Great Pit Bull PR

Whoever is doing PR for pit bulls these days is doing heckuva job. is reporting that pit bull terriers have softened their stances with baby chicks AND kittehs.

Get a load of this action: Pit Bull with Chicks

Pit Bull Takes Chicks For a Swim

Pit Bull and Kitteh Chick-Sit

Pit Bull and Chicks—A year later

Nice work, Videographer TexasGirly1979 and Sender-Inner Teresa F., enlighteningk!



  1. o.0 that has to be the most bizarre behavior that i’ve ever seen from a dog and a kitteh. it’s amazing that the dog didn’t just *nom* them right away, lol.

    and in the last video, the chickehs look like their dwarfing the dog, lol

    first to post! booyah!

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    OH my goshness. I’ve seen the rifts video, but the follow up is amazingk. Love to see how the chicks trust the pit and cat and prefer to be near their “family.”

  3. Oh, so cute!

  4. It’s so nice when cute animals recognize the cuteness and snorgle-ability of other animals.

  5. Stupid question, are those duck or chicken chicks? They swam in the water!!! Chickens don’t swim, do they? Very cute, I love how the dog is so careful and patient with them. The cat just looked annoyed.

  6. Ha! The pup looks so happy to be snorgling the chickies but the cat is all like “Nyhere. I can take ’em or leave ’em, you know?”

  7. I’m actually more impressed that the cat didn’t swipe at those living feather toys! In the last one, the dog looks like a happy mom and her brood, lol!

  8. AlbertaGirl says:

    That dog was totally huffing those chicks. I would have done the same thing. 🙂

  9. so…. dog+cat=CUTE CHICKS?

  10. that’s exactly my experience with pit breeds: they want to smooch everything that crosses their path. The first vid, where the pittie is attempting to smooch the chickies? It’s pretty typical pit behavior. They’re so smoochy!

  11. KendraPT, they’re definitely chicks. Chicks can manage to stay afloat for a while on water but they really don’t like to swim.

    That dog was so gentle with the chicks it’s really amazing.

  12. scooterpants says:

    well thats just about the cutest thing ever. what a good dog!

  13. That is really cute!
    Too bad the pitbull PR in my town isn’t doing such a great job. Last week an illegal pitbull attacked his owner’s wife and daughter. It took a shovel to the face, shotgun blast to the chest, a tranquilizer dart, and finally a tranquilizer injection to stop that dog.
    Yeah, I know, it is all about how the dog is taught, but unfortunately around here the many meth labs are guarded by mean pitbulls. They have been banned for several years, but the bad guys don’t care if they are breaking the law by having them.

  14. What a great bunch of pets! Although that poor pup is probably covered in bird poo.

  15. “that’s exactly my experience with pit breeds: they want to smooch everything that crosses their path.”

    Same here… it’s a shame that jerks who mistreat animals have given the whole breed a bad name. My dad raised pit bulls, and we never had a single problem with any of them.

  16. WOW! That moment in the 3rd video when the chickie slid down the doggeh’s back — I was clapping and giggling like a two year old!!!

    And this gives me another chance to grouse about some other guy gettin’ all the chikxs….

  17. Aw! What a sweet goggie! And I can’t believe no one’s commented about the chicks using puppeh as an exit ramp from the pool.

    I agree with a previous poster; the cat looks like he’s SO over it!

  18. Thanks rina! I had no idea they could do that! I love how they used the dog as their ramp to get out!

  19. The 3rd video is awesome. I too love the moment with the chick using the pup as a slide.

    On a different note, that is possibly the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen. I mean, mine are lovely and cute, but that cat is gorgeous.

  20. AuntieMame says:

    The dog slide reminded me of all the animal sculpture slides at the park when I was a kid that I was too terrified to play on. (I have a thing about heights…)

  21. MELT

  22. balamuthia says:


  23. One of the other videos (not posted here) has the same dog and a BUNNY!

  24. 2nd and 3rd videos are killin’ meeh! Cheap Trick’s (I almost wrote Cheep Chick!) song is not helping the matter that I’m about to ‘splode from teh Qte.
    Lisa – Ohh, yes, I eeped aloud at the chicks flying toward doggeh in the pool and using him as a ramp. The doggeh’s name is Sharky, BTW. 😀

  25. boom chicka WOW! WOW! and whee, sliding down the dog AND cat! really cute vids

  26. Gail (the first one) says:

    Cute doggie! When I was looking for a dog to adopt, there were a lot of pit bulls available and they were sweeties.

