Mini blorpitude

One day, Son, the entire ocean WILL BE YOURS!!!


It almost looks like it has a little (star)face doesn’t it, Sami S.? :•D



  1. thelibrarianne says:

    Somehow, that is beyond adorable. SQUEEE.

  2. that is quite cute, really 🙂

  3. MaggieBee says:

    So tiny! So slime-ular!!!

    *teeniest of snorgles* 😀

  4. OMG that is so totally the awesome! wow. i didn’t know starfishes came that small!

  5. OMG. I want.

  6. I want one on each of my fingers. And I will sit and look at them all day, and all will be well. Ahn.

  7. So kawaii 😀 I luffs it ^_^

  8. Tiny things are made of awesome.

  9. How cool! I keep looking at my own finger tip and thinking how small that starfish must be.

  10. “Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place!!!!”

  11. What a neat find! I hope the people do not accidently squeeesh heem!

  12. I’ve seen star shaped stickers larger than that!

    If I were a mermaid, I’d stick one on each ear as earrings. =)

  13. Why is this making me cry ? The [flicking sounds] slay me. Had a rough day.

  14. Whoa, freaky. I like it.

  15. Oh, that rocks!………I mean Tocks! I’d love to find something like that, that is so awesome! Isn’t the ocean an amazing place?!

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. This deserves a squeee like nobody’s business.
    ^ ^

  17. Pooh — I understand no part of your comment except the bit about the rough day; sorry to hear that.

  18. >jen<
    your statement reminds me of katy from horton hears a who!! lol

  19. bookmonstercats says:

    I want to wear him too, as a brooch.

  20. cheesybird says:

    Lol @ Jen!

    I always thought starfish were purty, but I never knew they could be this anerable!

  21. I saw tons of these when I did an ecology course in Australia. They are so precious!

  22. The teeny corpus of the tiny blorpus!

    He totally looks like something off a Ben & Jerry’s carton.

  23. Gail (the first one) says:

    More evidence that there’s more QTE in the Universe than we can ever dream of!!

  24. Teho – this tiny blorpitude is making [flicking sounds] – baroo to the sheer tinyness and helplessness of it! But of course, yous being a BIG STRONG MAN yous cannot comprehend ! :o)
    Am going to go snorgle some purring snorfling bebehs, that will cure anything.

  25. And I shall call him Squishy, and he will be my Squishy! Here Squishy! Good Squishy!

  26. LOL @ Kari! I LOVE that movie and so does my nephew. He started calling me Aunt Squishy after that because he knows I love jellies. And when I’m being a smart-ass, he goes “Bad Squishy!”

  27. The flicking sounds hovertext SLAYED me. I love this website so much!! Sheesh!

  28. girlnextdoortn says:

    Noo, not Horton, it’s Peach from Finding Nemo! (That’s what she says).

    Sorry, just woke up from a nap. Wow, that little dude is teensy!

  29. And his nickname shall be SpongeBob Squarepants.

  30. twinkle, twinkle, (impossibly) little starfish!

  31. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Is it possible that a starfish can be that teeny tiny?



    THAT is TOO CUTE!!!

    Oh, and SQUEE!

  32. “Noo, not Horton, it’s Peach from Finding Nemo! (That’s what she says).”

    And Peach is, of course, a starfish!

    Hopefully that little guy is someplace where he won’t fall victim to the oceanic food chain. 😉

  33. I love that someone thought to gently scoop it up, put their camera on the ‘micro’ setting, and take a picture. Yay finger person!

  34. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Oh Yay!! Happy Birthday to me !!! First Adorable Little Hamsters, then the most beautiful Grey blue eyed Kitty , a Beautiful Black and white Kitty and now a bebe Star!!!! What a Happy Birthday for me !!! YIPPIE!!!
    *Jumps around the room With Joy *

  35. Do Haribo make these?

  36. “There are more blorpitudes in heaven and earth and sea,
    “Theo,than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    [This is right before Hamlet does a major SQUEEEEE!.]

  37. Staar fish lovely swimming
    free you are not what you seem to be. Star fish lovely in the sea can you even imagine meeee!

  38. So. Is a “mini-blorp” also referred to as a “blirp”?

  39. PATRICK STAR baby pictures!!

  40. Oh my! How absolutely perfect!

  41. So wee! At first it just looks brownish, but after looking more closely there are all sorts of colors. Between this and the snowflakes all being differentz ma pore lil mind is all croggled up!

  42. victoreia says:

    “We want you in our club, kid.”

  43. Michelle S says:


    tiny briney ☆

  44. Wow. That is so intricately beautiful. The more you look, the more you see the colors and variations.

  45. Trabb's Boy says:

    I love, love, LOVE this picture! The blorp is adorable itself, but then the child’s feet in the background adds that intense joy of opening your darling’s eyes to the wonders of this world. Awesome.

