Skip this one if you’re PMS-ing

‘Cause you’ll just end up crying. I warned you. Guys too—you’re not immune, MoFos.




  1. lurkingsmirk says:

    now i have to call my mother…

  2. Bluemenro says:

    So sweet. Loved the dancing kitteh and floaty chicklets especially.

  3. It’s a good thing I’m wearing waterproof mascara. I’m going to go call my mom.

  4. Aw, I thought it was beautiful! And sweet and only a littletinytearinducing bit sad.


  5. I think it’s very sweet.. A touching tribute to her mom.

    Mine has been gone for 5 years now and I still miss her to this day.

    Ladies – get your mammograms – I lost my mom to breast cancer.

  6. awww. Mama. *snif*

  7. Am I the only one who thinks whats-her-face was totally tripping on acid there?

  8. Oddly enough, my DH just showed that video to me last night. Heh. Small world… and at first I totally didn’t get it. And I am PMSing. lol Except I get really angry when I PMS… instead of weepy. lol Dude.

  9. Absolutely beautiful. What lovely, smooth and professional animation. I loved the use of colour! Cute story too.

    Also: DON HAHN?! THE Don Hahn?! Squee!

  10. I did not listen to your warning. I’m glad I didn’t though because this is so sweet.

    I dreamt this weekend of my aunt and cousin who both passed away. I miss them but was happy when I woke up.

  11. I cried a leetle at the end. *snif* I need to go find my puppeh for a good snorgling session.

  12. Dude… weren’t kidding about the PMSing…seriously…


  13. I just texted my mom. That’s so sweet! I’m totally crying at work.

  14. did not heed warning! *cries a little bit*

  15. i lost my dad in july, and my mom has alzheimers, so it’s like they’re both gone…

  16. This could only be cuter if it had a Totoro in it.
    Not more heartbreaking, though.

  17. Nice vid. Lost my mom in ’02 and my dad this July. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss them. And all my angel cats who’ve gone over the Rainbow Bridge. We’ll all be together again some day, never to part again.

  18. All through watching it I thought, this is sweet… but a little weird.

    But its a sweet tribute to her mom.

    I felt no need to cry though. I must be heartless.

  19. but not just a tribute, something that says “I miss you”.

  20. I was okay up until “For my mother, and my family who misses her every day.”


  21. Pussytoes says:

    Too distracted by the mother’s “chola” eyebrows to cry. Sorry.

  22. My mother, who lost her cat last Monday was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Friday…. I’m an only child, father long, long estranged when I was 6.

    I tried really really hard not to cry after watching this… and I didn’t make it. What a lovely, lovely tribute.


  23. (Moe Szyslak voice):

    Aw jeez! Dere’s…somethin’ in my eye again! Musta been ‘dose pickled onions or somethin’….

    (Seriously, people, NEVER underestimate the power of pen-and-ink animation….)

  24. PMS-ing or not (not), it’s sad, made me tear up and gave me goosebumps! Kinda beautiful, too.

  25. this is totally perfect cos i’m not out of my mind depressed enough on a grey monday.

  26. so beautiful, will call mom as soon as i get out of work…

  27. Very nice cartoon, if a bit strange. I don’t think it’s heartbreaking though. Lovely tribute to her mom. And yes, my mom has died, and I miss her very much as well. Anywho – back to the puppehs and kittehs and ticks and tocks and…

  28. this is way too much. 😦

  29. I’m PMSing, and sick but watched it anyway, completely lost it, I was forewarned *BAWL*

  30. I even anticipated the ending and still teared up a bit. My mom’s traveling up to see me tomorrow – will be giving her a big hug in the morning.

  31. Meh. My mom died just a few years ago (cancer), but neither she or I was a very big fan of ostentatious sentimentality, so this cartoon didn’t really appeal to me.

  32. firefinch says:

    I still have my mom, but last week I lost a friend who was a mother to two boys, ages 16 and 19. She went through hell (it was breast cancer) but kept fighting because she wanted to be with her sons as long as possible.