    I agree, this kitteh is *tolerating* the babeh chickies…..

  27. *bleen*

    I loooveed it when the one chickie in the 3rd video used the dog as a slide! (at 0:22)

    “Uhh, yeah… I’ve just gotta get a little momentum here… WHEEEE!”

  28. Aww I love pit bulls, I think they’re cute. He looks like a good daddy.
    I like how disinterested the cat is.

  29. The dog shrank!

  30. knightofmonarch says:

    Announcing the newest mode of transportation – Kitten and Doggie Taxi Company. Really something !!

  31. There’s one with a BUNNEH?! *watches the vid makes a baroo sound*

  32. anyone sens a bit of “calgon, take me away!” in pitty’s expression in that last vid?

    pitt-lovers, don’t forget to celebrate second annual National Pitbull Awareness day, in one week! I went to a great event last year at the park across the street from my house. you can check here to see if there’s one near you:

  33. gah, must make correction: *watches the vid & makes a baroo sound*

  34. Sharky looks like a great dog. I kinda pity him in the pool scene; I can see him looking at the chicks flailing in the water, but he isn’t too sure what to do. Luckily, he makes a fine exit ramp.

    Reminds me a bit of an acquaintance’s pit in my town. She’s a relatively small woman, maybe 5′ tall and a hundred pounds, and her pit looks like Sharky, only white. Also a very sweet, smoochy kind of dog. Everybody likes him.

  35. I’m completely convinced they are both beautiful and sweet dogs with heretofore (impressed yet?) bad PR, just like Dobermans had when I was growing up and they are beautiful and sweet too. It’s all in the raisin’

  36. The fluffular cuteness level was way too extreme. Where can I get me some chicks to rest on my kitties?

    Luv the peep sliding down the dog’s back, and how they all like to roost of the puppy and kitteh. Just so, so CUTE! I have been rendered incapable of any wit.

  37. Oh my goodness, those are the most ridiculously cute videos in thee wooorrrlllddd!! *melts into a pile of mush* AHH!! So sweet! 😀

  38. CoffeeCup says:

    I actually clapped my hands when the chicks used the dog as a slide. So fantastic.

    The one with the bunny made me cringe a little because for some reason, it didn’t seem like the bunny was very anchored on the dog…it kept shifting and I was worried it was going to fall off. I didn’t even see it at first, I think the bunny and the dog are matchingks!

  39. falnfenix says:

    hey Alexis – i agree, that’s one of the prettiest cat breeds out there. research Snowshoe cats – you’ll find that’s a standard coloration for them. 🙂

  40. Awwww!! The dog loffs heems chickies and the cat is all whatever-y about the entire situation.

  41. littleredhen says:

    Check out the video where Sharky says “I love you”! I am an instant Sharky fan.

  42. Boy, if there were ever an example of “the exception that proves the rule…”

  43. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Fabulous!

  44. The kitteh says, “You mean we have to wait for a year before they are ripe???”

  45. o.0 that has to be the most bizarre behavior that i’ve ever seen from a dog and a kitteh. it’s amazing that the dog didn’t just *nom* them right away, lol.

    and in the last video, the chickehs look like their dwarfing the dog, lol

    first to post! booyah!

  46. The last video had a bit of a ‘They grow up so fast, don’t they’ vibe. And the chick sliding down the dog’s back was just too much.

  47. It’s so sweet and yet in that first video, watching big dog muzzle pushing tiny chickies aroung, I couldn’t help but think, “It’s like being snuggled by a bulldozer.”

  48. Felicityanne says:

    The thing that MOST amazed me was that the cat was still playing with its mousie toy, so clearly it HASN’T last all its hunting instincts..and yet at the same time the chicks were clearly safe!

  49. marissposa says:

    finally somebody giving pits some non-demonizing media exposure!

  50. I like the cameo appearance by the duck in the last video. Quack.

  51. Too cute ! Who knew chickies could swim !

    Teho, sneaky! Did you really do what I think you did with Elise’s comment ? (or maybe not…)

    [Hmmm? Who did the thing with the what now? – Ed.]

