Tiny neck action

There is some fresh tiny neck action going on over at the Memphis Zoo.

This behbeh was born on Friday and has eyelashes that match Mom’s. Check it out:


This and many more fabu shots over at Memphis Online. Excellent spotting, Sender-Inner Mike B.!



  1. Sugarpuss OSX says:

    Yay Giraffes!!!Non-violent Communication all the way!!

  2. That would be the best mother’s day card ever!

  3. they luhvs each other

  4. I luff the behbeh’s scrubby little mane. And he’s got little newborn chub on his neck … so prosh.

  5. Aw… this pic just made my whole day. 🙂

  6. Awwwwwwww mother-child bonding and such.

  7. DaytimeDeb says:

    Excellent spotting, indeed.

  8. Love is the sweetest thing.

  9. That is the cutest picture I’ve seen in awhile! It literally made me go “awwwwwwwww”. Sweet giraffes.

  10. aw, snorgle happenings! too cute.

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:


    This makes me miss my mommy SO hard!!! **SNIFF**

    She’s been gone for three years now…but she was sick for like 18 years with THREE cancers…somehow managed to outlive them, although she never fully recovered (100%). I did joke with her afterwards that she’s so tough it wouldn’t surprise me if a cold killed her. She started laughing and said, “Don’t joke like that!” but she smiled. And then two weeks after her 67th birthday, she was basically ready to go…even though it looked kinda painful at first, she had peace…

    WHOA. Sorry aboot that. That’s how much I miss her. And I guess as a kick-in-the-butt reminder to the rest of y’all, that unless your mommy is REALLY mean to you, don’t just glance at this picture, LOOK at it, and then call yer mom for cryin’ out loud and tell her how much you REALLY love her! 😀

  12. *hugs for Juniper Jupiter*

    *beeps giraffe nosey* You’re a reticulated giraffe, aren’t you? Yes you are, you are so reticulated!

  13. Juniper Jupiter:
    Hugs from someone who knows. I miss my Mom too. I lost her just over a year ago.

    And that picture is adorable. I ove the kneck rolls on the baby!

  14. that is so beautiful and sweet it makes me wanna cry. just a great photo.
    ((((Juniper juniper)))) my parents are both gone, but i know grief can just sneak up on you at the littlest trigger. your mom sounds like quite a fighter. hang on to your happy memories.

  15. it’s late, hence the typo. i meant: juniper jupiter!
    oh, and annie, hugs for you, as well.

  16. Daphne Moss says:

    So sorry! ;-{
    But isn’t it great that a picture of such sweet love between mama and baby made you think of her? She must have been a sweetheart!
    Thank you, CO, for posting such an adorable picture!
    It made me smile…and call my mom!

  17. Looking at this picture, I can actually feel my blood pressure drop. My Monday is now starting off better, thanks to CO.

  18. This is such a gorgeous picture.
    And Jupiter Jupiter ((hugs)).

  19. What a beautiful picture!
    (((Hugs))) to all the Moms and those missing their moms.

  20. How do they get these fantastic shots? Talk about having to have patience!

  21. This picture just makes my heart melt. 🙂

  22. Could be the sweetest, most loving picture of all time.

    Hugs from me too, Juniper Jupiter – this photo made me miss my dad, who died 13 years ago!

  23. Check out the link – there’s a whole gallery.

    My fave is mom’s ginormous head on baby’s tiny tush.

  24. BeckyMonster says:

    My brain just exploded from the sweetness of this photo. Dear Lord!

  25. Ms.McPantiesInABunchnuff says:


    Jack Hannah always said he believed animals felt love…that they definitely felt love for their babies.

  26. My Mom’s been gone 45yrs, it never stops hurting, but you manage to go on.

    Beautifull picture.

  27. jackie31337 says:

    This reminds me of one of my daughter’s favorite books. It’s called Mommy’s Best Kisses. One page says “I kiss your sweet neck, it’s my favorite place!” and it has a picture of a mommy giraffe kissing her baby.

  28. Wow. Just wow.

  29. I love giraffes! When I went to Kenya, they became one of my favorite animals. Such incredible animals! that pic is SO CUTE!

  30. God, I’m bawling now.
    It’s Thanksgiving today up here in Canada and I live far,far away from my family. This pic is making me so lonely. *Baroooo!*

  31. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awwww…thanx, gang! Yer all sweet! :,)

    I didn’t mean to start a chain reaction, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been the only one to think that looking at this picture, though.

    I’ll give you a couple of good pet-related memories of my mom. We had a BEAUTIFUL Australian Shepherd named Benita and that pooch always seemed to have a smile on her face, but was very mischevious…Mom somehow managed to teach her to count to three with paw-taps, LOL!! It wasn’t much, but to an eight year old it was funny!

    And then during her illness one day, I was sitting on the couch in a yelling match with her aboot something stoopid, my cat Lucy didn’t want to hear any of it, so she hops on my lap, gives me a loud “MEOW!!” and gives me a full-clawed tap on my mouth (thankfully not scratching it) with her paw! Mom and I just stopped for a second, looked at her, then each other, and just started laughing!

    One more story…I was on the floor watching tv with her(who was in her chair) and my little sister(couch) in the living room and Lucy saunters in from the bedroom and I had just taken my shoes off (these shoes were cheap and didn’t have holes in them, so they made my feet sweaty). Lucy decides to take a whiff of my feet…and curls up her face in a way that no cat has ever done, like her whiskers were next! My sister giggled, I chuckled, but my mom laughed so hard she fell out of her chair!! We had to help her get back up, and all three of us took aboot twenty minutes to recover!!

    So again, thanx!! {{TEN THOUSAND HUGGY WUGGIES}}…sorry, that what my little sister always said! 😀

  32. Wow, so prosh.

  33. Eep! Look atat bebeh! I wants to nuzzle it!

  34. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh mah gaw!!! OK there is some serious cute on this site today, but these guys just killed me ded! LOVE the giraffes!

  35. darkshines says:

    I made this my wallpaper, its everything that is right with the world.

  36. {{{{Juniper}}}}

    Of course, we’ll see how much behbeh wants to snorgle mommy when she’s a teenager, and all “Guy, mom, as if, whatever, I can do my eyelashes in purple if I want, whatever.”

  37. The Richmond Zoo has a great giraffe compound. There’s a bridge that you can climb to be eye to eye with these gorgeous creatures, and feed them besides. They are so gentle and sweet. This picture is just fantastic.

  38. The love! the love! *explodes*

  39. sheepy–for sure, the best
    Mothers’ Day card!!
    juniper jupiter–thanks for the nice stories about your mom-God needed help, so He created mothers. Please consider yourself
    Annie-Caring thoughts and a prayer for you–lotsa hugs.
    DumBunny-Sounds like the memories are sweeter as time goes by–warm fuzzies to you.

  40. Amy J.–wishing Dad were here–memories, memories–all that he was is part of all that you are–koala
    snorgle to you.
    nads–loneliness may be the empty space that love left behind–the more family love and fun, the bigger the space–the more they are missed. Please know someone cares–gentle giraffe moments are sent your way.

  41. cassandra says:

    this almost made me cry. it is sooo adorable. I love the leeps too.

  42. No, I really mean it this time….I’m going to yell, so those sensitive folks cover your ears:


    Jupiter,J- I like the way you can think of both kinds of memories- love and hugs to you and all who have memories, may the be both kinds….K.

  43. thats cute.I love giraffes.I want one so bad