Proof we need to start a C.O. Dating service IMMEDIATLEH




The name is Brock.

Brock McCattersons.

You see—I…

I—well, I like kittehs.

It’s not typical for a successful man like me, living in New York… swingle… more-salary-than-I-know-what-to-do-with…  to agree with you—a modern woman—that cats are wonderful.

I’m so glad we met.

Here on this Web site.

Allow me to introduce you to Ms. Parappa. I think she likes you.

I think she wants you to come over for dinner and some red wine.

Will you say yes?


See you tomorrow night.

at eight.


Sender-Inner Josh N., you must BE STOPPED! You too, New York Times.



  1. Nikki Lamb says:


    ‘Nuff said.

  2. Dibs!

  3. If I weren’t already taken . . .

  4. cute!

    And the cat too 🙂

  5. the cat is beautiful, but the guy
    however is drop dead gorgous 9 (even if I cannot spell) WOW !

  6. did not mean to leave a 9 is +10 and above

  7. yellowsneakers says:

    After the rejection I’ve just been put through, I definitely need to go on a date with a man who loves cats. I second the dating service prop.

  8. Yowza! I’ll take a dozen to go. 🙂

  9. i love that his black shirt is covered in cat hair while he is otherwise looking all posed and suave.

  10. He looks happier than the
    cat. I think cat was happier playing with the
    woven bracelet on his wrist–until we interrupted. Never mind–the line forms here for
    red wine and Chef Boyardee with Mr. Big Ears–I’m just jealous, that’s all–I’ll never be drop dead anything!

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Back off! He’s mine!!!


  12. From the story:

    Mr. Fulrath is one of a growing number of single — and yes, heterosexual — men who seem to be coming out of the cat closet and unabashedly embracing their feline side.

    Umm….there’s a closet for me to come out of?

    30 pounds lost, doctorate impending, well-groomed axis of snorgling, progressive politics….and I can’t find a date to save my life. I need to get this guy’s publicist. (Says the former publicist).

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, and as for the article, why should your pet preference have anything to do with what kind of person you are? Can’t people just like cats and/or dogs and/or whatever just because they want to?

  14. Call me. *melts*

  15. (actually i had a lunch date last week, i’m just playing the poor poor pitiful me game)

  16. Honestly, I couldn’t love a man who didn’t love animals. I’m so lucky my Husband is as crazy about our kitty as I am.

  17. I’m in luv……..
    …with the kitty.

  18. Still, the way this guy looks suggests a hotter
    image for “Mr. Potato Head”–After all, the target group for toy sales is mothers–or no? I’m on a Jealousy Trip–give me a little time.

  19. grey bandit mouser

    very good choice for the man who wants a cat yet wants to retain a little of his, shall we say, macho

  20. Chinchillazilla says:

    CO dating site? Best idea ever.

  21. This guy has eye capsules! Probably puffiness from an allergy to cat hair.

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    Well hell, I’m married and I would date this man! And his cat!

  23. Well, if I wasn’t old enough to be his mother…..

  24. I’ll leave this one to the ladies, but nothing too salacious please. :0}

  25. That looks almost exactly like my cat.

    I showed him and he didn’t seem to be very impressed with the resemblance though.

  26. seriously, where ARE these guys? geeky straight cat-loving guys with smart/intellectual interests AND jobs?

    yeah. most of the guys I’ve met who are straight and single and employed are severely allergic to cats.

    CO dating service! please! and not just in NYC and LA! we out here in the boonies need some cute cat-loving straight guys, too!

  27. Cutie!
    Oh, and the guy is nice, too. Ahaha

  28. Hey now, I was on here flat out kissing my cat and I didn’t get this many ladies after me…

  29. Stephanie C. says:

    I love a man unashamedly covered in cat hair.

    Especially white cat hair on a black shirt.

  30. aurallaura says:

    Except that the kitty in the picture looks like “Help, he’s trying to keelll me!”

  31. wow…i was looking for cuteoverload…i got a hotness overload…dang. HAHAHA

  32. Stephanie C. says:



  33. i am indescribably lucky in that i have a man that is not only incredibly attractive, but is intelligent, compassionate, sensitive, can cook, and likes cats with no shame. and he’s italian. and tall dark and handsome… i’ve been with him 2 1/2 years and i’m still melting! lol…
    done gloating now.

  34. Very good idea : a C.O. dating service, please worldwide ! This man is as charming as his cat. He’s welcome in France with his cat. He can be a tourist : I’ll be his personal guide for the day and Parappa’s mommy at night.

