Hush little goslingk, close your caps,

Mama’s going let you nap on her back

And if your bill should quiver and quack,

We’ll know you’re dreaming of sleeping in a rack.

Expertly spotted by Sender-Inner May-li K. Sweet dreams, originally uploaded by yappingjak.



  1. *gasps* overcome with the cuteness!

  2. JohnnieCanuck says:

    ‘her’ back?

  3. GeorgiaGirl says:

    Whoa. Couldn’t figure out what I was looking at there for a second.

  4. The baby has fuzzy eyelids! I suggest a new rule of cuteness!

  5. Transgendered duck parent?

    That does look like a comfy back, and little duckbaby looks so peaceful. Obviously totally oblivious to the economic news, lucky duck! My rack is ready, sweet little dude!

  6. Ok, goose parent, goosebaby, lucky goose! I guess I need to read more carefully.

  7. staticgirl says:

    Oh der eyecapsules!!!!!!!

  8. gravyboat says:

    Everything is cute when it is a-sleepin’.

  9. Makes me want to fire up my lullaby-singing skills. *AWWWWWWWWW!*

  10. how lovely

  11. This is one of those pictures that made me gasp from the intensity of its cuteness and beauty. I’m utterly speechless. Simply perfect.

  12. binky-mama says:

    I love how birdie eye capsules close from the bottom up!

  13. I actually reached up and touched the monitor. I couldn’t resist. I wish I could feel the fuzzy gosling.

    Unfortunately, the Internet is not yet the Interpet.

  14. When ducks are awake, they honk.

    When ducks are asleep, they honk-shu.

    Makes ya think, dunnit?

  15. OMG! Could someone clean my computer screen, my head just asploded.

  16. Squeeee!!! Such velvety little feathers. Such fuzzy eye capsules. I want! I want!

  17. That is the softest looking thing ever.

  18. eider down for a nap? that little guy is just cuteness personified, uh, birdified. the eye capsules! ooh, let me just inspect that axis of fuzzy snorgle!

  19. They grow when they sleeps!

  20. oh so cute!!!!!

    So soft!!!

    So snuggleh!!!!

    WANT ONE!!!!!

  21. Y’all are killing me again–or at least what’s left of me after the gosling’s cuteness.

  22. Cutest of closed capsules! I love ’em.

    Does this remind anyone else of Little May sleeping on the giant Totoro’s chest in My Neighbor Totoro?

  23. Oh my goodness – I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a furry baby duck up close!

  24. Elm City Gal says:

    “your caps” !!
    Meg you should be a rapper.

  25. I hafta agrees, most everything DOES look cute when its asleep. Could this be another of the rules paleeeeeeeeze?!!!

  26. what a darling little bird 🙂

    There’s something so cuddable about baby ducks.

  27. *mwahs the little beak*

    So terribly cute.. and so comfeatherbuhls..

  28. This folks, is a cygnet – it’s going to be a real beauty when it grows up – you must see the other pic’s in the set.

  29. omg. teh beak shines. they is too moiche…

  30. Raemie L. says:

    Ahhn… soft focus bebeh fuzz.
    Oh, yeah, this bebeh *is* a cygnet. I really like the other photos (see Carrie’s link).

  31. baby swan? garsh!

  32. OMG PEOPLE! Look at the additional photos, too precious!!!

  33. scooterpants says:

    paunchie- my favorite it ‘summer curl’. but all of yappingjaks additional photos are really fabulous pieces of art aren’t they?

  34. Looks like its smiling, sooo cute.

  35. and the wee snail who’s forever blowing bubbles! Great pics. I’d love to have a macro lens.

  36. Meg, thanks for the cutest
    little gosling! Is that a
    baby goose? I’m dreaming of you, little blue-bill guy.

  37. gingermiller531 says:

    Aw! I can almost hear his little honk shu’s!!!

  38. Carolina2 says:

    This is sooo cute! There’s a whole Flickr group dedicated to:Swan cygnets on their parent’s back. It’s here, there are a bunch of cutie pics.

  39. Carolina2 says:

    This might be a better addy for that group: