Quacks ‘n’ Racks!!!

QUAAAAACK! Oh, excuse me, I don’t know where that came from.

The creativity on the Cats ‘n’ Racks theme never ceases to amaze moi. Behold a mini McDuckersons, mid-nestle.


Enhance that mini-bill-and-eye-capsule combo!!!


Brittany F.



  1. Ducks! Boobs! I <3 both.

  2. Nuff nuff! Nuff nuff!

    (Just thought I’d get that out of the way so we can now enjoy the duckie without interruption :-).

  3. I’m in love…

    The duck is cute, too.

  4. so tie-tie…..

  5. Allison V. says:

    So cute!

    I have a thing for baby ducks. I can’t help it.

    Boobs too. Can’t lie.

  6. She looks like a young Julia Roberts!!

  7. Echo what Claire says!

  8. duck is moderately cute, as for the boobs. They don’t seem like they would be terrific without the bra, considering the shape o the lift bra and how it is not filled. Or who knows maybe they are perfectly cute… A whole bunch of silverman/garner going on if you ask me….

  9. OMG porn!!!1! Won’t someone think of the CHILDREN???

    Just getting that out of the way…

  10. Ducky looks like he’s trying to escape. He’s all, “It’s a long way down, but I do have wings so maybe it’s worth it.”

  11. Baby duck and boobicles, cool. Talk about a “well-rounded” picture.

  12. gatekchiclet says:

    i sense a little jealousy in jenn pin.

    girl’s beautiful (and i agree with claire), and the duckie is just adorable.

  13. I say every once in a while you gotta throw the male viewers a little something. I want a little duckie to fit into my rack! I would be afraid of squishing him, though….

  14. (the original) Mel says:

    Cute girl, nice duck, cool buddha.

  15. Well f**k a Duck.

  16. 260Oakley says:

    Sheesh, that’s all guys think about, isn’t it? D&A.

  17. Hon Glad, that duck’s tucked, not fu**ed!

  18. My oma once rescued a little ducky. She went out with her family, and when she came back the poor ducky had squeaked itself hoarse.

    So she put it in her blouse to warm it up and comfort it. Then the milkman rang for the bill, and fainted when he suddenly saw the head of the little ducky pop up out of the top of her blouse.

  19. (which was odd, since he’d rang for the bill. Thank you, I’ll be hear all week)

  20. HERE, not hear.

  21. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    I’m not gonna nuff bout the boobages, I’m gonna nuff about how damn skinny she is! YIKES (GAG)
    Oh and wook at da wittle bitty duckie wuckie 🙂

  22. momof2kitties says:

    Cute duckie.

    Cute hoomin.

    and, jenn pin, not all of us have exactly the rack we desire. God decides what we look like, not us. A little support never hurt anybody!

  23. Dude, I’ll give a dollar to every nuffer that doesn’t nuff about the human.

    Yay ducks!

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Can I have two duckies for my rack? Then maybe I can buy one of the “Huge Tracts of Land” t-shirts Teho found and not run the risk of getting run in for false advertising. 🙂

  25. (the original) Mel says:

    @auntimame: LOL.

  26. Jenn Pinn, I do hope you’re joking. CuteOverload definitely shows that cute comes in many shapes and sizes! POSITIVE BODY IMAGE!

  27. Theo found a ‘Huge Tracts of Land” shirt? Where? Where?!!

    My brother once found a gosling in a nest that had all the eggs broken in it and mama nowhere to be found. As soon as it saw my brother the little baby began squawking and following him everywhere. He made a little bed for it (this was up in the far north so there were no rehab organizations or shelters or anything to take little gosling to) but that night little baby actually climbed in my brothers sleeping bag (he was camping)and when my brother woke up in the morning, the little dude had suffocated. 😦

    So watch where your going in that rack, little ducky. You may find yourself stuck.

  28. On thinkgeek, nads.

    I don’t need duckies to wear one of those legitimately.

    Poor little dude 😦

  29. Duck…meh.

    Baby anything is auto-cute butstill meh.


    The rack is fine but her eyes are gorgeous!!

  30. Omg duckie’s little bill looks like CAAAAAANDEE CORN!

  31. Alison V…I *also* have a thing for boobs…hmmm…did I just say that out loud?

  32. @ Blyhagd: “I say every once in a while you gotta throw the male viewers a little something.”

    Um, hello, Blyhagd? Come on in to the 21st century! Ever hear of a lesbian? We read CO and like racks just as much as, if not more than, heterosexual men! : )

    [Hey now, some of my best friends are heterosexual men… – Ed.]

  33. Hon Glad & Llism — these rhymes oughtta be ch***ed.

  34. Trabb's Boy says:

    Aw, so soft and happy.

    And Starling, I salute you. Bottom’s up!

  35. Oh come on, folks. Let’s get back to important topics like “Did you see her nail??” *gasp* Just kidding.

    I like fuzzy wuzzy duckies. Don’t care where they’re stuffed into.

  36. @crazyweinerdoglady: “I’m gonna nuff about how damn skinny she is! YIKES (GAG)”

    This is so rude. First, we in America are mostly overweight (myself included), and so used to looking at overweight people that we don’t know what a healthy body looks like.

    Second, how would you like it if you sent in a pic of you and your pet to CO, just for fun, and people picked apart what you look like? And even said, “GAG”? I think you owe this lady an apology.

  37. Doh!

    I was just about to say that she looks like Julia Roberts, but then I see Claire beat me to it!

    [I was thinking Anne Hathaway… – Ed.]

  38. Am I the only one worried about the little McDuckerson relieving itself in said rack? Just the thought makes me go all icky inside.

  39. Oh, btw, I so want that necklace.

  40. wow she’s hot with a great chest but i’ll only say
    “She’s beautiful and has pretty eyes”
    because I am a sensitive, nice guy

    i only said the middle part out loud right?
    uh such pretty eyes.

  41. She is pretty. You peeps dissing her looks are a bunch of jerks. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS



  42. megusmaximus says:

    How about we make a new rule that says if you nuff on a human’s appearance, you have to post a picture of yourself for us to comment on?

  43. MegusMaximus — a very good idea, in theory. 😉

  44. Does anyone else think she’s got a Julia Roberts vibe? Maybe it’s just the eyebrows.

    [I was thinking Anne “Deja Vu” Hathaway… – Ed.]

  45. AHH!!! She looks even BETTER than JULIA ROBERTS!!!

    but the duckie is the ultimate-super-cuteness with funky eyeballs 🙂

  46. Gorgeous girl is a Young Julia Roberts – look at her eyes! Beautiful!

    Anybody needs some more boobage, I’ve got plenty to spare… ;o)

  47. What, like, they detatch? Can you swap them out? Mix-n-match?

  48. Can you throw them over your shoulder, like a Continental soldier?

    (stopping now)

  49. Teho, in all seriousness, we do sing, Do Your Boobs Hang Low, at my house!!!!

  50. You sing *that* in all seriousness, eh?

    Oh wait, I was stopping. D’oh.

  51. Theo Will Never Stop…it’s an old Indian name. 🙂

  52. Well, we don’t sing it in seriousness, we sing it in levity, I suppose.

    Detachable boobs would be THE most awesome thing. 2nd only to having a detachable head…

    [now THERE’S a mental image! Human version of Mrs. Potato Head… – Ed.]

  53. Y’all is crackin’ me up today. Thx.

  54. There’s really nothing about that photo I don’t like.

  55. ducks ‘n cups

  56. My goodness, at first I thought it was Julia Roberts!

    [I was thinking… oh never mind – Ed.]

  57. Christine says:

    1. She doesn’t look too thin.

    2. Her boobs look fine

    3. Even if she was physically unattractive, she is obviously a person who loves little duckies, so why trash her either way?

  58. I could stare at the duck for hours. Garsh I love ducks.

  59. mary Sanders says:

    this woman’s boobs are great. i wish i had a fantastic rack like that.

  60. AuntieMame says:

    I guess this is neither the time nor the place to ask if anyone has heard the Detachable P-nis song.

  61. Do your ducks quack low
    Do they waddle to and fro
    Can you put them in your rack, can you put them in your ‘fro
    Can you put them on your shoulder
    In a nifty little holder
    Do you ducks quack low?

