Buns in Sweateuws!!!

And you thought AMERICA was a great country?

Ah-uhn. [Shaking head]

That honor goes to the Bun-in-Sweateuw Sidewalk-Sale-a-Thon Genii over in SOUTH KOREA, Baby.

Give it up.


Cute Overload XTreme Bun-in-Sweateuw Close-Up (C.O.X.B.S.C.U.):


Marie O., can you puhlease tell us the background here for crying out loud?



  1. Too much. TOO MUCH, I say!

  2. First post? Bunnehs!

  3. Aw. Second post. :-p Bunnehs in sock-sweaters!

  4. biscuithead says:

    A bundle of buns.
    Multi Buns!
    Bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun…


  5. fuguemonkey says:

    Too often we only have “cute.”

    This! Is! Cute! Overload! /Leonidas voice

  6. that’s so cute it ain’t right!

  7. Oh South Korea! the vast fields of undulating rabbits this time of year are a sight to behold! Here we have the freshest harvest in from the east farthing! Get yours now before they start to spoil…

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    Am I the only one who wants to lay down and have them crawl–er, hop hop all over them?

  9. waaaant!

  10. Schweaty balls!!! ……………I mean buns!!!

  11. Man Pants says:

    Um, no. Pretty sure I could really go use some swim time in a pool of bunnehs.

    Thank you Cute Overload for reaffirming my faith in humanity.

  12. GASP! This is so cute I think I’m having a heart attack!

  13. Zomg! I would be physically incabable of walkin’ on by that display – no matter WHAT I was late for!

  14. ohmygod! too much! my childhood rabbit looked just like the black and white ones when he was a baby. (Now having evil thoughts about putting a “sweater”–sleeve? stocking cap?–on my bunny.

  15. While the bunnies are very adorable, the question “why are the bunnies in sweaters?” blocks some of the cuteness. Was it cold that day? Was it a bunny fashion show? Enquiring minds want to know!

  16. South Korean bunnehs too cuuute

  17. I think we are ignoring the major question here, which is: are they angora sweaters?

  18. I’d sacrifice my fur allergy for this. Who cares.

  19. biscuithead says:

    WHY sweaters, you ask?!
    WHY NOT sweaters!!!
    Even buns (ahem) get cold!
    Geez, just because they have fur DOESN’T mean a stiff breeze doesnt’ make them shiver a wee bit!

  20. Raemie L. says:

    Bunnehs with black-tipped ears! Netherland dwarf buns? Lots of ’em… in sweaters! AHG!

  21. Cute! Considering the state of animal welfare in South Korea I’m a bit concerned about the fate of the bunnies, though.

  22. Koreans are trying to counter Japanese kittens!


  23. Funny, there were only two buns there about a week ago….

  24. why am i not laying in the middle of that pile of bunnehs right now???

    i will not be able to focus for the rest of the day now.

    neeeeed bunnnehhhhssss.


  26. *holds breath*

    *dives in*

  27. Are they real? Look like toy bunnies to me!

  28. yes they are cute and very REAL and their sweaters are made from cut-up kids’ socks. They are sold like that in busy pedestrian malls where lots of young women go by, squeal “oh so cute” and get sucked in to buying one, but the sellers don’t give them any intructions on how to take care of them so usually they will probably end up uncutely DEAD. Sorry… but it’s true!

  29. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Erebella: Snerk!!!!!!!!

  30. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


    That is all.

    Oh, except for…

    Check out the built in eyeliner on some of those bun-buns.


  31. Oh, noes. This is srsly wrong, peeps. These buns do not look nearly disapproving enuff. These buns look more like, “WTF goin’ on here?”

  32. they are cute, but they do not top the kitteh in…


    Thanks Meg, I had forgotten about that post, and it was one of my favorites

  33. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  34. What a mess of bunnies & fluffiness!! I do not disapprove of this!

  35. please tell me they aren’t going to eat them….

  36. They’re not going to eat them, Erin.

    Face it, Icky, we’re all going to die. If every time we looked at Teh Cute(tm) we said “it’s going to die!” we’d all lead very miserable lives.

  37. Holy crap.

  38. I still really, really think that we should conisder a “knitted” category.

  39. That looks like a big pile of bunneh rugby player huddle.

  40. Rats, ferrets, and now buns! All animals that can have sweaters made out of socks! Also, I can safely guess that buns dont’ LIKE to get into said sweaters. It was a fight and a half to get my hair challenged ferret into his sweaters in the cold season! So darn wiggly!