  33. Did not listen to your warning. I lost my mom in April and miss her every day. Don’t take a day with yours for granted.

  34. it’s pretty but didn’t really feel any reason to cry – whoever posted it must have been crazy mad pmsing….

  35. *sniiiiiiiiiiff*

    The little girl looks and acts like my little girl…and the mom looks like my mom. Sigh. Thanks for sharing, I feel especially lucky and blessed to be able to forward it on to my mom!

  36. ananda8star says:

    You maybe should have also warned against those who have lost their mother. I lost mine almost 7 years ago and occasionally dream of her like that little girl. And I miss her everyday.

  37. Yeah, I like to end my Monday with a good cry! Ostentatious or not! That little film is right up there with Shel Silversteins’s The Giving Tree and the last couple chapters of Black Beauty and Where the Red Fern Grows.

  38. Daphne Moss says:


  39. @Brian — yes, dear, I think you are the only one who thinks whats-her-face was totally tripping on acid there. 🙂

    I figured it was a dream when a young woman woke up but a little girl bounced out of bed.

  40. I don’t think this was as sad as it was just sweet and touching. 🙂

    Now the Monkey and Polar Bear cartoon – THAT was heartbreaking.

  41. Ohhh … you don’t need to be PMSing to cry with this one!

  42. I love my mummy.
    She’s there for me every day, the world gets too much for her but she’s still here for me and my sister. I can’t thank her enough.
    And now I’m tearing up :’)

  43. *gulp*

    sigh. I miss my mom. Rest in peace, lovely lady.

  44. I started to tear up because this reminds me of how much I love my daughter, and how being her mom changes as she grows. I didn’t anticipate the end. what a loving tribute.

  45. This Tuesday would have been my mom’s 65th birthday. It’s been 18 months since she passed. I miss her a lot.

    Hug your mommies! (and your daddies and your babies!)

  46. I was waiting for the mom to get hit by a bus. I think I’ve seen too many horror movies.

  47. That was beautiful…thank you.

  48. 3quartermoon says:

    My mom passed away 2 years ago this week – October 25. You were right, I cried my eyes out and that’s OK. Love you and will ALWAYS miss you, mama.

  49. Yup.. tears.. making everything on my screen a big blur.

    Thanx for putting this up!

  50. “Skip this one if you’re PMS-ing”…

    …or pregnant!

  51. *snuffles and blows into a tissue*

  52. Is it just me, or does the director’s name sound like something else:
    Hyun-min Lee = Humanly?

  53. Didn’t cry at the movie… then I had to tempt fate and read the comments.

    *tears up*

  54. Wow. I didn’t cry the first time I saw this…. but I had to watch it one more time….I started bawling as soon as the little girl was dancing with the cat and especially towards the end. I just talked to my mom yesterday, now I want to call her again.

    I miss her. 😥 ::barooooo!::

  55. This settles it! I can’t resist asking now:

    Could you please start up a CO animation contest for us starving art students? ICHC has it’s art show, but you guys hundereds or potentially thousands of more drawings of cute overload! Heck, you could get truckloads of these coming if every student were guaranteed some payment for their submission!

  56. girlnextdoortn says:

    I must be dead inside.

  57. One thing that’s nice about growing up with an un-loving mother is that I don’t have to miss a mother’s sweetness in my life.

    I’m really glad for people who had a true mom to care about them though. It seems like one of the absolutely great things to experience.

  58. Another nice one, with the bitter-sweet aroma of long-lost days or better, yet to come

  59. @cass: same here.

  60. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Just beautiful and so touching – yes, I am still crying – lost Mom, my best friend, 10 years ago – she was only 56 – thank you for this.

  61. I’m not watching it. My husband and I both have all our parents, but I cry at commercials, seriously. I don’t need anything else to cry at. (Christian the lion, anyone? I couldn’t SEE that video a minute in!)