  62. AuntieMame
    *raises hand* I have…

    [Me too… King Missile actually came & played in our student-union lobby, when I was in college – Ed.]

    Pretty girl, to me she looks like the singer Tiffany when she was younger. And teh ducky is v.v. cute too!

  63. [Teho and Kris are to blame for the earworm. However, I must thank them for removing the earworm inflicted upon myself by Family Guy on Sunday night]

  64. Soooo! THIS is what happened to the little duck that went out one day, over the *HILLS* and far away, and never came back!

  65. @ Vampy: HEE!

    Re: the duckling hostess… I’m thinking Julia Roberts crossed with Sarah Silverman.


  67. You’re never alone so long as someone loves you!

    [or as long as the cats are hungry – Ed.]

  68. Nope. Maybe the hair color. Her nose is too upturny to be AH. She has a much more “Roman” nose.

  69. Imagine tossing pieces of stale bread to her.

  70. divinebluesky says:

    that duckling looks really soft and I don’t think it has pointy ends like kittehs, definitely an advantage from the rack’s point of view.

    Excellent lyrics Vampy!

  71. Wow! Jenn Pin you are super rude.

    I think the picture is adorable!

  72. yumyumjanitor says:

    The duck is cute. This cleavage and animal combo isn’t cute. Or is it SO cute that it’s not?

  73. That’s one fine white bitch. Let’s see her tits.

  74. Vampy, that song was the best!!! Rock on!

  75. 260Oakley says:

    Theo, you HATH-A-WAY with words. tee hee

  76. Theo, I think she’s Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts’ love child.

  77. Well! I’m so happy that nobody has said anything about how HORRIBLE it would be if a CHILD saw this post. It’s like that time that we had an Obama vs. Clinton vs. McCain vs. Ron Paul debate in the CO comment section (can’t remember how that came up) and everyone was super respectful! You guys restore my faith in humanity.

    …Now watch, someone’s gonna post a “THINK OF THE CHILDREN” comment as I’m typing this and I’ll be eating my words.

  78. Oh yay, I was wrong! You people are amazing!

    (p.s. I totes see Anne Hathaway)

  79. I read through all of the comments, but I noticed they were repetitive, when all I wanted to say: cute duck, but doesn’t it look a little… sick? (What happened to its eye?) Maybe I’m just not seeing it right, or maybe I am and the girl, like me, has a penchant for sick animals and taking care of them. That’s how I fell in love with my cat – he was super gross looking with his eye infection at the Humane Society and now, after 3-odd years of love, he is happy, very handsome and not gross looking anymore!

  80. TEHO, clean up on aisle 4 plzkthx.

  81. @LeRoy Oct 07, 2008 at 12:38 PM

    What site is this, again? I find that comment completely unacceptable. So I’m a nuffer. Sue me.

  82. @Theo: I think that the real Hathaway’s face is much rounder, but this pretty lady is certainly in the neighborhood.

  83. i vote for the it’s more julia than anne. maybe a little bit of sarah silverman who, i think, downplays her looks like most female comedians.

  84. […]

    @ Ellen
    It’s the internet. Don’t read comments if you don’t want to be offended. God forbid you read a dirty word. AM I STILL IN MIDDLE SCHOOL GOSH DARNIT?!

    Tineh little duckehs FTW!!!

  85. So many bitter, fat broads on this site. Don’t hate on that fine white biyatch just cuz shes hotter than you can ever dream of being.

  86. Bummer. Proved me wrong AGAIN.

  87. TheBladeRoden says:

    What? There was a duck in that picture? I thought CO might have been expanding into humans for a second there 🙂

    [The post would’ve been tagged “Primates” in that case… – Ed.]

  88. Gosh, this is just about like the olden days!
    I miss CO! 😀

    Hi, pyrit!
    Hi, Hon. Gladys!

    Of course, hi, theo and meg and sparky!

  89. Dang, I meant Hi Auntiemame, too!

    And, I vote Julia Roberts!

    The bill is just ducky. I don’t wanna look and see if he’s sick.

  90. I think they’re both very cute.

  91. @katy Oct 07, 2008 at 01:36 PM

    Way to miss the point.