  41. mary Sanders says:

    i. can’t. move.
    paralyzed. by. cuteness.

  42. Ahh! I’m torn. YES, they’re utterly and unbelievably CUTE!!…but what is the fate of these wee sweethearts? 😦

    *hugs them all*

  43. Why is it that everytime there is a post with an animal somewhere in Asia, someone wonders if the animal will be eaten??? Serious, it’s almost 2008 – there is no excuse for that kind of ignorance. Besides, would they dress the bunnies in SWEATERS before eating them? 😛

  44. Whoops, I meant almost 2009.

  45. biscuithead says:

    Abundance of buns.

  46. Erin, hate to break it to ya, but Amurricans … they eat the rabbit.

    Wander into the wrong tasting menu and the chef might throw a little leg of bun (rare) in front of you.

    Take care now.

  47. CoffeeCup says:

    Lets refrain from making stereotypical comments about how people in Asian countries eat “pets”…reality check: people all over the world eat rabbit. And deer. And in some areas, dog and cat, but oh no that offends you because you associate them with being domesticated pets…well in India the cow is sacred, but we’re all going to keep eating beef, though aren’t we?

    Bottom line: To each his own. Lets not raise the pitchforks and torches about what animals people in other countries eat.

    Being Asian, I’ve encountered the “Asian people eat cats and dogs” thing my entire life, and it’s really getting old…it started getting old after the age of 8, and it hasn’t stopped getting old. Lets drop it, shall we?

    Like Starling said, we’re all going to die eventually. People not knowing how to take care of pets is hardly contained to a particular country. This Christmas, some parents may acquiesce to their child’s wishes and demands and get him or her a puppy…five or six months later, what do you think will happen when said puppy perhaps gets too old? Or maybe out of instinct or from playfullness, nips at the child a little? Parents leave pets on the side of the road and at shelters every year because they’re too stupid to do the proper research. It happens. But we’re all ignoring the bigger picture here: There are BUNNIES in SWEATERS. How does that not make you melt into a gooey puddle of speechlessness?

    My favorite bunny is the one in the green and white sweateau…he’s the only one wearing green! And the one next to him/her, facing to the left, the one wearing blue…check out that sideways disapproval!

  48. superboymom says:

    bunnehs in sweatehs = toasty buns

  49. Dear CoffeeCup-
    Your dudgeon level is dangerously high, and I for one will tell you that you have very valid points. You are a highly-valued person in this slightly-daft little community. I didn’t have to walk by to be seduced by ‘the way of the bun’.
    I hope your day goes a whole heck of a lot better from now on, CoffeeCup!
    Your Friend, K.

    Now, the green bunny is awfully cute, but (there is always a but)how are the be-sweateaued staying on top of the box-table?

  50. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG: a pile of bunnies, white with black spots!

    It’s a massive pile of Bubbles clones!!

    (We had a tiny bun named Bubbles long ago – hence the… oh nevermind).


  51. Yes very cute but so many bunnies, neutering needs to happen.
    Maybe someone can start a sweater-a-thon to raise money for bunny neutering!

  52. TracyFlick says:

    CoffeeCup – Good for you standing up for yourself. After a while of hearing the same comments, it’s very understandable to have a case of the dudgeons. I have been stereotyped bc of my nationality and therefore am a stereotype-pfffter too. 🙂 And yes let us understand the importance of the BUNNIES IN SWEATERS.


  53. Cute, of course, but having spent several months in South Korea I have a few things to say about the way some pet store owners take care of their pets.

    Many animals in SK that are for sale on the street or in pet stores have fatal or severely painful parasites or diseases. Pet store owners inject some animals with cortisol in order to ease the pain and enable them to look cute and buyable to walkers-by. They provide prospective buyers with forged veterinary papers, stating that the animal has been given all its shots and vaccinations. But once the animal is purchased, and it doesn’t have access to the cortisol shots, the animal can go into seizures, become so pained it cannot walk and foams at the mouth, and eventually dies. (This was our horrifying experience after a friend of mine purchased a Yorkie puppy on Chungmuro o-ga. After “Peanut” started having seizures, we rushed him to an English-speaking, 24-hour veterinarian, who disclosed that this was a regular business practice of pet store owners to foreigners.)

