Crazy Eddie’s! Really Small! Area Rug Sale!

We’re practically GIVING these kittehs away!

We got orange! we got white! we got tabbies! Even grey-tipped EARS!

Flip each kitteh over to see OUR LOW, LOW PRICES. We’re IN-SA-A-A-A-A-ANE!"


Photographer MeeShel L. gave all these lil’ rugs away to new owners, save one, little Sammy, the shorthair at the top. kittens in a row, originally uploaded by MeeShel.L1G..



  1. CoffeeCup says:

    I’ll take all five!

  2. wait…let me just…(wiggles into pile, takes midday nap)

  3. OMG, we need more stores like this.


    Looks like Mom Cat had at least 2 gentlemen callers.

    Those marmie stripes are killing me. Head asplode.

  4. Also, I don’t recall ever wanting to moosh my face into an area rug and snorgle it before.

  5. I think I’ll take the 5′ x 9′ model. Neveh enough kittehs for the purrrfect accent rug.

  6. Hey.. I was about to wiggle into the pile and nap myself. I just can’t even really put together words for this just a bunch of squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  7. Gail (the first one) says:

    Awww!!!! I got plenty of areas for those rugs!!!

  8. biscuithead says:

    “Crazy Eddie’s! It’s INSANE!!”

    /A reference to that electronics store’s commercials in the late 70s-early 80s, right?

  9. Juniper Jupiter says:

    It’s times like these I wish I could snorgle the screen and get fuzzy goodness, instead of flat plexiglas!!!

  10. Marmie tiger stripes !!!Yeeeeeeeks ! *splode*

  11. (The Original) Mel says:

    And then…I screamed…and then…I snorgled my marmie kitten…and then I looked at the picture again and screamed…and snorgled my marmie kitten…

  12. They’re made of clouds and cotton wool.

  13. Sammy really, really, REALLY is the best cat’s name. Eveh. Truth. (Says mine, who’s name you can guess by now. He told me to write this comment, actually. Now, can you remove those fangs from my legs? Please? Pretty pretty…. oh just let go already!!)


    So much orange kittehs. I must hug them ALL. But alas I cannot, so I shall go find my big orange kitteh and give him a chin rubbing.

  15. Squeeee, kitty pile! *dives in*

  16. Love the soft upper fur for comfort and the non-skid toe beans for extra safety!

  17. At first I thought the rug might be too lumpy, but then I saw the middle marmie with the very extensive weaving and thought, no, that it part of the charm. I’ll take the marmie and oh, 100,000 square yards of kitteh rug, please. We have a new football field that got covered in astroturf-I’m wondering about out-gassing-,hmm, the kitteh’s outgassing is much preferable! Kitteh snorfling!

  18. cheesybird says:

    I’ll take ’em all! One for every room.

  19. Nicolletta says:

    Kitties! *dives in an snorgles*

  20. Crazy Eddie! Wonder what he’s up to now (is he still alive?)? Last time I heard he was in jail for tax evasion or defrauding consumers or something like that…

    I sure hope this snorgle rug is legal! I just ordered the entire stock!

  21. I know an orange cat named Sammy. She’s the orangest cat I’ve ever knowm.

    My kittehs used to do this, even when they were grown up. They weren’t all littermates, but they were all close in age. Long winter nights meant long rows of cordwood cats.

    The ones I have now can’t stand each other.

    The besocked marmeh in the middle looks smaller – is him the runt, is him from another litter, or is him just contracted while the others are expanded?

  22. Beth (in NC) says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. A pile!!!!

    I’ll take three please.

  23. Um, yeah. Crap…

    : : : spuh-*LODE* : : :

  24. the pink toes! eeeek!

  25. The pinkness of all those toebeans is unreal.

  26. When I read Crazy Eddie, all I could think of was, “I’m Crazy Eddie! I wanna put babies on spikes! Want a rack of babies? We’ve got babies on racks!” …Eddie Izzard? Anyone?

  27. How lovely! I was to nuzzle the toes of all these bebes

  28. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Those kittens really tie the room together.

  29. Way to go, Meg, now Theo’s all sploded. Who’s gonna clean up the mess? Not to mention you’re gonna send BerfSerf off into another marmie coma if you keep this up. Tsk tsk.

  30. Awww. Just glue them all together and you get a pretty good area rug, with some really cool patterns. Otherwise, I’m taking the marmie with his leg resting on the other one.

  31. okay it’s official. my next kitteh /must/ be marmalade. i cannot stand looking at all these orange furries & not have one of my own.

