Aie, Chihuahua!


Sender-Inner Georgia S., what do you think?!



  1. ew… I hate the anthropomorphism of animals.

    doggies are cute though.

  2. Totalee Puppy says:

    Perro caliente!

  3. as long as people don’t go out and buy chihuahua’s after this i’m ok with it…adopt! looks pretty cute.

  4. Cute movie, like m said as long as people don’t go crazy about buying little goggies. I really like the rat with the bling “don’t eat me, I have a wife and 300 kids to feed” Funny 🙂

  5. What do I think? I think I’m going to see an influx of chihuhuas around February or March at the shelter I volunteer at after the families who got them for Christmas find out they’re not as cute when you have to take care of them in real life.

    And yes, I know they put a PSA out telling people to adopt rather than buy a new dog…anyone who’s dumb enough to go see this crappy movie isn’t going to listen to that, though.


  6. I was reading an article in the local newspaper today that basically our local animal shelter urging people to do research on an animal before they get it so they dont get the wrong type of dog. The mentioned the whole 101 dalmations and how disney ended up putting a disclaimer at the end of the second movie and how they had one on this movie as well.

  7. binky-mama says:

    meh….talking dog movies are not my thing. Cute dogs tho, and I must agree with chicky82, the rat was funny.

  8. I’m gonna try and sneak my Chihuahua, Kingston, in with me when I go see it. It looks terrible. I’ve been waiting for months to see this train wreck!

    I hope this isn’t gonna be like the Dalmatian craze when 101 came out, as Chi’s typically aren’t the greatest for kids. Eep.

  9. After this trailer played at the theatre, a little boy seated behind me said, “That movie looks scary, daddy.” His father replied, “I think so too.”

    Yeah, that about sums it up.

  10. Ehhh… not really my thing. It’s a bit cringe-worthy.

    Now, if it had been a movie about Labrador puppies… 😉

  11. Ummm…not at ALL racist, either.

    I owe a lot to the folks at Disney (my dad worked there for many years when I was a child) but this is the wrong kind of overload for me.

    Animated? Fine. But I hate seeing animals “talking” with that weird moving lip thing. (And I ESPECIALLY hate seeing commercials do it with babies, too).

    Still, if people enjoy it, more power to them, I guess. I’ll just keep waiting for “The Watchmen.”

  12. …or corgyn (that’s plural for corgie, i’m told…). they could have adventures that involve safeguarding the royal family.

    seriously, though, i have to admit i would probably enjoy watching this under the right circumstances…like if i was in a hotel room flipping channels.

  13. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I thought that the whole “Beverly Hills [insert person or animal here]” fad played itself out back in the 90’s. I swear, all of Hollywood must be on autopilot.

  14. berthaservant — yeah, i totally agree about that moving lips thing. and those Quiznos adds with the talking baby make me want to scream.

  15. an older mom says:

    um, I guess I’m pretty old. In the 60s, when i was a child, we said ACHI-WAWA and we thought it was a funny saying, like you said when you were hurt, not a dog.

  16. I AM SO GOINF TO SEE THE H377 OUTTA THIS!!1! Can’t help it! It’l pro’lly be aweful, but I lurves my lil granddogger, Mr. Curtis, my daughter’s long haired chihuahua. (All though he will never be as big as Fiddy Cent. Him tiny, him only 10 cent, LOL!!)

    As for chee-hua-hua impulse buyers, if people are going to be sheep, there’s nothing to be done about it. I don’t think you should not make a movie because of it’s potential influence. If you’re gonna do that, what do you stop at? When Finding Nemo came out, the sales of clown fish went up. And so on. Where do you stop?

    Shut down all puppy mills, and make it against the law to sell puppies in pet stores. That would be the thing. But we all know that’s not gonna happen,…

  17. I still refuse to believe this actually exists. Nope. It’s not real. Just because the movie theater is showing it across the street from me doesn’t make it so! It’s an elaborate hoax, that’s all! *Enjoys her little world of denial*

  18. A little story that will be very clear if you have kids, or have ever babysat for kids and watched a DVD with them. They get very upset when you fast forward through all the previews and other crap, right?

    So a friend of mine took his 4 yr old to a screener of this a few days ago. About 45 min. in, she starts whispering “Daddy, when is this movie going to be done?”

    I’m thinking that’s probably your most accurate movie review right there.

  19. Ruth Abreu says:

    LOL… I am Hispanic and yes, I own a chihuahua. Her name is Juanita. Lighten up, folks, we know how to make fun of ourselves, unlike a lot of other people I know. My Dad used to have a Frito Bandito eraser on his desk.