  35. Stephanie says:

    That guy is hot.

  36. Stephanie says:

    That guy is hot.

  37. I certainly like cats, and have been known to snorgle a girl’s cat while I’m cuddling with her on the couch, but there’s something about the male personality that just meshes better with a dog, at least in my experience. They get us; we speak the same language. Their doggie ways complement our manly habits nicely.


    Cute cat too.

  39. Hot guy! Too bad he’s a bit old 8-p

  40. Spryte808 says:

    I got lucky and found my man on an online dating website – a big bonus that he has 5 cats and loves dogs! He’s a keeper, and I’m not sharing him at all! I’m like that seagull from Finding Nemo – Mine! Mine! Mine!

  41. Wow gorgeous guy with a gorgeous cat. Kudos!

  42. I’m happily married to a sexy, intelligent cat-man.

  43. I must say – Parappa is an awesome name.. props!
    And that kitty does look a bit unnerved by the camera people in her house… she’s like, “dAAAaaAAAd… lemmiego lemmiego lemmiego!”

  44. I love how if that was a girl up there, people would be up in all arms.

    A guy, celebrate the hotness. A girl, be disgusted. The prettier the girl, the more disgusted CO will be. hahaha. I understand, I’m a girl with low self esteem too. 😦

  45. Yummy to both!

  46. A guy that likes me sent me a picture of him flexing his guns with a picture of a kitten photoshopped in where the muscle would be. I think he knows my weakness people o.o

  47. I actually really really want that dating service to be true. o.o

    Damn that ocean.

  48. It’s my birthday…. Do I GET HIM?????

  49. Personally, I have greater criteria/concerns regarding my potential partner than wether or not she likes a certain species of animal or not. But maybe that’s just me.

  50. I don’t know which is cuter

  51. *fingers crossed* that he likes boys instead of girls.

    Sorry ladies 🙂

  52. BTW, Parappa is a l’il guy cat, not a she. Looks a lot like my lovebug, Thomas Theodore. And I’m not even entering this debate. Of COURSE men who like cats are more attractive. Case closed.

  53. I have 3 kitties that would love to play with his kitties. New York? I’m a Texas girl though….

  54. @Timberhill – you need to go back and look at the postings under your picture. I read a few possible takers…

  55. I think what he really needs is my phone number. Stat.

  56. I saw that article in the paper – and saved it to show my (currently out of town) cat-loving husband. He loves all animals, he’s a total mush – that was definitely one of the ways he stole my heart!

  57. snorglepup says:

    Kitty looks like the victim of a corporeal cuddle!
    “Please ladies! He needs a snuggle buddy his own size!”

  58. Lol… a CO dating service would be hilariously awesome. I’d totally join if I weren’t already taken heh.
    Anywho… love that photo… love how it’s all serious looking, then you see the fur all over his sleeve heh.
    And that definitely was a great article to read.
    I don’t understand why any guy would be embarassed about having a cat.

  59. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    Swingle? Poo Poo. Pish Pish.

    Can I just take Ms. Parappa out for some caviar and catnip?

  60. In all seriousness, when we met, my husband had a cat and that made a HUGE impression on me. He really loves ALL animals, but the fact that he could dote on a cat made me love him even more. Now we have a kitty we can dote on together.

  61. Love the John Denver ref– How ’bout “Thank God I’m a Kitteh Boy!!”

  62. Brock may like kittehs, but that kitteh sure doesn’t seem to like him – not reading a lot of affection on that kitteh face.

  63. I will totally jump on the CO Dating Site bandwagon!

    @ k, I’m out in the boonies, too. Please don’t forget about us!

  64. I don’t get the women like cats and men like dogs theory.
    The men in my family love cats. Everytime I come home my grandpa greets me and then asks if I brought the kitties.

  65. Kitteh is gorgeous.

    Guy’s alright, I guess, but he has a Jim Carey vibe that gives me the creeps… The cat-hair-covered T-shirt does give him some cat-cred, though…

  66. MadameX — eh? Do you mean Steve Carell? Jim Carrey *is* creepy (on purpose).



  67. TenaciousDee21 says:


    If you weren’t in Minnesota, I would totally take you out for a drink. Email me if you’re ever in NY. 😉

  68. I would totally join the CO dating site if he were the end result…

  69. @nina-don’t be such a cross patch!