  92. “Bitter, fat broads”?

    Wow. Classy with a capital “K” LeRoy…

  93. [unison] “Hi, Lauri!”

  94. If looks mattered to me – then, yes, it would be jealousy. However they don’t. I am only being subjective and observant. But she COULD POSSIBLY belong to the ethiopian boobie club…

  95. Michelle S says:


    That’s one way of putting it. Of course, the nuffers will NEVER see that in themselves. They’re not jealous… no sir. If you accuse them of that they’ll just bring out the heavy artillery: “How dare you people objectify women in such a degrading way?! Don’t you know it’s our culture’s admiration of natural beauty, not to mention its encouragement of the overt display of sexuality (not wearing a mumu) that traps and binds women in perpetual subjugation?! I’m sickened.”

    sorry. got a bit carried away there. She’s lovely. So are her bewbs. And the duck looks cozy. 🙂

  96. Hathaway! Here! *jumps up and down and waves at Teho*

    As a fellow (although not of Teho – although he COULD be a lesbian in a male body, I’ve heard that excuse before) lesbian I declare that I’m more of a bum person, but this girl is purty anyways, and so is her boobage. And her duck.

  97. warrior rabbit says:

    “I think they’re both very cute.

    And the duck, too, right, jmuhj?

  98. crazyweinerdoglady says:


    And yes EE, I would fully EXPECT to be picked apart if I put a pic of me on here. Hell I get picked apart online ALL the time. It’s called an opinion, everybody has one. And seeing how I’m the only one that feels she’s overly skinny then ONE little opinion shouldn’t matter in this big ol’ world 🙂
    People are too damn sensitive these days…have to be PC all the time.
    And yes, she has beautiful eyes… better?

  99. Starling — I’m confused… (but not THAT confused)

  100. Michelle S says:

    I dunno. I’m not seeing Anne Hathaway. Anne has that wide, doe-eye thing going on. This girl is more reminiscent of Alyssa Milano to me.

    Either way, she’s stunning. 🙂

  101. 1) I vote Julia Roberts

    2) [yay, cleanup! – Ed.]

    3) [yay, even more cleanup! – Even More Ed.]

    4) Jenn Pinn, you’re not getting the point. It’s your “objective observity” that’s a problem. Those are comments one should keep to themselves.

    5) O hai Teho! Long time no see!

  102. Theo, I think the reason most people are getting Julia Roberts is the beauty mark right under her eye.

    EE- I honestly considered adding (and women) to my comment, but knew there was going to be enough commentroversy either way. I guess I just can’t win.

  103. Blyhagd, it’s not just the beauty mark, it’s the eyes, eyebrows, smile and hair.

  104. I wish you would stop posting women wearing their pets in their boobs.

  105. I agree with Christine,(11:37 AM) she and the ducky look just fine!

  106. Ugh

  107. Helene — welcome back? (I’ve been here the whole time)

    DdlS — agreed! We need more pets wearing women in their boobs!

  108. (by the way, I have NO earthly idea how to pronounce your screen name; is it Welsh or R’yleh?)

  109. ee: *clap clap*

  110. spikedcolor says:

    “titties” I have no problem with; “white bitch” I take major exception to.

  111. Just to confuse everyone, I’m throwing out a “Molly Ringwald around the eyes” vote.

  112. I think both the duck and the chick are very cute. Another vote for Julia Roberts. And I like her boobs, very nice. Oh, another lesbian here!

  113. I never read these comments, so this may or may not be a first but … are people honestly critiquing the rack owner? For realz? Are you upset with yourself? The election? Your retirement account? Redirect where appropriate and NOT at one of the last places of happy tymz refuge on the web. Jeebus, you rack-owner-pick-aparters should all should hang your heads in shame.

  114. Heh, that’s *exactly* what I do with abandoned baby duckies when I want to do work around the house or farm and not leave it alone.

    Ducklings on their own get sad and peep their little heads off for mommy. It’s heartbreaking! But pop them in your shirt, and they’re happy and warm and calmed by your heartbeat, just as if they were nesting under momma duck.

    After years of this I’ve never had a problem with duck poop – they tend to get restless and want to leave the “nest” to go, so it’s pretty easy to know when they need out.

