Does America have a favorite animal shelter!? wants to know too. They want to donate $10,000 to the shelter with the most votes!

Vote for your favorite here!

While you’re pondering that, here is a lil’ story about Oliver the Puppeh.


Sender-Inner AS 33 fell in love with Oliver.

After several visits Oliver would run to the front of his cage and stuff his nose through the bars. He’d cry when she left.


When Oliver was scared and he would hide under his bed.

Then, AS 33’s brother adopted Oliver.


After only a week, Oliver followed his new Human around everywhere and was very loyal. 


Oliver refuses to be walked, cuddled or fed by anyone else!


The End. [Head tilt]



  1. yankeebird says:

    Wonderful story!

  2. ahn I love it when pups ram their faces into objects.

  3. momof2kitties says:

    Puppeh adoption FTW! They always seem to pick you, don’t they?

    Why, oh why, is this not under “Pups”?

  4. Soooo, Oliver’s human can’t never go nowhere, eh? Not that he’d want to, with such an anerable pup around!

  5. This is like my puppeh, Shadow. We rescued him, too. Oliver is SO cute! I’m SO HAPPY he got rescued from that vewy scawy place.

  6. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oliver is a precious, sweet and lucky little pup.
    Let’s hear it for more happy endings!

  7. capture_the_spirit says:

    Isn’t this best shelter contest kind of like no child left behind? I mean wouldn’t it be the shelters that are probably the most in need the least likely to get voted for and thus less likely to get money?

  8. I think it’s so important to support shelters. Both of my dogs have come from a shelter’s “death row” and they have the biggest hearts and most loving demeanors!

  9. The Other One Michelle says:

    Wow. You made me cry! I adore people who adopt animals, too. My Nuttie is an adoptee and is devoted to me and I to her! Good for Oliver! Yay!

  10. lurkingsmirk says:

    I adopted my doggy from a shelter! I visited her once and petted her through the bars, then another time took her out for a walk and she didn’t seem too keen on me — but when my friend picked her up for me and I got her from his place she was overjoyed to see me, somehow she remembered and she’s been the best companion since.

  11. Oliver looks so happy!! His little schnozzle squeezed thru the bars is adorable. Yay for all loving pet adopters!

  12. oh geez, make me cry…
    all my babehs are rescues.
    Visit shelters first!

  13. All my pets have been rescues with the exception of Professor Furpants, who was given to me as a gift by a friend (well aware that not only did I want a kitten, that I had resources to care for one). The pet stores in my area are actually all attached to the local animal shelters and they don’t “sell” any puppy- or kitten- or bird-mill pets, only rescues that are up for adoption. It means you’re less likely to get yourself a fancypants purebred, but at least you know where the fur- and feather-kids are coming from (including if they’ve come from abusive homes, or have special needs). It’s a good system.

    Yay, for foster and adoptive parents! 🙂

  14. This warms my heart… I love happy endings with furry friends!

  15. Love that third picture.
    I needs a belly rub. *sticks paws in the air and bats eyes at potential friendly scratchers*

  16. That is one happeh puppeh!

  17. Yay for foster pups! My Pete is adopted, and he’s been more fun than I ever could have hoped for. 😀

  18. Yay for Oliver! Yay for AS33’s brother! Luv happy endings!

  19. He reminds me of that dog Echo, from the Pedigree dogfood commercials. Y’know, the one that probably made you cry every time it was on because he just wanted a good home.

    Luckily, like Echo, Olivier’s found a good home. *sniff* they ALL deserve a good home.

  20. (The Original) Mel says:

    More adoption stories, please, please, please. Also, my local humane society has more than just kittens and pups. Yours may too.

  21. Yes! More adoption stories!

    That pup has such a sweet face. 🙂

  22. Not that the humane societies don’t do great jobs, but also keep in mind that often they get the select doggies and cats.

    The local pounds are often crammed with kitties and doggies who are in dire straits and don’t have the time that the humane society will give them.

    I tried to get a kitten there but left in tears at the sight of so many adult cats looking like they were in the penitentiary and whole litters of kittens who were only days old without a mother.

