Dude, mix in some workout time!

  22. @jorden: i had hermit crabs for several years; i kept them in an aquarium. you fill it with little fake plants and a little water tub and shells for them to transfer to when their current ones are too small. i think they just eat store-bought crab food, but you might want to check with your local pet store in case i’m wrong. they’re really good pets; you should definitely go for it if you’re thinking of getting one. if you’re not, then please disregard this spewing of useless information.

  23. @Jordan: they eat crab chow. No, really, it comes in a packet at the pet supply store. They also like lots of other things, like peanut butter, shrimp, chicken. They’re scavengers. They like to climb up stuff.

  24. They also sometimes make a loud rasping sound, only at night. It used to wake me up and I would freak out a little, wondering what on earth that sound was, until I figured out it was the hermit crabs.

  25. Thank you, Emily and Ding for the information! I am sorely tempted-might have to go scavenging for some scavengers!

  26. Could you please cute enhance this guy’s tongue? Can’t see it.

  27. The Other One Michelle says:

    Isn’t Gary a snail?

  28. Paella tonite then…

    nice trenchcoat Hermie

  29. Now, we’ve finally hit on an animal that kind of creeps me out – hermit crabs remind me of spiders, and I haaaate spiders (but never kill them).
    Hermey does have a nice shell though…

  30. AuntieMame says:

    Again with the Plumbing Supply House spam…

  31. they love their veggies and fruits too 🙂

  32. He’s crabsolutely crabulous!

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    Do the spammers realize that…Well, I can’t speak for anyone, but if I *were* in the market for copper plumbing or a sink, etc. I would now never, ever, ever visit that company. Never.

    Meanwhile, back on Planet Unicorn heyyy, I also have no idea whether there’s a tongue there or not. Is there? Maybe a COXCU (and a schematic) would help.

  34. Space Cowgirl says:

    Khadija wins, game over.

  35. Gail (the first one) says:

    welcome back, ashagato!
    lol @ berthaservant!!

  36. tongue? where?

    rasping sound? eeep!

  37. Who can notice whether this little guy’s got a tongue out? His eyes are BUGGING me out!!

  38. @Audrey – Oh, and Gary’s a snail, not a hermit crab. Though no less bug-eyed I guess.

  39. Yikes! I actually thought I was looking at a really clever plush toy, like those realistic aardvarks and stuff you see – thought it was made out of plush glued to a shell.

    Then I read ‘only a centimeter long’. o.O

    How awesome. I love the bug eyes… yet I too am in need of a tonguehance!

  40. warrior rabbit says:

    Theo, you were overzealous. You deleted the spam, AuntieMame’s response to the spam, my response to the spam — and my actual crab-related comment as well. Isn’t there a way to block the plumbers before they comment, rather than running around and deleting everyone’s comments post-spam?

  41. AuntieMame says:

    That would add a lot of extra work, warrior rabbit.

    First, I don’t know if there is an easy way to block a spammer who comments about the photo like a regular poster, then sticks a spammy link in the post. And then Theo would have to individually edit each response post to leave in the relevant stuff.

    It’s easier just to unpublish the whole works and be done with it, and I don’t have a problem with that.

    Probably we should not be responding at all, but sometimes the temptation is too much…

  42. Warrior — short answer: That’s not your call to make.

    Longer answer: Nothing was deleted, you know, just unpublished. Here’s the rest of your comment, by the way:

    “Meanwhile, back on Planet Unicorn heyyy, I also have no idea whether there’s a tongue there or not. Is there? Maybe a COXCU (and a schematic) would help.”

    I wouldn’t have touched if it had been posted separately. How were you supposed to know that ahead of time, yeah yeah, I know. Couldn’t be helped, hindsight’s 20/20, etc.

    Finally, not only is the spammer gone, she/he/they won’t be back. So yes, NOW there’s a way to proactively block further attempts.

    This glimpse under the hood of Cute Overload’s Community Moderation Techniques has been brought to you by the letters F, and U, and by the number 66.75.246.***.

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    I dunno, seems like blocking IPs or addresses would work. I had a topic-related response. It was deleted. That’s above and beyond.

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    Thank you, Theo. As to the lecture, I didn’t make a call. I asked a question. A perfectly reasonable one, seeing as how the plumbers have been posting on several threads over several days. I really don’t see why asking if it can be prevented is somehow overstepping. Also, I’m surprised there isn’t more spam, actually.

  45. Two guesses *why* there isn’t more spam.

  46. Gee with all the snarkin’, nobody mentioned:

    EYE STALKS!!! OMG!11! Like eye capsules on a stick!!1!

  47. SO cute!! Eye stalks!!

  48. Aaaaww, what a cuty!!!!

    Found lot of info here about Hermie crab care:

    And apparently some can live as long as cats and dogs!

  49. Beetlejuice eyez

  50. We missed you too, Ashagato.momof2kitties, that’s a great welcome back!

  51. Yitzysmommie says:

    Snicker snork @ the comments!!
    I too desperately need a schematic as I cannot tell the tongue from the other appendages.

  52. Sahrawi Wife says:

    AWSOMEcreepyCUTE !!! Shiver and smile !

  53. Aww, I miss my hermit crabs from my childhood days. 🙂

  54. Hermit crabs start off really quite tiny, 1 CM is small but not unheard of for a pet-version… though they have been known to get upwards of softball-sized in captivity and can live decades.

    They’re generally housed in a aquarium (or “Crabitat”) with sand, stuff to climb on, extra shells, water, crab chow and such… though they do like fresh foods as well. They require a high-humidity environment, and while they’re not cuddly whatsoever (if you need that in a pet) they can be pretty neat and relatively low maintenance.

  55. Raemie L. says:

    *imagines 1 cm hermit crab on index finger*

  56. I once saw a hermit crab so big that it had to use a large piece of plastic piping as a home. Alas, I don’t have a picture, some stupid tourists thought it was funny pull the pipe off the poor thing.

  57. thanks for the welcome backs, guys 🙂 !!!

  58. Hehe, “crabitat.”

  59. Hermitcrabchow comes in 50 pound sacks- you get a discount on the 13th one you buy.

  60. Oooh fiesty Theo. Kinda hot.

    [ *facepalm* – Ed.]

    Okay, was Sebastian a hermit crab or a lobster? I think he was a crab. He was so darn cute scuttling around all the time, wasn’t he? Lol!

    [“Zut alors, wut ees thees? How on earth gould I mees zuch a zweet leetle zucculent crrrab?” – Ed.]

  61. Afaik – Hermies don’t have tongues. So the COXCU wouldn’t help!

  62. darkshines says:

    I like to think his eyes can move independantly, so he can snail-baroo yet check out his shell at the same time.