Here’s the kicker

Let’s check in on our favorite smooshed-face kitteh Winston. He goes through SO MANY trials and tribulayshons, doesn’t he?

Here is his latest issue; unsatisfying ear scratching!

Will Winston EVER be a happy camper Michelle L.!?



  1. scooterpants says:

    winston looks a little irritable in this vid.
    how odd.

  2. Nicolletta says:

    Winston for President!

  3. Christabel says:

    Ehn! Ehn! Let me do eeet!

  4. “I must get new slaves…”

  5. FIRST! I love Winston!

  6. Um, I’d be annoyed too if someone stuck 1/2 their finger in my ear. Just sayin’… ouch.

  7. A vid of Winston not eating. No wonder he’s (I’m) not satisfied. I LOVE hearing his open-mouthed purrs as he noms “finger” food.

  8. Agggh! Winston! Winston Rules!

  9. cheesybird says:

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennn-ston! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenn-ston!

  10. CoffeeCup says:

    Is it just me, or does Winston’s face look a little less smooshed in this video?

  11. ‘Ahem. The fact that I have a pampered and an easy life does not in any way excuse your–frankly–terrible ear-rubbing. Now do it again, and do it better, or I shall turn my back on you! I mean it!’

  12. ear scratch , ur doin it wrong

  13. Ew. I never scratched the inside of my cats ear. Ew!

  14. I know how Weeeenston feels, I have a tad bit of a sinus infection and my ear itches way down deep in my brain! *dig dig dig*

  15. Oh, poor Winston! My ninteen year-old kitty does this too, whenever we scratch his ears or chin. He’s so arthritic now that he can’t reach his head with his back foot anymore–it’s as if our scratches remind him how much he loved to get that back foot going. It’s hilariously adorable and sweet and sad all at the same time.

  16. I think Winston is a very happy camper.

    His silly /sweet smooshed face just makes him look highly disapproving of it all.

  17. Oh, the indigniteh!

  18. Are there no limits to Winston’s quirks and idiosyncracies?

  19. No, but his peculiarities are remarkably few.

  20. Space Cowgirl says:

    Winston’s humans must be supremely confident of how clean they keep his ears!

  21. Oh, the phantom ear scratch.

    I’m not ’nuffing (well, that’s not my intention), but this always reminds me of my late cat Rider (1991-2004), who was…well, I can’t even say how wonderful he was without crying, so take my word for it….

    Anyway, I noticed Rider doing this one day when he was about three — I would scratch behind the ear and he would make the phantom motion as if he was trying to scratch deeper or in a different place, and I thought “Oh, it’s like he’s guiding me in a massage.” But then I saw him doing it on his own, as if he wanted to scratch but didn’t. Turns out he had ear cancer and had to get part of his inner ear removed. About four years later, it came back and he had to have even more of his inner ear removed. Eventually the cancer spread and that’s what took him away. So I’m sorry if this seems really, really sad to me.

    I’m sure Winston is fine. Sorry to bum everyone out.

  22. wannadance says:

    what’s the dealio with this sweetie, anyway? i saw all kinda videos on youtube starring him but people don’t talk really nice to him…why did he get shaved? i have been thinking about shaving mine: she is siberian and has SO MUCH FUR….

    poor ole winston. i love his lil smooshed face…

  23. meowandwoof says:

    That’s okay, Berthaservent. Almost every day CO remind of me one of departed friends. I think all of us lurkers feel that way. But we always know where to come to feel better – CO!

  24. gravyboat says:

    Oh, that sour-faced little Win!

  25. @B-serv, I just had to send my beloved Stinky to R-B after almost 18 wonderful years. He was the cat of my heart. I know just how you feel.

  26. Wow, I would get bitten if I stuck a finger in my cat’s ear… and rightly so. Heed those warning signs, Winston’s owner: ur doin it wrong.

  27. heehee – love those reflex actions. i have one that, if you scratch her right by the base of her tail, will lick. i get her to give me kisses that way. :o)

  28. Winston – will anything make you happy?

    You make me happy!

  29. finger in ear… not so pleasant. but winnie is so full of cute 😀

  30. Mollence! says:

    Winston is my favorite cat-that-I-don’t-own, EVER.

  31. jennifer Fritz says:

    I feel like im watching kitty porn.(please do not take that the wrong way).. funny but a little odd.. poor winston never gets his relief

  32. Weeeen-stone, sweet bobble-headed boy. Thanks for showing your adoring fans your kickitty-kickitty-kick.

    Winston ’08!