    Unfortunately, they were too young for a leukemia test and I was afraid of upsetting my old cat with another adult.

  23. momof2kitties says:

    When we moved three years ago I brought all my old towels and throw rugs that I didn’t want any more to my local Humane Society. They had lots of snorglable furpals available, and as (to)Mel says, more than just puppies and kittens.

    All my kittehs have been adopted freebies, and when the two I have now cross the Rainbow Bridge (waaahhh!!!) I will get two or three more.

  24. Oliver reminds me of my rescue pooch, she does the same belly rub pose. She also follows me around everywhere and doesn’t like being walked by other people (though she’s gotten accustomed to her midday walk by my boyfriend). Rescue pooches may be a little nuts, sometimes, but they’re worth it!

  25. Does anyone recognize the voice on the Pedigree dog food commercials in the last couple of years? Right answer gets a belly rub – no cheating.

  26. You mean Duchovney?

  27. Hooray for Oliver! Congratulations on your happy home! Well deserved!! Oliver makes a perfect poster pup for the rescue and adoption movement!!

  28. This totally made me cry. What a sweet sweet puppy. Thanks AS 33 and brother and to everyone who rescues pups and kitties from pounds and shelters. I wish I could take them all home!!

  29. Awww. :melt: I’m so glad Oliver found such a loving home. I hope he learns that other people can be very nice to little doggies too, even if none are quite as special as his person.

    Shelter dogs rock!

  30. Yay for people who adopt from shelters! And yay for Oliver for being such a good ambassador for rescue animals!

    Our two cats are from shelters, and I can’t imagine my life without them. They’re just tabbies, no fancy pedigrees, but they’re both wonderfully fun.

  31. I have to admit I heard of this contest through an ad placed by a shelter that gets a ton of donations…and instead I voted for a smaller shelter that I know gets no donations…

  32. Also am picking up my shelter dog next week!

  33. This belongs on Mutts Comics’ Shelter Stories!

  34. and it’s not just dogs and cats… I adopted my bunny from a local shelter and some have guinea pigs and hamsters too!

    My bun was bought as a cut baby Easter Bunny and then when she hit puberty she was dumped in a city park! But she survived, made her way into the rescue system and after almost another year she came home with me. She uses a litterbox, is free range in my apartment, and sleeps under my bed.

  35. Cinnimon is a JRT that my parents picked up one day from the Toronto Human Society – my mom has always wanted a JRT! The family that had her before had a baby that was allergic to her so she had to go and was brought to the THS. She’s a good dog who only chews on her chew toys! 🙂

  36. Is Pedigree just as good as the other foods, Iams, etc? i’d like to buy it since it contributes to shelters…

  37. My baby is a shelter girl too. I found her on

  38. NPR had a nice story about animals bringing out the best in people on their daily podcast:

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    I click on the purple button every day ( to donate food, and they’ve got this contest there. After you click the purple button, you can vote for your favorite shelter. I think the contest is sponsored by PetFinder.

    I got both my buns from my local HRS chapter. Rescued rabbits are wonderful companions. (By the way, Buster the Irish hare had a new post Oct. 1. )

    Anyhow, try and do a good deed for our furry friends.

    Sign up for daily reminders so you don’t forget.

  40. gravyboat says:

    Yayyyyy! No puppy should be behind bars!

  41. Kar, yeah, it’s Duchovny. There are so many celebrities voices doing commercials these days and I can always recognize them. 🙂
    c’mere, lemme rub your belleh!

  42. tears in my eyes. i love the smile on his face in the second adopted pic….

  43. The hovertext on the last pic is disheartening. Even though of course 10-20% is better than 0%, that’s still pretty low considering 😦
    Let’s get adopting peeps! 🙂
    (oh,and my little dudes, present and past, have all be rescues, natch.)

  44. That’s ok Erebella, a head rub or two will be fine.

    This maybe one for the “hero” subcategory. And is there anything cuter than Patrick McDonnell’s Mutts?

  45. Glad Oliver got a home.

    I Voted For My Local Shelter…Did You?

  46. I’d like to rub Duchovny’s belleh *ahem*

    Cute little Oliver!