    Anybody watch Latin Comedy Project? Go look it up on YouTube. This is almost like something they would do.

  20. Couldnt be any worse than Mummy 3 -_-

  21. …or Wanted, or that recent X-Files crap-heap, or Babylon AD, or that 3D cartoon fart about space flies which wasn’t Pixar or Dreamworks…

  22. Well, I think it’s pretty racist, not that people shouldn’t be able to laugh this off… (so, Ruth, I agree with you to an extent) but it’s just one more in a long line of offensiveness from Disney. Remember Aladdin’s opening song? Or Pocahontas? A bunch of nonsense, and add one more stereotype to the bunch. The difference is that when Latin Comedy Project or Ask a Mexican ( does satire, that’s not the same thing as this, in my opinion. There’s a difference between satire by a given group’s members (see for example Goodness Gracious Me) and external stereotyping.

    Ok, I’m done.

  23. I think I agree with Lucy. There will be an influx of Chi’s dropped off at shelters after being forgotten and unwanted Xmas presents.

    I am not pleased.

    I own a rescued Chi and I love him DEARLY but he doesn’t like kids. Gee, could that be because the family he used to live with abused him? YES! Apparently, xBox or some such nonsense was more exciting than the dog. Once he wasn’t a puppy anymore, he was IGNORED.

    Must we keep perpetuating this cycle?

    Just for once, I’d like to see Disney take a stance of responsibility.

    A disclaimer won’t do a darn thing.

  24. Sunshine0460 says:

    I too agree that this movie is likely to add to the abandoned chi population at shelters;{sad but true..} but I must admit I liked the part where the girl pretended to be the dog on the phone…

  25. “Animated? Fine. But I hate seeing animals “talking” with that weird moving lip thing. (And I ESPECIALLY hate seeing commercials do it with babies, too).”

    I totally agree with you, Berthaservant!!

    I was in LA outside the El Capitain theatre when this movie premiered – not intentionally, I was just there sightseeing and it happened to be the same day as the premier. We saw everyone leaving the theatre…none of the kids seemed all that pleased. Mind you, the huge crowd of people outside might have had something to do with that.

    Either way, this movie looks dumb.

  26. I saw it last night in the theater–opening night! I had been looking forward to a big busby berkeley musical number with dancing and singing chihuahuas in a faux ancient Mexican temple that had been shown in the previews but it was cut from movie!!!! Maybe it was cut because preview received so much derision ? I am waiting for dvd with deleted scenes (probably won’t have to wait very long). I have a chihuahua mix that looks a little like the hero of the movie, Papi. The movie does have a strong pro-shelter dog message, by the way. Papi is adopted from a shelter, and much of the plot involves stray dogs who find good homes in the end, Disney-style :}

  27. Biscuit Tin says:

    No Les Nesman and cha-hooha hoo-has? (Not to mention golfer Kye-Kye Rodgreeze?)At 48, am I officially the oldest person here? Well, kids, there used to be a TV show called WKRP….

  28. What movie?

  29. The video won’t play. So is this about a movie? Which movie?

  30. mandy_Reeves says:

    Ugh!…I am right with you all about the poor chi’s at the shelters after christmas…Even though there is a disclaimer I’m sure people will ignore it anyhow. Responsible breeders don’t sell a chi puppy to a house with tons of kids.

    I have been saying that about impulse buying of the dogs ever since I saw the movie poster in April.

    This movie looks like CRAP!

  31. I’d rather go see this movie with cute dogs and silly plots versus a movie with sex, violence and gore.

  32. Totalee Puppy says:

    Ay, Katrina, Jupiter Star,
    binky-mama, Meg, .and an older mom…muy inteligentes…
    muy encantadoras (so much
    smarts…so much charmings). I am not worthy to buy you sandals…May all your enchiladas have less calorías–recommend corn
    tortillas, muy buenas…

  33. Never mind, found it on youtube. That looks perfectly awful. I’m with Berthaservant and Shaz here.

  34. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    OOO no, movies with sex are good LOL

  35. Katrina and Starling- This movie is called Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and all the characters are dogs.

  36. Actually, my favorite character in this little preview is the rat! He is sooooo much cuter than chi’s.

  37. martha in mobile says:

    sigh. I am fated to take my daughter to this; I promised in a weak moment. We have a jack-chi (adopted from SPCA after she escaped from a puppymill vendor at a FLEA MARKET) and we love her dearly, but she is not good with small children. She voluntarily retreats to her crate when there is too much commotion!

  38. It’s like someone broke into my head, stole my most treasured dream, and turned it into a movie. But am thinking it’s sort of a singular fantasy (musical, L.A., little dogs, Jamie Lee Curtis) and that I might be the only person to see it this weekend.