  70. See, y’all, Minnesota’s where you’re supposed to go AFTER you’ve hooked up. It’s like the nation’s two-story split-level in a good school district.

  71. So, when can we expect to see this dating service? 😀

  72. Double pounce!!

  73. Seven Paws says:

    CO dating service??? Where do we go to sign up?!

  74. ” ” < -- me being speechless.


  75. *sigh* To both this guy and Timberhill.

  76. momof2kitties says:

    I would TOTALLY date this cat snorgling guy. And Berthaservant, too, for that matter! We could have a Brady Bunch cat family with our combined 5 five felines.

    Alas, I am a) too far away, and b) married.

    Le sigh…

  77. holy… mom, can i have cat like this one with an extra serving of gorgeous guy on the side please?

  78. LovesHamHams says:

    Oh, I’m definitely down with the CO dating site! BTW…have we ever seen your pic BerthaServant? Just curious…

  79. Ha, actually I read this article along with the article at titled “Bogus Trend of the Week: Dudes with Cats” ( An interesting read! I have to agree though — it’s not a trend at all. Guys have always liked cats! There is nothing sexier than my man snorgling kitties.

    Anyone remember that part in the movie Hellboy, after he fights the monster in the subway and rescues the box of kittens, and then he reaches out a giant finger on his super-arm and scritches the kitten’s head?? *melt*

  80. “We could have a Brady Bunch cat family with our combined 5 five felines.”

    …yeah, because THAT would work. (oy)

  81. peachfish says:

    Awww…a little cat hair on his shirt just makes a man cuter!

  82. Both, Theo, now that you mention it. The cat guy is Jim Carrey’s love child with Steve Carrell!


  83. umm, can i be umpteenth single gal to say HELLS YEAH CO DATING SITE! my two cats need some positive male influence.

  84. Hmm..anyone know if he’s planning on moving to the UK? Probably not. Sigh.

    Don’t forget us poor old Brits when you set up the dating site…we need snorgles too!

  85. More men and cats:

  86. *sigh*

  87. Love how if this was a pic of a chick with a kitty everyone would be all up their arse with complaints.

    But still… I can’t say no to a good-looking dude, even if the kitty is moderately terrified looking lol

  88. Oh, wow. Supercute and superhot. Does anyone else just want to reach out and brush that little white lintball out of his hair?

    @Timberhill – I wan’t on CO back in the day, so I never commented on it. Allow me to do so now. You and your kitty look absolutely adorable!

  89. P.S. Doesn’t remind me of Jim Carry or Steve Carel, but Scott Foley who was on “Scrubs” briefly (and therefore by extension Kelly Slater somewhat).

  90. Hmm, a dating service on cute overload, what would you call it, meet cute?

    What would a typical ad be “single man, with Scottish fold, seeking girl with same, no rodents or reptiles please.”

    /would be a great idea actually

  91. Yes, THAT’s it, Scott Foley (Felicity and now The Eunuch, I mean, Unit) and Steve Carell had a love child.
    Cute guy, too bad I’m allergic… to cats, not guys. 😀

  92. False. I’m a purist. Seeing human flesh on teh Qte makes me wanna barf.

    //cluding this one.

  93. KB in To. says:

    Woo. Put him in a firefighter’s suit and I’m all over him.

  94. David, you have a Scottish Fold?

  95. Oh, and wasn’t “meet cute” in Holiday, with Kate Winslet? She was talking to the older gentleman who used to be a screenwriter, and he was telling her that it was when the leading lady and the leading man met under some certain kind of circumstance.

  96. Thats it, box them both up and send them to my house. You take plastic? *springs platinum card*

  97. that guy is stupid.

    …everyone knows parappa is a rapping dog, not a cat. 🙂

    but yeah i really don’t think it’s that guys don’t like cats. they just like dogs much better.

  98. OK, I am going to gloat a little man is tall, dark, handsome, funny, sexy..all of it, and my Ms Mou totally adores him. I have been away for the last week and when I call, he makes sure to get her on the phone so we can meow back and forth to each other..

  99. AWW yeah, hot guy/cute cat combo. Nothin sexier than a cat lovin guy…I wouldn’t even consider seeing a guy who either didn’t like cats or was allergic, sorry, my Dexter comes first.

  100. having a Scottish Fold would be a HUGE selling point. possibly would outweigh faults like “tons of baggage” or “no job.”

