The Japanese taunt us AGAIN!

The Japanese, who have dangerously high levels of CUTE DNA running in their, um, veins, have DONE IT AGAIN!

This time, with the simple matchbook.


OR IS IT SIMPLE? One look at the "Panda" matches proves we Amerricans have a LONG way to go. Carrying honey pots.



  1. lesleyann says:


  2. So. Cute. omg.

    Where can one get these?

  3. ChibiKitten says:

    I saw these on the Dieline a while back, and was floored by the cuteness then. It definitely deserved a place on this blog as well! 🙂

  4. If I were a smoker, this would make me quit. I could never strike that little panda face to light the match!!

  5. Arielle P. says:

    that’s hilarious. I thought matches were supposed to non-kidfriendly like “okay kids its on you to keep the forest safe from fire!” -smokey the bear

    but obviously we really do have a long way to go in America to become more cute! lol this is pretty great.

  6. Where in the world can I get some of them matchbooks? Links anyone??

  7. I wonder if we Yankees can gain any edge on this by questioning the morality of purposefully causing a panda’s head to burst into flame? Maybe…?

    Ok, I give. This is unbelievably cute.

  8. These are so fabulously adorable!

  9. OMG!!! These are so freakin’ adorable. Is there a source for these? I’m heading to Japan in 2 weeks and must find them! If anyone finds out, please let me know.

  10. You may be able to buy these at the stores like “Tokyu Hands” or “LOFT”.
    See here (in the “kokeshi-match” official site)

    (Of course,written in Japanese)

  11. Ooh, thanks JaPasserBy. I do browse those stores when I’m there, though I don’t remember seeing matches (but then again, why would I look for matches? :-/). I know they definitely have a Tokyu Hands and a Loft where I’m staying too.

  12. All I have to say is HOVERPIG! The hoverpig design has officially become the symbol of my life <3

  13. Selina's Mommy says:

    The rabbit looks like he ate something REEELLY bad

  14. @Selina’s Mommy – I think it’s just the artist’s rendition of real bunny disapproval.

  15. I am all about the cuteness, but this seems like it might cross over to dangerous. My 6 year old nieces would go nuts to get their hands on these and that seriously scares me…

  16. doomchild says:

    … so we all get a few packs of these and then run around frantically, explaining about “teh qtest matches ever just look sir its a match but it looks like a bee omg its cute! A match!”?

    I’m in.

  17. TotallyABreyerHorseAddict says:

    OMG! The Bun Bun is soooo cute! Japan always has REALLY cute stuff. :/

  18. berthaservant says:

    Yup. Another butt-foot meeting, courtesy of the good folks in the land of the rising sun.

  19. Since demilitarizing, folks in Japan have nothing better to do with their time than think up yet more ways to be Qte.
    Unfortunately, in some OTHER nations, people have nothing better to do with their time than make invade, occupy, and steal others’ land, natural resources, etc.
    Which would YOU choose?

  20. Hahaha you light their heads on fire.

  21. Fashion Jerk says:

    I have that piggie matchbook!! One place you can get them is at the Fire Museum in Tokyo XD But I’ve seen them elsewhere too, at places like Tokyu Hands (as has been mentioned).

  22. it’s a sign that i must go to japan.

  23. Raemie L. says:

    *puts on Cutologist eyeglasses*
    Economic design. Teh abstraction of teh Qte. Simplicity.
    I like that the panda ears and bunny ears have been printed on the matches or packaging. It would be funny if they printed tailos on the back of the matches.
    *lowers glasses to bottom of nose*

    So… I heard from commenter Aunty(1) about the creator of Sad Kitty(2), who says the Dutch artist Dick Bruna(3) was influential to the Japanese style of cute art.

    I’ve heard the Japanese car companies have taken in Western car technology, improved them and returned better, yet affordable, cars. They’ve beat us in the cute food department with elaborate bentos, food packaging and interesting takes on “Western” food. When they hand our asses back to us, I’d like mine to be “kawaii”-ized. 😛

  24. scooterpants says:

    they are incredibly cute.
    but i dont know what i need a matchbook for.
    if need be, i could build a fire in the wilderness, without any dam matches.
    (was a girlscout for many years after all, we didnt just learn how to make a quiche. it wasnt for nothin)

  25. Can anyone translate the characters that are printed on the packaging? I’d really like to know what the bee carrying the bucket of honey is saying.

  26. Oh, and I would also love to have a T-shirt with the bee on it. Wonder if that’s possible?

  27. It’s the matchstick bunny ears that are killing me.

  28. SillyGirl says:

    the pig with no legs looks like he’s flying. completey redonk.

  29. I would use it with special things.

  30. These can be purchased at Q-Blick

    They are about $1.55 USD

    Site does not translate.

  31. SillyGirl says:

    Yay Amelia!
    *desperately texting all of my friends that might be able to read Japanese*