One Baby Anteater’s Story (That You Can’t Handle)

I’m warning you. [Me pointing at you]

You cannot HANDLE the ear/eye capsules closing/elongated tongue ACTION.

Truth. [Z-snap]

Um, Discovery Cove? Just stop it. You too, Betharoopie W.



  1. MaggieBee says:

    AEUGH!! The lil snufflin grunt at 0:38!!!

  2. Ded. Never thought I’d say that about anteater, but I am saying it now.

  3. smokeyJoe says:

    wow. who knew they were so CUTE! and that leetle “ehn!” and the eye capshules?


  4. The C.O. Powers That Be are correct…I can’t handle eet!



  5. hehehe. *Lick* 😛

  6. Oy vey! Such cuteness, how can it be?

    *plonk* (falling over from o.d. of teh qte)

  7. Must… beep… long… nose…

  8. 48 seconds?!?! That’s all?!?! I neeeeed more than 48 seconds!!!

  9. MORE MORE MORE wanna little anteater want one STAT. With a snout like that—it’s snorgle CITY

  10. I can’t even move. I’m paralyzed by teh cute.

    That is one AWESOME BABY TONGUE!!

  11. Betharoopie (W) says:

    ahhhhnnnn…still can’t get enough of eet…

  12. It’s the ear scratch with the hind leg that got me. That always gets me.

  13. it’s the 4″ tongue that’s slunked out to the side while baby is nursing that kills me.

  14. The drinking the meelks! So sweet. The ear scratch got me, too. I fell over ded right then and there.

  15. AWWWW! And her mommy wuvs her!!!

    That is a happy story! 🙂

  16. darkshines says:

    I love ant eaters, been a big fan since Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital….

    Love ant eaters? Ants-olutly!

  17. johnnyjohnny says:

    I have something in my eye. Yea. *sniff*

  18. another Michelle says:

    *plink*: sound effect as the eye capsules close in the last seconds of clip. Very cute, indeed!

  19. Anteater milk! How delish would THAT be, people?

  20. What a little cutie!

    It must be extra difficult to learn to walk with claws like that…

  21. “No they are not little. They are not cute. Their tounge alone is 2 feet long”

    –Dr. Franklin Kerns

  22. Michelle S says:

    Was that a lil grunt I heard? omg

  23. You were right. I was not able to handle it. Maybe even blacked out for a second. The little squeak! The tiny eyes..JEEZ!

  24. 0:36 is the epitome of “ehn.”

  25. Awwww. Baby is anerable. BUT. It must be said. Mom’s tail creeps me out a little.

  26. Oh. Mah. GAW! I heart anteaters, babehs and growed-ups. The eye capsules alone are enough to give me palpitations! But this li’l bundle of plinky joy is TOO MOISCHE. You are right, Oh Great Uber Meg, I could not handle eet!

  27. Anteater is all:

    Zot zot zot!
    *elongated tongue action*

  28. Happenstance says:

    Anteater: *gurgle* *goo*
    Me: *faints dead away* *THUD*

    Oh, you say you need more anteater?

  29. scooterpants says:

    you’re right.
    this cute i cannot handle.
    -falls off chair ded-

  30. !!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!! Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

    Must have. Must. MUST.

  31. WHAT THE BLEENIN BLEEN WAS THAT??!?!??!1? I totally could not handle that. The mini grunt was what sent me over the edge.

  32. I am helpless.

  33. Eeet eees ridonkulous! And love the little purr/cooing noise. Cute!!

  34. lucy's mommeh says:

    Seriously…I’ve said it before…many times…not makin’ this up.
    I have wondered for quite some time HOW an anteater nurses.
    CO has helped me with one of the weird little mysteries of life I have pondered.
    Thanks Meg, thanks CO….

  35. Daphne Moss says:

    Another example of how CO helps me appreciate animals I one thought were homely. Nothing but beauty in that little baby…and love it when mom and baby got to be together. Can never have enough of that pretty scene.

  36. I am adding one of these to my christmas list.

  37. binky-mama says:

    Isn’t it funny how all bebeh grunts sound the same? It’s like a knee jerk reaction: You hear “Ehn!” and 1) Your heart melts 2) Your head tilts 3) You reach out your hands in a “gimmie” motion.

    And yes Meg you are correct. I cannot HANDLE the eye capsules.

  38. I can’t handle his. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS!
    Too cute for words!! I want it.

  39. I’m sorry.

    But eye capsules are sort of creepy.