  101. I LIKE CATS…….AND HOT MEN !! Can I have one, I promise I’ll take care of him and feed him everyday !!

  102. My oh my. This guy certainly is a catch! I’d say I want to snag him, but I can’t! (be still my single heart…)


    Sigh. It would never work between us. But the fact that he loves cats is pretty awesome. Someone send an animal lover to Minnesota for me???

  103. Now Dianne, don’t jump ahead of yourself. Such pets are a big responsibility. You have to be willing to pet him, and play with him, and bathe him…

  104. Macey, I think Snaggle and Bubbles a few posts above prove that such a relationship can work. 🙂

  105. @brinnann,

    “Meet cute” is a term movie/tv writers use ( As you can see, the definition of that term wouldn’t apply exactly to the situation here, where the parties involved are not polar opposites, but shares something important in common. But it would still be incredibly cute.

    Don’t have any cats right now, but will get two in the spring. One will definitely be a orange short hair. Not sure about getting a Scottish Fold. I think cats should be ordinary members of a household, would the experience of paying thousands for one alter that feeling, like it’s now an super-precious, expensive toy?

  106. 2010 “Men Of Cute Overload” Calendar. I wants it.

  107. momof2kitties says:

    Oh, silly Theo, I know it would never work. I think Bertha and Mia would kill each other within the space of five minutes. Mia can’t even stand Georgie and they live together every day!

    A girl can dream, can’t she?

    *puts on dreamy face*

  108. I’ve seen that expression on my cat’s face a million times…never combined with a relaxed pose like this one though.

    More tense, almost as if seeming to say…you pick me up again and i’ll rake the skin off your arm.

  109. Yes Ferris, because all men have the same personality, so all men are dog people, and all women have the same personality, so all women are cat people. Never mind the fact that all of my dude friends with pets have cats and all of my friends who are girls are dog people. I must really be a man since I’d take a stocky, squashy-faced dog (but only the squashy-faced dogs) over a cat any day. 😉

    I know, I know, that’s not what you meant. I’m just giving you a hard time.

  110. this picture must be photoshopped!

    anywho, i want that calendar, too!!!

  111. warrior rabbit says:

    Mmmm. I didn’t even notice the lint, GreedySkunk! lol!

    But the text of this post made me think of SNL’s Continental. Were you trying for that?

    If you read the article, Adam/Brock would totally choose the cat over a girl, if the new girl were allergic or something. The cat is his ‘primary relationship.’ Now I don’t just lust, but love. I’m the same way — I would never part with a pet.

    Check out this cutie from the menandcats site in the article:

    Personally, I prefer guys who like all animals, as I do. Pancuteologists are the best!

  112. @k, I found my “geeky straight cat-loving guy with smart/intellectual interests AND job.” They’re out there! Ya just gotta keep looking! =)

  113. @staralfur: I’ve also noticed that posts with girls get a lot of negative critiques and posts with boys get nothing but love. Boys also tend not to attract profanity-laden demands for more skin.

  114. i think that’s just the way parappa looks. my kitty safin often has that scared look for no reason, and it just makes me go “aww youre so helpless and i love you!” i think parappa might be pulling the same thing.

  115. I’m ammending my comment as I did not realize he came with a New York Times article…

    Let me get this straight…he’s 37, lives in NYC, a magazine design director, like comic books. Tell me he’s Jewish and Adam has himself a new stalker!

    Just kidding, just kidding. (Sort of.)

    Adam, call me!

    [NOTE — this is a *different* Meg, peeps! Fearless Leader Meggles Q. Moo is still married. (No worries, Other Meg; just wanted to clear that up!) – Ed.]

  116. Tomorrow night at 8? I’ll SO be there!! Oh yeah!

  117. Awesome. I had to send this to my boyfriend. He’s extremely cute, straight, geeky (software developer. Srlsy geeky) and babytalks his cat every chance he gets. A TOTAL keeper!

  118. David, I completely understand what you mean about having an expensive kitty. But there are Scottish Folds out there to be adopted, I’m sure. I’m a shelter-kitty adopter myself, or garden variety strays.

  119. temperance says:

    yup, i agree- a cute boy seems to be much more acceptable to CO peeps than a cute girl, or a baby.

    granted, i’ve only scanned the posts but i see no huge ‘i hate humans’ uprising like i have on past human-oriented posts.

    why are boys the only ones worthy of love? as a girl, i do find this kinda weird and depressing.

  120. Awesome. I had to send this to my boyfriend. He’s extremely cute, straight, geeky (software developer. Srlsy geeky) and babytalks his cat every chance he gets. A TOTAL keeper!