  39. I think I’ll go. I laughed all through the preview. Thank goodness no blood, gore, etc. Wanna join me, tom?

  40. crazyweinerdoglady, not when you have kids…

  41. So how much worse can this be than Forgetting Sarah Marshall? I’ll take fake-talking dogs any day over a doughy naked b-actor and a 10-minute plot line. Anyway, I love the cute sparkly smile after the dog gets his teeth brushed! As for me, I’m horribly allergic to Chihuahuas so no danger of inappropriate adoption here.

  42. Totalee Puppy says:

    Here’s a sparkly smile for you, Momcat!

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, Theo, I saw Wanted, too — what a steaming pile!

    When I saw this preview, I had two thoughts: Wait, is that Piper Peraboo? OMG, Jamie Lee, why?!

  44. AGrant311 says:

    I volunteer at a no-kill shelter here in the Dallas area. We always have chihuahuas, so if people are so set on getting one, try shelters. They will already be fixed, have shots, be semi-socialized with both dogs and people, and, at least where I am, be reasonably potty trained. We work on that with the dogs there.

  45. If nothing else, the flick’s got some great voice talent. I wish I knew who voiced the iguana that gets batted by the broom!

  46. AGrant is it Operation Kindness? If so you are very close to me! Paws up, neighborly CO fan!

  47. I say again, knowing full well that this thing exists,
    “What movie?” This just begs to be ignored, as in
    “What movie?” I hope there isn’t an influx of Chi’s to the shelters, but I tip my hat the professionals in such things.

    Now Killer Corgi has a St. Patrick’s Day green strip in her pumpkin and white colored fur where her collar’s color ran. All nice and dry now, it takes a long time to dry a Corgi, and, apparently, even longer to dry a green collar! Some hard-learned information that may save a dog from a green stripe someday.

    While I’m adding my two cents here,I’ll throw in another penny to say that I too would like to see a “Heroes” section for the CO.
    Have a great Caturday, Peeps!

  48. Pass. Too bad, I like Jamie Lee Curtis.

  49. Oh, Biscuit tin, I too remember fondly the WKRP troupe. What a great cast, such good writing and timing.

    Now that it is getting towards November- all I ask is that you remember that turkeys can’t, and don’t, fly.
    p.s. I’m older than you are, and rest assured there is a cadre of us who can personally remember life before computers.

  50. My 6 yr old son and I are going to see it tonight. I’ll let you know our impressions.

  51. FYI, WKRP isn’t lost in the depths of time — I’m a college student who got my dad the DVD set for his birthday, and kind of fell in love with it. Les Nesman is adorable.

    …uh, more on track, my friend and I saw the preview for this movie some time back, and immediately turned to each other and said “Wait, are they serious? That wasn’t a spoof? Really?” Which is pretty much my opinion of the entire thing.

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    I remember Les and his Silver Sow Award, and Chai Chai Rodrihgwez. In fact, it’s funny, because I’ve been thinking about that recently in that a) I had no idea Tim Reid, who I knew first as Venus Flytrap, was actually a standup comic before that (he and his partner have a book out now, so it’s come up), and b) I was thinking about midwestern-set shows. Everything nowadays seems to be coastal (including Santa Barbara for Psych and Virginia for Army Wives). Don’t ask me why I think about these things; my brain is just weird. And I was at a less-than-exciting football game.

    Katrina, at first I thought you were making a political joke, and then I remembered the planeful of turkeys. LOL! One of my faves is the drinking test, where Johnny Fever’s reflexes get faster and faster.

    I remember life before computers. I sort of dimly remember life before microwaves, but not really. (It’s not like I was cooking then. Then again, it’s not like I’m cooking now, either.) I really remember life before adhesive postage stamps. I love adhesive stamps. Big, sloppy kiss to the inventor, wherever you are.

  53. AuntieMame says:

    Am I nuffing when I say that I wish, if they are going to use live animals, they wouldn’t animate their faces? I have no problem with movies where animals talk and do thing that aren’t animal-like, but I hate it when they make their lips move. It just looks stupid. (Same with babies. I hated Baby Bob from those lamebrained Quizno’s commercials, too.)

  54. trumanrabbit says:

    I work in an animal shelter. We already see countless chi-chis. Now it will be worse. We dread when movies starring animals come out. Bring on the poorly bred animals. Bring on the exploitation. Bring on the homelessness.

  55. I’m tewtally going to see this it!

  56. momof2kitties says:

    I saw the trailer for this at the theater with my sons. My thoughts? Oh gosh, they always show the best, funniest parts of the movie in the trailer, and THIS is the best they could come up with? No way will I spend my money on this dreck, no matter how much begging I may have to endure. Gack.

