Wylee takes Widget under his wing

Sender-Inner Gina C. works at an animal shelter in New Hampshire, and sometimes her "work" comes home with her.

Meet Widget, a foster kitten she raised from 3 days old. Gina’s pup Wylee helped raise Widget too, obviously teaching him to snuggles,


How to "Baroo",


They’re still working on eyeball focusing…


Gina C., that is some sweet paw nommage.



  1. Thanks for the great pictures! I love it when they can’t focus yet…

    Barroooooo what are youuuuu

  2. OMG..the last pic with the paw nomming…ker plunk..dead on the floor!!

  3. Seven Paws says:

    ackkkkkkkkk such a little tiny baby kitty. I hope the dog snorgles him gently, and doesn’t inhale.

  4. OMG! how did Gina C. manage to ever leave the house and go back to work?!?

  5. Je suis melting…

  6. What a wonderful bunch of pictures! Gina C., please kiss both Wylee and Widget many times for me.

  7. Best name evar!! They are so cute together – my head hurts now.

  8. speechless from teh qte

  9. What a sweet foster parent pup!

  10. I didn’t even see the teeny little kittles in the top picture at first! This is too cute. I’m going into cardiac arrest over here. The little tufts of fur on the ears, the pink mouf, the derpy lookin’-in-both-directions eyes, the nomming on tiny white-gloved toes…PLUS an adoptive pup mom? It’s too much.

  11. bubbyscranky says:

    It’s just like Marc Anthony and his little kitteh, in the Looney Tunes cartoon.

  12. What is the opposite of cross-eyed, Walleyed? This kitteh needs a much cuter word than that to describe his wonky focusing skills!

  13. meowandwoof says:

    I had a little guy who looked just like widget! My golden Maggie, raised her and I have pix just like these!

    Thank you Gina!

  14. Bluemenro says:

    This is insanely cute.

  15. Baroo kitteh leeeps!!!

  16. Trabb's Boy says:

    And the M! Tabbies always have that perfect little M on their heads, which is what you have to say when you kiss them there – Mmmmm…

    Of course, my dh says it stands for “moron”.

    Wylee is a perfect foster-dad.

  17. “Mamma cat looks strange today. Kind of big. Oh, well, dum de dum dum…”

  18. ScoutsMom says:

    It think people who foster animals are so kind and absolutely wonderful, but how can you ever part with such cuteness? It looks to me like Wylee wants to keep little Widget. Please, can he keep him? Pretty Please???

  19. eikoleigh says:

    that 2nd pic is just adorable!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    I wish I could just curl up with both of them in pic. one and huff the warm fur and snuggle all over them. Lovely.

  21. momof2kitties says:

    Ouch! The cute! It burns! The paw nommage is simply too much to bear, I must die now.

  22. Aww, cutest kitty barro ever! I just hope the poor thing grows out of that Jack Elam look, even if it is sorta cute.

  23. AWWWWWW!

  24. OMG!! I must have eettttttt!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. WOW, how adorable this kitten is! Will never be able to figure out why anyone would have a dog when they could have a cat…

  26. the M is for mmmmwah (smooch sound) if course! < --Trabb's Boy

  27. my face is stuck in a permanent “awwww” position, it was that potent.

    and now i need a new bowl, because i have to keep my brains in my best one cuz they have MELTED FROM TEH QTE!!!

  28. That kitty has Kate Moss Lazy Eye Syndrome. But in a cute way.

  29. Well thank goodness I’m alone in the office right now because I squee’d out loud! And my hand flew to my heart to keep it from falling out of my chest cavity from the overload of CUTE!!! Where do I begin? The dog looks so silky soft and sweet. And the bebeh kitteh? GAH! So teensy and soft and precious and cute and all snuggly and white on paws and nomming and lack of eye focus and ….

  30. I wonder who was there first? Did Wylee stretch out only to be joined by a creeping Widget or did Widget lay down only to be spooned by Wylee?

  31. I was always told the M on a cats forehead was God’s mark saying mine. I like that one too. My kitties are definately gifts from God.
    BTW Ker-thud too too cute

  32. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    the kitten looks delectable.

  33. and the dog has angel eyes.

  34. Snorgling is of course the most important skill for any baby animal to pick up. And that’s one extreme baroo there for the wee one.

  35. That is the most prosh baroo I have EVER seen….

    I’m there with jenben. My face is now permanently stuck in “awwwwwwwwwwww”.

  36. That is IT. The cute threshold has been reached. Anymore cute and we will have a black hole on our hands.

  37. Lindsey Cuddeback says:

    Aw man, that is so cute I almost want to cry!

