Just try and get work done with this as your desktop

"Let’s see, I know that Budget spreadsheet is around here somewhere…


Download this Desktop! [3.6 MB, 5120px by 3200px]


Special thanks to Sender-Inner and creator Brink G.



  1. Ooooh, I *heart* Maltese! Too cute!

    (I miss my sweet baby Macy, world’s cutest and sweetest Maltese. RIP, my precious angel!)

  2. Remember the baby bunny dressed in a diaper and bonnet with a bottle? Remember the guy looking through the domed window in the prairie dog exhibit?

    Those two pictures appear in the desktop such that the guy is looking through the domed window in the baby-bunny-dressed-in-a-diaper-and-bonnet-with-a-bottle display.

  3. Evil. Pure evil.
    Here’s an artist’s rendition of Brink G during the creation of this.. this.. *dangerous* thing:


  5. Oh. My. Heavens. Thanks! I am forever in your debt. Heh.

  6. I am glad the peeps like eet. I have made another one for standard-size monitors and sent it to the Megster. See if you can spot the tiny MegHead on the desktop. I can share the secret of how I made eet if you want eet.

  7. Oh snap, is there a non widescreen version?

  8. Yes I have just sent eet to The Megster. Hopefully she will post eet soon for the stndard-size peeps.

  9. Yay, ty

  10. Brinke G Thanks ! It is very cute NICE JOB!

  11. Too cute! And it would be way too distracting for me at work.

    On another note, I hope I get my bun-day fix soon…

  12. Screw “desktop”. I am going to print this out 4,000 times and wallpaper my entire house with it.

  13. I saw Meg’s picture right away. Great job. I’d like to know how you made it, if you want to share. Thanks. Oh, and for the rest of you, DON’T follow the link “Joss” left on her comment unless you’re prepared to be really grossed out! I think it’s meant to be satire, but it’s just really mean, IMHO.

  14. 1) Right click on a bunch of images from CO. Save in a folder and label it “CO”, preferably a sub-folder of where all your other photos are, so you’ll know where it is. If you use Firefox 3 as a browser, they have a great extension called ‘Image Fetcher’ which speeds up the process.

    2) Download Picasa, a free photo program from Google.

    3)Once installed, launch program. It will organize all the photo albums you have on your PC.

    4) Once it’s finished, locate the “CO” folder which you previously created. Go to that folder, and..

    5) Click the button on the bottom of the program that says “Make Collage.” There are like five different layouts you can create.

    6) Save and enjoy.

  15. cavykatie says:

    Thanks once again Brinke, this time for sharing your methods- I foresee hours of wallpaper making procrastination to come!

  16. Still looking for the domed window–Sigh–

  17. Found it!

  18. Am I just blind or are there no OTTERS in this montage? Someone help me out here…

  19. Nice job Brinke! I’d love to figure out a way where the middle pic was a slideshow and rotated larger versions of all of the smaller pics…..but this is awesome!!

  20. binky-mama says:

    Oh my God….it’s full of QTE!!!

    *spirals into vortex*

  21. *explodes*

  22. Not enuff kittehs 😦

  23. WINSTONNNN!! I see Winston in there… awww. 🙂

  24. Yeah, no, there’s no way I’d ever get any work done, so sadly I shan’t be installing this here desktop. But it is made of awesome, yes.

  25. Love it! I’d be staring at it all day if it was on my desktop though. 🙂

  26. I love it!! 🙂

  27. I weel be watching thees thread for the next day or so so eef you desire a standard-size one I would be happy to create eet for you & charge you nothink for eet. Just leaves your email add here.

  28. cavykatie says:

    Just wanted to add that this wonderful thing looks a bazillion times more awesome on a 30″ Apple Cinema Display Monitor, which I was thrilled to discover.

    I mean, like, now work is officially forgotten.

  29. How precious those two little Maltese are!
    I happen to know an adorable one named Gregory! He makes me smile each time I see him. Lots of love and pats to you,
    Mr. G. Thank Mom for clueing me into this page. See you soon again, Cute Boy.

  30. thank ya thank ya!

  31. This one goes to UCONN! TO UCONN:Have a great day sweetie, I think I just found you a new wallpaper and a neat way to make a photo montage, to boot- MOM/WOW.

    To everyone-, juuuust what we need, a NEW way to not get any work done! But thank you for it! K.

  32. Any chance of getting this desktop with the sunbeam kitteh in the centre :>