  57. I think I just had a tiny seizure. A little much.

    I will say, though, I was happy to go on imdb and see that the characters were actually voiced by Latino actors, most of them actually from Mexico.

  58. Yeah, you’re right. Let’s not make another single movie with a specific breed in it because their breed sales will go up leading to an increase in shelters. Down with Old Yeller, Beetoven and Lassie.

    I’m not saying that I’m happy that chi-chi’s will increase in shelters, but it’s not the fault of Disneys. It’s the fault of impulsive buyers and backyard breeders. It’s sad that it happens, but it is what it is. The only way to do away with that is to completely do away with ALL movies focusing on purebreds.

    That said, this movie could be a complete and utter flop. I won’t know until I go and see it. If anything it’ll give me an excuse to have a “date-night” with my kiddo.

  59. My first paragraph was sarcastic, in case you couldn’t tell. I did the back-slash *sarcasm* but it didn’t show.

  60. It was a good story, kids liked it, but the big song and dance they use to promo it is never seen. Bummer!

  61. Looks too broad, and I don’t like talking animals. Animals with voiceovers, maybe. I like my animals all natural, thank you! Where’s Caturday, anyway?

  62. AGrant311 says:

    Momcat, yes, it is Operation Kindness. In fact, both of my own dogs came from there, too.

  63. Biscuit Tin: I got you beat by 8yrs, so you’re not the eldest person here.

  64. NOT cute. Unfunny, annoying, racist, sexist, did I mention annoying. NOT CUTE.

  65. cinderElla says:

    oh wow.

  66. I’d rather hear “It’s a Small World” constantly for a week than to go see this movie.

  67. rabbi: Oh, Theo, I saw Wanted, too — what a steaming pile!

    A movie based on a comic book miniseries that ends with the “hero” telling the readers they’re all chumps and, I quote, “This is my face when I’m f****** you in the a**,” bad? O MY MONOCLE.

    Anyway, this movie looks like a rancid turd– but if it came down to it, I’d watch this before I watched An American Carol.

  68. scooterpants says:

    i wont go see it just cuz i dont have any kids to take for an excuse.
    but i hope that you that do will tell us your thoughts on it.
    my only hope is that when little kids do see it , they dont think its ok to do mean things to dogs like throw them off the bed, as in the clip, the puppeh would have had broken legs, or worse i’m thinkin, and little teenie dogs are not for little teenie kids anyway. i think jamie lee curtis has a pretty good track record for family friendly films recently doesnt she?
    might be a good renter for a chuckle.

  69. scooterpants says:

    oh. i LOVE the pup with the ‘minty’ breath, it kills me. 🙂

  70. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Maybe because it feels early, and I’m getting over food poisoning (ick), but it almost looks like it could be fun – if taken lightheartedly. I want to see the girl barking on the phone… and the reaction to it in the theater. That might be worth admission. Might. I’ll watch the trailer again later and see if I still think so.

  71. I’ve noticed several people getting upset that the song and dance number from the first trailer isn’t in the actual movie… did you expect it to be? That was clearly just a (stupid, pointless) promo that will probably (if anything) be included in the DVD extras. It’s not an actual scene from the movie; it was used to entice kids to force their parents to take them to the movie. “Look Mommy, that dog is singing!”

    Sorry for the venom. But this looks absolutely horrendous. Jamie Lee Curtis ought to know better. I don’t expect anything else from Piper Perabo, as the best thing she was ever in was “The Prestige,” and she died ten minute into that one.

    As for the influx of dogs being put into shelters (which I fully agree will probably happen), it really isn’t Disney’s fault, so long as they put their disclaimer on it. So I won’t get mad at them; I’ll get mad at the multitude of idiot parents who buy their squalling offspring whatever they want to shut them up.

  72. MsJeepers says:

    By the time this item had loaded properly , I had lost interest.

  73. No.

  74. 2nd No.

    and i felt a little bad as i didnt think it was so much cute, but a commercial on Cuteoverload.

    i prefer to real people who love their pets and such.

  75. I’m totally opposed to people using animals as accessories. Some of the treatment of these poor dogs who are carried around all day is abusive. I hope this movie doesn’t proliferate this horrible trend.

  76. I can’t wait I Love this soooo cute I love anything with talking animals…
    yeah so what , it’s harmless…oh and I have 3 rescue dogs so no chi discrimination here…looks great.