  38. That kitten baroo kiiiiillled me.

  39. How cute they both are! I love the “my first baroo”! I wish my doggies liked my kitty like this; instead they chase him all over the house.

  40. I <3 Wylie! yay!

  41. I need a hug, bad day,,,this is s very nice hug. Barooooooo.

  42. momof2kitties says:

    {{{{{ HUGS}}}}} for Katrina

    And a hearty forehead bump from Georgie, too!

  43. Oh

    How sweet! The second pic stole my heart.

  44. Help! My head just ‘SPLODED from too much cuteness!

  45. Sweet Scout says:

    Erebella: AWESOME obscure Jack Elam reference. You must have been a child of the 70s, too.


  47. Selina's Mommy says:

    What a cutie!!
    That last picture there really cracked me up!

  48. Mom, can we keep it? Please? You know Wylee wants a little sib/child, Gina. Just say yes.

  49. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    Excuse me meowandwoof! Easy to make claims, hard to out-qte this! Where’s the link?

    Mrs. Snorgler

  50. Hey – I live in NH – what shelter did that come from? That kitten is just too much. I mean, that paw is so adorable. Having visited 3 shelters last month for a dog, I finally lucked out with a cute little chihuahua/Yorkie/dachshund. I know, he’s a cutie but a funny put together dog. I hope the kitten goes to a good home since we NHer’s are having a real cat glut and needing to find homes for them.

  51. that middle pics is divine!

  52. Itteh bitteh kitteh! Must sqeeeesh you with snorgles immeeeeediately!

  53. Eee, ‘first baroo/head tilt’, wrapping us hoomans around his paw. (Or tail. :P)

    Full of fluffiness.

  54. Snuggles is important.

  55. cuteness!!! the pics, the names, the nomming, the snuggling, the barroing…. i have died from it all!

  56. Aww. So so cute.

  57. That is my Wylee and my Widget!

    For the record:
    Baby Widget did stay – who could say no to Wylee? Not me, that’s for sure. He is now about 7 months old and him and Wylee love to play…ie. Widget is always covered in dog slobber.

    Joy: He came from the NH Humane Society (so did Wylee)! And you are right, we do need more adoptions here in NH! So come on people, adopt!

    …seriously though, I can die happy now, thanks Meg!

  58. scooterpants says:

    “mus keep babeh safe”
    that is all….

  59. Wow! Gina~you must have a healthy dose of the St. Francis in your veins-your home looks like the peaceable kingdom!
    Adorable kitten & sublime doggie-this has made my day!

  60. i like Meredith’s suggestion for walleyed – derpy eyes. i have no idea where it came from, but it is a perfect fit 🙂 derpy derpy derpy. seriously. say it out loud 😛

    hurray for Gina & Wylee! i have a 6yr old cat whom i fostered, & acquired in the same way. nothing like those big eyes looking up saying “you’re not going to ever take my baby away from me, right? right?!?”

  61. cellarmouse says:

    This is what makes this site righteous (:})

  62. Blue eyes
    baby’s got blue eyes
    Like a deep blue sea
    On a blue blue day.

  63. Privacy Kitteh!

  64. jackie31337 says:

    1. *ahem* that’s not exactly a wing.

    2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am dead from the qte of unfocused eyes and paw nomming.

  65. What type of dog is that, Gina C?

    I adopted one that looks a lot like it, but maybe smaller. Mine is 30lbs and looks a lot like your’s!


  66. That “baroo” picture should be outlawed!
    I think I blew a fuse…. the leeeps, they’re too much….

  67. Kimbunny — heh, kitty should be named Figleaf.

  68. YAY for rescutes!!!!

  69. Love it!!!! I wish our cat and dog got along like that!

  70. OK… I definitely want to be original with my next cat name, but “Widget” is just faaaar too adorable!

  71. Daphne Moss says:

    What a fabulous Friday treat! Thanks@

  72. MishaMC:
    1. Your dog is SO adorable! I am absolutely in love with his freckles!

    Wylee is about 30 pounds too. I’m not really sure what kind of dog she is. She has a coat a lot like a golden, but is far too small. She also has a lot of boarder collie qualities. And resembles a Canaan dog too. With a little finish spitz thrown in for good measure!

    That being said, I would love to get a DNA test done haha!

  73. With the hovertext, it’s a bit more Willie McGee than Jack Elam.


  74. Thanks for the hugs, momof2kitties,I can’t imagine what would have happened with out your hugs, it got worse (the day). I’m much better now.

  75. warrior rabbit says:

    Gina C, I’m so happy you let Wylee keep Widget!

    What a beautiful pair of buddies they are. Family comes in all types.