  52. lurkingsmirk says:

    Noooo when I said “first video” I really meant the first video on the top, which has been on CO before…I wasn’t even originally the first commenter. Except the other comment got deleted? I feel misunderstood =(

    [I don’t get it… – Ed.]

  53. this is adorable. anyone that thinks pitbulls are monsters should watch these videos.

    vicious, vicious creatures, i tell ya.

  54. O that poor dog, he is so henpecked.

  55. Sunflower says:

    Are we sure in that first video, all that leecking isn’t just taste testing? Like, “do I want dark chiclet snack today, or light?” 🙂

    Just kidding. This is redonkulous cute.

  56. Jen8 — more like chicksledded.

  57. Pitbulls are not the problem. It’s the trashy people that warp them. Why o WHY is it not illegal to be a sick, worthless piece of trash?

  58. I have a pit and that is her thing kiss everything. She does the same with our cat snuggle and kiss.

  59. Catsquatch says:

    The chicks are all “Thats not the daddy, thats the MOMMY!”
    The dog is all “Hmmm… They has a flavor, and they scratch that spot on my back so well.”
    The cat is all “Man, dint you tell us not to play with our food?”

  60. I work at an animal shelter where we tend to get a lot of pits…they really are just the sweetest dogs when they’ve been raised right. I’ve got one now, a three year old giant of a girl, who sprawls out in your lap and suckles on her blanket. And yet people still ask us why we don’t euthanize them on arrival. Sigh.
    These videos, by the way, are so friggin adorable I don’t know what to do with myself.

  61. In my ideal liberal world, this is how the UN General Assembly meetings work.

  62. I love the way the cat is looking at the pit like, “Ummm, have you lost your mind? Remind me again why we’re not eating these things? Oh well, I guess I’ll play with my toys until dinner.”

  63. I really love this sort of thing. BTW, there’s a wonderful vid of just the doggie and kitty posing in the most adorable way:

    I’d say they make the perfect couple 😉

  64. Anyone notice in the last video: there were a whole lot of grown up chickens pecking around and ….. one duck? whats with that?

  65. What happened to the dog’s ears?! Did it have an accident?!

  66. jättiorava says:

    Why, oh WHY do people still mutilate their dogs (who have no say in this) just because of APPEARANCE??? Who wants to cut off tha tail, toe or piece of ear of a puppy only a couple days old, and without any kind of pain relief? Cruel and unusual punishment that is, if you ask me (though you probably won’t). But I can’t believe people still do this to their beloved pets.

  67. That’s all well and good… but PR or no, a pit bull that used to cuddle with out kitties ended up killing another one of our dogs.

  68. Correction… with OUR kitties, not with out.

  69. Poor guy. He looks so overwhelmed with the grown chickens. “It was so much easier when they were snorgeable size!” And yes, the pitbull slide was adorable.

  70. Jennifer, are you aware that ANY species of dog is capable of doing that?

  71. Yes, Brinnann, but “any” breed of dog didn’t do it. Granted, I don’t know what occurred in the pit’s history before we adopted him from the pound. He was very sweet and mellow and fit in very well with the rest of our pack. We fell in love with him and totally trusted him. We lost two dogs that day, and it broke my heart. All I’m saying is that, regardless of the number of cute videos out there, sometimes violent tendencies are underlying. I am NOT for breed-specific legislation, but people should be aware that they should use a little extra caution and good judgment with breeds that have these tendencies. I’m very happy for people who have such loving pits, but I personally will never have another one as long as we have other pets and/or kids around.

  72. Another chick flick… 🙂

  73. Thank you everyone for commenting! There are some very cute comments! Sharky is supper awesome dog. I love to capture sweet and cute moments – to remember our great times – and I am so glad people love my captured moments! 😉

    Sharky sais ” I LOVE YOU”

  74. Over 150 dog breeds populate the US. Studies show that two breeds account for nearly 70% of bites that end in death and serious injury. We must regulate these breeds or risk the safety of our families and pets.

  75. @linda – actually, that’s a complete fabrication and nothing but propaganda. Any animal professional will tell you that smaller breeds are the ones that make up that 70% you’re spewing about. Human kids are way more violent than pit bulls. Should we regulate them?

  76. There’s a point where nuff ends and idiot begins… I think we have seen this place.