  121. I dated 5 dog guys. Then I met a cat guy. And I married him.

  122. I didn’t even really like cats until my husband came along and introduced me to all their wonderfulness. My brother and a number of other straight guys in my life are really into cats too. But poor big brother married a girl who is deathly allergic! 😦

  123. Awesome, indeed! I’m a single, straight geeky guy with two adorable tuxedo kittehs and this post and the comments makes me feel so much more at ease. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to defend myself (and my masculinity) to friends & family simply because I like cats.

  124. I do want to echo what is stated in the Slate article, something I was told a long time ago by a professional breeder. By and large (at least in America), men prefer cats as pets and women refer dogs. As interesting as the NYT article was (and anything pro-cat is awesome), it was also kind of offensive that it just accepted that “If you are a guy and like cats you must be gay” meme. After all, which is more gay — a guy with a cat who he just kind of hangs with all day, or a guy with a dog he grooms and dresses up in little outfits?

    (P.S. There is nothing wrong or sinful about either of those types of behavior, and gay people are awesome whether or not they like dogs or cats or snakes or Republicans).

  125. P.S. I am not as handsome as this guy. More of a Jack Black type.

  126. Why they aren’t ever any pictures of black men on this racist site?

  127. Maybe we should take the “Meet Cute Unofficial CO Dating Service” into our own hands (I like the ‘meet cute,’ David). So, any CO boys from Texas? 😉

  128. B.Serv — hey, those Jack Black types are the ones that end up taking fine Anne-Hathaway-esque ladies like Brittany F. to Mexico! (just remember — leave the windows rolled down)

  129. ChitaDenita says:

    For real. You can’t tease us like this.

    *faints ded*

  130. cataddict says:

    Berthaservant: Jack Black got Cameron Diaz in “The Holiday”. You may be the next one…

  131. @Fegli – it would depend on how much boobulation was in the picture.

  132. cute article…but it forgets to mention famous New York artist Edward Gorey, who had up to 9 cats living with him in his studio apartment at one time. Although my husband is not really on board with me having 9 cats, he definitely loves our 2 cats nearly as much as I do, despite his allergies to them.

    [Gorey had *nine* cats?? Fur real? – Ed.]

  133. Ms. Parappa, I’m in love. And ALL real men (and women, and kids) LOVE cats.

  134. steve carrell

  135. TurboFloof says:

    Ahhhhh…. Newly single (*sniff*), terrified of dating in my 30’s.

    Again, CuteOverload reminds me that maybe – just maybe – EVERYthing is going to be OKAY!

  136. Ick. Look at that hairy arm.

  137. gravyboat says:

    Ooooooo, tastiness!

  138. @Timberhill Adorable! I didn’t read Cuteoverload back then!

    I think we need a Cuteoverload dating (or at least chatting) service. So, a section where people can post pictures of themselves cuddling with their pets, info, and contact info. Wonderful! And the dates begin! Or perhaps people can schedule cuteoverload meetups on

  139. bunnyslave says:


  140. @CJ: As compared to the kitteh’s hairy body? Please, he has very nice arms indeed.

  141. Stephanie C. says:

    @ megan:

    I knew it! I love Edward Gorey.

  142. Too bad you’re not a dog person. 😉

  143. Susan Richard says:

    OK, Mr. Totally Hot Guy… If you’re really in NYC, and you’re really straight, single and available.. consider yourself invited to dinner.. my treat. Perhaps the nice folks at cuteoverload can set us up.

  144. The cat has shed uncontrollably on his shirt after he strong-armed her to take that “adorable” pose with him.

  145. Movies aren’t real life, peeps. If I had Jack Black’s money then maybe one of those happy endings would come my way a little more often, but most of the women I know prefer the solid, sensitive, cat-loving, rational types as male friends, while spending their nights with the rich jerks with the chiseled features.

    If I had a dollar for every girl who told me they “wished they could find a nice guy like you” (me) to date then I’d be rich enough for them to date. And no matter how many times I say, “Gee, where could you find a guy like me, HOW ABOUT ME?” they invariably giggle and say “But you’re a good friend.” It’s like oh, forgive me for treating you well and not slobbering all over your cleavage and treating you like poop from day one.

    Sorry if I sound cynical; thankfully I occasionally meet women who see beyond that at least enough to consider me, which is all I ask. Even if I am a crazy cat man.

