Nyet You Di-in’t!

Here’s what you give the man who has everything.

Check out Vladmir Putin and the lil 20-pound kitteh he got for his 56th birthday.


Check it out, he’s all Nyet you diiii-in’t!!


Read the full story with mo’ pictures over at AP!



  1. sarah-jane says:

    zomg! best birfday present EVER ^_^

  2. Before the nuffing starts – read the article. He’s not keeping the tiger. (I was scared.) It’s going to a zoo or wildlife preserve.

  3. Well.. I hope the mommy tiger they took the little one from is still alive.
    It’s cute, but… to give such an endangered animal as a gift is just so idiotic and heartless.

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    I saw this on CNN earlier. So cute! I, too, was relieved that he was giving this adorable sweetie to a zoo. But there will still be nuffs.

  5. And before anyone says anything, I’m not nuffing the reciever, I read the article so saw that he’s not keeping it, I’m angry at the idiot who gave the present to him.

  6. warrior rabbit says:


  7. Awwww what a BABY!!! Love her!

  8. sahrawi Wife says:

    Cool Birthday Present! Hey It is My Birthday too !!! I want a BIG kitty for my Birthday ! Please!


    I wish i was him,such a great birthday present… ;__; i want one too.

  10. I think he’ll decide not to give her away after all. I think he’ll raise her to be his permanent companion, to follow him to summits and to rest her head in his lap to be petted while he informs dissidents that we are very much alike, you and I.

    He’s just that kind of leader. I wonder if he can even travel abroad without a coffin full of his home soil to sleep in.

  11. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Cub = cute.

    Person who gave it = idiot.

    Putin = murderous creep.

    But it IS a cute tiger cub! I hope Putin is kinder to it than he is to Russia’s investigative journalists…

  12. warrior rabbit says:

    In the footage on CNN, the tiger was totally unimpressed by Mr. Putin, I have to say.

  13. Hmmmm, Siegfried, Roy and Alexander…YUMMMY!

  14. putin doesn’t deserve a “rare” tiger cub. pshhh ~_~

  15. Lol at Putin giving the peace sign!

  16. fish eye no miko says:

    The Russian for milk is moloko… I don’t recall the plural.

  17. That tiger is too cute! I feel guilty because it was given to that undeserving creep, even though I didn’t give it to him. That’s how cute this tigerlette is!

  18. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, if he filed down his teeth and grew out his nails, Putin would look a lot like Nosferatu.
    For the sake of Peace (the world’s and my own) I would like to volunteer to nom the tiger kitteh’s ears and scratch her fuzzy chin. I’m willing to do it, comrades.

  19. Michelle S says:

    @Jaja: lol that ironic symbol didn’t go unnoticed at our house either.

    Here’s hoping that kitty uses Mr. P as a scratching post before he’d exiled to the zoo. 😉

  20. Julia and Sunstorm. You are SO RIGHT. And yeah, I also hope stripey’s mom is all right. It’s a tough call any way you play it; I just pray tiger is going to be safe and well-cared-for.

  21. I really hope this kitty is not one that will have be sent to a zoo when owner gets tired of him or have to be trained to re-enter the wild.

  22. Am I the only one creeped out by tiger baby sleeping in a bed made of tiger-print fabric? It seems…a bit strange. Also, I’m sure that whomever gave Putin the tiger did it knowing that the man was not going to keep it as a pet. I mean, really~”World Leader Attacked by Pet Tiger” would not play well. That of course is assuming Putin would allow it to be reported…

  23. putin will probably give it to the zoo, or train it to be the best bodyguard there ever was

  24. Cub is seriously, seriously cute!! I know what you mean about the fabric, Amanda, but how cute does kitty look in the basket? Totally nommable ears.

    I’d much rather see photos of this sweet baby without Putin, his presence in the picture is disturbing to me.

  25. It must be a very, very, very cute animal that distracts me from the not-so-nice human politician. But I gotta say, that’s one cute behbeh tiger.

  26. I was JUST about to send this to Meg myself! Dang, ya gotta be quick around here!

  27. lila_may_qt says:

    Did you see the video where he was working with a tracking team to tranq a 5 year old tiger? They got her and put on the collar, but Putin kept patting her cheek – it was so cute <3

    And for the record: I always wanted one of these ;D Ever since I was little. Favouritest animal ever!

  28. I’m amazed no one has said it yet:

    In Soviet Russia, pet owns you!

  29. Oh please. This guy is more self-promoting than Donald Trump.

    I guess he wasn’t going to get the same amount of press for a shirtless shot of him rock climbing.

    And the Judo dvd isn’t selling so hot…

  30. it’s good to be the top of the food chain

  31. D’awwwwwwwww.

    Well, I for one embrace our new cute overlord.

