When “Snaggle” adopted “Bubbles”

Once upon a time, with a jazzy soundtrack, a kitteh named "Snaggle puss" adopted a behbeh rabeet named "Bubbles".

Why do I have an overwhelming urge to shoot a basket from the three point line, Amelia T.?!



  1. Oh my paws, I just melted!

  2. That is so sweet! 🙂


  4. Pussytoes says:

    Very cute, but a repeat?

  5. And check out all the kneadinks around 0:48!

  6. More fodder for my theory that an orange cat will mother anything it can get its paws on.

  7. So… my internet briefly stuck at 0:45… and it was the happiest five seconds of my life. Say it together now… AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    What a good mommy cat! Wonder if these kitties will develop covert bun sympathies later in life?

  8. Wow, marmies and buns. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  9. Ker Thud !!!

  10. (The Original) Mel says:

    It’s like deja vu all over again…

    Also, Snaggle seems to be sweet, but really she’s just fattening Bubbles up for kitty Thanksgiving.

  11. Beth (in NC) says:

    Bwwaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh anh!! Anh!!

  12. Awww, so sweet!!

  13. 46 seconds: undercover muffin-making action

    (why do i feel like i just underlined a library book?)

  14. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! what a good momma kitty!

  15. stark_rain24 says:

    This leads us to the question of the day: if bunny cannot knead, does it get as much milk?

  16. I swear, I never get tired of this. Please re-post this every few month.(I’m so serious!) I love eet!!

  17. I effin love baby bunnies. Gah so cute.

  18. I think we’ve seen this before. But that’s alright!!

  19. If we have seen it before it’s been a very long time, I don’t remember it.

    A bunny named Bubbles?!?!? That is only slightly cuter than my long haired calico growing up named Bubbles!

  20. I feel a strong need to point out the bunny-tocks-strayche at 0:03. So cute!

    @ stark_rain: bun may not be able to get as much milk without being able to knead, but I think he may not need as much milk as the growing kitties since he is just a little bunbun.

  21. and world peace reigns…
    we can forget all about the nasty political cr@p going on when we watch that…

  22. momof2kitties says:

    It’s a good thing Bertha’s minion is off in his writing cave somewhere. The cuteitude in this may cause fatal head splosion-ing. I know it did for me!

  23. And the world is a better place for viewing that! Loving the kneading action by that itty bitty paw…That just made my day

  24. I love when momma kitty picks up the bunny!

    So sweet… makes me wish I were bun-sized, so I could snuggle up in there, too.

  25. balamuthia says:

    “…to shoot a basket from the three point line, Amelia T.?!”

    Oh! Duh! Sweet Georgia Brown, Harlem Globe Trotters…

    I R SMRT!

  26. Michelle S says:

    dawwww. interspeshe snorgles ftw

  27. stark_rain24 says:

    @Blyhagd: ah, thanks…that sets my mind at ease : )

  28. (Doing an impression of Daws Butler doing an impression of Bert Lahr):

    A cat? Raising a rabbit? Heavens to mergatroyd! Exit, stage left! Stage right, even!!!!


    (P.S. OMG Marmielove!)

  29. SO SO CUTE! marmalade kitteh + bun = ded of qte at work. no good.

  30. Marmalade cats plus a bonus bun. It doesn’t get yummier than this! Thanks for the vid!


  31. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Ok, here’s my question: I’ve now seen a kitty feed a bunbun, puppies feeding kittehs, puppies feeding lion cubs, seal pups, and all manner of other mamminals-adopted-by-other-species-mamminals combinayshons.

    Um – at what point is mammalmeelks just undigestable and bad for the weetle behbehs?

    And yes, I know, we humans drink of the cow – but still… I wonder.

    and ps: My bro and I had a tiny bunny named Bubbles. White with black spots, he was.

  32. I luv the look of sweet contentment on Mamma Marmie’s face.

  33. Definitely a Puss, but no Snaggle in sight…she’s a sweet Momma Kitteh:) And does the urge to throw a three pointer come from the video or the sound track??? I’m thinkin the jazz makes me want to throw a basketball around, due to the Harlem Globetrotter theme song….