  115. Mama!!!

  116. Persephone says:

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many lesbians on cuteoverload! Bi woman here. My GF and I were joking the other day that “90% of our relationship is based on cuteoverload and I Can Has Cheezburger.” :p

    Now if only we could find out which team our lovely duck model plays for. 😉

  117. L O L , P G . Watering eyes, coughing fits.

    Persephone — it matters? …OK, the Mighty Ducks, natch.

  118. How! does Julia Roberts always manage to stay looking so young?! Heeheehee.

  119. Theo- Nice try but no. For lack of a better word, Anne Hathaway shines. This girl is pretty but she’s not… shiny. I think there’s a touch of mysteriousness. And my name is an acronym – Bye Love You Have A Good Day.

  120. AuntieMame, I IMMEDIATELY thought of the Detachable P*nis song! One of the joys of having teenagers is getting ‘exposed’ to new and hysterically funny (while at the same time being philosophically thought provoking) songs.

  121. P.S. Except for that last photo – Blue eyeshadow and way too much blush… where was her make-up artist? Musta been on strike that night.

  122. Michelle S says:

    @jenn pinn: I call b#llsh*t on your “if looks mattered to me” comment…

    Clearly looks “matter to you” enough that you felt you had to publicly criticize a girl’s modestly covered breasts on the internet. In detail. Looks apparently DO matter to you, or the appearance of her breasts would not have elicited such comments.


  123. Hi Lauri!

  124. mucho funny, patito gigante.
    Awwwww, sweetest little baby duck inna whole world—yeah, bill looks like candy corn–wish I had more
    bills like that one–Thanks,starling and Vampy, for all the laughs.

  125. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I was so not ready to start my day today, but now that I have Vampy’s “Ducks Quack Low” song in my head, I can move forward and be productive.

    Thank you Vampy!

    Oh, right: Girl is cute. Duck is cute. And her boobs are prolly bigger than mine, so lay off!!

  126. The duck has an X where his eye should be – like a sleeping (or dead) cartoon duck!

  127. Dang, girl, why the long face?

  128. Stop showing animals down the front of women shirts. It’s rather nasty to look at in my opinion. Whats next? Animals in mens crotches? Why can’t you maintain a family friendly site?

    [Hey, it works for *my* family… – Ed.]
    [Also, we’ve done the crotch thing: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/12/kitten_pants.html – Ed.]

  129. Because they live to annoy the hell outta you Renee. That’s why.

  130. Really the only thing I hate about the “… and racks” posts is that the comments ALWAYS have to have something to do with boobs.

    Which then leads into massive insult throwing.

    Just because I don’t get off on seeing a girl with an animal down her shirt does not mean I’m fat and bitter.

    *rolls eyes*

    The duckie is so CUTE!

  131. I’m honestly not TRYING to nuff… but am I REALLY the only person on here that thinks she’s a little too skinny and funny looking? Maybe its just the angle of the pic..everyone has a bad angle..

    And EE, it has nothing to do with us Americans being so fat we can’t recognize a healthy body. Her bones stick out. That’s NOT healthy.

  132. Meh….I see her face and then THE DUCKY!!!!! Not looking for bones sticking out or not sticking out. I don’t actually scrutinize a photo like that…unless I’m on a gossip site and then its a freaking free for all….lol.

  133. Origamigryphon says:

    Leroy is obviously just being a troll, posting nasty things on a cute website to see how riled he can get us. Don’t feed the trolls.

    I agree with the commenter who said people who nuff people in these photos, should post themselves as well. Ha!

    Also, duckie <3

  134. I like how people take every chance they get to come out on the internet.

    I’M STRAIGHT!!! Omg it feels good to come out of that closet.

    I love your ducky!
    And your boobs are cool too.

  135. crazyweinerdoglady
    Check out thedailyplate.com. It helps you track your weight, and food intake. That way you can drop some pounds and stop hating on us skinny chicks.

    Oh ya, I went there.