  33. Where’s the picture? Seriously, try and make me interested, please. With just a few adjectives you could have everyone saying “This may be a site for cute photos, but the posts are so interesting!” Notice I said interesting, not cute. Though it’s great the pictures are cute, it would be nice if the posts were really intelligent. Keep on trying!

  34. Am I the only one who thinks dear Winny looks sad? Like he’s just like “le sigh, will the itching never stop?”

    Someone get that cat something to eat, stat! He’s fading on us!

  35. I dunno, Erin, I think the posts are interesting BECAUSE of the cute photos and videos. The captions and text is just a bonus.

    (But I’m still not entirely sure what you’re asking, with “where’s the picture?”.)

    [Don’t feed the trolls. – Ed.]

  36. Anyone know what Erin is actually getting at?

    Anyway: Yeah! More Winston!

  37. Poor Winston. He looks so unhappy. Makes me wonder if he’s not having the same issue as my kitty, Ear Mites.

  38. why is tribulations spelt wrong?

  39. I just adopted a rescued cat from the shelter and they sent Sheldon home with a product called Revolution which is supposed to help with fleas, heartworm and ear mites. I’ve never heard of this stuff, does anyone know if it works? It’s more expensive than Advantage, but if it makes my new master happy, well, you know…

  40. Why, why is spelt spelt rong?

  41. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Skylark: Revolution really helped with my one cat’s itchy (and dirty inside) ears. I found it out by accident—had used it for the fleas/ticks, etc. In fact, I need to get some more as 2 of mine have quite the itchy ears! Good reminder!

  42. Anney Bananney says:

    Okay, okay. Too many issues for me to keep silent.

    A) Winston only appears unhappy because that’s the way his smooshed little face looks – it’s part of the breed.

    B) Winston clearly IS enjoying the ear-rubbin’: the way he kicks is a reflex…the finger is TOTALLY hittin’ the spot, and in his little walnut brain, Winston associates that with the action of scratching with his foot. Has anyone ever found “that spot” on a dog & he kicks his leg like crazy? Same thing – only with cats, it’s all about ears and butts. And they don’t care WHERE your finger’s been. 😉

    C) Why, why, why oh why don’t you read other posts and submissions and discover the wonderful language of lolcat? Spelling is irrelevant, as long as it’s CUTE!

  43. OMG–Winston looks so much like my 15-year-old smush-face kitteh, Smokey!


  44. Ear mites are pretty easy to deal with (I had a kitten adopt me that had them). Clean the ears out carefully and well (with cotton balls, toilet paper, whatever. Wipe a little bit of mineral oil in the inside of the ear, and voila! No more miteses!

  45. Look. Winston is CLEARLY miserable living where he does. He needs to come live with us. I guarantee there will be no more CARROTS fed to him. Only super-premium cat foods and treats. END CAT ABUSE NOW. And, Winston belongs in the White House (my folks’ name, and they owned this house). 😉

  46. Selina's Mommy says:


  47. I think Anney Bananney got it right in (b). Dogs AND cats both have that reflex scratching motion when you’re hitting juuuuust the right spot.

    See how I actually READ the previous posts before commenting? See how that works? Bah…what am I saying? A true Nuff will never read this.

  48. I love the way he flicks his tail across the motionless hand at the end. “Yeah, I own you…”

  49. momof2kitties says:

    Oh, peeps, I have had a bad, bad day. Feeling so sad and overwhelmed. Parenting is The Suck sometimes. Weeenstonnnnn is just what the doctor ordered. Must watch this 50 times, until the poopy feelings go away.

    *hits replay*

  50. momof2kitties: Hugs… hang in there, one day they will be all grown up and you will see how wonderful they are and it will make you smile.
    Been there done that. thankfully we all survived!

  51. WINSTON! I loffs him so!

  52. Wow. No wonder Winston has never been happy. This site has butchered the English language since its conception.

  53. Your inadequate hands – I must rake eet.

  54. There are places for proper english, and there are places for cutesy baby talk. Cute aminals bring out the “aww, who’s a pwetty widdle kitty?” in most of us. Those who don’t want to mangle english when faced with adorable animals…
    Well, why the heck are you even here?

  55. AuntieMame says:

    YTFI, take my advice, and don’t visit ICHC, if this little bit of mild word play get your undies in such a wad.

  56. Free Winston! Who else is with me?

  57. Winston does not approve! Nope, not at all.

    Well…maybe just a leeeetle beeeet.

  58. scooterpants says:

    peeps peeps peeps!
    my original post bout Winston bein EAR-it-able was SARCASM!!!!
    Winston is ALWAYS EAR-it-able, it iz Hiz way people!
    NO ONE on this earthy platt-a-tude can make this Angel happy EVA! He is his own gods gift to kitt-E-dum.
    He is “Winstons Winston Kat”
    So Erin- Luvre it er leev it AYE???

