Watching WAY too much TLC

Rupert finally realizes Chester actually LIKES Frank’s trompe l’oeil wall painting/tiki bar room makeover.


Monica W., may your living room walls never have hay stuck to them.



  1. fish eye no miko says:

    “may your living room walls never have hay stuck to them.”

    Yeah.. let’s put hay on the walls of a family room where the couple has young kids! Hilde never really gave a damn about things like practicality or common sense.

    But, aw, cute doggies! The brown one kind of looks like a dog version of Frank. I mean that as compliment (to both). ^_^

  2. Pup #1: Uhhhh, what to you wanna do?

    Pup #2: I dunno.

    Pup #1: Ok, I guess we’ll just chill.

  3. You should’ve stuck with the magnolia Chester.

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    I miss Vern. [sniff]

  5. bees on pie says:

    I haven’t watched that show in ages, but I gotta say I couldn’t STAND Frank’s rooms. All that clutter and decorative painting–yuck! He seems like a very nice man, though.

    Yeah, I’d eye Chester suspiciously, too.

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok, I haven’t watched in a long time either, it’s too irksome when they do something that clearly the homeowner will not like. One of the first ones I saw, Genevieve pasted blocks of moss on the homeowner’s bedroom walls. I live in the Northwest. Moss, I do not need (nor did he.) Vern is the only one I would have trusted with my home. @warrior, you know Vern has his own show, much nicer. Oh and lest I forget, ANERABLE PUPS!

  7. omg Cavaliers squeeee!

    My evening is officially saved.


  8. Lovely silky spaniels. Such sweet-natured doggies.

  9. MMMMMMMM Vern 🙂

    I tried to watch Frank on that show, and it was the one and only time. Vern’s show is sooo sweet. Almost as sweet as 2 pups!

  10. revolution724 says:

    I loved Vern.

    Also, the pups look like sweetie pies.

  11. so beautiful – I want one!!
    Tabitha @

  12. OMG, the hay…that is the one and only episode of TS among the hundreds that I have seen that has stuck in my mind…Hildy (sp?) was horrible!!! BTW, cute pups!!!

  13. Best photo intro ever.

  14. Ohhh, Vern. How I loved Vern…my husband used to taunt me and say I could never have him because he’s gay. I don’t know if he is and I don’t care – the man is adorable and DAMN, he had nice arms! Once he left the show, it was pretty much all over for me.

  15. ILeany,
    I second that! Meg, you are UNMATCHED at matching cultural references with achingly cute pix.
    Real woman of genius!

  16. warrior rabbit says:

    They *really* lost me when they started tinkering with the format. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    @Lisa, did you forget the bed suspended from the ceilings with chains? That was pretty memorable, I must say.

  17. AuntieMame says:

    I’d have any of them come do a serious design for me, but if I was a participant on the show, and they tried to send Hildy (or Doug) to do my room, I’d meet them at the door with a shotgun and tell them to just keep walking.

  18. Hey.. they brought the ‘original’ format of TLC’s trading places back! It’s got Paige again.

  19. scooterpants says:

    i love the decor! very pretty.
    but can you get those puppehs at IKIA ? not so sure, which department do ya think??? (I hope they include shifty eyes as in the photo)

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    @Kat, I am 99% sure he’s not gay because I know on some other show (Design Star? I forget) he made mention of his wife. I don’t think I dreamed it.

    [Two words: Clay Aiken. Just sayin’… – Ed.]

  21. Ahhhhhhhhh…. so cute. 🙂

  22. warrior rabbit says:

    Frank and Edward are also each married (to women), and you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that.

    Drink if Laurie does a room in yellow.

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    Re: previous comment — not that I care and “not that there’s anything wrong with that.” It was just totally unexpected, and so not the vibe I got.

  24. Sorry – the episode with the feathers stuck to the wall or even better the corrugated cardboard. These cute pups have a much better life than they would have in THOSE episodes!

  25. HEY.

    Genevieve was HOT.

  26. Genevieve WAS HOT! And I’m a heterosexual woman. Did anybody see the episode where Hilde decided to put SAND on the floor? Yes, SAND. She was going for the whole beach vibe..

  27. Has anyone every seen the British version, Changing Rooms? That was great, esp. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who wore his French cuffs unbuttoned and always did rooms in red and black. Total shock when I found out he had a wife as well.