  34. Could that be any sweeter?!

  35. Tiny PAWS!!! I can’t STAND it!!!


  36. Totally a repost but I don’t care b/c it’s frackin adorable!! Definitely an “Awwww” moment w/ the bebeh kitteh and bunbun.

  37. Darkflame173 says:

    Meg could post this once a week and I wouldn’t even remotely mind. ZOMG! I just can’t handle it! *squeeplodes!*

  38. Glad it’s a repost because (1) it’s too cute for words, and (2) now I realize that the litterbox has fabric in it — it’s not a litterbox she’s hanging out in, but a sort of bed? I HOPE!

  39. Well, I don’t know abowt other mammalmeelks, but if you have an orphaned bunbun you feed it KMR – so this makes sense.

  40. @ Capt Tightpants: Kitty milk is not the best replacement for bunnies, but it is ok. So they’re not equivalent but having cat milk is better than none at all (or cow’s milk). Just like cow’s milk is not equivalent to human for human babies, each species has its own nutrients that it gives its babies in the milk. Some things are shared between species, but not all.

    I want to know, where are they now? How is Bubbles, Snagglepuss, and the littermates?

  41. way to melt dis’ cold hear of mine:)

  42. Meg, I think it’s time Interspecies Adoption got it’s own section outside of Interspech Snorgling.

  43. Gail (the first one) says:

    Good suggestion, Jesso!

    This drew a loud, audible “Awww!” from me!!! I’m getting old, I don’t even remember if I’ve seen this before, but who cares?!

  44. Wunnerful, just wunnerful.

  45. Does anyone know what version of Sweet Georgia Brown this is??? I must have it!

  46. Selina's Mommy says:

    I WANT ONE!!!!

  47. We’re also the only animals who drink milk thru out our lives. Curious.

  48. Yes. Sometimes we mix it with coffee and chocolate and steam. Mmmmm.

  49. Hey, that lady is wearing the red version of a blue top I have.

  50. Another for the ResQte(tm) category!

  51. Dawnluvscute says:

    OMG, and to think this is happening just round the corner from me!!

    I live in rotherham UK too!

    Sooooooooo cute!

  52. Is there anything special about marmies? People are always recommending it to me, saying how friendly they are. Are marmies the golden retrievers of the cat world?

  53. I bet this causes quite a bit of gossip among the other mama cats regarding who the father is when Snaggle drops all the kids off at kitty daycare. But she won’t care, because she knows Bubbles is every bit as lovely as her other babies. Surely he’ll grow into those ears one of these days…

  54. momof2kitties says:

    I spent 16 glorious years with a 22 pound marmie full o’ snorgles. He would play fetch, come when whistled for, read the paper with me and sleep between my legs every night. He was The Best Cat Evar (even my dog-loving future husband liked him). I highly and enthusiastically recommend them.

    *looks fearfully over shoulder hoping current kittehs can’t read*

  55. I have a kitty and two rabbits and they are just the most adorable combination…however nothing beats baby kitten/wrabbit combination…so cuuuuuuuute.

  56. Music critic says:

    y’all this is not Sweet Georgia Brown (Harlem Globetrotters theme) song. Close.. but no cigar.

  57. @momof2kitties – awesome, I can’t wait to adopt one next spring.

    When I grew up in China, all my uncles and aunts had cats. They’re all either orange or grey tabbies. So I thought they must be the most common type cats. So I’m a bit surprised when people here seemed to be as passionate about it as something more exotic, like Scottish Fold.

  58. Danilelle says:


  59. Raemie L. says:

    When I saw the person holding the kitteh and bunneh close to the camera… *squee!*

  60. Capt’Tightpants–You have a great name!…I’ll bet you’re the life of the pary wherever you go…

  61. life of the party

  62. Yes, it is a repeat. It was first on this summer I think. But it’s sooo lovely I don’t think I mind at all!