  62. GAAAAWWWWWWD! *embarassing sobs*

  63. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    yeah if I were PMSing I would have bawled at the movie…but I’m not…YET I started reading the comments and NOW I’m crying 😦

  64. Wow. You didn’t need to be PMSing to cry on that one.

  65. I’m with Becky…

    My mom passed away when I was 13, I’m in my early 40’s now and I still miss her every day. *sniffles*

  66. Three years on, sometimes I don’t make space to grieve. Then things like this catch me. Yeah.

  67. Whoa…I lost my mother at the age of 6 to cancer, so this video really got to me and made me really emotional. I could totally imagine myself as that little girl cartoon. Playing and having tantrums one day then saying goodbye to her the next. I’m 28 now but I still cried like a baby after watching this. Sniffle.

  68. Do they still have chestnut trees in Japan? The American chestnut trees were almost totally annihilated decades ago, by disease. Only a few scabby, stunted trees remain.

    But yes, very sweet and a little sad, as memories of our late loved ones often are.

  69. Beautiful… and painful. I lost my mom in February.

  70. Korea, that is.

    For the record, it did get me choked-up. I don’t like thinking about my parents dying.

  71. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Mom’s alive, but sometimes I miss her anyway, even though she lives just 12 miles away. I’m sending this to her with a note to say I’m glad she’s still here, and I will treasure every day! For those whose moms aren’t their friends, find yourselves some surrogate moms and love on them!!

  72. Yitzysmommie says:

    Shelley Noble – I hear ya. I worked very hard to be a good mom to my kiddos because of the bad relationship with my mother. I have gotten over the pain of always wanting a Mom, but never being able to have what others did……
    Thank you for the warning, Meg. I heeded it.
    Time for a Yitzy snorgle.

  73. Made me sad for a different reason – I don’t have fond memories of my parents and would have a very hard time honouring them in such a sweet and artistic fashion.

  74. miss woods says:

    I too lost my mom about 6 years ago to cancer, then my dad when he took his life. But I recently got a kitteh who is the most affectionate critter ever and the part where she dances with the cat touched me so. I miss mom(and dad) horribly but mom would have loved this and my dad’s kittehs kept him company till the end.

  75. pilotgirl says:

    Regarding chestnuts, I was at the Korean market the other day and they had both Korean and American chestnuts for sale.

    This was so touching and sweet.

  76. Oh mu goodness- you weren’t kidding!

  77. Awwwww! So sweet!

  78. I miss my Mom with all my heart. Her name is Nancy and she is the best mom in the whole world, ever. I’ll never have another friend as wonderful as her.

  79. binky-mama says:


    *gulp* *gasp*


    (i wuvs my mama)

  80. Thank you. That was really wonderful. Love you, mom! XOXOXO

  81. Martha in Washington says:

    Katie–YES! I noticed the name immediately. After watching the video I think it fits her (him?) beautifully!

    I lost my mom 14 years ago and still dream about her sometimes. I know this is weird but she is always returning from someplace far away and telling me she is happy and safe there and must go back there. So I guess it’s good.

