Check this out, People.

Those are some well-designed ‘Tocks.


NO, I’m not going to do a Close-Up or I will GROSS YOU THE HECK OUT, Amanda P.



  1. tarzankun says:

    Goldbond anyone?

  2. This tock’s fan(ny)tastic!

    Rock it out rhino!

  3. gatekchiclet says:


  4. Rhino’stocks! Now there’s a solid investment.

  5. Jennie Mello says:

    That’s crack-a-lackin!!!

  6. (The Original) Mel says:

    Gallant Sir Armor Tocks

  7. Meg, the hovertext is hysterical!!!!

  8. Sorry I’m new here… I’ve searched around a bit and can’t figure it out… what is a Tock?!

  9. He looks like a dinosaur!

  10. Why is their skin like that? Anyone know??

  11. @Teresa: ButTOCKS. Also see here:

  12. Teresa, it is a butTOCKs

  13. @Dianne: Here’s a theory:

  14. Well… … just… well… it IS Tocktober.

  15. LOL, Thanks Boy. That was a heck of a story, LOL

  16. ‘Tocktacular, and deserving of a COXCU. A coccyx COXCU to be exact.

  17. Thanks Boy & Dianne! Evidently I need to brush up my search engine skillz…

  18. ‘tocks of STEEL

  19. Dianne: Rhinos’ skin is pretty fierce. It makes for a tonne of their four-tonne weight, and is, at points, bullet proof. Although it is vulnerable; their blood vessels are right below it. It acts as a shield, and provides for excellent protection. It is literally their armour.

    I love rhinos. They’re so symbolic. The Dalai Lama is often mistranslated as saying, “I wandered as lonely as a cloud” (or “one should wander as lonely as a cloud”) but he in fact said one should wander as lonely as a rhinoceros. And with ‘tocks like those, who can blame him!

  20. This completely made my daaay! Rhinos have been my favorite animal for so long and I’m glad someone else sees them as cute!!

  21. Oh… the hovertext… eet ees too moiche!

  22. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    It’s not necessarily search engine skills as much as the “Official CO Glossary!” Everything you need to know about CO…
    I love babeh Rhinos’ and hippos toooo

  23. ahahahahaha! this is hilarious and i love it! the hovertext is the best!

  24. best hover over ever!!

  25. MaggieBee says:


    Hahahahahah! XD

  26. Are you sure that hovertext is correct? I could have sworn this was Seymour Butz.

  27. Ah, Pheas, I gather you’re referring to Seymour Butz, the eminent author of “Under The Grandstand”… When I was a young whippersnapper I treasured my boxed set containing Mr. Butz’ opus nestled beside that other classic, “Revenge of the Tiger” by Claude Balls.

  28. binky-mama says:

    Yay! ‘Tocks!!! I just wanna reach out and pinch—


  29. As long as you don’t feel that they were intelligently designed, Meg. 🙂

  30. Excellent, EXCELLENT, tock example!

  31. paulajeanne says:

    Maybe the purpose of the tucked talio is to prevent chafing of said tocks?

  32. Meg and Pheas, you cracken me up.

  33. Most people who wear leather trousers look like this.

  34. “I wandered as lonely as a cloud” is the first line of a poem called “The Daffodils”, by Wordsworth, Jillie.

  35. momof2kitties says:

    SoCalSis, I too, have that box set with the additional voumes of Sliding Down The Flagpole by Dick Burns and Glass Bikini by Seymour Hayre.

    Phil McCracken? You guys are killing me! This is why I love this site so much!!

  36. Them ‘tocks is engineered to close tolerances, ain’t they? Would Mr. McCracken be a plumber, by any chance? Not that I need one right now ……. but y’never know!

  37. omg, they’re…CLUTCHING the tail! eeew!

  38. Oh laws.

  39. Wow, rhino’s got tock-tonic plates!

  40. SoCalSis, in the Dewey Decimal system, those get catalogued right beside the works of I.P. Daily and Eileen Dover. But in the Library of Congress system, they go on the shelf with Hugh Jass and Richard Hertz.

  41. Theresa, not Teresa says:

    PS. Perhaps I should now be Theresa, Not Teresa. I was thinking of changing my handle to Teheresa in homage to Teho for the longest time. 😉

  42. Theresa, not Teresa says:

    PPS: Whoa, check out those ‘tocks!
    I think the tailio must need some kind of special protection with plated ‘tocks like that.

  43. I’m not sure if that’s cute but it’s pretty cool how that tail has the perfect slot between the armored ‘tocks. reminds me almost of the underside of a crab, y’know where you can lift the “key” to open up the body.

    I wouldn’t reccommend that with this model though.

  44. Chanpon…

    “Find yourself sitting on your ass all day? Is there soreness in your seat? Numbness in you nethers? Try Doc Kronik’s Tock Tonic™! You’ll be shakin’ your booty from LongGuyland to Bermudy!”

  45. Theresa is your surname Green? :0}

  46. Have any of you read “Homosexuality in Ireland”, co-authored by Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick?

  47. momof2kitties says:


  48. pc loadletter says:

    I hate to say it, but the older I get ….

  49. Oh, this is just so wonderful I can’t stand it. No puns, no wisecracks-oh,damn……

  50. momof2kitties says:

    No wiseCRACKS, Katrina? Really?

  51. Katrina, you bum!

  52. *dies laughing from hovertext* Priceless!

  53. @Jon:
    Q: What’s the most useless thing on a woman’s body?
    A: An Irishman. 😛

    (PS I’m allowed to tell that joke, I’m Irish)

  54. Mike Hunt says:

    I reviewed “Homosexuality in Ireland.” Unfavorably.

  55. Damn, Theo, you had to ruin my nerdy geeky joke…

  56. heh,heh.

  57. Chanpon,

    I look at it as a Nerdy Geeky Joke enhancement

  58. Anti Monkey Butt Powder:

  59. Like there’s something wrong with monkey butts.

  60. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Pheas and SoCalSis: LM(tocks)O!!!

    This rhino needs Zim’s Crack Cream!

  61. Raemie L. says:

    It looks like the tailio can click out of place like a radio antenna from its “holding place”. Or, maybe not.

  62. Raemie L. – does s/he get short wave when he extends his tail, too? How cool would that be?

  63. @Hon Glad, no, I am not the author of a tome on deciduous flora. 😉

  64. momof2kitties: when I read that, coffee came out my nose. And I wasn’t even drinking coffee at the time.

    BTW I am momof4kitties.

  65. Raemie L. says:

    @Katrina – 😀 A walking radio, cannot guarantee reliability. What would I receive on it, ‘Tock ‘n Roll on FM and ‘tock shows on AM?

    Ack, “‘tock shows” did not come out sounding right…