  146. Most of the “women” on this site are too fat, old, & ugly for this guy. 🙂

  147. XD this guy DOES indeed have eye capsules ; Amy !
    hahahahhh .

  148. Want.

    Not the cat.

    OK the cat too.

  149. Gail (the first one) says:

    I could make a bunch of fabulous matches here for my brother, who used to dislike cats until his ex-wife brought home a kitten. After they split, he got his own kitteh, a calico named Candy. (We, the family, were *stunned*!!)

    Ah, well…..perhaps someday my own cat-hair-covered prince will come!

  150. Everyone keeps talking about a dating website for animal lovers…well there is one: Haven’t joined yet, but it looks really interesting.

  151. I married one of those! Geeky (he makes video games for chrissake!) hot, intelligent, lurves kittys (i’m not gonna get nasty there) and all kinds of other animals, including me!

    I’m a lucky girl….

  152. a cat is fine too.


  154. OMG it’s Clive Frakkin’ Owen!

  155. DixiesMom says:

    Yeah, learned the hard way to ask up front if the dude is allergic to kittehs… had 4 great dates, then finally invited him over to my place. He had to leave less than two hours later because he could not breathe or stop his eyes from watering… Sorry, QTeStudBoy, but Dixie was here first! Another one bit the dust…., eh? Hmmm…(starts to surf over and check it out….)

  156. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Oh I HAVE seen Berthaservant’s pics. He’s actually quite good looking…And to whoever said this guy was a tad bit old…. AWAY VILE CHILD! LOL (nothing makes you feel old like a younger person saying 37 is old)

  157. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Oh and the dating service? this is the 3rd time I’ve said we need one. Any cute guys in Arkansas?

  158. It certainly would be nice to meet a girl who walked into my apartment and said, “Do you mind if I snorgle your kitteh’s belleh?”

  159. Well, at least he’s good with photoshop. Either that, or his head lives in a dimension alternate his body.

  160. Is it just me? Or does the guy look vaguely like Steve Carrell, like from his eyebrows up & the shape of his face

  161. Nick, it’s just a low depth of field. And you is just jeeeeeeealous ;P

  162. Um. Heylerhe, Mr. Frakkin’-Owen. Is that cummerbund chafing? Mind if I.. [snaps blinds shut] try it on?

  163. I’m on my way!

  164. wow! Cute cat AND cute man AND red wine. Sounds good to me. There should TOTALLY be a dating service. I’m game!

  165. iPlayFlonkerton says:

    holy toledo, that dude looks like steve carell.

  166. scooterpants says:

    -whips out tape roller hair-getter thingie-
    “Here Honey, let me get that for ya”
    (makin like nice mid-age (old)married lady doin em a favor)
    works every time.

    *grabs up kitteh and runs away in zig zaggy motion so as to confuse , gets away cleanly*

  167. Don’t worry, she’ll be back. You’ve got her cat-hair roller.

  168. yellowsneakers says:

    Timberhill, if you ever come to NY, you’ve got yourself another date! I’m following in TenaciousDee21’s footsteps here.!

  169. sighh….bored now…Hey, when’s the next cats ‘n’ racks?

  170. Yay. Men who loves cats are tops! And the fact that the kitty is named Parappa is just wonderful. I love the Parappa game series. Yes, I’m a dork.

  171. When we started dating, my husband was in a training program at Camp Pendleton. He had had to leave his cat (whom he bottle-raised as an abandoned kitten!!!) with his mom and he missed her desperately.

    I already had two rescue cats, so I got his mom’s phone number and worked it out with her, and she put his kitty on a plane to come and live with me.

    He was so stoked when he came over to my apartment for the weekend, and his kitty was waiting for him. 😀

  172. This is fabulous. My fiance had no idea what he was getting into when we first started dating. He just knew I had two slightly spoiled felines. A year later, I frequently catch him stretched out on the floor next to one of them, lovingly doling out head scratches and ear rubs, and whispering sweet nothings.

  173. I have three dogs and met a guy with three cats. We fell in love and guess what?! We have definitely spotted the kitties and puppehs snorgling….

  174. I have three dogs and met a guy with three cats. We fell in love and guess what?! We have definitely spotted the kitties and puppehs snorgling….

  175. Hey, this is nothing new! I have been MARRIED to my cats Spider & Lugosi (yes, it´s bigamy but who cares cause we love each other!) since January 2004 – got hitched via !!!! We still live happily every after now. 😀

    Although, simply *dating* is of course something completely different from marriage. 😉

  176. B-Serv – I have the SAME problem with guys! They love hanging out with me, but when it comes to dating: “Awww, but you’re a friend!” Bah humbug.