  82. What a touching tribute to her mother.

  83. Burghgal–My Caring and some floating and dancing
    chicks to you…
    Bannod–Heart-messages and
    puppy warmth to you…
    Amy–A chorus of tiny hermit crabs sings a lovely (a little raspy) song for you…
    Nine–Time to grieve now and then and hugs with a hamster…
    Lillith–Mama left you a lovely name and memories.
    A box of peguins may arrive
    in 7-10 business days…
    Lisa(one of several)–thanks to mom, you truly are one of a kind. Let us dance with a gentle cat…
    3quartermoon–This must be a difficult time. A prayer and gwumpy Winston may bring you a smile…
    Maerlyn99–I wonder if memories grow sweeter with time. Warm thoughts and a
    cheerful hedgie for you…
    ceejoe–Be good to yourself. Prayers and red pandas and tiger cubs and…
    jmuhj–So much love, so much loss. May you be blessed…A koala snorgle on the hour you truly deserve…little hearts beat for you at Rainbow Bridge.
    Carrie–Sometimes the grieving needs to start before our loved one is gone. Prayers for you and your mom–you are cared about. Hold on to your own needs and hold on to
    a loving pet.
    Brie–Dreams of family remind us that together we flourish as a lovely tree.
    May you always wake up happy.
    sunnymum–You have a darling personality, must have had a special mother.
    A couple of ducky ducks are here for you!
    Nina–A very affectionate otter would like to hug you…just cause you may need a hug.
    cosmiquemuffin–Caring thoughts and days gone by
    may bring a smile…Super-size panda hug to you!
    Mariboo–Thanks for reminding us how special these moments are. Freshly-bathed potbellied pigs are squealing for a hug from you.
    Shelley Noble–Your bittersweet thoughts-so natural-make me want to pray for you and hope that the unconditional love we all need has come to you thanks to another person or a pet.
    Hope this is everyone–I really do care…If I missed anyone, my penalty is to spend all day at the bus stop–no umbrella–with an energetic wallaby
    in a tote bag…

  84. hamster on rye says:

    The response to this animation has been incredible!
    I promised my friend Cachorro I would add a few dedications to caring friends who posted while he was typing his messages for others…
    Martha in Washington**I believe you, think you are
    surrounded by love.
    miss woods**Yours is a triumph of your spirit after all you have been through. You are a blessing.
    Yitzysmommie**Your love is a tree that grows from bitter earth…You sound strong and able to give to those who need you.
    Pie**I am so sorry. Hope life is better now. May there be comfort in the companionship of others.

  85. Thank you to everyone who has viewed and commented on our movie. This film was made with true love and a desire to honor the memory of the director’s mother. It is lovely to see people connect to the message.

  86. I miss mom… *sniff*

  87. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    I lost my mother Hazel to cancer just over 5 years ago. It was her birthday last month. I still miss her terribly.

    This movie reminded me of just how tender and loving she was. I was so lucky to be cherished by a mother like that.

    Thank you, Hyun-min Lee 🙂 *snif*

  88. I was totally ok, thought it was really adorable, and then just dissolved into tears at the end. *sniffles* Very powerful overall, and beautifully done.

  89. AuntieMame says:

    I finally broke down and watched it, and I did get misty, empathetically for everyone else. Beautiful animation and a lovely tribute to a much loved mom. My mom and me…just not a very sentimental relationship. That’s all.

  90. puppies&kitties says:

    I hope my son and I can get through this year (he’s 17) without overwriting every every lovely memory he might have of me one day. And I miss my mother.

  91. I was fine up until the end, even though I knew from the start that the mom died. I lost my mother to breast Cancer 13 years ago when I was 8 and this like this still make me weep.

  92. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hugs for everybody!!


    That’s what my little sister used to say!


  93. opie_jeanne says:

    I lost Mom 5 years ago, the day after my parents’ 56th anniversary. She had Alzheimers for three years before that but spent the last three weeks in a coma after she fell and hit her head on the dresser.
    Didn’t tear up until I started reading the comments.

  94. Dammit.

  95. Came back, watched it again.

    Read the comments, the stories.

    I lost my foster mother of 6 years one month before my 12th birthday. My adoptive father died last year.

    I was touched by these stories, and by the video.

    I’m still not even remotely moved to tears though!! Not the teensiest, eensiest, weensiest little bit!

    WTF is wrong with me?

  96. Maybe I´m so well hard, it didn´t actually make me cry. But it was lovely and sweet and thoughtful, and maybe if my mum wasn´t with us anymore I *would* have cried too… :O

  97. milquetoast says:

    Usually I cry over the simplest things and I’m mourning the loss of my mom- and she’s not even sick! This was wonderful animation, not sappy and over reactive like you would find in some Disney or Pixar stuff from time to time, even the computer animation. I hope he had fun with this accomplishment.