  136. Michelle S says:


    Unless a person has an eating disorder (unhealthy eating or exercise habits), being “underweight” is not unhealthy. As a matter of fact, there have been many studies done on weight and health, and virtually all the studies have proven that leaner and thinner (as a result of healthy diet and frequent activity) is far more healthy than what’s considered “average” or overweight in our culture. Just because someone has prominent clavicles in a photograph doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy. Open your mind or educate yourself.

  137. Carolina2 says:

    @err..”I’m honestly not TRYING to nuff… but am I REALLY the only person on here that thinks she’s a little too skinny and funny looking? Maybe its just the angle of the pic..everyone has a bad angle..” That AND the rest of your comment IS nuffing! Who are you to judge her looks? Why comment on them at all? I was always taught..if you don’t have anything NICE to say, shut the f**k up”!!! It’s too bad they don’t teach that one anymore. (Even after I ‘modernised’ it)

  138. Argh what is wrong with these rude people?!? This is a photo of a girl with her beloved pet. You’re supposed to say, “Awwww! Sweet girl-pet relationship!” not critique the girl’s looks and try to guess at her health! If you think she’s pretty, that’s irrelevant, too, but at least it’s a nice compliment. If you think she’s NOT pretty, who the heck are you to tell her that? I mean, geeze, how mean can you be? Do you walk up to every person on the street that’s not attractive and tell them so?

    But, just for the record, I think she *is* pretty, and looks bizarrely like Julia Roberts. So much so that I had wondered whether this was an early photo of her that Meg had dug up.

    Anyway, cute duckie!

  139. P. Erasmus says:

    Heart boner plus standard boner.

  140. Slut.

  141. Michelle S says:

    With you 100% on that Arvay. People are in total and complete denial about why they’re critical of someone else’s looks. Since this isn’t a beauty contest, negative opinions are hardly necessary or relevant. In other words, criticizing someone for their appearance in this context can mean only one of two things:

    1. They have feelings of inadequacy so being critical of another’s looks bolsters their own self-worth.

    2. They are exceedingly shallow.

    So which is it ladies? 1 or 2?

  142. Yo ‘puking’…of course, because we all know that sluts are defined as women who warm up small animals in their shirts.


  143. It is funny that in a picture with ZERO cleavage the ladies are STILL freaking out about the bewbs. Let me draw your attention again to the yummy candy corn bill on the yellow fluff ball…

  144. Here’s a handy-dandy tip: If your comment starts “I’m honestly not TRYING to nuff…”, guess what? You’re nuffing.

  145. I agree with Michelle, Arvay, etc. Cute girl, cute duck. The duck looks comfy, and that’s what’s important. I don’t care if the girl is fat, skinny, whatever…the cuteness is in a comfy duck nestled in a warm place. I’m not gay, but I’ve also got a soft spot for boobs. Maybe that makes me kinda gay?

  146. Raemie L. says:

    But… the Teeeny duck, people!

    LOL’ed at “Quacks ‘n Racks” and the comments ‘n commentroversito (seems like relatively minor nuffage for a racks post).

    I see the Julia Roberts and Sarah Silverman combo too.

  147. A friend just emailed me this You Tube Video, “Roadtrip Romance”. Anyway, I think it is the same girl in the photo…weird.

  148. Jane — !!!

    She’s even wearing the same tank top in the clip. Good grief. Some of the guy’s facial expressions make me think of Jack Black, too.

    (and OK OK OK, Brittany F. doesn’t ENTIRELY remind me of Anne Hathaway anymore… not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  149. Jen the Jeneral says:

    How bout we get some hot dudes with cute animals hanging out on their washboard abs…Please?

  150. Jane, you are probably right because the girl’s name in the film is Brittany Furlan and the girl in the picture is Brittany F.

  151. duck? what duck?

  152. Michelle S — I’m gonna go with…both.

    I’m just hoping the people that think it’s cool to post their appraisal of someone’s attractiveness are immature teenagers who frequent sites like “Hot or Not” and have not yet learned the art of normal social interaction. Because the thought that adults — cuteologists, no less! — find that sort of behavior acceptable is incredibly strange and pretty sad.

  153. cheesybird says:

    *putting on serious hat for a moment*

    What disturbs me most about negative comments about the woman in this picture are that they seem to be a reflection of the attitude that it’s a woman’s job, nay her duty, to be attractive, and that if she’s not living up to someone’s standards of attractiveness, well then she’s fair game and needs to be cut down to size.