  47. If you haven’t seen a movie called Return To Me with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver, go rent it! You’ll love the story and the doggie (and the gorilla)! 😀 *have tissues handy*

  48. I love it when I get weepy with joy! Yay for all rescues! Yay for all adoptive and foster parents!

  49. ShelleyTambo says:

    Argh! My shelter isn’t signed up. Just e-mailed our executive director to get us up!

    Unfortunately, we’re in the worst area of the country for puppy mills. With so many so readily available, I’m amazed that our adoption rate is as high as it is. The PSPCA just raided one puppy mill that had 1200 dogs…

  50. warrior rabbit says:

    Paunchie, something tells me he’d be more than willing to oblige you.

  51. I just voted for Judge’s Park a couple of days ago. We adopted three new ratty girls from there.

  52. I am so glad AS 33’s brother adopted Oliver, although I am surprised that no one else snatched him up before then. I found an adorable Maltese boy and took him to the shelter so that his humans would have a better chance of finding him, even though I had already fallen in love with him. I made sure I got first rights for adoption if he wasn’t claimed. I went every day to check on him, but his humans never came. On the day that he was ready to be released I showed up at 8:30 AM and FIVE families were already in line wanting to adopt him. I whisked him out of there and have took him home for a bath and snorgles ASAP!

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awwwww…Why isn’t this in the Cute or Sad category? I mean, look at the first couple of pix!!! The pup in prison with the bars lookin’ all pathetic and sad!!!

    I’m gonna cry! 😦

    Btw, the cat lady from the little documentary in California with a bazillion cats that come and go thru adoptions (and some pups)…hands down should get the money (Cat House on the Kings, I thinks), but locally for me, Animal Haven in Mission KS, even though they got mah fat girl Rizzo wrong when they claimed she was a multicat…but that’s okay, we moved her down in the basement where she is wanting to hop on my lap at the moment!

  54. ***sniffle***

    Enough said!

  55. Love these short stories to the max.

  56. meowandwoof says:

    Just had to share….all my fuzzies are from shelters and I went through a period of special needs guys – one was deaf, one had 3 legs, one had dysplazia. A friend joked I could put them all together and make one good cat! I said I preferred several special ones.

    I couldn’t live without them.

  57. Michelle S says:

    Is that the sweetest face ever?


  58. Mary (the first) says:

    That is the sweetest face ever!! Except for the bambi-no in the next post. Hooray for C.O. to cheer me back up again. Smooches to the pup and to AS33’s bro who took him in. (And yes.. to Duchovny too.. seems only fair 😉

  59. Ms.McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    One of my guinea pigs is from a shelter! she was at one of the pet stores that was working with the shelters.

    Constance is very sweet..she’s also extremely timid. When I feed the pigs their veggies and the others come running…Constance will hold back….so I always put her portion right in front of her. It makes me wonder if she was bullied by other pigs at the shelter 😦

    I am so glad I got her…my pigs live a life of luxury and contentment…I make sure of that!;)

  60. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Erebella: Good call on “Return to Me”—love that one!

    All 8 (1 doggie, 7 kittehs) of mine are from shelters. There is something about shelter/rescue dogs. They just seem to be extra-grateful and on extra-good behavior. The cats, well….not so much.

  61. count us in – jack, king of idiosyncratic schtick, complete with adrenal disease (easily medicated) and hair loss (easily sweatered) picked us out at our local shelter in april. now it feels like he’s always been ours.

  62. Here’s a video of an amazing animal shelter. We should do what we can to help these people out:

  63. Awww! I got one of my two cats from a shelter and she’s been my best pal for seven years (she’s nine now). She picked me; I wanted a cat and of the dozen or so in the “cattery,” she was the only one who extended her little toe beans through the chain link fence to me. How could I resist? I wanted to adopt them all though, I really did. :o(

  64. That was really touching. I know Oliver is one very happy little guy, now. I’ll try not to get all chin-quivery about it. 😛

  65. Since I live in Canada and can’t vote for a local shelter, I wanted to vote for that cat place in California that was on here a while ago…you know which one, the lady with like, 700 cats? But I can’t find it on the list…:(

  66. Fantastic story!! Just warmed my heart. *BIG SMILE* Three of my pets were adopted (my dad is a vet in Chicago and he gave me two cats who needed homes) and my new baby is a pomeranian I adopted from Paws Chicago. I’m all about adopting animals from shelters!!