  28. Ugh! The moss makeover was hideous – but Hildy ticked me off the most when she decorated a kitchen for a couple of religious fundamentalists – and plastered the walls with WINE labels. These people did not drink. Hildy knew that. Beeyotch! But, yeah, cute pups.

  29. @Annie: Even though I’ve only watched this show a couple of times, your post made me LOL. I remembered an old Trading Spaces where the dad in one family was a military man and SPECIFICALLY said he hated military themes and doesn’t want his work surrounding him at home.

    So the designers made the other team do his house with CAMOUFLAGE curtains. And, a bedspread made out of a parachute. 🙂

  30. Oh, and re: the puppage –

    Adorable x 5000000. They are so beautiful and docile looking. I heart spaniels.

  31. fish eye no miko says:

    annie said: “but Hildy ticked me off the most when she decorated a kitchen for a couple of religious fundamentalists – and plastered the walls with WINE labels.”

    She also wanted to give them a wine rack (above the stove–cuz above a heat source is the best place to store wine. ?!). And she seemed completely baffled by the idea that some people don’t drink alcohol…

    Actually, the thing that bugs me most about Hildi is that she thinks she’s always right. If the homeowners didn’t like her design, it’s not because SHE did anything wrong, it’s they they didn’t “understand” what she was doing. Ug…

    BTW, I love the pattern on that blanket. ^_^

  32. LOL at the other Annie..

    I saw that episode and cringed for the non drinkers.

    I always loved Franks’ rooms Because he did try to make the room fit the person. And they always looked comfortable and casual… I never got the over loaded room vibe some one said above he made some really awesome country style rooms.

    Laurie was also one of my favorits..Yellow walls and all I loved the opulent fabrics.

    Mind you my taste runs more to the rooms that Vern made.

    Or I should say I tend toward a cleaner look and line!

    I loved watching that show. even the crazy Hildy ones becasue I was always curious what she would do next.

    The Feathers on the wall was the funniest. Wait oh no maybe the cardboard room. Well and the bathroom covered in silk flowers was weird… Okay Hildy just had some really odd ideas.. Not really family friendly or practical.

    And The British version is really awesome too.

    Sadly I no longer have satelite TV.

  33. lorisboston says:

    I figure, if you sign up for the show, you have to expect they might do someting hideous. But I think the moment that really killed me was when one of the contestant asked Hilde how her house was decorated and she replied, “oh, my home is all white, no wall textures.” So she only does the ugly stuff to OTHER people’s homes!!!

  34. warrior rabbit says:

    I think overall the hits outweigh the misses, but when they have misses, they’re always out there.

    Personally, as a rabbit owner, I can see the benefit of cardboard walls. 🙂

    But the feathers, hay, suspended bed… One time I remember Hilde painted a silhouette of herself and hung it up in the living room. [eye roll]

    I never really understood the homeowners who flipped out. I figured that I would probably have a budget, some ideas, and the intent anyhow, so they could tackle it for free, yay. (And I’d pick a room that I wasn’t too attached to.) If I loved what they did, great. If I hated it, I’d redo it with the money I’d set already aside. That one woman who was so upset when they painted her beloved fireplace…sheesh.

    I would totally show this pic and thread to my Vern-loving, Hilde-hating friend, but I think her ovaries would burst. She loves King Charles Spaniels and wants one soooooooo bad. I’d hate to endanger her health.

  35. kingcharlesspaniels–kingcharlesspaniels–gotta remember that–defining cuteness for all time–make the world go round!!

  36. hippymcpeace says:

    Awww. They look like Pound Puppies!

  37. Thanks for all the sweet comments everyone! I have loved Cavaliers for years and these 2 little guys are the best things evah! They are always sweet and loving and playful and don’t mind the camera so much anymore. I think perhaps I shall submit more pics of them and their superior muzzlemush to C.O.! Thanks again and Chester and Rupert give all of you snorgles and wet puppy kisses!

  38. Laura Wade says:

    Your Cavies are beautiful? Where did you get them? I would love to know who the breeder is 🙂

  39. Laura, Rupert is a rescue that I found via and Chester came from a breeder here in Virginia.

  40. Oops…I meant

    Sorry about the typo!