  77. faunablues says:

    I was already thoroughly annoyed by this movie when I first saw the preview in the theaters. Really, I dislike any animated mouth – I think if you need non-talking entities to talk, you can do it without mouth movement à la “Look Who’s Talking” and “Homeward Bound.” Nothing wrong with telepathic pups…
    I’m not sure about the racist claims – the making of the film requires participation of Latino people too, and it’s not like Pocahontas where it’s stereotyping people that were victims of genocide. But still, it’s enough to make me feel uneasy.
    And what’s with the “[mis]pronunciation key” that says it’s chee-WOW-wa?
    I think is Disney/whoever makes a reasonable effort to educate viewers about adopting dogs and the responsibility of taking care of a dog (which I haven’t seen, but is possible to do), it’s fine to have these movies. I don’t think we can criticize a movie just because it will make kiddies want to have the said animal; we’d have to stop all the animal movies to stop this.

  78. Good grief, people, it’s a movie! Cute dogs + silly people = escapist movie. I’ll put it on my Netflix queue.

  79. I’ll pass.

  80. okay. except for the phone gag at the end, that movie looks like it blows.

  81. “i gotta wife and 300 kids…” I like the rat…

  82. I especially hate the trailer that is just one giant chihuahua dance scene. The kind of people who will be eager to see this movie are the kind who saw that trailer and said “Omigod! Dancing chihuahuas! That is so cute and funny! Awwwwwww…”

  83. I would SO watch Her Majesties Secret Service with bodyguard Corgis… I would!

    and I’m totally a cat person.

  84. Kinda feels like a Disney-paid ad to me. Pass. Goin’ out for some puppeh-huffing.

  85. At least it’ll win a bunch of Razzies.

  86. i want to see this movie because it looks silly and cute, and i am not ashamed.

  87. and the self-righteousness… come on guys. there are plenty of things in life to be serious about. this is a movie with cute dogs in it, not a moral abomination. also, just because something looks like it’s going to be enjoyed by the masses doesn’t mean it’s crap either- chocolate, anyone?
    i don’t know, lighten up.

  88. As a former industry executive, longtime film historian, and acting teacher, I would like to add a couple of not-that-relevant comments:

    1) I do think it’s nice that Disney used real Latino/a voice talent. That’s a step up from having David Spade or Gilbert Gottfried “pretend” to do a Latino voice.

    2) People don’t seem to realize that actors do not “choose” which projects to do in the same way the rest of us decide where to eat lunch. Jamie Lee Curtis can only take work when it is offered to her, and she probably only gets 2-3 “real” offers per year (that is, actual contracts with salary specifications, starting dates, etc.) She probably gets tons of offers to “consider” a part, but even if she wants it there are probably four actresses in line in front of her (Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Glenn Close, Julianne Moore, Jodie Foster, Helen Hunt, basically “hot” older woman) and at least a dozen others who are about at the same place she is.

    When one of those real offers is made, of course there is the option of saying “No, that’s a piece of crap,” but that risks jeopardizing your relationship with a studio and a producer and likely a number of agents who have recommended you do this.

    So why would Jamie Lee Curtis do this? Because she probably made six figures(ish) for about two weeks of work; she’ll do another similar film (let’s face it, she hasn’t had a memorable role in a non-Disney type film for years) later this year and make a nice living, which helps her husband work on lower budgets/salaries for his films and keeps their kids in private schools.

    I’m not saying that the film is below her talent (damning with faint praise), but I’d just like to set the record straight about actors “choosing” films. I worked for an Oscar winning actress the SAME YEAR she won an Oscar — and she did NOT have her pick of film roles despite her success and popularity. She got offered the same garbage as anyone else and had to fight for the very few “good” roles.

    This situation is PARTICULARLY relevant to actresses who look older than 35 years old. Believe me, in about ten years, you’ll be thinking “Why is Reese Witherspoon doing Beverly Hills Chihuahhua 3?” It’s because playing sexy mom in Disney movie will be about the only reliable offers she gets. Meanwhile, her far less talented ex-husband will still be getting offered hunky leading man parts and will be “growing into his own” as a “mature and respected performer.”

    Thank you for your attention.

  89. I say: Nyerhe.
    Cute little doggies deserve a better script.

  90. Note: The mega-stars like Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, are exceptions to the rule. The conventional wisdom in Hollywood is that there are only FIVE true stars at any one time. Right now I’d say that those five are Roberts (barely), Jolie, Pitt, Clooney, and DiCaprio. Everyone else is B-list at best.

  91. momof2kitties says:

    So, B-serve, because I respect your opinion about movies, acting and the like, where does Keira Knightley fall in your aforementioned hierarchy? It seems like she’s in a lot of stuff recently, but always a period piece.