  98. I think our horse chestnuts are going the same way, Redbone. We’ve still got plenty of the edible variety, but apparently the ones with the big shiny chestnuts are on their way out.

  99. Nicely done! Very sweet. I still like Michael Dudok’s “Father and Daughter” better, though.

  100. platedlizard says:

    Oh, that actually made me tear up a little, and I never cry! I’d call my mom but it’s 2:30am and she would seriously murder me for calling her so early. (what am I doing on the internets, I should be asleep!)

    Anyways, two other videos I like are Baboons and the Moon (I’m assuming that’s what the title is, it’s Chinese)

    and The Cat and the Tree

    That last one might made you tear up as well, I’m just warning you!

  101. heart felt says:

    I am so glad to see someone still with a heart ,and I will be praying for those who can not get a warm feeling watching this

  102. Well, thank you…sitting here with tears streaming down my face at work…my mom has been gone for more than eleven years and I keep her photo right by my bedside, too….

  103. capture_the_spirit says:

    oh, jeez! waterworks, I tell ya!

  104. Greetings and happy thoughts to all my fellow cute-ologists.
    I just wanted to say that the highlight of that clip was seeing the cat stand up and dance. Truly adorable 🙂

  105. Thank you Miss Woods and others.

    My mom didn’t believe in doctors or hospitals.. so no mammograms, etc. She died filled with cancer that might have been prevented. Hence, get your mammograms.

    My dad died 11 months later from cancer.

    Appreciate the people in your life.. they can disappear at a moments notice.

  106. I smiled all through the video but didn’t cry. Then, like somebody else here, I just had to tempt fate and read the comments. Now I’m holding back the tears because I don’t wanna start crying in front of my sister. Congrats from a film director to another. This is simply a lesson of how good short films have to be made. Simple but very effective, straight to the point, moving…

    I’m posting this one in my blog as a late Mother’s Day present (I’m from Argentina and we celebrated it on Sunday).


  107. momof2kitties says:

    Awww, man…did not heed the warning. I have transformed in the blink of an eye from PMS Mega Bitch to PMS Weepy. Crap…need chocolate, a tissue and a phone to call my mom. I’m still reeling from last week’s developments with Furless Child #3 and now this. I loved it, painful though it was.

    Oh, and on a completely different note, this reminds me of 15+ years of ballet lessons! That Chopin piece is permanently ingrained in my muscle memory. Maybe a dance would make me feel better….

  108. *sniff* darn it… shouldn’t have watched so early in the morning

  109. holy crap you guys. jeez. GROUP HUG.


  110. Marguerite says:

    today is mine’s first day at day care. ugh. thanks cute overload for not only making me miss him more, but now i’m leaking…not exactly from crying…

  111. May all of you with such sadness be blessed and kept safe in the arms of whatever gives you true comfort.

    We’re all in my prayers.

  112. I was ok until the end message. Good lord….. that was such a sweet tribute though.
    Very well done.

  113. AuntieMame says:

    villy, there is not a thing wrong with you. People process their emotions in different ways. Some people cry, some don’t. Some people react differently at different times.

    As long as you’re not feeling the urge to go out and hack someone to pieces with a hatchet, I’d say you’re perfectly healthy. 🙂

  114. Oh wow. That was beautiful–although it did make me run to the bathroom at work and have a quick cry.

  115. robbykins says:

    I did just fine until I saw the dedication at the end. Good lord, I am a weepy mess!

  116. TamaraRose says:

    I have now officially viewed this beautiful little snippet six times…and have choked up each and every time…damn you…..

  117. I cried, even though I anticipated the ending.

    I am lucky to still have my mom, but I also cried for the loss of innocence and imagination that we all go through growing up…in some ways I was like that little girl, and now I’m this grown-up woman who looks back and wonders how she forgot to dream like that…

  118. darkshines says:

    I’m weeping like a child, I can’t even see my keyboard to type.