    So yes, the bunnies are very cute, but this image carries very dark undertones for me. I become worried that the bunnies are in the same position, and I can’t enjoy what would otherwise be an adorable photo.

  54. AH! The cuteness is killing me!!!
    Look at the little white one,popping its head out of the pile. *squee*

  55. Ahhh cute bunnehs I wish that you end up happy and well-cared for as all living creatures deserve our respect!!

    Bottom line is licenses should be required for pets! Also a hefty deposit should be put down and only returned if the animal dies of old age or natural causes with proof that reasonable veterinary care was given.

  56. *applauds CoffeeCup* You said what I was thinking, but am too lazy/tired/and inarticulate to say before I’ve had any caffeine for the day.

  57. metsakins says:

    I just noticed that the socks with the heels still on have the heel part over the bunney butt.

    *keels over from the cute*

  58. CoffeeCup says:

    My day is much, much better! I had caffeine, and am looking forward to staring at sweaters in buns even more. How many buns are there, anyway? I count at least 40.

  59. metsakins, thanks, now I’m dead! bunny butt fits so snuggly in the heal part of a sock 😀

  60. momof2kitties says:

    CoffeeCup, if there were 40 before there’s probably 60 now!!

    *runs off to find more socks*

  61. Oh my! This post is way too moshe! Nommable ears, wee bunneh noses, tiny paw action, SWEATERS! I can’t handle eet! *SQUEE*

  62. Definitely cute overload! Do I dare look again..??

  63. @Viki – it’s sadly true what you say about street vendors of animals in sk, but i wouldn’t say that is the case for “regular” pets like kitties and puppies. i definitely had a bad experience with chicks that i bought next to my elementary school in sk, and they died within a matter of days. 😦

  64. Knit bun, purl two…

  65. I agree with Viki. I lived and worked in SK for many years. I’m sorry, Hyura, but “regular” pets don’t fare very well there, either. SK has a very different attitude towards animal welfare. Btw, they do eat dogs and cats. Not as commonly as they use to but it common enough that you can buy dog from vendors at sports arenas.

    I’m not trying to be dudgeony; animal welfare was one of the things that drove me away SK and images like this, while cute, still bring up awful memories.

  66. Vegetarians for compassion for ALL here. Cats most of all. Buns too. No matter where! Love them and keep them safe.

  67. lurkingsmirk says:

    Hyura, as a kid I got chicks in South Korea that passed away within a week as well, but I don’t think that was because they were inherently ill. I had no clue how to take care of baby chickens, they didn’t have a nice warm incubator or probably even the right kind of food to eat. I think it is 100% my fault and my parent’s fault. They all died at the same time, probably due to exposure. Honestly, can you say that you took proper care of them?

    I’m reminded of the post of the kitten rescued during the earthquake in China and how many people said it was sad because it was obviously eaten or put to death, what else would you expect from Chinese people.

  68. lurkingsmirk says:

    So what I meant by the above post is that the danger of by-the-road pet selling is that people walk away with no clue how to take care of the animal, it doesn’t mean that animal has a parasite or genetic disease, sometimes it’s the buyer’s fault. We tried caring for the chickens the way we would for a kitten or puppy and that was the wrong approach.

  69. Hey, what happened to my post? It was there just before jmuhj’s.

  70. Skip — I’ll forgo my own explanation and refer you instead to CoffeeCup’s comment, upthread (it’s kind of long).
    Probably best not to make an issue of it.

  71. Just think – someone took the time to dress all those wee bunbuns in little sweaters, pulling one little paw through the sweater holes at a time.

  72. (Psst… Theo, was it deleted because it made an issue of something?)

    [Nothing gets “deleted” except obvious duplicates. Just want to make that clear… – Ed.]

  73. I’m afraid in many cases of cute animal selling in Asia (perhaps not this case), these cute and fluffy animals are raised in terrible conditions, bred just for money. Please remain conscious where these animals come from.

  74. Ooh! ooh! I see more buns in greeeeen! you just gotta look REAL hard!

    I think the two buns on top are wearing green!

    Aaaah… too cute! 😀

  75. Bobeep: Yes, we’re all aware…but they’re still really, really cute. I mean, they’re in sweaters! Come on!

    Sippy: OH! I see what you mean! Just a sliver of green in the COXBSCU!

