Pup Confessional

[Pup speaking to audience] Listen, this kid has GOT to go.

I’ve been babysitting for hours and he still can’t fetch or ANYTHING.

He’s obviously… [holds up paw in whispering motion] perfectly useless.


Sender-Inner Tom, I think you might wanna heed this advice or teach the baby to fetch—one or the other…



  1. Hello, my name is Rags, and I am an alcoholic…


  2. temperance says:

    brilliant. i totally believe that’s what those earnest eyes are saying.

    and it’s perfect for CO because even though there is the dreaded baby present, he is seen as ‘less than’, thus placating all those who hate people in pictures.

    plus, doggie does have a point.

  3. Hehe, great… No more babysitting please…

  4. I look that way after being alone with babies or toddlers for hours too.

  5. momof2kitties says:

    Ooh, wait till Teho wakes up and sees what Paul did up there!

    *points overhead*

  6. Awwww, the doggie looks so concerned/worried. He needs a hug and some bacon.

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Frazzled dog is frazzled.

  8. Mornin’, Mom2K.

  9. Haven’t babysat in years but that’s about the way I remember it too!

  10. DaytimeDeb says:

    Mom and Dad promised they would take care of the baby all by themselves. They swore they would feed it every day, and clean up after it.

    Did they keep their word? Nooo. I have to watch it. And they don’t even appreciate it when I give the baby a bath. And they don’t even yell at him when he makes noise, like they used to yell at me when I barked all day.

    Geesh. I should NEVER have let them keep it when they first brought him home!

  11. Love the look in the dogs eyes. Too cute.

    The kid is cuter though.

  12. ok I want a lab. Must have a lab. Need lab now.

  13. Too right, Mr.Lab. Too right.

  14. Karen in Toronto says:

    I posted on LOLgoggies with just this kind of item but I dint tell anyone so no one voted for it but it’s dang cute if I say so myself.

  15. Karen in Toronto says:
  16. This Puppeh can ask my kitteh Polly, it gets even LESS fun when they can start to move around on their own.

  17. I love the expression! Such haplessness…such expressive eyes.

  18. Myrtle Mae says:

    Poochie has his Serious Face on. And I love him for it. Babies are way overrated! =)

  19. (the original) Mel says:

    The eyes say: Halp. Halp.

    What did Paul do? All’s I know is that I have an uncontrollable urge to listen to Ministry now. And on a Sunday morning too. Shameful.

  20. Gail (the first one) says:

    This is my Nicky’s expression when I remind him to “take care of the kids (cats)” as I leave to go to work!! He looks a lot this Lab cutie, too!!

  21. The dog is thinking, “babysitting all day again, or being cruelly beaten with an extension cord. I’ll take the cord. I’LL TAKE THE CORD.”

    Poor lad. He just needs some nummies and ear scritches.

  22. Transpogue says:

    That is one clean house considering the baby and the pup.

    Poor pup…Having to live with a baby…we feel your pain.

  23. Holy crap, (to)M, Ministry references are fairly close to the last thing I expect to see on cuteoverload, haha.

  24. Outstanding! Pooch is all “help” and stuff! LOL!

  25. (the original) Mel says:

    @becca: Me too, but apparently Teho edited a comment using some well known Ministry lyrics.

  26. cheesybird says:

    Poor pupster. I’m right there wit’ ya. I hope the kid’s parents are paying you well for your services. Those primate whelps can wear you down, can’t they, puppeh?

  27. I LOVE that Pup’s expression. And once again, Meg has captured the moment perfectly!

  28. Puppy needs a hug.

  29. Ohhhhh the expression, anxious, bemused, unamused, a bit bored, all at the same time!

  30. binky-mama says:

    “Halp meh!!!

    Dewds, it’s not even HOUSEBROKEN”

    *rolls big beautiful brown lab eyes*

  31. tooo cute dog and baby too!!
    your blog is fantastic!

  32. Becca & Mel — Jerry Lee Lewis *is* the Devil.

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    LOVE the poor pupper’s look and that is SO what he’s thinkin’.
    My poor Yitzy cat has learned about crawling babies. He’s even warier of our beloved Lukie since L became mobile!

  34. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post where the description fits the photo so perfectly. well done!

  35. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Hi. I’m Ralph the Dog, of Ralph the Dog and Associates LLC. Has one of these annoying rugrats invaded your peaceful home and taken over the affection of your humans? Then you need a personal injury lawyer. I’m here to help you put the bite on anyone who thoughtlessly let one of these things into your comfortable life. They should pay, AND THEY WILL, if Ralph the Dog has anything to say about it. Call me at 1-800-SICMBOY for a free consultation.”

  36. eikoleigh says:

    The caption sums it all up. LOL. Awesome.

  37. Martha in Washington says:

    My Jewel got that same look when we brought home the cat. “What?! It’s going to LIVE HERE?!”

    (And this pup looks like Jewel looked about 5 years ago before all the gray.)

  38. Doxylover79 says:

    This is so right on the mark. I have a dachshund that looks the same way at my 9 month old grandson. LOL

  39. Gail (the first one) says:

    @VonZep: Good one!!!!!

  40. Ohhh! I’m a cat person but seeing pics of beautiful doggies like this one makes me want one sooooo bad! <3

    That being said, this particular doggerson clearly needs a hug!

  41. Pupels like parking lots, that’s how I get when I have to kid sit. I completely understand!

  42. not that lurker the other lurker says:

    Perfect! That’s what our goggie says about my 2 yr old aaallllll the times. Dewd, he is. Still. Not. Housebroken. Wtf omg?!

    @Myrtle Mae: Only if you’ve not had one! 🙂

  43. Daphne Moss says:

    Dah puppeh knows…he knows all…and he can see what happens in oh …15 years….not good.

  44. Well, I was here first and that thing is getting all the attention. You should hear it try to bark, I mean what’s oogle wabba bibble, sposed to mean?

  45. Raemie L. says:

    *chortles* Fitting!

  46. This is the same look my dog had when we brought my daughter home. Almost a pleading for removal of said “stinky thing”. HA!

  47. Oh, my, those eyebrows! I’m cryink wit’ sympathy!

  48. Puppers face is PRICELESS!!!

  49. ThreeCatNight says:

    “I cannot take this any more. The kid makes the most bizarre noises, and spits up, and poops, and I’m the one catching hell when there’s some kibble on the floor. It’s just not fair, I tell you. I’m just too good for them, too nice. No one appreciates me!”

  50. Poor doggie! I concur, wholeheartedly!!!

  51. i love this pic, everything about how its zoomed in on his face and the kid in the background is blurred a tad, it fits perfectly!

  52. Dear Pup,

    The kid will be able to throw food on the floor WAY sooner than he’ll be able to throw a ball. In fact, he looks about old enough for that now…. Keep your eyes peeled.

    Mom will thank you for helping keep the floor clean.

    your friend, Molly Corgi

  53. Sorry if someone wrote this already, but…

    Priceless. Just priceless.

  54. David Spor says:

    What the blazes is that contraption the child is in? More importantly, do they make one for grown ups????

  55. Thanks, Meg–You made this week a lot better.

  56. David Spor – hell yeah they do…

  57. best ever expression on a dog’s face.