  119. MichieGrl says:

    Now I want my mommy! And a ballet lesson!

  120. My goodness. That was awesome. Thanks for posting it, Meg. [blowing nose loudly]

  121. A leetle bit envious of the little girl who gets to dance with her cat. I want to dance with my cat . . .

  122. I lost my mom two months ago. I appreciate being able to read what so many people have shared here about losing their mothers. It is a very difficult sorrow to express. This video shows how missing someone feels sweet. It is good to focus on that. Thanks.

  123. kimicheese says:

    i’m in the middle of HELL ITSELF trying to keep my dad from being evicted from his assisted living place, and getting advice from my mother, his ex-wife, who takes care of my grandmother, and here i am being all pissed off… then this. and now, well before now really, i so appreciate my mom. and then too, i’m bawling because my own daughter is autistic and while she’s amazing, beautiful, creative, musical and lovely, i’m more just furniture to her. i wish she would see me like i see my mom. sniff indeed. and where’s the vodka???

  124. I read the disclaimer at the beginning. I knew I was probally going to cry, and now here I am typing this comment and crying. 😦

    And now I have to go and call my mother.

  125. I disowned my real mother over a year ago and realized that my true mother passed away 15 years or more ago when I lost my grandmother. And at 38, I am childless and buried a set of twins as well as several miscarriages… oh yeah, this hit the spot.

  126. Wow…I’m heading over to my mom’s right after work. And here come the waterworks.

  127. My mom died sixteen years ago when I was 18 and not a day has gone by that I don’t still miss her.

    Group hug, indeed. ((((Hug))))

  128. Golden Phoenix says:

    My mum’s still alive (think god) but this made me miss her terribly.

    I moved into a place of my own for the first time a few months ago, and it’s freaking scary and all i really wanna do is run to her and tell her how rubbish i feel half the time, and when i can i do, i’m not used to this yet.

    But she’s spending a lot of time in spain with my dad (she’s retired) and i miss them both so much, i just wanna call them up and tell them the silly stuff we did at work, or the news about my pay rise, or the cute guy i was talking to…

    So, yeah, pass the tissues someone…

  129. Golden Phoenix says:

    Ps. sorry about the typos, my spelling goes to hell when i cry.

  130. darkshines says:

    Its ok Phoenix, honestly, thank you for telling us about your mom.

    I read every comment people typed and now I have stopped crying, I can elaborate. My mom has had breast cancer twice, and survived, but for me I see her as a delicate creature now. She had a serious fall a few years ago and was stuck on the floor for hours calling out for help but no-one could hear her, just thinking about it is making me cry again. I feel so guilty for moving away from my mum, I worry about how shes getting on on her own. My dad left when I was a baby and she has always existed to look after my brother and I. He’s living back at home now, so I know someone is looking after her but I miss her so much every day. I suffer terribly from depression, and I miss being able to hug my mum, even though I haven’t lived at home for over 5 years. It makes me bawl out loud that one day I might lose her forever and she will never know how much she means to me and how much I love her. I can’t come back to this post, its setting me off in unhealthy ways. I need to go cry, get over it and be a big girl, and make my mum proud.

  131. i watched this earlier yesterday and then my mom watched it with me. my grandmother–my mom’s mom–just passed away in late august from alzheimer’s and we are all still missing her very much. my mom and i both ended up crying like babies after watching this together. we loved it. thank you so much.

  132. I lost my grandmother this year and this video made me tear up. She was so fun and full of life… I still miss her so much. i would show this to my mom (my grandmother was my mom’s mother) but I’m afraid of making her cry. The movie is touching in a way that it is not thrust in your face, but allows you to feel.

  133. I recently moved countries and the hardest part was saying my goodbye’s to my parents at the airport. My mum and I were both in tears and kept hugging each other.

    After watching this movie I’m in tears and I miss her even more now then I normally do…count the days till next friday when she will come over with my dad to visit for the first time.