  76. Mary (the first) says:

    Bopeep et al, that happens in this country too, it’s called “Puppy mills”. Let’s just look at the buns, shall we? I thought maybe the sweateauhs were for easy identification since the buns themselves are hard to tell apart. With the sweateurs is two ways to describe: “Blue sweater, black tip ears!” etc.

  77. My family has fostered bunnies for most of my life, and yes, “Easter trash” does exist. But so do good homes with kind humans. Just because a rabbit is being sold does not mean it is going to be treated badly.

  78. Look, the point is not ‘Do they eat and breed these things in Asia’, it’s ‘Why are these sweater buns so darn cute?”
    Yes, animals are often raised in bad conditions. But look, ever heard of a puppy mill? they exist all over the world, for some money on some scared little pups.
    People eat rabbit everywhere, and heck, there’s a video on YouTube from a cooking show where a woman has her kid shoot a squirel and them makes it into a ‘squrel melt’.
    Actually, there’s a Korean market near my home, and there’s a pet store called Petite Yiji, and people who just walk in and don’t know anybody don’t let me talk to the owner’s daughter sometimes, because I’m white. That was an example, now I’ll tell you the moral of it. RACISM GOES BOTH WAYS. DON”T LET KARMA BUILD UP AGAINST YOU.
    yeah… Good for you, coffeecup!

  79. aw those look just like my little bun-bun! except she wouldn’t let me put a sweater on her 😦

  80. (Wasn’t my post deleted, though? It’s not there and it wasn’t a duplicate of what had already been said. Is there someone who can send me a private message on this or something so this doesn’t take up room in the comments section?)

  81. They sell bunnies like this (without the sweaters, of course) on the street and subway stations in Shanghai, too. Sadly, what usually happens is kids beg their parents to buy them one, and then feed them the wrong food since the sellers never give proper instructions (“you feed them apples!”), or just plain don’t know what to give them. The bunnies that survive end up getting bigger, and the parents would get tired of cleaning after the bunnies. The ones that survive THAT are usually “set free” in the city. My mom rescued 3 (THREE!) bunnies like that, one of which was found in our apartment building’s elevator shivering in a tiny cage.

    So I guess this photo should really be categorized in “cute or sad?”…..

  82. VentureSister says:

    *sigh* Like we all really don’t know this already? Honestly, every photo on CuteOverload these days should come with a “hey! Life sucks sometimes!” warning label, just so we know any cuteness we see is tainted by every other terrible thing going on in the world at that exact moment. Yeah, not like we come here to get away from that stuff. Honestly, I don’t know why I even read the comments anymore.

  83. CoffeeCup, well said. I’m not even Asian but it bothers me endlessly.

    But then, I have nothing against people eating dog, cat, horse or guinea pig. Pretty much all animals are food for *someone.*

  84. snorglepup says:

    Oh No!!
    There are naked bunnies in this pile!
    So PLEASE!! Your generous donation, a mere Starbucks fix a day, could keep a bun like this off the streets and in hay and sweaters for life.
    Your pocket change could keep a bun out of a pot… or a pup off pot..
    or a cat in boxhab!!!
    Or just enjoy the fluff and hug what you got!!

  85. Dammit, now I’ve got a new earworm. Do you know how long it took to get rid of last time?

    “If you’ve got a tube sock, and you’ve got a bunneh, you can make a sweateuw, YOU CAN MAKE A SWEATEUW!”

  86. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    i tawt I taw a post get deleted once cuz they said sumpthin about the guy having a woody. I read it, then came back later and POOF it was gone.

  87. wow!

    someone took the time and put a little sweater on each of those little cotton balls!

    adorable and disturbing!
    i love it

  88. Yes, to the person who noticed that there are bunnies in the heels of the socks- just toooo cute! I bet they are comfy!

  89. CoffeeCup says:

    Molly, it’s not really that I care what people eat. I don’t consider it inhumane, because I understand in different countries, there are different perceptions on which animals are acceptable to be eaten. In some countries, people eat fried spiders. That icks me to no end, but as long as no one waves one in my face I’m okay.

    It’s the ignorance some people have, and the assumptions that one people group is somehow less “civilized” than another just because of these cultural things, that bother me.

  90. FIY: I have just chewed off my own hand.

  91. omfg…my heavens/?!/?!!

  92. I think we have missed the point here — these buns have sweaters on them so that they can be pinned to the board. Thus they can’t escape before they are sold. (And who knows what happens after that?)