  59. Where do I sign up to scratch Winstons ear?

  60. Waxy in there!

  61. Winston: “Beulah, peel me a grape…”

  62. Winston:- “Well hooman, you’ve served your purpose, I’m off to eat.”

  63. Hahaha! Almost reminds me of that video with the dog attacking his own, evil leg! 😉

    Gotta love Winston, mwah!

  64. You’re doing it wrong, you’re doing it wrong, sigh, you’re doing it wrong…what? I didn’t tell you to *stop*, did I? Well then…you’re doing it wrong…Prrrr…you’re doing it wrong…
    Yay Winston! King of Cats!

  65. wannadance – please don’t shave your kitty!! ALl that fur is part of her and makes her soooo beautiful!!! I hate that they shave Winston. I miss his fluff-a-tude!

  66. hahaha total disapproval. aw.

  67. Weeeeeeeeenston!!!!!! I love that boy. SO disapproving of the ear scratchingks… but we all know he lurves it wit dem lil kicky-poos! I kiss my Cooper just behind the ear, and I’ve gotten a kick or two to the head myself, cuz I know he lurves teh kithes beehind teh earsies! (I gotta lay off ICHC…whew)

  68. I do this to my kitts. They LOVE eet! As a courtesy, afterwards they lick the earwax off my finger. Remeber how good it feels to get at an ear itch with a Q-tip?

  69. Michelle L. says:

    I hope he is NEVER satisfied, because he might get boring and Rich will post less videos of him, thus destroying my will to live…

  70. My Alex P. Kitten loves him some deep ear rubs. I had to start doing it myself about 2 years ago when his very attentive sister went to kitty heaven. He is 19 years old and has never had any kind of mites or other pests or diseases…has never been outside, either. Just loves his ear rubs.

  71. Oh, Weenston, I lorf you.

  72. DON’T feed the trolls!

    DO feed Winston.

  73. I wuv woo winston!!!! <3 <3 <3 :-D

  74. I hate cats but I must say that I love Winston! He always looks like a Grumpus Maximus 😉

  75. “As a courtesy, afterwards they lick the earwax off my finger.”

    GAH!! (totally grossed out)

  76. Hee Hee, Sorry, Paunchie!! 🙂 But its the same basic thing as when they clean (lick) each other’s ears out.


  78. (chuckles at auto-leg)

  79. My kittehs do the ineffectual kick-kick when I’m giving them their earmite medicine. That’s why I always wear long sleeves to do it.

    Does Weenston’s sidekick kitteh get ear rubz too?

  80. jackie31337 says:

    I’ve always been more of a dog person, so I was very surprised to learn that cats have the leg reflex spot too. I think this is the final proof that you’re all involved in a massive conspiracy with my bf to convert me to a cat person. 😉

    kk3 “ALl that fur is part of her and makes her soooo beautiful!!!”

    I feel the same way about my long, curly hair, but in the summer it sure does get hot. I would rather look a little silly (in my case, by putting my hair up and getting it off my neck) than look great but be uncomfortable.

  81. darkshines says:

    TMI ding…… :S

  82. Dear momof2kitties- oh, you have helped get me out of the doldrums, let me help. If it has something to do with pets, “Oh, that’s awful:,
    if it has something to do with skin babies,
    “oh, that is just awful, and tomorrow will be a new day, maybe just as sucky, but they are one day older”.
    It gets better, I promise, and when you get to jump onto a tiny little window shelf and have it all to yourself, (from which to look down, disapprovingly of course), on all the riff-raff, just put up your tail and tell them “PSSSSSSST” in true Winston fashion. Hang in there, Mo2k, it is what Moms do best. Truly. K.

  83. momof2kitties says:

    Thanks Katrina. I am trying to keep a positive outlook. Furless child #3 has had a rough go of it for a while (bad news) but now will be receiving OT, PT and maybe even speech therapy, too (good news). What we thought was a small problem is in fact much bigger than we realized. I am hopeful that a year from now this will all be a distant memory and he will be coping with school much better. It’s just a bit overwhelming to take in and I feel sad. You want your kids to be “perfect” and hurtless, you know? He’s such a sweet little boy and I want to make it all better for him.

  84. WEEEEEEEEEN-STON oh, how i luffs you.

    i luff to read his owner’s blog even when it’s not about Winston.

    but i love when Winston noms fingers and purrs so loud.

    and berthaservant: aw honey i’m sorry. 🙂