  134. KOREA!!!!

  135. yep, i’m crying too.

  136. mayanpilot says:

    Oh god this made me cry my eyes out. My mom and I are such total opposites and can’t seem to agree on a damn thing half the time because of it, but I love her to bits. I kind of want to find a way for her to watch this though, because if there’s one thing I’m positive of, is she’d cry at this too.

  137. Furbabies says:

    I didn’t think it was sad. I thought it was a sweet tribute to Mom. It was a happy cartoon. It means that Mom is always with you.

  138. Um…I came back to watch this when I had more time and it’s gone….where did it go? I want to cry!

  139. I was perfectly fine until the end. I lost my mom a few years ago and the last bit of the cartoon summarizes it all…

  140. a child who has a special and active imagination… who is now older and thinks lovingly of her mom… It is a wonderful piece of work, beautiful really.

  141. ****wahhhhhhh****

    warning warning warning
    you do NOT have to be PMSing to start crying over this!

  142. Jennifer George says:

    I agree with Cassie. Needs a Totoro.

  143. I didn’t cry until I started reading the comments either (and I totally miss my mom most days, she’s in Illinois and I’m stuck here in Michigan *sigh*).

    The video that REALLY made me cry was the one with the little kiwi who got to fly (tearing up just thinking about it).

  144. That’s cute. I kind of saw the heartbreak coming though!

  145. 😥

  146. i AM pms-ing, so at first i thought “i will not cry. dumb”. and then i cried.

  147. this makes me emotional because it reminds me of my childhood, those were the days, i wish i still knew how it felt to have no care in the world. its kind of depressing thinking how fast life passes you by. it’s going to take me a while to get out of this nostalgic mood… im gonna look at some old pictures 🙂

  148. I don’t get it. Why would anyone cry when watching the animation? I don’t understand you people. There is great tragedy occurring in places like Iraq. This video was just lame.

  149. I knew how it would end but tears welled up at the end when she put the chestnut by the framed picture. And then when I read the words, “For my mother, and my family who misses her every day.”

    And then I cried. And I cried more when I read the comments.

    *sigh* I need to stop doing this to myself right before I go to bed…

  150. lilmoomoo says:

    I didn’t cry until the very end. I miss being a child! And it will be so hard when family passes on.

  151. Oh man, I should have listened, not only am I PMS-ing, but I lost my Dad 3 months ago this Saturday…and I’m at work all teary-eyed.

    It was beautiful though.

  152. Reminded me of my kids’ childhoods. I hope they can remember some of the sweetness we had together.

  153. The first time I didn’t cry but the second time I watched it I was bawling. My mother is my best friend, and right now she is battling depression and anxiety. She has suicidal tendencies and it’s hard to deal with as her daughter because it’s such an extreme illness that varies from day to day. I don’t even know what I am going to do when she is gone from this earth. A piece of me will be missing.

  154. Oh My God. So sad. First time i almost cried. Second i still didn’t. Then i played the ending over and over and i cried. It is so emotionally… brilliant, in a sad/ cute way. I…. I feel like… like i don’t appriciate what i have. When I watch that video, i’m not just watching it…. it feels as if i’m IN it. I suddenly feel the little girls’ pain. I-I-I-

  155. “I was okay up until “For my mother, and my family who misses her every day.”


    Ann W. | Oct 20, 2008 at 01:38 PM “


  156. Oh geez. This was the sweetest video I’ve seen in a while.

    I miss my mommy.

  157. that was so beautiful. i just wish i could stop crying!

  158. Honestly, the comments were much more touching than the video–which was very professional, very well-done. But as far as I could tell, it was just about a girl who had a dream about her mom (who apparently turns into a bear at one point).

  159. ouwh.. *cries* ;3

  160. way to make me cry at work… hopefully no one will walk by anytime soon. we just lost my grandmother, so the last line “and for my family who misses her very much” just about killed me.