    Absolutely no sarcasm here, I’m just wondering…

  92. motherofjazz says:

    I just wanted to mention, I didn’t get through all 100ish comments, but every dog they used in this film is actually a rescue — the lead was about to be put down, but the handler camped outside the shelter all night to make sure he saved him. In this sense, I think Disney did right, but yes, I’m sure it will create a further influx at shelters. Catch 22…but I will probably only catch this on DVD when I’ve rented 2 foreign language films and 3 oscar winners in the same week–sometimes you need a break with a cheezy laugh…

  93. momo, Keira’s British, which helps her out a bit. She’s definitely bankable but considered a “classy” or period actress, so she can pull in the numbers with a respected cast and will always go over with the Jane Austen crowd, but can’t really carry a modern comedy or thriller on her own (remember Domino?) She’ll always have work but not the picking power that Julia had or Angelina has now.

    I laughed when Piper barked into the phone. I admit it. It was funny!

  94. Furbabies says:

    I want to see this, I will see this. I am a 10 year old in 50 year old body. I love Disney movies. It is not racist, animalist or any thing negative. It is a funny move about dogs. Period. Lighten up folks. Get that stick outta your butts and laugh a little. It does a body good.

  95. @Paul:
    The iguana [Heewanna?]might be Paul Rodriguez [Rod rih gweez in Nesmanspeak], occasionally amusing stand-up guy.
    Wait! you gots the same name . . .

    Hey, Meg, does Hollywood perv CO for self-reference?

  96. Elizabeth says:

    Not in the theater, but Linus (the TV-watching pug) will LOVE it on DVD.

    Can’t wait for it to come out!

  97. thoughts?
    CO sells out. 😡

  98. Got to admit, couldn’t care less about the movie, but that rat was darned cute! Might have to see it just for him 😉 Plus, he isn’t stereotyped – all boy rats act like that!

  99. NOOOO! I visit CO to get AWAY from rampant commercialism!

    And talking dog movies turn me off. I like dogs because they DON’T talk. Making dogs act like people isn’t a good thing.

  100. Just as those who want to see the movie are entitled to their opinions, those of us who think it looks like crap are entitled to ours. Just because we look for more in a movie than “cute” doesn’t mean we need to “lighten up.” It just means that we like to dig a little deeper into things. There’s nothing wrong with either point of view.

  101. Way to jab the rest of us Sarah…

    Either way, it’s a family and kid movie. You may consider those of us taking our families to movies such as this as not “digging a little deeper into things” (which that in itself is an insult) but I consider it entirely differently. But whatever.

    On a different note, I did some research and it made me even more comfortable in taking my son to see this. Parenting sites are raving that it encourages children to accept others no matter where in the world they are, no matter what their economic status.

    An excerpt from

    While adults shouldn’t expect too much from this doggy adventure, the film seemed to resonate with the under 12 crowd in the theater I attended. Addressing cultural and economic disparities that are becoming increasingly prevalent in multicultural societies, the script goes beyond a simple lost mutt story. Used to spending her time in expensive boutiques, Rachel has no appreciation for Sam’s skill in the garden, his intellect or his dedication to her aunt. Likewise, Chloe’s snooty attitude toward Papi is unbearable, even for a dog. Fortunately both “girls” are ultimately able to look past those exterior differences and appreciate the “guys” for who they are. Chloe’s introduction to her breed’s history also helps change this lapdog from a snobbish pooch into a four-legged heroine.

    Thank you Disney!

  102. There are a lot of people like Keira Knightley (and I’d add Christian Bale on the male side) who work a lot, and for certain roles they will be at the top of the list. But Keira Knightley didn’t open “Pirates” — Johnny Depp did (and he’s arguably one of the big 5 right now). With all due respect to Christian Bale (who is a fine actor), Batman is a mega-mega-mega-hit because of Heath (and I argue would be so even if Heath had not left us far too soon).

    Actors like this tend to be popular for a few years and then be replaced by younger versions of themselves. Keira Knightley now is Gwyneth Paltrow ten years ago. (She went through her “costumed” phase as well). Keira will survive if she learns how to do a bit more acting and a little less clothes-hanging if she wants to grow up to be Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett in her 30s, and not Winona Ryder. (I think all of these women except Keira are fine actresses, for the record, this is not a comparison of talent, just stardom stuff).

  103. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    @Carmen – Which is why I don’t have kids 🙂

  104. darkshines says:

    I had tears in my eyes watching this, I don’t know why. Its like a train wreck.

    *watches Planet Terror and Sweeney Todd back to back instead*

  105. Well said, Carmen. I’m passing because this particular movie doesn’t appeal to me, but there are plenty of other “crappy” movies that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (I loved Dr. Doolittle with Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock as the guinea pig).