    Not that I’m naive enough to think we primates don’t pay attention to appearance. And of course people are going to notice and comment on someone they find attractive. This seems to happen in the commentary about both men and women in the pictures posted. (Lord knows I participated in the Norwegian-zookeeper love a while back.) But it seems that the critique of the minutiae of someone’s appearance (“her boobs aren’t that great”, “she’s too skinny”, “she’s too fat”) are reserved for the pictures of women. Women are expected to live up to beauty standards in ways that men aren’t.

    This is a cute picture of an animal-loving woman with a cute little duckling in her shirt. It’s cute because of what she’s doing. It’s cute because of the duckling. If you find her attractive, bonus. (And I think she’s lovely.) But it’s neither her job nor her duty to live up to anyone’s standard of beauty/weight/boob-shape.[/rant]

    *takes off serious hat*

  154. uh….

    can we please just get back to the duckie?

  155. Actually, I do have something to say.

    I hope that is more comfortable than I imagine it to be! Well, I’ve never had a duck 8or any bird* down my shirt, so I don’t know how wee little webbed feetsies feel.

    But I know when i’ve had bitty baby pups and kitties that were abandoned and far too young to be on their own, I would sometimes carry them in my bra. It keeps them warm, and they like the heartbeat.

    The soft fuzziness of a baby animal is wonderful…but the teensy claws were not!

    So, chicky in the pic, if you’re around, are the webbed feetsies uncomfortable?

  156. warrior rabbit says:

    @Villy: God, I hope that she’s not around to read all the crap insensitive clods have spewed about her.

  157. Mary (the first) says:

    YAY Cheesybird, well said. Totally.

  158. I think she’s totally beautiful, with a totally hot body, and the picture is totally tasteful. Nobody’s overexposed! So what if it’s called Cats ‘n Racks or Quacks ‘n Racks? Everyone has a shirt on. You see far more skin in “family friendly” TV shows and magazines.

    You go duckie girl, I’m a fan.

  159. Brittany F. says:

    Wow. It is so funny to see this posted and what everyone has said about it. Just to let everyone know, this is a baby duck named, “Hughy” that I saved, incubated and hatched. This photo is from the day he hatched (hence the bit of membrane on his head). He was quacking non-stop but as Villy said, this little baby only silenced when he was next to my heartbeat. If there was any vulgarity taken from this, it was not the tone present when this photo was shot; just a mommy and her baby.

    Thanks for the support from those who had said the nice things that they did and to those that didn’t have anything nice to say, I tried my best not to hear you.

    Take Care; Stay Cute!
    Brittany F.

  160. Hi Brittany — so, is that you in “Roadtrip Romance”?

    A few of us were curious.

  161. Brittany F. says:

    Yes it is (totally embarrassed over here).

  162. Hey, you weren’t the one who ate like 100 tacos.

  163. Brittany F. says:

    Haha! Thanks Theo.

  164. That duck looks like a young Daffy!

  165. Stephanie S. says:

    jeez, I hate to say this, but that duck is not cute.

  166. Meg does this for pageviews. Nothing more, nothing less.

  167. Um, Erin. I don’t really think Meg is *that* concerned about pageviews.


  168. Meg doesn’t need to be concerned about page views.

  169. He settled down once he felt her heartbeat. Ahn… (head tilt)

  170. wannadance says:

    well, miss brittany, good on you for taking care of this baby so nicely.
    you are a lovely young woman and that is a sweetie little ducky…
    i love to carry babies around in my ‘rack’. drop fritos and chips down there, too, it’s like grand canyon, ya know??


  172. OMG I just watched that video and I am laughing so hard I am crying!! It’s nice to know Cute Overload fans are so talented! 🙂

  173. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Well I won’t be so high and mighty that I won’t apologize for what I said. I am truly sorry for the comments I made and admit I was having a bad day and took it out on someone else. Forgive please 😦

  174. Lucky duck!

  175. she’s a wannabe actress and this is her 15 minutes of game. makes sense.

    that’s what i don’t like about these “____ and rack” posts. they are attention whore galore.