Jump Start Your Day <- Heh


[Sproinging continues ’til sunset]

I’m going back to sleep now Heather C.



  1. Hahahahahahaha this is a brilliant way to start the morning. If only we all had so much energy!

  2. FurrierAndIves says:

    Hilarious. And might I add, boxers are the very best dogs!

    Disclaimer: at the moment, I have two dogs (two dogs are better than one). One Fox Terrier, one Aussie Shep mix…Both cuteoveroad but, my Aussie cross is the best boy in town. Smart, sweet, and just as funny as a boxer, which is saying something. Hmmm. Maybe he deserves a trampoline for Christmas?

  3. OH MY GOD!!! That dog will not stop!!!

  4. That Boxer does NOT have a case of the “Mondays!”

  5. 100% pure awesome. Not from concentrate!

  6. What a springy sproingy way to start the day! What a happy dog!!!!

  7. For some odd reason, i’m hearing John Cleese, as the announcer from Monty Python’s Flying Circus – “…and now, a dog on a trampoline.”

    Great way to start my Monday! Thanks! <3

  8. momof2kitties says:

    Love the Baroo/wanna play look at the end there. But I wouldn’t want to be this goggie’s neighbor-too much barkies for me!!

  9. Fab! That made Monday bearable. What a cute “baroo?” at 1 min. in.

  10. Wow … better switch that dog to decaf!

  11. I dont usually comment but this one was def worth saying HOW EFFING CUTE!!!!

  12. I love this video. But! As the owner of a Boxer, I can guarantee y’all that the trampoline is overkill. Srsly. They boingboingboing like that all on their very own.

  13. Redoink-doink-doink-doinkulous!

  14. that is so funny! I love how he jumps headfirst! It’s a great way to get some of his energy out…

  15. mandy_Reeves says:

    Yeah at the end..the Braooo and the heinie in the air rearing back playful stance…my tzu does that

  16. I loved that. Very cheering! 🙂

  17. Oh man that is hilarious. I can only imagine what the neighbors must think. In our old neighborhood there were a lot of backyards with trampolines, and I always did a doubletake when I would see these kids flying up into the air over the fenceline when I would walk or drive past the back of their houses! Imagine seeing a dog suddenly bouncing up over the top of the fence!!!

  18. Beth (in NC) says:

    That is just too funny. I love how he feels the need to bark every time he bounces. I wonder if he learned to do this on his own one day? Seriously makes me want to do a shot of espresso and join him. Boing! Boing!

  19. Anne Boleyn says:

    Having spent to first 14 years of my life with a boxer, this really makes my day. The play bow near the end just makes me want to join in!

  20. I’m glad I’m not their neighbors.

  21. Boxers are awesome, aren’t they?

  22. Sproing time for boxers on trampolines.

  23. Boxers are too funny! He is too cute!

    Link to the original poster’s video:

  24. Good one, Hon Glad! A Mel Brooks fan?

    That’s a great way to exercise your doggie without having to wake up yourself!

  25. knightofmonarch says:

    Why am I hearing the Tigger Song in the back of my mind ??

  26. Catsquatch says:

    The solution for people who dont have time to walk the dog…..


  27. AmyJ: well spotted.

    I had a lazy neighbour who would stand at the front door, let her dog out on an extending lead, let it wander untill it peed, then reel it back in.

  28. Haha, that is one very happy, very bouncy pup.

  29. That is the best thing I have ever seen in my life.

  30. omg this is so cute it kills me – literally. I have cracked ribs and the giggling fit that ensued is going to hurt for a while…

    so worth it though.

    boing boing boing!

  31. If I were someone walking by on the street and kept seeing a dog fly into the air while barking, I think I’d stand there in confusion for about ten minutes wondering what the heck is going on. This was so funny, I laughed until I had tears!

  32. Hon Glad, one evening I spotted a dog strolling down the middle of a city street being followed very closely by a slow moving car. I immediately rushed over to rescue the dog … and discovered the driver of the car was the dog’s owner … who doesn’t like walking.