  32. Morgan: “They… taste of chicken!”
    It was also the first thing I thought about, but I now know where Izzard took it from. : D

    Fluffy kitteh pile! *squershes*

  33. Itty Bitty Kitty Decorating Committee!!

  34. GreedySkunk says:

    Morgan-So many of my thoughts are colored by Eddie Izzard routines. Every time I go down the toilet paper aisle I’m thinking, “This is a poo shop! Everything here is made of poo!”

  35. I’ll take em all! thanks! 🙂

  36. i think kitties were playing rollover, or steamroller, and now they’re all tuckered out. aaaawwwww. i will neeble on their feets while they sleeps. nohm nohm.

  37. Awwwwwwwwww! So sleepy.

  38. divinebluesky says:

    Everytime I see a bunch of sleeping kittens I always wonder how in the world someone got them to sleep all at once and all in one place – kitteh wiggle quotient is usually so high!

  39. bunnyfluffs says:

    I loves the first and third (from the top) kittehs that are seemingly sleep-high-fiving. I’m also in love with the imaginary soundtrack which would be a plethora of purry kitty breff and purry sleep-sighs. Not to mention the post-waking throng of tiny mews that must have happened.. <3

  40. I now realize that if the hole wy whirl would visit CO every day, the human race just may stand a chance.

    TO whom do I give biggest thanks? The creatures? The photographers? Or CO?

  41. To Meg, Andi, to the one and only Meggles.

  42. I like how the middle orange tabby has one leg on top of the white kitty. we all know that is the best way to get that extra warmth for the inner thighs.

  43. Aw, I love it. I want to hug them so bad. It’s a ‘kitten hug needed’ day!

  44. Them toesies, them pink toesies. Nobody notice the toesies?

  45. To loving, forever homes, I trust. And spay/neuter shall be the order of the day. Right? Right!

    ADORABLE!!!! Kittens. As are they all.

  46. That middle orange kitty looks like our Henry must have when he was tiny–bright, coppery orange with white accents. Henry was almost two years old when he moved in with us, so we missed him at this size.

    Though I am partial to orange tuxedo tabbies, all of these little ones are fabulously adorable. In fact there’s a room in our house that could use a rug like this…

  47. Jennie Mello says:

    I dunno where one begins and another ends. It’s just a warm kitten flotaki. Or is that flokati?

  48. Wow. Toes much?

  49. This reminds me of everytime I go to the pet store and how I always want to take one of those little kittens home with me!

  50. ScoutsMom says:

    Seeing snuggle piles like this always makes me wonder how it all started. Did the middle one lay down and then the rest cuddled around him? Or did it begin with the top two facing eachother and then the other 3 just decided to join them? Either way, it ends up being so very cute!

  51. ScoutsMom says:

    And I love the way the tiny orange one has his legs over the other. This reminds me of my fuzzy baby when she sleeps. Whether she is right next to me or on the bottom of the bed or couch, she often reaches out a paw to touch me and then leaves it there, as if she needs to know that I am still there while she sleeps. So precious.

  52. Raemie L. says:

    I’ve got a lovely bunch of kitteh rugs,
    There they are sleeping in a row,
    Marmies, striped ones, some with grey-tipped ears,
    A snorgle, a kronche, a gentle nom,
    “Too moishe!” the Peeps ‘splode ded.

  53. MARMIES!!!!!!!!

    (sorry I’ve been absent everyone, I’m busy writing, so I’ve only had time to scroll the posts and not comment….but I’ll be back soon!)

  54. momof2kitties says:

    @ Berthaservant: Goodness! I was getting worried about you! Good to know that the marmies lured you out of your temporary lurkerdom.

    Write on!!

  55. Aw, no fair! I haven’t been sleeping at nights (economy AIIIGHHH!!) so in mid-afternoon I see this pile of kittayns and floof!

    Ahhhhh there I go…
    *clunk* *snurfle* ZZZZZzzzzz….

  56. There is a picture of my two girls sleeping on the couch in the calendar (April 30). But this is so much better!! In fact it is five times better! Would love to kiss all of the babies!

  57. Is it only me that jst imagine slipping their arm under the first kitten and slide to the last? Scoop them all up in one swift (but gentle) movement?

  58. Daphne Moss says:

    Love photos of lined up kittehs whose mom just fed them and then took off to get food or whatever, leaving them fed and happy and sleepy…*snoopy dance*

  59. MamaDawn–I’m thankful for
    you–and for “itty bitty

  60. so adorabuhls!

  61. Nummy cream cheese & marmalade club samich!

  62. these are the cutest “rugs” i have seen…i’ll take them 😉