  40. fish eye no miko says:

    I love anteaters! Thank you for putting this up, Meg!

  41. Jennie Mello says:

    long nose+long tongue = long nipples.
    There, I said it.

  42. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Brain sploded from too much sweet and cuteness!! That Baby is so ugly it makes it cute!!!

  43. 0:18!!!!!

  44. OH!



    So darned cute!

    Did baby make a little squeeky sound there at :38?

  45. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I agree with the peeps who learn to love animals which they had previously thought homely… I am getting so I even like baby anteaters!!

  46. Oooooooooh my Goooooooood… the little unsure wobble action at the end just killed me… KILLED ME!



  48. Beth (in NC) says:

    Like oh so many others, I could not handle this… it actually made me tear up… which is kind of weird? I guess it’s the vulnerability. (Head tilt) Ahn?

  49. No, I canNOT handle eet. Now how am I going to get anything done today ? Your fault, Meg.

  50. darkshines says:

    I would love to own a big fuzzy ant eater, it could eat all the bugs in my room and I’d take it for walks every day. Dream pet.

  51. Eye capsules of perfection and that tongue would be so handy for getting the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar.

  52. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    Um, Jo’s video…was that guy joking? That was wierd. I feel sorry for the interviewer.

  53. jackie31337 says:

    jmuhj: “Anteater milk! How delish would THAT be, people?”

    Considering the taste of milk is affected quite a lot by the mother’s diet…. I’m sure it’s delicious to a baby anteater, I’ll put it that way. 😉

  54. OMG How anerabuhls!

  55. Okay, I cried twice at the cuteness! The liddle (little lids) capsules closing at the end were too much! So seepy!!

  56. Tygress22 says:

    I’m surprised no one has posted the link to Tamandua Girl’s blog! Pua the Anteater was on this site a while back and i have been following her blog ever since. You can live vicariously though the owner of a pet anteater (they aren’t a pet for just anyone!). That is where i learned that when an anteater yawns, it’s tongue sticks way out…hehe 🙂 Anyway…here it is…

  57. Tygress22 says:

    Oh…and i forgot to mention that this baby is just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! 🙂

  58. OK, is there already a cutegory for “so ugly it’s cute?” This little bebeh is a knockout. I need to stroke that silky-looking, slightly-too-big pelt, “bing” that ugdorable nosicle! Wonder how it feels to be lickedby the loooong tongue!

  59. Count me in as another Pua fan! That bebeh tongue was anerable.

  60. ARGH, the SCRITCHES. I died.

  61. Wow. I think that I felt that video in my ovaries – and I’m a dude!

    [Maybe you should get that checked out… – Ed.]

  62. The eye capsules!!! Ahh! Simply toooo much!

  63. LOL T[Ed.]

  64. catloveschanel says:

    ET ~~~
    Phone Home!

  65. NOW WE’RE TALKIN’! Giant Anteater tails! Yes, there is nothing else like them and if I had a tail, it would be the tail of a Giant Anteater- did you see those wonderful tails on The “Onion” film?

    I had forgotten that “The Onion” is a parody, and it took me a couple of seconds, but that is one funny clip! Thank you, Jo!

  66. Tygress22, thanks for the link! Pua’s blog is great!

  67. floppycat says:

    Kind of cute, in an ugly sort of way. Just like I like ’em.

  68. the “ehn!” and “kitteh” and other unnecessary “ends-with-eh-or-ehn” comments are cheesy

    but this is cute

  69. ~heart seizes up in chest~

    You were right. OMG. I really couldn’t handle it… and I had been doing so well up to now.

  70. You want the cute?!

    …and no. No I couldn’t handle it.

    There was some kid-oriented nature show on a long time ago, with a lemur puppet and two regular guys. Zaboomaphoob or something like that? Anyway, I just happened to catch it on TV one day and they had an anteater running around the set with them. It was chasing them around and would harmlessly slap-play with them and such, like a dog. Ever since I saw that, I’ve always thought how awesome it would be to have an anteater.

    This, of course, was just overload. Ded now thx

  71. Furbabies says:

    Sweet tye tye babeh! How adorable is that? The little grunt, the scratch, the plinky eyes. I agree, we need more of the babeh.

  72. How about the crawling? 🙂

  73. darkshines says:

    Urgh, reading that blog has made me want one even more. Someone hook me up with a UK based ant eater dealer!