  67. I finally got a dog after 30 years since my last dog, and he came from an animal rescue. Fortunately, my dog was only at the shelter for one day before I adopted him. He’s so cute, but such an odd mix of chihuahua, Yorkie and dachshund, my friends have to take in his comical, cute appearance. That tail of my dog is a hoot. Oliver, the dog of this story, is adorable. Glad he went to a good home.

  68. Yay for Oliver puppy! Yay for AS 33 and their brother!

  69. Oh, what a little punkin! Many rubby tums to Oliver…

  70. Thank God for wonderful people working at wonderful shelters! Because of them I have my wonderful Chow Mix Miao Yin! <3

  71. Pic 3 explains it all………”This is heaven,and I’m home where I belong!”

  72. Elisha B. says:

    Yes people, there are too many unwanted animals at local shelters. If we want pets, check shelters and rescue groups first.

    My family has been looking for another dog since we had to put our Beagle mix down this summer. We still have our Sheltie and Netherlands Dwarf Bunny, but we think our Sheltie is lonely and I would like to make a difference to one dog at the shelter. Several of the local county shelters around my area have many animals besides dogs and cats… gerbils, bunnies, reptiles. People really need to just look before they buy from a store.

    Thanks for the story, happy endings are wonderful!

  73. capture, I agree with you about this, its kind of like a popularity contest, and the most popular shelters probably get a ton more donations.. I have been blasting this link to everyone and their mother in my area when I heard about the contest over a week ago, because our own local shelter is in danger of closing from lack of donations =(

    and Kar, i’m in LOVE with echo! I would get all sniffly every time I saw that commercial! and I was so excited when they put out the newer one that showed him in his new home.. he looks like a very happy dog now!
    also, my local shelter -is- a human society,(also my place of work) and we dont get any ‘select’ animals, we mainly get pitbulls because they’re the most prevolent in binghamton, ny and the ones abused the most unfortunately.. we are the only shelter in the area with a cruelty investigator. I dont know how many times I hear people that come in and grimace then say “oh.. you have A LOT of pitts and pittmixes” they need love too =( Thankfully we are no-kill * other than very aggressive/dangerous animals or really terribly sick animals that are in much pain* so they stay with us until they find homes, an amazing pittbull, anne, was with us nearly 2 years without even a glance from the public, and she got adopted last week, I cried many happy tears when I found out 🙂

    I have a feeling if the cat lady’s shelter -is- on there that she will get many votes because she has been advertised a lot now through here, you tube, the news station who published the story – I think it would help most if people voted for their own local shelters, although the top shelter numbers right now are really a lot higher..
    If anyone is near binghamton ny or just wants to help out a shelter in danger click my url it goes directly to their vote

  74. I wish my rescue story was a bit better. I love my dog, who was saved from death row, but he’s 5 and not 100% housebroken, can be aggressive and suffers severe emotional distress at the sound of thunderstorms, fireworks, snowplows, etc.

    We’ve had a dog trainer and a veterinary behaviorist from Cornell and he’s still a handful everyday.

    I wish I could experience what so many of you have.

  75. Gail (the first one) says:

    @tmg: It’s of no comfort, but when I was a kid we got a purebred Brittany spaniel from a breeder and she had most of the same issues you describe (except the aggression). Later, when we looked at a book about the breed, one of the terms used was “neurotic”—-we used to laugh about that!!! It was Rusty to a “T”.

  76. Kat, like I said, I can’t vote for a local shelter, because I’m in Canada, which is why I wanted to at least vote for a shelter I had heard of.

  77. Vote for New Orleans shelters, which are still impacted by Katrina. Many dogs lost their homes, as replacement housing was too small for bigger pets. It’s very sad.

  78. Awww.. this is the sweetest thing ever…! Count me in, another vote for more adoption storieeeey~!