    Plus, nobody put it in a bonnet and diapers.

  46. WHAT exactly is it? It looks like somebody went at a slug with a cookie-cutter.

  47. *bloop* bleen!! ^.^

  48. eikoleigh says:

    That’s just adorable!!

  49. tablemountaingirl says:

    I think the tiny star on the little starfish is called a madreporite. (I think) – zoology notes, don’t fail me now.

  50. In a very weird way, this is absolutely adorable! Not snuggular, though, but slimular.

  51. Such prosh Autumn colors! I should try this as I’ve never had a finger snorgle before.

  52. Raemie L. says:

    “What, the kelp beds?”


    notice there are no nuffs on the babbeh starfeesh post. that is because its cuteness exploded all the nuffers’ heads.

  54. I first I thought is was one of those Origami Stars

  55. scooterpants says:

    iz cute.
    but NOT supposed to pick up live things on the beach.
    please to put back exactly where you found it.
    close up photo at previous location would have been safer.

  56. failboat 9000 says:

    (Okay – a little background: I’m basically what people would call a goth(ish) wallflower; I’d sit in my glooooomy lil office listening to spoooky music…oooo)
    I USED to be scary. :p
    I USED to be tough. (grrr)
    I USED to NOT SCREAM or SQUEAL during random coffee breaks. o.o
    I used to NOT be fazed by teeeeny tiiiiiny lil fuzzythings. ^_^

    Alas, Cute Overload… With this last blow, you have finally been the ‘DED’-th of me. 😀

    May the consequences of my brain-*SPLORT* be on your hands. XD

    Love, Me.


  57. LOL@theresa:
    it’s so wrong, but so funny.

  58. butterfly says:

    The word “blorp” is so accurate in describing this picture that I’m saying it out loud right now.


    I think the [flicking sound] hovertext might actually refer to the fact that “the unnamed finger person” could easily flick the starfish off his/her finger. Maybe that’s what made Poohbear cry? It IS a deeply depressing thought.

  59. @Failboat 9000: And rainbows, ponies, chicks, kittens, puppies and bunnies to you!

  60. That’s my tattoo!

  61. warrior rabbit says:

    I don’t know, blorp connotes rotundity to me. I don’t think this cute lil’ guy is very blorpy.

  62. Call me weird, but am I the only one who notices this starfish-let has a Mr. Bill face?? I can almost hear it saying, “Oh noooo…”

    I’ve never seen one this tiny – totally an 11 on the cute-meter.

    @Amanda – Yipes. I used to make origami stars all the time as a teen. This post does make me want to start that again.

  63. I’m with Theresa… what exactly is this?? Is it really a bebee starfish? How come it’s all purple and stuff? I thought starfish were bumpy and rough, and beige.

    Inquiring (and somewhat ignorant of such things) minds want to know!

    p.s. LOL cookie-cutter. Heehee!

  64. p.p.s. Yeah, I thought it had a Mr. Bill on its back (or face) too. Oh noooooo!

  65. OMG, that is too much. I cannot deal.


  66. Look at that thumbprint!

  67. One of the cutest posts ever!!!!

  68. Look at that little guy. He’s got a life to live just like we all do.

  69. darkshines says:

    I have star tatoos that look exactly like this, but mine are jet black, lol. I keep looking at my ankles and wrists WILLING my tats to become wickle starfish……..!

  70. failboat9000, self actuation is a good thing. Be all that you can be…..

    I look at this and think of “The Walrus and the Carpenter” in Lewis Carol…
    Is this the first starfish CO has featured? Do it agaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnn!

  71. @ chanpon:

    I was thinking the same thing!

  72. Katie Kat says:

    Oh… just oh! I can’t imagine they are ever this small! Does it grow up to be a BIG blorp? The cuteness… it simply OOOOOOZES from this little squishy starlet!

  73. that is pretty cool actually. it’s color combo matches and it’s actually cute in its own way. 🙂


    must have moar blorp!

    always need blorp!

  75. gravyboat says:

    It looks like a star-shaped booger.

  76. Gads, I’ve been on the internet too long. I thought gravyboat said it looked like a star-shaped blogger. Somebody hand me a tissue.

  77. cute underload.

  78. Kimberly Sramek says:

    Ya know, that’s not their moufs…starfish eat with the hole on their undersides and poo out the hole on top.

  79. I like the story about a kid who picked up a starfish from the sand and took it back to the sea.
    “Made a difference for that one,” he said.
    (No reference to Tuesday night’s debate is intended

  80. so cute! I would LOVE to see that in real life!

  81. Unfortunate Truth says:

    Of course, this tiny starfish died. I hate to bring you all a downer, but the oils, salt and acids in human tissue are toxic to baby starfish pretty much in any amount. So, before anyone beach-bound wants a cool picture of their own, please do some research first, and make sure something can be safely handled.