I Love it When a Friendship Just Works

"Yeah, me and Allie are like, total BFF, because we have this understanding, see.  She always gives up the sunny spot when I walk into the room, she never complains when I use her for a pillow … yep, she knows who’s boss, and I totally love that about her."

(... right, and I'll be leaving you a little thank-you gift in your dog food later.)

See, that’s the key, Katherine N.—balance.



  1. fuguemonkey says:


    Note left front paw……

  2. Happy or trapped? Hard to say. Regardless, still cute.

    Also, I’m shouting it to the world today – I just found out I’m pregnant!!!

  3. eikoleigh says:

    Oh, that is so cute!

    The cat definitely looks like “HALP, I’m being over cuddled!” and the dog’s like “Soft and comfy…niiiice….”

    Congrats Q!!

  4. Oh yeah. Complete and TOTAL BFF. lol

  5. metsakins says:

    Congrats Q!

    We call those the forcible hugs.

  6. I will be the big spoon and you can be the little spoon

  7. Kitteh doesn’t look too pleased to be spooning, but cute, nonetheless!

    @ Q – Congrats!!!

  8. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh is thinking:
    “My darn head is getting squished! How do I get out of this? Help!!”

  9. temperance says:

    well, if that doggie is anything like mine, he’ll absolutely LOVE a ‘treat’ left by kitty in his bowl.

  10. oooh i think they are both quite comfy… its that funny looking one with the thing that flashes that’s disturbing them. pesky those are, indeed! but snuggling is sooo nice!!

    congrats Q!!!

  11. Love it!! Cute squooshed little kitteh!

  12. I wish my two cats would get along like this pair.

  13. Love the kitteh’s Phantom of the Opera mask.

  14. “And when we click, our eyes get all reflecty-like.”

  15. lol @ pny

  16. If the cat were uncomfortable, she would just leave. My bet is that she enjoys it!

  17. momof2kitties says:

    Corporal Cuddlingks FTW!

  18. cataddict says:

    @ fuguemonkey: Kitteh is making biscuits s/he is so happy to be snuggled with the doggie! That’s why the left paw looks like that.

  19. I think kitty is ashamed by how cumfy this feels!

    Congrats Q!

  20. Sorry, but this kind of reminds me of a bad date with a guy who has had too much to drink and wants to show me his etchings….

  21. Awww! So cute! I agree, the kitty would definitely have run off if it wasn’t enjoying it. The reflecty eyes are a bit freaky though! When I try to take photos of my cat, I end up with a pile of black fur with two reflecty discs in it 😦

  22. The kitty looks like she is in mid-you-disturbed-my-sleep-strayche. 2 seconds later she probably pulled the paw in and cuddled back up.

  23. ScoutsMom says:

    But it looks like kitty’s bum is on top of the doggy’s arm (front paw) – Makes me wonder who started this cuddlefest? I think kitty just looks a bit uncomfortable cause she/he got caught!

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Hey, Not That Mike!

    Are you sure the Friendship WORKS and it’s not FORCED??

    It IS a kyoot pic, BTW!!!

    I just wanna give ’em boaf ten thousand huggie wuggies!!! 😀

    Sorry, that’s what my li’l sister liked to say! 😛

  25. Or caught in the middle of something,Q? Congratulations!

  26. scooterpants says:

    yep. and allie will be TOTALLY tearin yur eyes out and *itten in yer eye socket.
    jus as soon as your get you filthy rotten paws off’en her.
    devil cat does rule.

  27. That cat might not be the most comfortable but they lok adorable

  28. Gail (the first one) says:

    Well, I’ve told the story here before of the Interspecies LUFF of my (fixed male) dog for my (fixed male) cat, Charlie. It always starts with a casual paw on Charlie and then Nicky’s all like “But I luuurrrve you!” and Charlie’s like, “I love you, I just don’t love you in the same way.”

  29. Shhhh…jus let me keeees.

  30. Scooterpants — kitten?

  31. OMG its True Confessions Magazine, we’ll be on the front page!

  32. These are my sister’s pets. Allie is definitely a happy cat in this pic, they love to cuddle! She doesn’t mind getting a little smooshed. 🙂

  33. Too cute! Wish my doggies were that affectionate with ME!!!

  34. this dog could be my dogs TWIN, in fact email me if you know this dog! I’d love to find out! My Hailey is so unique, I’d be tickled to find a littermate…..thanks!


  35. These two are my grand-dog & grand-cat; I am SO proud of them!

  36. OMG! This is sooo adorable. I wish my dogs love cats.