    Berthaservant, thanks for the reminder about how Hollywood works. Maybe the cohort of talented actresses over 40 can change some of that? In the meantime, my “too bad, I like Jamie Lee Curtis” only meant that I’m sorry I’ll be missing her because I don’t plan to see the movie. I think she’s become a very interesting person and she seems to be a good model for women, allowing the public to see her un-airbrushed (and being a lead article in AARP magazine!).

  106. Don’t give up precious room on your site to commercials! Disney can well afford to pay for advertising in appropriate venues. I don’t like being sold to on CO.
    Also, this trailer would not run and crashed my computer! Keep ads off the site!
    And by the way, the movie sounds pretty stupid — probably racist, certainly insensitive, and the folks worried about pups ending up at shelters are too right, but let’s all lighten up a little! Use this as an excuse to talk to your kids and teach them the proper values — about dogs, and about people! It’s up to us to make up for the morons.


    Nah, I prefer kittens. 😛

  108. Looks absolutely terrible, as if one of those dogs isn’t enough, there has to be that many. Disney is running out of ideas.

  109. I think it looks hilarious. Probably just a renter, but cute all the same. 🙂

  110. Okay, there’s someone else posting as Shaz…hmmph! I shall now be known as Shaz the Original.

    WKRP – best show ever.

  111. The disclaimer says “The Chihuahua is possibly the worst choice of dog for a household with children”, right?
    Yeah. I nuff.
    “Tee hee! That Mexican rat who looks like Pancho Villa has too many babies! Tee hee hee!”
    Urk. Pass the Bubbleberry.

  112. The movie was fantastic! Kids loved it too. I laughed so much. Can’t wait till I can buy it. Men liked it too. It’s great and it really emphasizes adopting shelter dogs.

  113. This movie embodies everything I hate about this country.

  114. scooterpants says:

    OMG you all.
    TOO much blah blah blah.
    can’t ya jus …. BE…
    considering the state of the nation, is there REALLY a life changing issue here???
    and you NUFFs can quit pickin on the QUE or move on as far as i’m concerned.
    there . i said it. hmmmfffhhhh.

  115. I own two chihuahuas and love them dearly, don’t think either know Spanish, they were born ten miles from me in Kansas. 🙂 I would love to see the movie, I like Disney movies.

  116. scooterpants says:

    i luff you Annette.
    Thank You!

  117. It wasn’t my intention to jab anyone. That’s why I said that there was nothing wrong with either point of view. I’m just illustrating the difference between being all right with seeing something for fluff value (which, again, is fine) or wanting something deeper from a children’s movie (which can happen). Like I said, either point of view is fine, they’re just both difference. It wasn’t my intention to insult anyone and I’m sorry if that’s how I came across.

  118. Oh my gosh, we just got back from the movie and I just have to say that I laughed the entire time because of this thread. All the talk of it being “sexist” and “racist” and “degrading” is just SO FAR from what it actually WAS.

    The movie was very funny and had a pretty cool storyline. The packed theater was full of laughter and at the end everyone clapped and cheered.

    Racist?? LOL Um, no! If anything this movie portrayed Mexicans as caring and wonderful people. Unlike some movies which only show the slums this movie showed a WHOLE different side of Mexico, including the police force. Made me wish I lived there!

    Sexist?? LOL No. There was nothing sexist in this movie. In the end Chloe had looked into herself to find herself and her “voice”.

    And I especially was tickled over all the posts here about Disney being careless about chi-chi’s because of people wanting to buy the cute breed. That’s a riot if you actually see the movie. The entire movie was focusing on street dogs most of whom were mutts and those dogs were actually taken OFF the streets and taken into caring homes. I also think they did a great job with the disclaimer at the end. They went above and beyond with it.

    I usually find some problems in Disney films but I have no complaints in this one. I give them HUGE KUDOS because they made this entire movie around street dogs and showed how they have the same hearts as purebreds and showed how they were just as deserving of loving homes.

    The previews were mostly “Beverly Hills” but even that was debunked as a wrong way to treat a lapdog. The movie had a segment on how toy dogs weren’t created to be a “purse dog” and to wear designer clothes. The storyline was solid and it was a good lesson to teach our kids.

    I am impressed at this movie. Sure, there were scenes that were the typical Disney “yeah right” but that’s what you expect in a kids movie.

    This whole thread is all about judging a book by its cover. If you were on the fence about seeing this movie go see it. It’s quite entertaining and very touching. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire theater in the end.