    Where do you live? We should probably go on a date and bitch the night away! (If you agree, don’t forget to bring Bertha and Theo along.)

  177. Please do set up a global CO dating service ASAP! I would love a straight guy with no cat allergies and loves animals~ XD

  178. mommy25bunnies says:

    I’d be in! or rather, ehn!

  179. snorglepup says:

    Can’t ya just feel the love?!!
    I vote we all meet at least once a month to socialize.
    Bring pictures of your pets. Pairing-up and snorgling totally optional.
    My place. Fri. 7ish.
    Sushi or pizza?

  180. Berthaservant–Lady friends say that Jack Black is hot–Charisma, or
    As to wherefrom to appear
    out of–been meaning to suggest “man who loves marmies”–pretty special.
    Obviously I’m a lousy publicist, so there–

  181. Le sigh…. I’ll take two.

  182. Snorglepup–Your idea sounds great, but I’m a geek who only tells his closest friends that I like
    sushi–You are nice to make it a choice–anyway, don’t invite me–After all,
    anyone who calls a better-looking guy “Mr.Potato Head”…

  183. snorglepup says:

    No name calling allowed.
    I’m one of the “mature” addicts of le cute.
    Perfection, whatever that may be, is all well and good; but real beauty and worth are on the inside and well worth pursuing.

  184. snorglepup says:

    even if it’s hiding under extra pounds and maybe wrinkles…

  185. snorglepup says:

    Oh, and my homemade cookies are to die for…

  186. Jenn in IL says:

    BServ: I happen to ADORE Jack Black and would date him rather than someone like Brad Pitt.

    I promise…the funny cutie with a heart of gold will always win in the end.

  187. @berthaservant: I personally think Jack Black is very cute and funny and has good musical taste. Yeah, he’s rich, but he seems like the kind of guy that I would go after even if he was just some normal joe on the street. Ever been to Oregon?

  188. warrior rabbit says:

    It’s all about confidence, bserv. Smart, geeky, funny, average men are great friends. Smart, geeky, funny, average men with confidence are boyfriends. As a nerd magnet, this is my experience.

    Meanwhile, did no one visit the site?

  189. PUUUUURRRRRR!!!! says:

    I’d like to sharpen my claws on him!! Love the cat, too.

  190. PUUUUUURRRRRR!!!!!!! says:

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty!!!!

  191. Your eyes are as cute as your cats’.
    Defeinetely a cute situation too. A straight guy with such a rich sensitivity is more than CUTE! I wsih I were in NY to invite you over for dinner….
    My cat is very similar to yours only that in black and white, a female too. The seetest company ever!

  192. Warrior Rabbit, I stopped by the site yesterday, but it looked like it was all about NY men and cats.

  193. Has anyone looked at the site? I haven’t checked it yet.

  194. Get that animal loving dating service in the SF bay area stat!

  195. Hey sub, thanx for the offer…I’m in SoCal, avoiding the fires.

  196. (again… Not That Theo, The Other Theo, heh)

  197. bookmonstercats says:

    Berthaservant, I’m married, but if I weren’t, I’d look you up, promise.

    Kitteh is adorable. I can’t make out what the facial expression is saying, any ideas?

  198. OMG< the 'men and cats' website has a TOTALLY ANERABLE video with a YUMMEH dude and his kitteh giving his face a baff! Me WANT! BOTH!!!

  199. Helloooo~ Nurse! I love the fur on his sleeve. 😀 *checks her own sleeve covered in kitty fur*

    Cutie! And what an adorable smooch~ My Mini gives me kisses too… right when I wake up.

  200. Mary (the first) says:

    re: dating cute guy with allergies vs. *not*.: I once met the “greatest guy EVAR” but he was allergic to my cat. Luckily I never thought of getting rid of the cat. Cat lasted 19 years, guy, 2&1/2 or so. It turned out he was not all that great. Just sayin’.

  201. Animal attraction is okay but they don’t have a lot of members and a lot of the members are older, as in over 40, which may be good/bad depending on your situation

  202. Snorglepup–That was so inspiring–You sound like
    someone’s on her way to falling in love with you–a very special man and homemade
    cookies to die for–a gracious host, too–Have a wonderful forever…

  203. Wow… I wanna go to dinner!

  204. @k – Hey, single, male, love cats, and live in Indiana. LOL That’s about as far in the boonies as I can get at least. 🙂

    Seriously – CO dating site sounds fun! Meg, you could make millions off of this idea!