  32. I wonder if he’ll bring it with him when he rears his head in Alaskan airspace.

  33. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m more than over the ones who delight in making an nuffer announcement and insult of same if anyone deviates from kyoot! oooh! as comments.
    Trying to ignore his record of human abuse, this evil creature is responsible for policies that are carelessly destroying the habitat of the last big tigers and bears of Siberia.
    The only tiger I’d give him is a 600-pound mankiller–and it would be in a cage, alone, with him.

  34. “Meelks” in Russia? Also a kee-yoot-tastic word: malako (if you’re from Moscow, try “moloko” on for size if you’re feeling a little bit Siberian today) 😀

    Although, the cutest word in Russian is still “choot-choot” (meaning, “a little bit”). So, choot-choot malako for this ‘ittle teegr? [that might be too “clockwork orange” for comfort!]

    I just hope this tiny-tidbit of epic echelons of adorableness doesn’t end up in the Moskva Zoo! ‘Tis a scary place…

  35. Milk is moloko, with very short o’s, but meeelks is molokoyeee.

  36. yes! a BEEGER one for W Bush – attached to hees wittle FACE!!! SQUEEEEEE!

  37. darkshines says:

    Moloko velocet? Horrorshow, my devotchka!

  38. Everyone here = Victim of U.S. propaganda.

  39. This is entirely staged to make Putin seem like a nice guy. The know precisely what will happen with the kitten, and it will be all be done to make ol’ Vlad seem like a pussy-cat himself. I’m not nuffing, I’m cynical, there is a difference. Mr. P. has a spotty record, he should get a full-grown, very hungry leopard. Mr. Putin is not invited to any of my birthday parties, for sure.

  40. And there goes the Qte buzz I was getting from the pictures of the baby tiger….by clicking on the comments.

  41. All I ask for my birthday is a toy tiger cub. I don’t even get that.

    Mr. “Don’t F*** With Me” Putin gets a real tiger cub?

    No justice in this world.

  42. I’ve always wanted to pet a baby tiger! I think it would be great to have a chance to play around with a tiger.

  43. Malashenka is Russian for babyface, so he will give her a cute name at least.

  44. It’s a dubious sort of gift, sure. But it’s also a priceless gift, and a thoughtful one (in its own way). If the sender had not given the tiger cub to Putin, you wouldn’t know about it to complain, would you? At least he’s taking care of the cub.

    Putin also isn’t a murderous creep. He was a fine President for Russia, and he oversaw a huge economic boom in his country. The Russian people are better-off now than at any point in the past 150+ years.

    The “murderous” things Putin has done are no worse than those President Bush or PM Blair has done.

  45. balamuthia says:

    Yes because if WE were all leaders of one of the argest industrialized nations in the wrodl we’d TOTALLY do it like, you know, different!

    Adorable kitty!

  46. I’m with you, Katrina. No birthday party invites for Vlad. At least not until he’s been “re-educated” in an official Cute Overload camp.

  47. That was my one and only point, Molls, thank you. Politics be damned, the kitteh is cute and someone who is a cuteologist should have custody of the puddy-tat. That’s all I’m saying. I also wouldn’t give such a precious puddy to Bush or Blair or Brown or,oh, never mind…., thanks Molls! I feel understood. Vampy, that is all I meant, sorry to ‘harsh’ your buzzz. That puddy is worth more than a Nobel or a Pulitzer or an Emmy or any of those ‘honors’, this is a live creature, afterall….

  48. Redbone — re: that last bit? …not helping your argument any.

  49. I just don’t know how anyone can even notice Putin (or any human being) while gazing into those stunning tigger eyes.

    Seriously, when faced with such an adorabubbles tigger face, how can anyone focus enough to gripe about a politician (valid points or random hysteria)?

    Seriously folks. TIGGER! BABY FRAKING TIGGER!

  50. @darkshines: That’s the only reason I know what milk is in Russian!! Clockwork Orange rocks my ever-loving socks. Except my copy of the book was thieved by a friend and never returned.. so I have to cope with a poster of Alex’s creepy face in my room.

  51. “Da, vhen he is big enough I will eat his heart to increase my virility…”

    Really, don’t give endangered species to despotic world leaders. It’s bad for the animal.

  52. Still, it’s a damned cute tiger. I know it adds to the entire perception that wild cats make wonderful pets, which of course does terrible disservice to the animals – but I STILL WANT ONE.

    There. Got it out of my system. I think.


  53. can we have the “after” picture? the one where the tiger is 800 lb and Putin is in a basket looking for a way out?

  54. he shouldnt hand it to the zoo, he should give it to me!!!

  55. I think Putin is a bit of a conservationist (read: SMALL bit), but I’m sure he’ll do what’s best for the cub. However, the idiot who gave the cub to him probably killed the mother to get it. Which only makes those tigers more rare.

  56. gravyboat says:

    What a cutie! Too bad mommy tiger had her BABY RIPPED AWAY FROM HER. I agree…whoever gave that doucheberry a tiger cub is a complete dumbass.