  119. scooterpants says:

    hmm. gee Berthaservant-
    i have never heard you so negative. ‘my opinion’ concerning jamie L.C. was purely based upon interviews i have seen with her concerning her wish to be in family friendly films. hate to disagree, but i dont think she is desperate for any money, and can probably turn down anything she feels unworthy of her time and of her personal standards at this point in her career. dont ya know her body(yum) of work??
    who her parents were ?, who her husband is?, i only wish she could speak for herself here. anyone know any Jamie L.C. contacts??? to hear directly from her would be perfect.

  120. I forgot to mention about Jamie Lee Curtis, but she was only in a couple very short scenes. I have nothing against her though and would have been fine with her playing a leading role.

  121. Yitzysmommie says:

    Looks like this will be a cute movie to take my grandson to for this birthday!

  122. OK, seriously, how long does this whole “talking animal movie” fad need to drag on until we as movie watchers stand up and demand it stop? I mean, isn’t this like the 50th movie of this type in the last 5 years or so? However, I must say, I wouldn’t mind standing on the beach in mexico and watching those surfer dudes “Baywatch run” up to me. Sign me up for that.

  123. Ummmmm . . . I’m thinking 2 paws down . . .

  124. Yet again another waste of film.

  125. rad_cuteologist says:

    Hollywood depresses me. 😦

  126. Meg asked for thoughts, so thanks to everyone for sharing theirs. Mine? There’s nothing cute about Disney.

  127. CrazyHamsterLady says:

    I think it looks cute. It’s made for kids, right? So let it be! They actually do a good job with the lip movement, unlike on commercials with talking animals.
    Seems like a sort of random story line, but… Disney’s good. I say, Bring on the popcorn.

    As for families going out and getting Chi’s, unless they’re expecting the dog to talk, it’d be pretty ridiculous to run out right after the movie and get one. Not everyone likes them or thinks they’re cute.

  128. Anybody remember what Deliverance did for banjo music?

    WOOT! for Keira Knightley!!!
    (Sorry. Saw her name mentioned in the comments. Huge fan.)

  129. Me again. I saw on TV last night an interview with George Lopez (plays Papi) and all the dogs used in this movie were rescues. The dog he plays was set to be put down the day they got him.

  130. MsJeeperes says:

    Suck it up folks – the thing is #1 at the box office having made $29 million. No wry comments about underestimating the public’s taste- we all knew this was going to happen. If anyone cares to remember , Cheech Marin voiced the “stereotypical” chihuahua Tito [gag me with a spoon] and still has some credibility to this day. Perhaps Disney goes back to the same well far too often but it seems to be working for them. Yes-Disney managed to turn Dickens into dog scat and got away with it.

  131. I saw that movie and it is so cute 🙂

  132. Scooterpants — first of all, as a former publicist, I take what is said and quoted in interviews with a HUGE grain of salt. Second, I did not mean to imply that JLC “needed” to work — she doesn’t, in fact, because her husband is British royalty and I’m sure they’ve saved their money. Third, I’m glad you pointed out that she might be preferring family-themed films — that’s very possible, although I’d also wager that those kinds of films are overwhelmingly what she is offered. I don’t know how busy she’d be if she were insisting on doing dramas (although I’m sure she could work on TV).

    I was more correcting the (false) assumption that non-industry types have about the way “movie stars” find employment. Very, very few of them “decide” or “choose” what to do. Perhaps JLC had the choice between this film and another family film and chose this one (again, probably for reasons related to relationships with studios/producers, as opposed to the quality of the product, though I could be wrong). But that’s about the extent of her “choice.”

    And if you want me to get in touch with Lord and Lady Guest (as they are known across the pond), or her famous father, for that matter, I could probably do that with one or two phone calls. (That’s not saying much, since I used to work for the company that made the Guest films, and currently freelance for Tony C.’s publicists).

  133. Raemie L. says:

    Oh, chi-why-why?

    (Meh, decided not to post a longer response.)

  134. Because: they’re tiny! mighty! #1!
    Chihuahuas are Hollywood gold: where would Paris Hilton be without Tinkerbell? Or the movie “Legally Blonde” without Bruiser?
    I completely fell like a dope for the movie promo poster with picture of Papi and motto: “50% warrior, 50% lover, 100% Chihuahua.” It reminded me of my fiesty and adorable Chihuahua mix, except he is probably 50% or less Chihuahua.

  135. Being pregnant with a little girl, I can only look forward to future movies like this with a grim dismay… I suppose the line has to be drawn somewhere. This movie looks… plain awful.

  136. Great. Another Disney movie promoting the spur-of-the-moment adoption of dogs that come from puppy mills. Thanks. We can re-live the 101 Dalmations fiasco.
    —–Devoted Chi Chi lover/rescuer