  33. jackie31337 says:

    Are you sure that’s a boxer? It looks more like a springer to me. 😛


  34. Aoife, exercising animals with motor vehicles is illegal! Poor doggy, he could get hurt accidently.

  35. Very cute. Boxers are wonderful.

  36. That is one happy, bouncy dog!

  37. LOL @ Jackie…springer indeed

    LMAO @ this totally redonk dog action. Lady & the Trampoline.

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    That was awesome. I liked the, “Hey mom, lookit me!” aspect, too.

    Here’s one I found the other day of another very innovative dog. They’re such characters.

  39. Michelle S says:

    This truly made my day. Happy dogs just make me smile from ear to ear.

    My red dog used to bounce-bark like that during her tests and trials. Even though that kind of thing is a no-no during obedience trials, most judges told me that she was “technically still at a heel” even though she was leaping nearly as high as my shoulder… most people really loved to see a dog that happy, so she wasn’t often marked down for it. 🙂

  40. I’m out of breath just watching him. And static-y!

  41. (The Original) Mel says:

    Boxers are the best ever. My fave vid so far on CO.

  42. (The Original) Mel says:

    What you don’t see in this video is the giant boxer lip going flop flop along with the ears, which makes boxers doubly funny.

  43. This video clearly proves why Boxers are totally teh awesum!

  44. That would be a lot cuter if the dog were a lot quieter. What is it about dog owners that think barking is adorable for two square miles? I’m only annoyed because there are three dogs in my neighborhood and otherwise lovely breezy afternoons are ruined by barking all day and the closing of windows. Please do jump and be cute, we love to see it — not hear it.

  45. Each leap bring him closer to God!

  46. The end was the best! ohhh what a cute puppehhhh.

  47. Silent Meow says:

    Is this dog part Boxer and part Springer Spaniel?

  48. I don’t see nothings!


  49. gravyboat says:

    That was pure awesome. I bet their neighbors hate them though.

  50. LOL @ JenS/Rod and Tod

    I was totally happy with this video and then the last ten seconds put it over the top. Too, too moishe.

    So…we’ve seen the sproingen? How good is doggeh at the lurken?

  51. girlnextdoortn says:

    This vid made me clappy with the happy. 😀 The bow at the end was the perfect touch.

  52. Michelle S says:

    Cynthia, if you have a humane solution to keep a happy and vocal dog from barking that won’t remove “happy” from the equation, you’re a future millionaire.

    As an owner of several dogs, I can tell you that some are just more vocal than others, and some express their joy at the top of their lungs. They can be taught when it’s appropriate to bark and when it isn’t, but mostly it’s a matter of keeping noisier dogs indoors so the hollering doesn’t get us in trouble.

    I suggest you have a friendly chat with your neighbors if their dogs are a nuisance. Won’t hurt to bring it up. A lot of dog owners simply don’t hear their dogs after a couple of years of constant barking. 😉

  53. OMG, did anyone notice that the white splotch on the back of doggeh’s neck looks like a bone?!? You can see it when he’s pointing his head down. Too damn cute.

  54. This is too funny!!! I love it!

  55. LOL is all I can say! That made me feel so happy!! x

  56. Can you imagine how this must look to the neighbours? LOL the sproingulance!

  57. Thanks, Jen S–
    Thanks, Redzilla–
    Remember a film called “Shine”?

  58. I soooo needed that video, my father has a chemo treatment in the morning and my very best freind is putting her 10 year old aussie down in the morning, he has cancer too. Thanks Meg and whomever set this in. I have not laughed that hard in a long time.

  59. just sayin says:

    the comments on the youtube vid by “Boxers4ever” say this is dangerous to dogs tho…

  60. That´s gonna have me LOLing all day long. *wipes laughter tears from eyes*

  61. Hehe – cute!

  62. Having grown up with a Boxer, that little bow at the end actually means..I’m going to bouce around some more, and I would love it if you join me!

  63. What a beautiful dog!

  64. staticgirl says:

    *hugs* for squirt

  65. You can’t go wrong with a dog and a trampoline..too much fun

  66. Boiiiiiiiiiing!

  67. about the comment saying it’s dangerous for dogs to be on trampolines – it’s dangerous for humans too XD.

    but aaaw doggie’s having so much fun <3. I'd join in a heartbeat. Also, YAY BOXER!

  68. Am I the only person that failed to resist the urge to shout “Do a flip!” at the screen?