  57. So you have proof that the person giving the tiger is a tiger killer? You know for a fact that this is the case?

    Or perhaps, insane though it might be to think such a radical and outrageous though….the cub’s mother either rejected the bebe or died of causes OTHER than human.

    How about a little benefit of the doubt around here huh? Might be a nice change of pace. You know, reduce that whole jumping off the handle, worst case scenario, guilty until proven guiltier….that sort of thing.

    Wild, crazy, insane, yes, I must be to think such revolutionary things.

  58. staticgirl says:

    Do you think he shot the mother?

    Cute kitty but I’m glad it got a new home a long way away from him.

  59. lovely animal, but creepy man and bad idea.

  60. WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE????!!!!?????

    Seriously, what is wrong with everyone that they must automatically assume the worst about others? No matter WHO it is.

    It sickens me and makes me glad that I don’t know some of you in real life. Some of you should be seriously ashamed of your thought process.

  61. Vampy, we don’t have to personally know Putin to make a judgement. His actions do speak louder than words and little bit of reading can fill in the blanks. (Vanity Fair published a real eye opener on the souless one)

    As for not wanting to know me, well, my cats and my dog think I’m fabulous. As for Putin, they’re putting a hairball collection together for his next birthday.

  62. hmm. just for the record, my comment was a joke about Sara Palin.

  63. Silent Meow says:

    cub = CUTE
    Putin = NOT cute

    Gimme the cute, fuzzy little tiger. Someone else can have Mr. Putin.

  64. @A.- your comment is the bestest! subtle indiana jones nod, no? and the “coffin full of soil” is towtally redonk!

  65. anner, your comment made me snort and scare an animal or two. I couldn’t help but think about gazing out the kitchen window, looking for Russians only to be surprised by the cutest little tiger ever! We’d be gonners if that happened! Better get an expert in and ramp up the national security. Putin plays dirty.

  66. Molls…I wasn’t referring to Putin’s reputation thank you very much. I try not to get political in a non-political forum. And for the record, I happen to be quite politically aware, both in my own country and in others. I do more than a ‘little bit’ of reading, and stretch that reading beyond Vanity Fair. I am very much aware of Putin’s actions throughout his career. Don’t talk down to me.

    I was referring to the baseless accusations against both the gift giver and Putin surrounding the tiger cub’s mother.

    And considering that you yourself Moll, did not make any baseless accusations towards gift giver or Putin surrounding the tiger cub’s mother, I hardly think I was referring specifically to *you* when I made reference to being glad I don’t actually know some of the commentators.

    Perhaps you should read through the words of another more than once to really make sure you understand the point they are driving towards?

    [Enough with the flame war. Y’all stop it, or I will. – Ed.]

  67. Theo: it was the best I could come up with at the time. 😉

    But you know what I mean! I guess I’m just glad to see Putin is just showing the cub off before he sends her to a zoo or preserve. Some people would probably just shackle the cat up and keep it as an ornament.

  68. Theo, I simply do not like someone misinterpreting my meaning, ESPECIALLY when I clearly state what it is I mean.

  69. yeas of course we russians eat such a cute things

  70. (olga, professional tiger handler and masseuse in background)

  71. Cute tiger. Not-so-cute overlord.

  72. Needed: Mama Tiger, at least 2 yrs. experience, outgoing, flexible attitude, willing to relocate to environment suitable for small tiger.

  73. I don’t like this at all. Who’s the wildlife dealer here and how is he/she stealing babies from their mothers to give away? This is a foul trade and it makes me incredibly sad.

  74. Aw, cute widdle kibby cat. But when did Dick Cavett shave his head?

  75. O for the love of small fluffy rabbits, people! Get a grip.

    All those comments about ripping the bebeh out of the mamas dying hands(err, paws)? Seriously, never heard of captive breeding programs? And of (horrors) mothers rejecting their cubs? It happens all -the-time. I’d thought at least some people here would at least watch Animal Planet…

  76. Americans… you just see enemies everywhere, dont you ? pathetic…

  77. First of all, Putin has done an amazing job with the Russian economy. And as for the whole big brother thing, I’d much sooner exchange him for President Bush. This is a man that takes no sh!t from anyone and does what needs to be done.

    So I think a tiger is a perfect present for him, and hope it was acquired humanely. Though honestly, it’d be amazing to have Putin come to international meetings with a giant cat by his side.

    That’d be the ultimate bad-assery. And I say this as an American (Russian immigrant though). Putin makes me proud, even if he is a bit Napoleonic.

    [Wait, you’re saying Napoleon was a Cold War player? I don’t remember that from World Civ, but let’s be honest, I didn’t pay much attention in high-school history… – Ed.]

  78. All these anti-Putin comments make me sick. Obviously written by Americans. Maybe the USA should take a lesson from the best country in the world, Mother Russia!

  79. OMG, Vera, you really should seek professional help if you believe that there is the best country and it’s either Russia or US or whatever. And even more help if you base your passionate comment on people’s judgements of Putin. Looks really pathetic.