    I found it awfully sad — rather than cute!

  93. How many are there?They’re SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. yikes. i live in south korea. those bunnies have a life expectancy of about 2 days. first off, the kids that buy them don’t give them food or water. second off, this is one of the worst countries for Animal Welfare in the world. please don’t post this kind of thing–it’s actually really sad.

  95. *cry*

    Bunnies pinned to board, likely to die soon. Sad.

  96. lotusdakat says:

    Molly I appreciate your attempt but you are an idiot. You said

    “But then, I have nothing against people eating dog, cat, horse or guinea pig. Pretty much all animals are food for *someone.*”

    I used to agree with that however I visited a ‘farm’ or what passes for one now and let me tell you they scream while they die! So yah they may be ‘food for someone’ but perhaps it is murder to others. FYI I have all of the above as ‘pets’ and I consider them part of my family and would give my life for my animals. Perhaps you might want to eat them as they are ‘food’ to you.

  97. warrior rabbit says:

    Lotusdakat, your comment was rude and uncalled for. You’re entitled to your opinion, but if you can’t express yourself civilly, then you should keep your trap shut rather than slinging mindless insults about.

  98. Agent Smith says:

    This is animal abuse.

    Those bunnies don not like to be dressed in sweaters. See how scared they look, clinging to each other.

    Stupid humans.

  99. Agent Smith says:



  100. AuntieMame says:

    Agent Smith, you go ahead and do that. We’ll wait…

  101. Jennifer C. says:

    I agree with Agent Smith. This IS animal abuse.

    [You ARE “Agent Smith” and you’ve just been banned for astroturfing. Buh-bye. – Ed.]

    Bunnies don’t need sweaters, they already have fur coats and some of those sweaters look like they could be too tight.

    Plus they could chew off some of the fibers in an attempt to get the sweater off and swallow them or choke on them. That’s not good for bunnies!

    This website is visited by many children – and many children may also get inspired to strap in/dress up their animals, making them very uncomfortable.

    Yes, http://www.cuteoverload.com needs to be reported.

  102. Jennifer C. says:

    Look ESPECIALLY at this picture:


    Does it look like the dog is having fun?

    [Um, since the dog in that post has FALLEN ASLEEP, then technically I suppose the answer is “no”, unless of course s/he dreams in color… – Ed.]

    There are many more examples of pictures on this website of possible animal abuse, where animals are strapped in, dressed up, etc and looking VERY uncomfortable.

    This website is visited by many children – and many children may also get inspired to strap in/dress up their animals, making them very uncomfortable.

    [Welcome to the internet. Pick your battles. – Ed.]

  103. lotusdakat says:

    warrior rabbit you are right I should ‘keep my trap shut’ after all ‘slinging mindless insults’ is quite rude. I will add though your comment was uncalled just as rude but then I have to ‘keep my trap shut’ so I will not say anything.

  104. pheripheri says:

    This is a little after the fact, but I felt like Icky’s comments far above got unfair reception, and CoffeeCup’s comment got far more validation than it deserved. Yes, these little bunnies in socks are undeniably cute, but we can, while acknowledging the cuteness, also stay mindful of the context of the picture as animal lovers. Unfortunately, as Icky said, these street peddlers treat these animals as disposable wares and goods, and the prognosis is not very good for a lot of these bunnies. I can very well understand why CoffeeCup is sick of hearing jokes about Asian people eating cats and dogs, but to dismiss this as merely racism turns a blind eye to what is still happening in a lot of Asian countries. Cultural relativism can only go so far. I am Korean, and my family still lives back in Korea. I’m proud of my home country in many ways, but there are many practices callous to the suffering of animals that make me feel heartsick. I don’t take issue with the fact that these animals are being eaten, but that they are made to suffer in horrible conditions before they meet their ends (no, I’m not talking about the baby bunnies here, don’t worry, they won’t get eaten, just improperly cared for or neglected). I realize that this is not the proper forum for going over an issue like this, and it would be silly to expect an intellectually robust argument in the comments section of Cute Overload, but CoffeeCup’s comments really struck me as being simplistic and not well informed. Just because we all appreciate adorable cuteness doesn’t mean we have to turn off parts of our consciousness.

  105. Good lord, I just wanted to look at cute pictures of bunnies after a bad day. You people are going way overboard here.

    [Yeah, no kidding. I think this one’s finished. – Ed.]