  205. I want! I want very much bad!


    …is your middle name Lee?

  207. MelissaAnne says:

    Ah. A bit late to the list here- but would like to add my two cents.
    First cent: wow. If I was in NYC I would want one of those. Adore the cat hair all over him. 🙂
    Second: yes please! A COdating site!!

  208. MJ… *groan*

  209. elliottsmommy says:

    Yeah, y’all could make meeeellions, unless you make a FREE CO dating site. yeah, free, that’s the ticket! if so, i’m THERE, dude.
    MJ, thanks for the Broccoli giggle! it took me a second due to congenital blondeness, but i made it there.
    brock, come visit southern maryland, and let’s get this party started. started right.

  210. Snorglepup–I was so charmed by the idea of a gentleman and his homemade cookies, that I may have forgotten that Snorglepup might be a lady–either way, please to forgive…please to have
    loving partner and happy

  211. LOL I didn’t get MJ’s broccoli joke until Teho groaned.

  212. @ Berthaservant- you said your doctorate was pending… what in? I just gone one, but I’m going for another (yes, I’m an unashamed nerd, but the first one doesn’t count- it’s not a “real” one in my eyes, just a JD)

  213. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    I actually found a site called but it looks to be slim pickins’ in my area lol.

  214. warrior rabbit says:

    DixiesMom — I *know*! I linked to it upthread, and no one said a durned thing! I was astounded. I thought it was great!

  215. Daphne Moss says:

    I also looked at this guy and thought “Steve Carell,” but I think the hotness comes from his sweet expression.
    And as for the rant about us enjoying the hotness of a guy and not saying much about hotness of a woman…I venture to say there are more women than men on this site.
    And I enjoy the photos of the nice-looking people of any gender cuddling with animals…If there weren’t well-cared-for animals in the pictures, I wouldn’t be as interested.

  216. ailuridae says:

    wow, there clearly needs to be some social networking addendum here. just look at all these conversations happening already!

    @chris – i loooooove tuxedo kitties. i had three at one point. the last one died a year and a half ago… but i just adopted a new medium-hair bebe boy! ^_^

    @berthaservant – yep, gotta agree that jack black is some kind of serious cuteness. but it’s also about his talent. the comedic and musical skill really make him hot stuff.

    @timberhill – that was a darn cute submission, but you probably didn’t get as many offers because it’s not as much a full-on portrait of you.

    and as far as the double standard in responding to male v. female hooman pics – the pics of males getting their snorgle on are simply more rare, and thus “extra cute”. conversely, snorgling lady pics are so commonplace that it seems like a cheap bid for attention (and hello? we are actively soliciting BOOB shots here. cute, but also potentially trampy).

    just my $0.02. on five points. let’s call it $0.10.

  217. Well I’m a single, heterosexual, a computer consultant and part-time guitar teacher, and lurve hanimules. And yet I seem to spend a large amount of time listening to my single women friends complain about their useless boyfriends. And no, I’m not weird or have bad personal habits; I’ve not gotten so far with a woman lately that she could have possibly found out anyway.

    But that’s probably because I live on this dinky little island called Bermuda where there’s a much smaller catchment of single women. I’m sure when I get to the UK my prospects will improve. Here’s hopin!

    Also to weigh in on the hypocrisy of reactions to pictures of single guys vs. those of children, I must say that the reactions to pictures showing young children ranged from disproportionately strong objections to pathological hatred towards the children, some of the latter coming from members who in other postings seemed sweet and normal as pie. I happen to love kids (that’s why I teach), and to see a child snuggled with a baby pet is about the sweetest and most innocent thing on planet earth. It doesn’t get much better than that. It really did make me wonder how those members treat their own children, honestly.

    Just my $0.08 (things cost a lot more here on de Rock)

  218. @ elbowgeek: Srsly, aren’t you afraid of the Bermuda Triangle? Or does living on the island desensitize you? Even if it is all natural phenomenon, it’s still freaky. O_O

  219. agreed. attractive male animal lovers, please find me,haha.

  220. Okay, here’s a small start. Spread the word!

  221. Chris, there are a couple of Cute Overload groups on Facebook. Are you able to send invites to the people in those groups? I dunno how the ones on Facebook work, so it may not be possible.