The Great Penguin Rescue

CNN is reporting a large group of penguins in Brazil got lost heading too far from their usual feeding grounds (according to reports, perhaps due to unusually earm water).


373 penguins were rescued, rehabilitated flown via cargo plane 1,550 miles to the country’s southern coast, where a crowd watched the tuxedo’s dudes march back into the sea.


Nice one, Cuteporter Mary C.



  1. (The Original) Mel says:

    Looks like the start of a little penguin marathon. Someone needs to shop some little numbers on them.

  2. Since they’re all in tuxedos, there really ought to have been a red carpet. 😉

  3. Maybe they wanted to learn the Samba?

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:

    That is cool, but sad at the same time. 😦

    I just hope that the Tuxes don’t make a habit of doing this, because I’m not sure if they can handle the climate.

    (CUTE pix, btw)

  5. Did they have to pay $10 for miniscule packets of fish in packages no one can open?

  6. Kinda ironic how the emissions from the plane are part of the problem starting the global warming that led to the warm water temperatures… 😦 But no! No no!

    The penguin waddles in the second pic are almost audible! As are the wing (flipper?) flaps! Love ’em!!!

  7. glad to see they dressed for the occasion.

  8. Hiking off to do battle with kelp. They’re all grown up! *wipes a tear from eye*

  9. That’s right, i said kelp.

  10. Did anyone else go to Catholic school and call the nuns “the Penguin Patrol”?

  11. momof2kitties says:

    I second the call for ‘shopped little marathon numbers on these prosh dudes!

    Tomorrow IS RCF after all, Theo. Hint, hint…

  12. Triathlon, since they’re headed into water.

  13. d’int any of the humans wear a tux? or maybe simple black and white? poor little lost souls…

  14. scooterpants says:

    pengie wranglin, tiz the same all over’s.

  15. the penguins in the top photo are seriously confused. they’re all like, “dood, where’s my carp?”

  16. Raemie L. says:

    Think of the choreography they can do on the water’s surface.

    (Not on water, but I pictured something like this.)

  17. Ahhhh – I need to be reminded more often that there are good people in the world!

  18. @rabble – Hahahahaaaahaaaaaa!!! *gasp* *sputter* *dies*

  19. They need top hats and canes.

  20. They were probably thinking “Right, I’m tired of freezing my parts off. Come on lads, we’re heading to warmer climates.”

    And just after they arrive, some evul people ship them right back.

    I can see the expressions of “But…but… warm, clear waters… new types of food… noooooooo…”

  21. Having experienced the sudden presence of a tux when you’re warming up at the beach near Rio I can say that this is sadly not uncommon,
    but they’re still cute hehe

  22. staticgirl says:

    It makes me happy when people do good things like this. 🙂

  23. Laurel Lyon says:

    Flying penguins!

  24. You must watch the video. There is some serious low-angle waddle action.
    Yeah, that’s a gigantic URL. What of it, punk?

  25. girlnextdoortn says:

    I read an article about a penguin researcher in Discover magazine a few years ago. It briefly mentioned that penguins have been known to get off course like this before, and “one well-meaning couple kept a lost penguin in their refrigerator” until they could get the proper animal pros in to help the little guy out.

    Just the idea… it makes me smile.

  26. If only we had the time to outfit them all with little sweaters….

    They look like the annual running of the horses at Chicoteague. Can you imagine the tourist implications? People flock to Delaware to see the horses cross. Millions come to Run with the Bulls. Now we have Waddle with the Boids.

  27. Those penguins. They really should’ve taken the left turn at Albuquerque.

  28. I hope they installed GPS devices before releasing them.

  29. A good job to all involved.

  30. Totally adorable. But I can’t help but imagine that once they were flown back there were thinking “great, now we’re REALLY lost! where the heck are we now?!”

    btw, I almost hit my fingers on the screen reaching out to touch them…stopped myself just in time though 🙂

  31. First pic is funneh, they do look disoriented, and some of them are looking at the hoomans going, what are you???

  32. Mrs. Penguin to Mr. Penguin: “I TOLD you we should have just stopped to ask for directions. But no, noooooo…”

  33. eikoleigh says:


  34. I used this story in my show the other day (local TV newscast)… today it was Vladimir Putin’s birthday tiger cub!

  35. I again publicly call for C.O. to adopt “RESCUTE” as a tag, and subsequently apply it to this post.

  36. Oh, crikey, no one else thought of “Flying Nuns”? Well, I did.
    Yes, RESCUTE, so appropos.

  37. momof2kitties says:

    Yayyayyay!! New category FTW!!!!!!!! \o/

  38. Superduper. I hope at some point some past “ResQte” posts can be re-tagged.

  39. Critterfriend says:

    Yay for the penguins! Yay for the rescuers! I find the human intervention very cool in this circumstance. It rekindles my hope for peace, love, and understanding, and all that. Very cool!

  40. btw…20% died in the cargo! That’s 75 of them died in the plane